tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 10

Friends and Foes Ch. 10


This story contains m/m and m/f relationships and sex scenes.

Hopefully you've already seen chapter 9 which should have been posted a day or two ago. If you start reading this and wonder who the new characters are, you've missed one... As I have no idea what comments might have been made on that, I'll just assure you that I am getting there with the ending and I really appreciate knowing that so many of you have stuck with this story and presumably enjoy it!

* * * * * *


Two hours after Tilly first called them, Peter and Michael were no nearer to finding out where the other van might have gone, and there had been no word from the field teams either. Peter ran his hands through his hair and sat back from the table.

"I have no idea. There are so many routes they could have taken, all the labs we know about have been destroyed, so basically they could have gone anywhere. Any one of tens of thousands of buildings we can see on the maps could be it, but there is no way of knowing."

"Maybe Sam or Tom have already found them."

"They would have called in. Realistically we have to hope that they took those guys for a reason and they make a ransom demand. They won't be stupid enough to let them wake up in a room they can see out of and give us directions to find them."

"Unless they are just the bait for a much larger trap."

"That's the best you can do?" came an angry voice from the door. "All that fucking training to be so special and the best you can hope for is the bad guys contact us or lead us into a trap. They have my mate," Adam screamed.

"They have my brother and my best friend," countered Tilly rather more calmly as she came up behind him. "I guarantee we are doing everything we can. But the guys are right, I'm sorry. The positive thing is that every other person who was taken was at random, wherever they could find them. This was targeted, so there is a very good chance they will let us know the reason. We will get them back," she finished firmly.

Adam looked distraught, and the other three all understood how he felt, Tilly probably more so because her mate had so nearly died not many months ago. She hugged him as he stood there shaking, and started to give orders to the others.

"Get the doctor here, he is going to need to sedate Sky, she's going crazy. Sam and Tom are on their way back and should be here within the hour. We will have a debrief when they get here. Once you have the doctor sorted get some food ready in the main hall, whatever you can find that will be quick and easy. No-one will want to eat but we have to. I realise waiting is the worst possible thing to have to do, but that is our only option right now. Oh, and get Chris and Jamie down here for food too, warn them this is not going to be a happy family meal. There is no time for anything else right now, understood?"

"We're on it," replied Peter, quite aware of the meaning in her last comment that she shot direct to them. No time to sort out what was going on with their mates. "Who is with Sky?"

"Rob's mate. She's coping, just about, but Sky is having flashbacks to what happened to her, and she's terrified of Finn going through that."

The two lions left the room, heading straight to the phone to contact the medic. Peter explained the situation and he agreed to come immediately. The priority over, they looked at each other, both feeling the yearning to get back to the men that had them entranced.

"How about we see if they can help? It will be done quicker and we can explain what's going on at the same time."

Peter smiled. "Good idea. Not what I'd like to be doing, but they might as well learn right from the start that sometimes they can't be the priority we'd like them to be."

They mounted the stairs eagerly, amused at each other's reactions as much as their own. The trail of scent that led down the corridor aroused the pair, and they glanced at each other, sharing the frustration for a moment and each grateful they had someone else to go through this with. The sound of chattering voices met their ears, and they had to contain their laughter.

"They're discussing what they want to do with us. Sounds good!"

"Would be if we didn't have to wait. I'm not sure I can take hearing about cock sucking that I can't partake in right now."

Michael opened the door and led the way into the room, the conversation ceasing immediately and Chris's eyes meeting his with desire and hope in them. He groaned, and heard a similar sound coming from Peter beside him.

"We need your help," Michael began. "Our next important task is getting dinner ready, and we thought you might like to give us a hand, seeing as the best we can offer right now is a chat and food, not 'sucking him dry'."

It was Jamie who went the most red at the words from their recent conversation being repeated, and Peter smiled at him, wishing he could take him up on that offer since it sent a shiver down his spine, but needing to concentrate on what had to be done.

"I told you that two wolves were taken before we found you. They are still missing and the rest of the team have been out looking, with no luck. They'll be back soon and we need to get some food and drink out ready for the meeting. There is a fair chance that the wolves have been taken to ransom or to get to the team in some way, and the van carrying you was used as a distraction. It's likely to be tense. One of the guys is on the team so we all know him and work with him, the other is the Alpha's brother, and his mate is already going nuts with us."

"If it was anything like with us, it's not as if anyone could have stopped them. It was so fast. She shouldn't blame anyone here."

Peter and Michael shared an amused look at Jamie's comment, before Peter replied to his mate.

"Adam doesn't blame us, but he doesn't think we are doing enough to find Jake."

"No," Michael interrupted, "he's upset, and he's lashing out because that is all he can do right now. Anyway," he continued, looking at two surprised faces, although one took most of his attention, "we have to get dinner ready or Tilly will skin us. We are under strict instructions not to get distracted, and you have no idea how sorry we are about that. Do you want to help?"

"Sure. It beats sitting up here getting frustrated, plus we can get to know the place a little. You live here?" Chris asked.

"Yes. It's a huge house, so we have plenty of room and space outside. I'll show you when I can, it's lovely out there."

"Is this your room?"

Michael considered that for a moment. "It is now. We have to get out of it and downstairs for a while though."

* * * * * *

Four people made light work of getting the table laid with food and drink ready for the team to return, and having a job to do helped take their mind off other things, although there were a lot of heated glances. They pretty much ended up working in two pairs, unable to focus on anyone but the object of their desire. By the time Tilly came to check on them they had finished and were sat waiting for the rush, not too close to avoid temptation, but on opposite sides of the room in their new couples.

"Thank you so much," Tilly said, grabbing some crisps off the table. "Adam has calmed down a bit, and the doctor has seen Sky. Everyone else should be here in the next few minutes. Tuck in if you guys are hungry." She looked around the room, taking in the two new men and the emotion floating in the room. Strange situation, but it made sense to them so she wasn't going to get involved, beyond a gentle warning.

"I don't suppose with all that is going on any of the team are really going to notice, but please try and keep control for now. If any of you know how to shield your emotions that would be much appreciated from my point of view as well. I'm going to sit with Adam until the others get back, and then everyone will be directed in here so it will get pretty busy."

Once she left the room, Jamie was the first to ask Peter the question.

"What was that about?"

"Tilly is a very good empath, so she can sense feelings. I'm guessing there are far too many floating around here right now. Plus there's going to be a lot of fear and anger too, it will be hard enough on her without us giving off too many vibes."

"So she knows what's happened?"

Michael responded to that one, even though they seemed to have started a pattern of replying to questions from their own mate. "Took her a couple of minutes to work it out, but she was slightly distracted at the time due to the missing men."

The conversation was ended by the sound of a car coming up the drive, and both Peter and Michael jumped to attention, looking outside to see who had returned. It was Sam and most of the wolves, although as it turned out Tom and the remaining men were only a couple of minutes behind them. They heard Tilly directing the team through to get dinner, but Sam didn't appear with the others. The sound of raised voices could be heard coming from the office, and everyone seemed aware it was Adam and Sam arguing. The best they could all do was stay out of it, particularly as Tilly seemed to have chosen that course of action.

When Tom and the remaining men arrived the room got busy although it was quiet. The voices from the office had died down, but no-one seemed in the mood to talk. They ate because it was in front of them and they had to wait for further orders, but most were keeping to themselves. They all felt failure keenly, and feared what was happening to the captives. Everyone there was acutely aware of what had happened to those used in the research.

Heads were raised when first Tom and then Tilly and Alex left the room, but it just heightened the anticipation for everyone else. Waiting was not something anyone there enjoyed, and knowing that every moment that went by anything could be happening to Finn and Jake made it worse. Even Chris and Jamie kept quiet, sensing the mood of the others and glad that they had been warned about what had gone on. They were also very glad that it was not them that had been carted off, because the mood of the men made it clear how bad being captured was.

After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only around a quarter of that, Tilly and Alex came back into the room. The team instantly were on alert, waiting for instructions.

"I know you all want to do something, but your instructions right now are to eat and sleep. It is likely that because this was a targeted capture either those responsible will contact us, or they will allow Finn and Jake to. Until that happens there is very little we can do. Tomorrow morning we will all start going back through every piece of information we have to see if there is anything we have missed. Meanwhile Sam, Adam and I will stay up through the night to ensure that if they are able to contact us there is someone to get through. Tom and Alex will take charge of the research in the morning. If any contact is made we will work out what to do based on the information we get."

Tilly's news was delivered to silence, and she knew no-one wanted to go to bed and forget about it. Well, probably with the exception of Peter and Michael and their new mates, although they were highly unlikely to get any sleep, she thought to herself. That reminded her of one good piece of news to pass on.

"On the plus side, this is Jamie and Chris," she said, indicating the new men. "Our work today means they are safe and well, and we have to be thankful for that. They'll be staying here for the time being. In fact, you two can help tomorrow as the more heads we have on this the better. Meet in here at 6am everyone."

The teams drifted out of the room gradually, and as much as they wanted to get upstairs right this second to make the most of the early night, Peter and Michael started to clear the table, knowing that it would be expected. No matter how important their mates might be, they couldn't let their work slide. Both were pleased that the other men helped out without question, because it speeded up the work, and none of them had ever done a chore faster.

Not a word was said when they finished, but need drove them all upstairs and behind closed doors as fast as possible, barely sparing a goodnight to the other pair.

In Michael's new room he stood by the door, watching as a clearly flustered Chris put as much space between them as the room allowed, and glanced nervously back and forth between Michael and the double bed he'd only left a couple of hours before.

Michael let out an amused rumble before trying to reassure him.

"I'm not going to hurt you, or do anything you don't want to do. If you're uncomfortable about this I'm quite happy to sleep on the floor, just so long as I get a goodnight kiss."

"No, I... I'm just a little nervous. Why can't I control myself around you?"

"Because we are mates. It's meant to be like this."

"You sound so sure."

Michael shrugged. "I am, but I don't entirely understand it either. I mean, you were unconscious and I was lusting after you, needing to be with you, and I hadn't even seen your eyes or heard your voice. That's crazy, right? But you are so beautiful when you are sleeping you had to be even more gorgeous awake."

Chris blushed hard. "And I woke up to you and thought I must still be dreaming, because I have never seen anyone so cute in real life. I'm still not sure you are real!"

"How can I prove it?" Michael asked, amused.

There was no answer for a moment, Chris clearly thinking of what to say. He moved across the room and lay down on the bed, and even though he was fully clothed Michael was finding the picture far too tempting to resist, but he had to wait for some sort of invitation, he couldn't just take his mate like his lion was telling him to.

"Come here and hold me, and we can see if those kisses of yours are as devastating as they were earlier."

Michael moved, but couldn't help wondering. "Devastating?" he asked, as he lay down beside Chris and let out a sigh as their arms wound around each other.

"They seem to break down all my defences and just turn me into a ball of need and desire."

"Well, in that case, I really hope they are as good as you remember." he replied into Chris's head, not waiting any longer to provide those kisses, because they were just as good as far as he was concerned.

They lay entwined, moving ever closer together and kissing softly, Michael keeping control of himself despite the burning need he felt. If Chris was nervous he wasn't going to push him, having him in his arms was enough for the moment. He was amazed just by these feelings, it was nothing like he had experienced before even though that had always been good. A hand gently stroking up his side under his top made him moan softly into Chris's mouth, and that seemed to be encouragement to his mate, who then tried to remove his t-shirt altogether despite how closely they were wrapped around each other.

Michael was amused by the movement, and tried to help but they were just too close for it to work. He reluctantly pulled back and stood up, Chris's hands coming out to try and keep him close.

"I'll come back, but you only have to ask if you want fewer clothes on me first," he said, smiling. His own hands went up under his t-shirt, lifting it slightly, and watching as Chris stared at what was revealed. He stopped and waited, enjoying the look of lust his mate was sending his way, until it turned to annoyed.


"I'm not teasing, I'm offering. What do you want?"

There was a rumble of desire from Chris before he answered, almost growling. "Lose the shirt."

Michael grinned and lifted it slowly up and over his head, gratified by the gasp he heard, and even more pleased by the burning desire he saw as he dropped the shirt on the floor.

"Wow. You have an incredible body."

"Do you want to see the rest?" Michael asked, hooking his thumbs into his joggers so he could push them down, but again waiting to be asked. He knew he looked good thanks to the hours he put in training, but he'd never had anyone look at his body with quite such awe. He could see that Chris's eyes were drifting below his waist, and he was hard as a rock, making an indecent bulge in them. Chris swallowed hard, not taking his eyes off the outline of his dick for a moment, then looked back up at him and whispered.

"Lose them too. I need to see you."

There was another gasp and this time Chris's eyes went wide. Michael just grinned at the effect he was having on his mate without even touching him. That was a very good sign, but just the thought of touching made him move back to the bed and lie down again, pulling Chris back to him. His mate's hands were suddenly all over him and he shuddered under the touches, and the passionate kisses they were now giving each other. He wanted skin under his hands too.

"Can I?" he asked, as his hands journeyed under Chris's shirt. "These are my clothes anyway, I think I should get them back now!"

"That's convenient! But I'm yours too, and you can have me naked whenever you want."

Michael's lion side let out a possessive rumble, that was immediately answered by Chris before he too was stripped and they finally brought their entire bodies into line, wrapping each other up tight and continuing their explorations.

* * * * * *

When the door closed on the other side of the hall things got off to a rather more frantic start. Peter was surprised to find himself practically thrown down onto the bed, and hands stripping him before he'd even stopped moving. He let Jamie do what he wanted, feeling his desires ramping up by the second. Jamie growled when he saw his naked mate, his eyes roaming over the toned body and broad chest, not even knowing where to start worshipping the body in front of him for a moment.

His earlier words came back to him, and he dropped to his knees, leaning over so he could go straight for Peter's dick. It wasn't fully to attention but a couple of quick licks soon sorted that out. Peter could do nothing but moan as Jamie treated him to his mouth, lips and tongue, bringing him closer and closer to his peak. With a soft cry he felt himself tighten and his cock started to spurt into his new mate, who moaned around him at his first taste.

After a short moment to recover, he took hold of Jamie and pulled him up onto the bed beside him, pressing their lips together in a thank you. As much as what Jamie had done to him was wonderful, he wanted to explore his mate first, and he kissed and licked a trail down and around his body, slowly working towards his goal while he memorised the smell, taste and feel of Jamie's body and found the places that turned him on the most, forcing low rumbles of pleasure from his chest. By the time Peter reached his cock it was hard and leaking and there was a soft whimper when he bypassed it, even though it wasn't for long. He couldn't wait either, but after the slow torment it only took a minute or so before he was treated to his first drink.

Peter settled down onto the bed and drew Jamie into his arms. That had been unreal, and although he recognised and enjoyed the same moves he had done many times before, doing that with his mate was a million times more intense. He heard soft rumblings still coming from the man in his arms and it made him smile that he had given so much pleasure. They both were hard again, he could feel it, but what they had done was enough for him right now.

"Thank you baby. That was incredible," he thought.

"You don't have to thank me for that, I've been dreaming about doing it since I saw you."

"Same here."

"Do we really have to get up at 6 tomorrow?"

Peter laughed out loud. "No. We have to be ready to start work at 6."

There was a grumble from his mate that just made him laugh more.

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