tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 12

Friends and Foes Ch. 12


This story features m/m and m/f relationships.

This is the last chapter. Thank you so much for sticking with this, and the lovely comments and mails and kind votes along the way. I really do appreciate it.

Writing this story has been really hard work, and made me decide never again to start posting something until I've finished it! I have a few unfinished stories that I'm going to get on with now, so I doubt it will be long before something else is up, although it's likely to be a human one (probably gay male, but I am trying to finish something that is purely m/f for a bit of variety).

About half way through writing this chapter I started to think I was going to miss the characters and I didn't have any ideas for where they went next. I still don't have any ideas for a long story like this or Cats and Dogs (which is probably a good thing!), but I have started working out some plans, perhaps for shorter stories about each couple after the events here. Since bits are already starting to float round my head I'll have to start writing soon and see what I end up with. You'll see it if and when I have something!

* * * * * *


Adam and Dora had borrowed one of the cars and were heading towards the main gates. Dora was a lot calmer than he was, knowing his mate was imprisoned somewhere in that house. He tried to look in the windows as they drove up, hoping to catch a glimpse, but it wasn't going to be that easy. He sent a message through to Jake.

"I'm coming for you baby, don't worry. Your brother and the others are right here."

"I know, they've told me. Be careful, I don't want you getting hurt."

"I'll be fine. I brought my grandmother for back up as well. We're quite a team!"

"No jokes now Adam, it's not the time. We'll laugh about all of this later, but right now you need to focus. Sam needs to know what you see. Make sure you tell him every little detail."

"I thought you flunked commando training?"

He heard the growl at him trying to keep this light. "I was thrown out. That's not the point. You need to tell Sam everything you can so he can get us all out of here safe."

"I will baby. I'll see you really soon, we're just getting to the gate now."

Adam had to stop talking to Jake so that he could get in touch with Sam. Every last detail, he had been told that by most of the team even before Jake had mentioned it, and he tried hard, sending a continuous stream of what was probably completely pointless information. Some of it might prove useful, but he didn't know what.

There wasn't a guard on the gate, which seemed odd, but there were cameras and nowhere for anyone to stand. Adam stepped out to put the code into the gate and it started to swing open. He told Sam the code while wondering how long it would be before they were noticed. It wasn't far to the house but he went slow, looking for anyone hiding in the grounds or any sign of curtains twitching in the house, but he didn't see anyone.

He was nervous as they got out of the car, but there was still no sign of anyone in the house. There were lights on, and he knew there were people home, but no-one had appeared. He wondered if his mother would be there to meet them, and if so, whether he could play nice. He sent a description of the front of the house to Sam while he helped Dora out of the car, counting windows and noticing detail he'd never seen before. He hadn't been here for years but he knew the layout still. Jake was upstairs, somewhere, and he was going to find him.

In a moment of quiet before they headed to the door he noticed something he never had before. It was dark out there, he shouldn't have been able to see much, but his eyes had adjusted to the low light from the house and the darkness and he saw into the trees and out down the drive. And he could hear, heartbeats and breathing in the shadows even though he couldn't see them. Two people, one either side of the house.

A split second after he sent the information back to Sam the front door opened and his mother was standing in front of them. She looked calm and pleased to see them, but he could hear her heart beating as well, and it was running way faster than his own despite the fact he was nervous too. And with the door open he got a scent, faint but it made his heart leap. It was Jake, he would know him anywhere. He felt drawn to the smell but he had to stay calm and not let himself get carried away just yet. He let his mother start the conversation while he and Dora walked into the hall.

"This is a surprise. What are you two doing here?"

Dora smiled at her. "I fancied a short break and Adam was kind enough to offer to bring me. I didn't realise you would be here too, but it's lovely to see you. We can have a family dinner. Later perhaps, I'm tired from the journey now."

"I'd better get you upstairs grandma. You can have a nap," Adam said quickly, offering to help her and help himself to get closer to Jake at the same time. He heard his mother respond, her breathing quickening as she realised they were heading towards the stairs.

"Why don't I show you, there aren't that many rooms ready at the moment but I know where you can have a lie down," she said hurriedly. Dora agreed to that, and Adam got to follow, using his new senses to check behind the closed doors and report to Sam.

"Don't think there is anyone in the front rooms. I can hear there are some in the back, several but I can't give you a number, sorry."

"It's okay. We're at the gates. Make sure you and Dora are safe, all those men in hiding are going to be out and fighting very soon."

As they walked up the stairs, his mother clearly very nervous, Adam noted the scent of his mate getting stronger, making him yearn for a kiss or a touch. They chose not to spend much time apart, especially not nights, and not knowing where Jake had been either was far too worrying. When they reached the upstairs landing there were corridors off either side where the various bedrooms were. Jake's scent was strongest to the left, so Adam was not at all surprised when his mother led them to the right.

As far as he could tell, there wasn't anyone down to the right, and he let his mother show Dora into one of the rooms. He knew now that Dora was very much playing the old woman, and could certainly show a lot more energy than she was at the moment. The nap thing was mostly a ruse, but he was glad of it because it got him closer to Jake and got her out of danger. He didn't care too much about himself, he would fight for Jake if he needed to, and he was going to press it as soon as possible.

He was fairly sure that Jake and Finn would be guarded, but there was no-one in the corridor when he looked down the hall. His mother was fussing over getting Dora settled down, but kept checking where he was as well. He was pretty sure if he made any move down the hallway she would try and stop him, but she wouldn't be much of a challenge to him. All he wanted now was a diversion so he could be sure most of the guards were occupied downstairs.

It came sooner than he expected, alarms sounding downstairs as the others headed into the grounds. He could hear the orders of Sam and Tom in his head as well and knew what they were doing. His mother went white, suddenly looking just as scared as she had been feeling. It was just what he needed, and he started to walk down the hall with purpose, following the scent to find Jake.

His mother ran up behind him, trying to pull him around by his arm, but he shrugged her off very easily. Then she tried talking to distract him.

"Why don't we go see what is happening downstairs. I think there is an intruder in the grounds and we need to call the police."

He could hear the men in the house moving about and knew they were planning to defend the house, and he let Sam know before he replied.

"There aren't any intruders. I let them in, and we both know you aren't going to call the police to sort it out. Your men are already moving to intercept, but they won't win this fight," he told her, still walking as he tried to work out which door hid his mate.

His mother looked even more scared then, but still tried to deny it. "I don't know what you are talking about. We might be in danger," she said, still pulling at his arm and trying to move him back.

Adam lost his temper then, having nearly got to the right door, at the end of the corridor. He swung round and pinned his mother to the wall, holding her with his arm across her throat but resisting the temptation to squeeze. His next words were low and quiet but with plenty of menace.

"I know you have Jake. I know everything you have done, so don't pretend you are worried about me being hurt. You should be more worried about what the Weres out there are going to do with you when they have taken care of your guards. And mother or not, I am not going to stop them from doing it."

She started sobbing, but it didn't affect him like she might have hoped. He was surprised to see his usually strong and in control mother in tears, but he didn't think they were real despite her fear. She was trying to play him again, and he didn't have the time or patience for it. He released her to get to the door, trying to listen for how many people were behind it but unable to hear much over the crying behind him.

"I've only ever tried to do what is best for you. A mother has to protect her children," she said through her tears.

Adam growled. "Try telling that to my sister. Is there anyone in there with you baby? You dumped her when she wasn't what you wanted, and now you are trying to take away the man I love and the only thing in my life that matters to me. Some mother you are."

Jake sent him back a picture of one man, behind the door where he would be hidden as anyone first entered the room. Perfect position if it weren't for the fact that Adam had the heads up. He tried not to concentrate on the fact the man was pointing a gun right at Jake. He checked the door to see if it had been changed for something heavy, but it was just the normal wooden one. He went to put his shoulder to it to force it open, just as his mother screamed "Kill them."

* * * * * *

Sam and Tom had decided that drawing out the guards and keeping some protection for themselves was the best option, so they didn't bother with subtle access to the grounds. They each drove up to the gate with a few men inside, stopping to let some of them out once they were inside and out of sight of the gate camera. They were to take out the men known to be hiding at the side of the house, and sweep the grounds wider if required. No-one was to be killed, unless absolutely necessary, because they needed to find out who had been behind the research and they had a feeling the answer would be inside.

They could hear the alarms go off as well, although they weren't loud even in the house, it was just that their hearing was better than a humans.

"Sounds like they know they have company," Sam said.

"Hope they're bricking it right now," replied Tom. "I guess we can rule out them opening the front door and inviting us in. You ready?"

A quick nod, and the remaining men and Tilly left the cars and headed for the door, listening for what was behind it. They could hear shuffling as people took position, and arranged their own people against the walls at each side of the main door. When it opened there was likely to be gunfire and they didn't want anyone getting hit. Unless it was very well aimed it was unlikely to kill anyone, but it would still hurt like hell and put one of them out of action for the rest of the fight.

"All secure and ready at the back Alex?"

"Yes boss. Only one behind this door that I can tell. Three in the grounds are already down."

"On my signal then. Three... Two... One..."

* * * * * *

Adam swung the door right open with the force of his impact on it, knocking the guard off balance before he could fire. Before focussing on Jake he made himself concentrate on the two guns the man was now holding, and he quickly relieved him of them before he had recovered from the door hitting him. Adam backed towards his mate, both guns trained on the guard.

"One with bullets, one with tranqs, I'm guessing. Which is which?" he asked the man, getting a defiant look as a response.

"I am going to shoot you. It's your choice whether you wake up in a few hours or not at all."

The man reluctantly indicated the gun in his right hand and Adam fired it, watching the man slump to the floor with a dart in his chest. He checked in the hall and his mother seemed to be leaning against the wall, taking in his every move and no longer crying. He knew that had been a load of bull. He felt safe enough to turn his back on her as the others could warn him and he still had two guns. He didn't really want to shoot her, but he would if he had to to protect his mate.

Jake was beaming a smile at him when he turned around to check on him, barely aware of Finn being there as well. All three of them could hear the scuffles going on downstairs, and he had no doubt that Finn in particular would warn him if it threatened to move towards them.

"Hello love," he said to Jake. "I've missed you. My mother seems to have a very strange idea of what is good for me, and I'm sorry you've suffered for it."

He didn't give Jake a chance to reply. While his hands went to undo some of the straps so his hands would be free to help with the rest, his lips pressed to Jake's in a passionate kiss. He needed it, Jake needed it, and it would disgust his mother, so perfect all around. His hands fumbled with one of the wrist straps, and Jake pushed him away as best he could with the one hand that was partly free.

"Not now baby, we have other priorities. I promise you, later on when we are home, we can do that, and more, for hours. I'm going to enjoy making love to you."

"I like the sound of that. I've missed your cock as well!" he said with a wink.

They all heard that Adam's mother was coming into the room, and Adam struggled to undo a few more straps, and get at least one of Finn's hands free, before he turned to look at her. She was back to pathetic mode, trying to persuade him she was right.

"Son, he's not worth it. He's put some sort of spell on you so he can take control of your life and the business. He's a freak, and one of the Arcans, he'll throw you aside when he's taken what he wants."

"What part of I love him do you not understand?," Adam snapped back at her. "He hasn't forced me into anything, and he doesn't want the business, he just wants me. Weres mate for life, he's never going to want anyone else."

"No, I won't. I love you, my mate," Jake added.

They watched as his mother's face went red with anger. "You are not one of these... things. You are normal. If you stay with them they will make you a freak of nature like they are."

Adam started to laugh. "You know, one thing I've learned in all the years I have been with Jake is they can't turn me into anything, except maybe a better person. As to being a freak of nature, that's not how I see it. And you should know from what you've seen that it's in the genes. You must have been looking at me all along, wondering if I was going to turn out like she did. Bad news mother, I did, it's just a bit too late for you to abandon me for it. But the good news is, as far as I'm concerned we are no longer related, so producing two 'freaks' is no longer your problem."

"You are NOT one of THEM," she screamed back.

Adam shrugged, no longer worried what she thought of him. "It's going to come down to show and tell then," he replied calmly, starting to strip off his clothes, having learned his lesson from earlier. He turned and grinned at Jake. "I've got a surprise for you baby."

Jake had stopped what he was doing. He had only a couple of straps left to go before his feet and ankles were free, but the sight of his mate getting naked right in front of him was more than a little distracting. The grin on his face didn't help, as yet more skin was revealed.

"Um, are you sure this is the right time babe?"

Adam glanced down at Jake's feet and grinned again. "I reckon I'm safe until you get free, and by the time that happens you'll have other things on your mind."

"I doubt it," Jake growled back.

His mother was just staring at him as he took off his clothes, concern and anger warring in her features. She didn't think he was Were, but obviously wasn't sure of it. Adam pushed his trousers down a little so they would fall out of his way, and changed into his wolf. He liked this form, it felt comfortable, like he was meant to be this way. He heard the gasp of surprise from Jake behind him, and saw the look of sheer horror on his mother's. It was enough to make him smile as best he could.

She seemed frozen in shock, and Finn was nearly free, so he took the opportunity to bound up to his mate, placing his paws on Jake's chest and licking him where he could reach. Jake was right, the taste of his mate was much better like this. He expected questions, but it took quite a while before Jake could ask any, he was just too surprised.

"How? How did this happen?" he finally got out.

"It's a bit complicated, but it turns out there are herbs that can stop traits coming out, and I've been taking them. Now I'm not."

Jake patted his head and ran his fingers through the fur. "You're gorgeous as wolf too. Darker fur than mine, but we'll just complement each other beautifully. I can't wait to run in the woods with you."

"We can play chase!"
Adam replied, excited at the possibility. Jake obviously liked the idea too, because as soon as he got free he changed as well, and despite the fact that Adam's mother was right in front of them, still not moving, the two of them started to play, jumping on each other and yipping in their delight. Finn looked on amused as he released the last few of his straps, barely noticing when Sam and Tom entered the room. Tom was not that surprised at the wolves playing and turned straight to Finn.

"We have control of the house. No sign of Simon as yet but the others are searching the house and grounds. It's good to see you two are safe."

Sam was just watching the two wolves. "Who is that?" he asked, setting Tom laughing.

"That's Adam. We had an eventful journey up here!"

Sam looked at him in shock. "That's rather more than just 'eventful'. How?" he asked.

Tom started to answer but was interrupted by Adam's mother, now sitting in the corner dejected and upset.

"It's my fault. I breed freaks and I don't know what I did to deserve it."

Sam growled at her in disgust. "We are not freaks. You might not like it, but there are plenty of us out there, and we live in harmony with humans unless they do something to hurt our kind. Kidnapping some of us wasn't a good idea. My boss is on his way, and he wants a word with you."

"Fine," she replied, defiant, "he can talk to me, but I don't have to answer to you people."

"Yes, you do. We have authority here, and you don't get let out until we consider it wise. Threats to our people are taken very seriously. I doubt Adam is going to defend you, or report you missing to the human authorities."

"My husband will."

"I doubt it dear," said Dora as she entered the room. "He'll hardly notice you are gone, and if he does, when I tell him what you have done to Adam he won't care where you are."

"You're turning against me too?" she spat out in disgust.

"I knew you would hate that Adam was gay, and I knew you would fear it if you knew he was Were, but I never thought you would kidnap his mate to make your point. Adam can't help what he is any more than his sister could. I never forgave you for what you did to that child, but I always thought you would love Adam anyway. I guess I was wrong to have any faith in you, but you are my daughter and I hoped I had raised you better than that, not to judge others. I don't know what happened, but I wish I had known that you were as sick as you are."

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