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Friends: Mona's Apology


Friends: Deleted Scenes - Mona's Apology

Author's note: Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions. It's always appreciated to hear how people like my stories. My next one was suggested by a reader... stay tuned for that.


Rachel was flipping through a magazine, one afternoon, as she sat on the couch in the apartment she and Ross shared. A soft knock came to the door, and she went to open it. Her look of surprise must have been obvious, when she saw Ross' most recent short-term girlfriend.

"Oh. Hi Mona. Um, Ross isn't here. But, uh... he should be back after 5."

"That's all right. I actually... came to talk to you," the blonde said, hesitantly.

"Oh... okay. Well, um," Rachel laughed to herself, for no reason other than the uncomfortable situation, "come on it. Can I, can I get you anything?"

"No, nothing, thanks," Mona replied as she walked in and Rachel closed the door. A few paces into the room, Mona saw the bassinette by the window. "Ohhh, is this her?" she asked with a friendly smile.

"Yes, that's my angel, Emma. I just fed her and put her down, so she'll probably sleep for a couple hours, otherwise I'd let you..."

"Oh no, that's fine," Mona interrupted her.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two women. Then Rachel suddenly said, "Well. Um, sit down. Have a seat. So, uh... what's up... Mona?"

"Well," the woman began, not really knowing where to begin. "I, uh, I wanted to talk to you, Rachel... and, and apologize. You see, when Ross and I broke up, I'm sure you thought it was all because of you, and really... it wasn't."

Rachel could tell that Mona was having a hard time saying what was on her mind, and she didn't want to make it any more difficult for her by being standoffish. So she moved down the couch, and took the blonde's hand in her own. She gently patted it as their palms rested together and Mona went on.

"There were some... other things that made me break up with him, and, and I know... in all of that... I acted like a bitch. To, to you. And... and I'm sorry."

"Wow," Rachel said, floored. "I, I don't know what to say. I mean," she laughed nervously as she went on, "I figured you thought I was the bitch for coming between you and Ross."

"Oh, no, not at all. I mean, it was strange to think about him living with his old girlfriend... who, um... who he got pregnant."

Rachel looked down at the floor, uncertain if they had just crossed into cat-fight territory. "Yeah that, that was pretty unusual."

Moan went on. "And, to be honest Rachel, I was more intimidated than angry."

"Intimidated? By me?" she questioned.

"Well, yeah. I mean, you are just so beautiful and, and desirable... and anyone... would be lucky to be with you. Even just a one time, spur of the moment thing."

"Oh, I don't know about THAT..." Rachel said, embarrassed, but quite flattered.

"No really, just look at you. You had a baby, what... two months ago? And you already look... amazing!"

"Well, I got back to the gym, pretty much right away," she responded, chucking and trying to pass off the complement.

"No, but it's more than just your body..." Mona went on lavishly, as the fingers of her free hand ran along Rachel's denim-clad thigh. "...your sexy legs... and I bet that drop-dead ass is back too," she said with almost a girlish giggle. "No, it's your smooth skin..." She caressed Rachel's cheek. "And your perfect hair..." Her fingers ran through Rachel's long, light brown locks, as she admired the deep blonde highlights. "Your eyes... your lips..." she intoned, nearly hummed, as she stared deep into Rachel's eyes. "Just... everything... about... you."

Rachel seemed to be in Mona's trance. She didn't even notice the voice trailing off and the distance shrinking between their lips. She closed her eyes, almost involuntarily, as their lips pressed together in the gentlest of kisses.

A quiet smooch reached their ears when Mona moved her head back, just a few inches. Her gaze danced over Rachel's face, as the honey-brunette simply sat there, eyes still shut, with the smallest bit of saliva beaded on her lower lip.

After a few quiet seconds, Rachel's eyes slowly opened. "Omigod," she said softly with cracking voice. The tip of her tongue slipped across her lip and took in the droplet. "Did you... did you just kiss me?"

Her answer came as another kiss. This one was longer and more passionate. Rachel found herself kissing back, completely uncaring that it was with another woman. The lips were so soft... so supple... so perfect to touch with her own.

Then, they separated. Rachel had a dreamy, confused look on her face. "But, um..." she cleared her throat, "are you... do you..."

"A lesbian? Do I like women?" Mona finished the questions. "No, I'm not a lesbian... Not, not exactly. But, um, that's one of the reasons I broke up with Ross." She sat back a bit. "With everything he told me about how his first marriage ended, I just didn't think he'd be able to accept the fact that I like women, as much as men."

Mona seemed to not be able to keep eye contact, as her confession went on. Rachel however was intent on the her words. "From the first time I saw you, at Chandler and Monica's wedding... I just thought you were... a vision. I, I couldn't even keep my eyes on the bride." She gave a little hesitant laugh at the admission. "And while I was with Ross, I secretly hoped... that maybe the three of us could get together. Even if just for one night. And somehow, months after all that... I, um... I found myself back in this apartment. But... but this time, not... wanting Ross."

Rachel tried to take in all that Mona was saying, and all that she was meaning. But the only thing she could think about was that kiss. The only thing she could look at was Mona's lips, as her mouth formed each word.

"Do... do that again," she said softly. Mona leaned in, and taking Rachel's request as a very good sign, engaged her in a third kiss, and a fourth, and even more passionately, a fifth. Mona's tongue slipped ever so slightly between Rachel's lips, and scraped against her teeth. She withdrew it almost immediately, and pulled back a bit.

But Rachel's mouth pursued that tongue, and her hands came up to cradle Mona's face. Her own tongue dove into her partner's mouth, tasting the sweetness within. The sounds of their kissing became louder, with more abandon. Without thinking and without breaking their liplock, Rachel shifted position, kneeling with one leg under her, facing Mona.

The sexy blonde woman's hands glided up and down the tight blue jeans covering Rachel's legs and hips. As the pair went on, seizing breaths where possible, those hands traveled up to Rachel's waist, grasping the soft grey sweater that she wore. They released and moved upward, rubbing her torso, her shoulders, her arms. As they came back down, Mona dared to reach in and cup Rachel's breast. That full, firm, mother's breast.

Rachel didn't flinch. She didn't pull away. She simply purred softly and kept on kissing.

Minutes later, with Mona continuing to fondle her tit, Rachel tore her lips away and looked to the side. She still held Mona's face, and she rested her cheek on her forearm and tried to catch her breath. She hadn't kissed anyone that passionately for a very, very long time. She looked at the entrance to the short hallway that led to her bedroom.

"Do you... want to..." Rachel couldn't bring herself to say the words in her mind.

She looked back at Mona and was greeted by a warm accepting smile. "I'd like that a lot," was the reply.

Rachel stood. With a somewhat bashful glance at Mona, she took her hand and led her down the hall.

Once inside, Rachel closed the door. They had said nothing since the couch, and her face held a contemplative look. She wondered if she should go through with it, though deep down, she knew that she would.

So, with sober resolve, and before she could change her mind, Rachel turned and kissed Mona. As their tongues intertwined, the blonde's hand went back to her new lover's breast. Rachel moaned with the gentle squeezing.

Their lips separated. Mona glanced down Rachel's body. She wore a grey cashmere cardigan. The top several buttons we already undone, with Rachel's full bosoms filling in the cradling fabric. Only the bottom two held the garment across her stomach. She looked quite matronly, yet unbelievably sexy.

Mona slowly unbuttoned the sweater and pushed off her shoulders. Rachel's slim arms slipped out of the tight sleeves. A feminine white tanktop was revealed. It was obviously something from before her pregnancy, with the way the thin fabric stretched across her bust. It was also obvious that she was wearing nothing underneath, from the slight color change in the fabric, caused by her nipples.

The shirt didn't quite reach Rachel's pants-line, and Mona's hand brushed against the skin of her firm, flat stomach as the unbuttoning continued. One by one, each fastener popped open under Mona's nimble fingers. Soon, Rachel's snug button-fly blue jeans hung wide open.

As Rachel allowed herself to be undressed, she stared straight across at the soft skin of Mona's neck and chest. The tall woman was wearing a long-sleeve rugby pull-over. Wide bands went from left to right, alternating light and medium blue. The stark white collar was fully open, and dipped sharply down, teasing with her cleavage. Rachel's eyes roamed the exposed skin, occasionally stealing quick looks down Mona's shirt, or up to her eyes.

She grasped Mona's waist, leaned in, and slowly planted open-mouth kisses on her chest and neck. Lifting her head, she surveyed the several glistening patches left by her lips and tongue. Tentatively, she slipped her hand up and grasped Mona's breast. She felt its size through the heavy cotton shirt, appreciatively, yet with some lingering uncertainty.

Mona sensed her hesitation, and didn't want to lose her in that moment. She released Rachel's breast, and grabbed her own shirt to pull it out of her black pants. Then she crossed her arms to take hold of the hem, and pulled it up and off her torso, tossing it by her side.

Rachel responded immediately, with a gesture that seemed both out of place and intimately right. She reached up and primped Mona's mussed hair, lovingly moving the locks back into place. Fingers glided from the blonde strands to her cheek, which she cupped lovingly, as she tilted her head up and kissed Mona.

A single kiss became a series of pecks as Mona guided Rachel's mouth down her chest. Rachel found herself kissing and licking the flesh that was visible above the pink satin demi-bra. She held Mona's left breast in her hand, gently testing its resilience. Mona's hand covered Rachel's, holding it on her tit. Rachel watched as her partner's fingers curled over her hand, hooked into her bra, and pulled the cup down, revealing her brown nipple. An unseen hand came to the back of her head, and gently pushed her mouth to it.

A tongue slowly slipped out and licked the circumference of the disk. Rachel felt a slight shudder course through the woman's body. Emboldened by this, she licked and kissed, and even sucked a little. Under her mouth's attention, the nipple hardened, and she knew that her own nipples were already firm and erect.

Rachel began to move to Mona's other breast, still hidden within her bra. She reached up to pull down the cup. But before she could, Mona's hands disappeared behind her own body. The bra was unclasped and fell slightly away. Mona quickly slipped it off her shoulders and arms, allowing it to drop onto her shirt.

Almost instinctively, Rachel's mouth went to the newly exposed breast. Mona watched intently as the gorgeous woman licked and sucked her tit. Her small mouth was opened wide and clamped tightly around Mona's nipple. She ran her fingers through Rachel's shoulder-length hair, admiring everything about her beauty.

"Oh, Rachel," she softly moaned in encouragement. As her lover's lips left one breast, and started to move back to the other, Mona paused her.

Hands on her body, she guided Rachel to straighten up. Then Mona crouched down in front of her and began working the tight denim down Rachel's body. It slipped down her ass and hips, fully revealing her white cotton boyshort panties. Further down her legs, and Rachel balanced with her hands on Mona's soft shoulders, as she pulled each foot in turn, out of the jeans.

The jeans made a soft crumpling sound as Mona dropped them on the hardwood floor. She had Rachel nearly stripped down to her underwear, and Rachel would have felt very vulnerable, had it not been for Mona's own partial nudity.

The blonde settled down to her knees. She leaned in and kissed the front of Rachel's thigh. A line of soft wet kisses were made from her knee to her hip. Finger tips glided from the backs of her knees to her ass, and the hands settled in around her cheeks.

"I was right... a drop-dead ass," Mona said softly with a smile. Rachel gave a little smile in return; equal parts of thanks and nervousness.

Mona's face moved down the opposite leg. Then Rachel saw... and felt... her tongue come out and lick slowly up to the top of her thigh. Lips kissed across her hips to the center. Before she knew it, Mona's chin was deep between her legs, and hot breath was gently forced through the lace. The warm tingling that had been building in her pussy was instantly replaced with lustful fire. Any possible question of Mona's intent was forever removed from Rachel's mind.

Mona playfully and carefully grabbed the crotch of Rachel's panties in her teeth, pulled them out, and released them. The tight springy garment snapped back, as if grabbing onto her pussy again. Rachel giggled at the gesture, taking in Mona's big smile.

"Do you want to," she cleared her throat, "move to, to the bed?"

Mona simply replied, "yes."

She stood and removed her pants, boots and socks, as she watched Rachel throw back the covers and crawl in. The way her tight little body looked, in just a thin tanktop and boyshort panties, reminded Mona of a coed at a slumber party.

Wearing only her pink lace thong, Mona approached the bed. Rachel lifted the blanket, silently inviting Mona to her bed.

The sexy blonde slipped between the sheets and intertwined her long slender legs with Rachel's. She took Rachel's cheek in her palm, and kissed her. Rachel responded wholeheartedly, as Mona's leg slid up and down caressing her own.

Mona's lips left her lover's mouth and made their way to her neck. She kissed along the soft skin, as her hand moved downward, then back up underneath Rachel's shirt.

Rachel gave a little gasp as fingers brushed across her nipple. The soreness of nursing had gone away weeks before, and was now replaced by an aching for adult contact. Her anticipation was heightened as Mona slowly began pulling up her tanktop.

As soon as the fabric cleared her breast, Mona's mouth was there, licking it. Rachel let out a soft, whimpered, "Oh!" This earned a glance from Mona, and in that one brief look, Rachel's desire for more was spoken between the women.

"Lay back," Mona whispered. As Rachel complied, her shirt was pushed up to her neck, and Mona's tongue began to fulfill the unspoken yearning. The blonde sidled in close to Rachel, scooting down, to better please her.

Kisses and licks flowed, and by this point, Rachel was a very willing partner in this encounter. She reveled in the attention, enjoying the erotic feelings in her breasts. She closed her eyes, so she could focus on the touching and licking and kissing. Her body had been craving sexual gratification for far too long, and there was no way now that she was going to deny that need.

Mona watched for signs from Rachel, either of wanting more, or of unease. The last thing she wanted to do was scare Rachel, and cause her to stop their tryst. Tentatively, Mona began suckling at this new mother's breast. Rachel moaned softly, obviously experiencing only amorous feelings.

Rachel opened her eyes and looked down at her partner. Mona tilted her head back slightly. Her eyes locked onto Rachel as she resumed licking her nipple and groping her soft supple breast.

A small bead of white liquid formed on Rachel's nipple, and Mona licked it away, only aware of it when she tasted its sweetness.

"Sorry," Rachel said with the slightest embarrassed smile.

"You have absolutely nothing to apologize for," Mona reassured her, as her hand slipped down to Rachel's crotch. She fondled her through the cloth, feeling hints of her wetness. She asked, "Can I take these off?"

Rachel gave her a nod that began timidly, but grew in confidence as she whispered, "Yes!"

Mona moved to sit between Rachel's legs, throwing back the covers as she did so. Her fingers slipped inside the waistband of Rachel's panties, and as the brunette lifted her ass off the bed, Mona wriggled the tight garment down her body. She took hold of Rachel's calves and brought her feet up, pulling her underwear off.

Rachel's ankles landed on Mona's shoulders, though she couldn't tell if it was of Mona's or her own accord. She watched as Mona's face turned and she kissed her leg. Fingers glided down Rachel's calf, slowly down her thigh, then finally... teasingly... came to her pussy.

She gave a stuttering breath, as the pads of Mona's fingertips petted her kitty. Rachel didn't really know what she should feel, as she watched... and felt... the alluring blonde rubbing her genitals.

Nervousness? That one was obvious. Shyness? That was quite hard to suppress. And desire? Oh, very much desire. Flowing up from her pussy. Overwhelmingly, she wanted to give her body to Mona, for her to do whatever she wanted.

Mona saw the mixture of emotions in Rachel's face. She smiled sweetly, leaning forward and giving her a gentle kiss on the mouth.

"Just enjoy this, Rachel," she whispered. Her hips cradled between Rachel's thighs. Their breasts pressed together. Their pussies... oh, so very close.

Then, a long moment later, Mona began moving down her body. A kiss here... a lick there... the occasional brush of her nipples on Rachel's skin... but always the soft slight tickle of her breath.

Rachel's eyes rolled closed as the woman reached her goal. Her mouth dropped open in a long, slow, gasp as she felt a tongue caress her pussy lips. Without knowing, Rachel held that breath, as she felt the tongue moving up and down on her cunt.

She exhaled a wonderful moan, then silence. She heard only Mona's mouth and tongue. Licking her pussy. Kissing her clit. Soft smooches as her mouth momentarily left Rachel. The same sensual sounds over and over, combined with the occasional quiet smacking of Mona's tongue against her own lips. Rachel's fingers dug into the mattress, and balled up the blankets within them.

Mona studied her partner's reactions. Her tongue obeyed Rachel's unvoiced directions; leisurely running through the folds of her flesh. The sexy young mother whimpered a soft "oh!" as Mona began to suck on her clit. Rachel's clitoris began to experience the sensation that her breasts had known not too long before, and the creases in her forehead pleaded for more.

"Yes!" came her whimpered moan. She opened her eyes and was treated to the sight of the beautiful blonde's face firmly planted between her thighs, looking up at her. That sight... those sounds... the sensations... it was as if all of this was the way it always was supposed to be. It was as though the universe wanted Mona to be enjoying her body right then; and for Rachel to be equally enjoying her mouth.

As that mouth gently suckled, Rachel felt finger tips graze her pussy lips. Then slowly, a long, slim digit was pushed into her. "Oh god, yes!" Rachel whined.

Mona slowly frigged her, occasionally suspending her clit-suck, but only to lick the pussy surrounding her finger.

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