Friend's Sister is Hypnotized


Gail started to vigorously bounce up and down. Soon she was screaming and her juices were flowing onto his belly. Jerry was still stiff. "Jerry, you can cum." He grunted and bucked and shot into her. She came again.

"Both of you, sleep." They collapsed.

Melissa was watching this. "I thought you wanted to fuck Gail?"

"I do. But I thought Jerry should go first."

"He won't know he did anything."

"You're right. But, I will and he can do it again."

"I'm feeling incomplete. You should fuck Gloria."

"All right. I'll fuck her in the ass. Gloria, remain in a trance and wake up. I want to fuck your ass."

She got up and knelt down with her head in her arms and her ass sticking up. She had done this before. I pulled my pants off and approached Melissa. "Lick my penis so I'll be lubricated for Gloria's ass."

She licked and sucked me to perfection. I got behind Gloria and pushed into her cunt for more lubrication and then pushed into Gloria's ass. "Keep your sphincter loose." She did.

With pushing, I was in. She was tight and warm. I knew I would not hold on long. Within three minutes I shot into her bowels. Gloria had a terrific body, but I much preferred Melissa. I pulled out and turned to Melissa. "Well, you delivered me Gloria to fuck. Thank you. I prefer you by a lot. Jerry, Gloria go into the bathroom and take a shower together. You will wake when you get in the shower. You will remember having sex, but not the hypnosis. You will wash each other and enjoy it. You will then make your own arrangements for future meetings. Gloria you will decide that Jerry is a good lover and you like to be with him. While you are bathing, Melissa and I will leave. You will not remember our being here."

They picked up their clothes and went to the bathroom.

"Melissa, how do you feel?"


"Lets go to my apartment to solve that problem."

We did.

* * * * *

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/19/17


Way to change Gail's name to Gloria...

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by Specolar08/28/17

Great Story! One problem though...

Great story, however on page 2 you changed the name of Melissa's friend Gail to Gloria.

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