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Friend's Son Stayed With Us


I had an unusual experience on and off for about two years when my friends 19-20 year old son would stay with us for a week at a time, 3-4 times a year for conferences he would support at the San Diego conference center. We had known him since he was a little boy and he had grown into a handsome young man. He worked in the construction industry and had started up his own business. He was a very likable young man and when his Mom asked us if he could stay at our house to save some money while he was in town for the various tradeshows. I quickly said sure as we have a five bedroom house with no kids. I had found out four years earlier that I would never be able to have children so the house was really too big for my husband and myself.

I have to admit that when he showed up I was very physically attracted to him. He has beautiful blue eyes, tall and very deep tan from being out side so often. We flirted with each other but nothing that direct and all in good fun. My husband clearly did not mind.

I have a ritual that my husband and I go to bed and I will read for an hour as he falls to sleep. I always go down stairs and drink a glass of water before returning back upstairs. Well the second night Scott was there, I went down stairs not thinking about Scott being there. I was in my usual panties and a tank top that only went down to my hips leaving my panties in full few. As I popped in the kitchen, Scott stood in just a little pair of jockey underwear clearly showing his penis out line. I froze until he asked me if I had trouble sleeping. I told him no, that I always come down to get a drink of water before bed. We made small talk while I got my water and I noticed that both of us were stealing glances of the others under garments. His penis was getting hard and huge. As we finished our small talk and I headed upstairs I could not believe we had actually seen each other with very little clothes on.

The next night the same thing happened, and we both had chosen to wear the same type of clothes. He joked that we were going to have to stop meeting this way. I got a drink we talked a little about his tradeshow and he began to tell me about it. He suddenly complimented my panties saying that they looked really cute and soft. I said they were from Victoria Secret and that they were really comfortable. He asked if he could feel how soft and I stumbled and indicated that it would be OK. He continued talking about the trade show but his hand wandered over to my panties and he very gently rubbed the cloth right over my pubic mound. He made a number of little circles before he slowly let his hand go lower into the folds of my vagina. I was so excited by his touch that my panties got wet very quickly. He just continued to talk as his fingers were driving me crazy.

I did not have the will power to pull away from his touch. Then the tip of his finger found my clitoris as he gently rolled it in the moisture. It did not take long and an orgasm over took my body and my knees almost buckled. He slowly pulled his hand away and then told me that he hoped I would sleep like a baby. I thought to myself I will now. When I got to my room I was in shock at what had just happened. How could I have let him fingered me to an orgasm. How could he be so bold as to think he could do that to me? In the morning, Scott blasted off to the trade show as my husband and I headed to work. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the morning or that evening. My husband and I went to bed as usual and I stayed up reading as he fell to sleep. I debated on going down stairs to get my usual glass of water but in the end I could not help myself and had to go. This time as we talked Scott hand slowly came over and started rubbing my vaginal lips. This time he took the tip of his finger and gently put pressure around the entrance to my vagina and drove me crazy until he finally put pressure on my clitoris and soon brought me to orgasm. When I went back to bed that night I intentionally rolled over on my husband and woke him up. We ended up making love. I was both relieved and disappointed when Scott was done with his tradeshow and went back home.

Four months later Scott had called our house to see about staying during another tradeshow and my husband readily welcomed him to stay. He and my husband had a lot in common and got along great. I am embarrassed to say that we did the same thing when he returned for that second tradeshow. Every evening we met down stairs and every night he fingered me through my panties to orgasm. We never kissed or anything that week. On the very last day he gave me a hug and wished me a good night's sleep. It really was so surreal how it has all been about giving me physical release.

It was almost 5 months later that Scott again was going to stay with us. I had a little lower back pain but nothing that significant. Just over did my Yoga. That night we ended up meeting in the kitchen once again but this time Scott said that he wanted to help my lower back feel better. He had me lean over the island in my kitchen on my elbows. His hands massaged my lower back and hips feeling wonderful. He slid back away from me and one hand massaged my back and the other slid down and was massaging my vagina. It did not take long and I had an orgasm. The next evening, he did the same thing, massaging my lower back then I suddenly felt his warm cock had been taken out and he was using it to massage my vagina.

This was driving me crazy and it caused me to reach an orgasm. He did the same thing again the next night. Slowly he ran it up and down my panty covered vagina making me come. The next night was the night I had been afraid would happen some day. He massaged my lower back again and he pressed his penis into my panties making them very wet. Then slowly but surely my panties eased their way down and dropped to the floor. The head of his penis played in the folds of my labia for 2-3 minutes before the tip of his penis entered me and then pulled back out. He must have done this twenty times before slowly sinking it into my vagina all the way. This was only the second penis to be in me as I was a virgin with my husband. He was much larger around than my husband and within only a few strokes I had an orgasm. He slowed but continued to move as second orgasm happened and then Scott exploded inside of me. It felt so good.

Well this happened for the next two years until Scott got a steady girlfriend. Although I must say we still "accidentally bump into each other" when he stays over for his tradeshows. My husband still has no idea but he loves my increased interest in sex.

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by Anonymous06/18/18

Awesome story

Love the way the story builds until they can’t help themselves but have sex. Naughty fun. Love your stories, write more.

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by chytown05/28/18


For the read.

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