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Friends: The Sex Party


Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Sex Party

"There's nothing on TV," Joey said as he tossed the remote control onto the table. "I'm so bored." The six friends sat in Rachel and Monica's apartment that evening.

"Yeah, I know," Ross complained, "Even the Discovery Channel sucks tonight."

Rachel was snuggling with him on the couch. She smiled at her geeky boyfriend as she rubbed his chest.

"Ohh, not just tonight, sweetie," she teased. This got smirks from the others. "But Joey has a point," she added, "I don't get many evenings off from the coffee shop, and I'm wasting this one watching TV? Come on. We need to all do something."

"Oh! Oh! I know!" Phoebe exclaimed, "We should all have sex." Various objections echoed from around the room. "Well, why not? Why not? You four did it after that New Year's party... and, and Ross and I weren't even invited."

Monica, sitting on the arm of the chair beside Chandler, explained, "Phoebe, that was different. We were all a little drunk at the time..."

Joey looked down at his knees. Their little "after-party" had been his idea, and he wasn't at all drunk. He just saw his chance to have sex with Monica and Rachel.

She went on, "and besides, you and Ross left the party before it ended, so it's not like we didn't invite you. You lost out because you just didn't stay." Monica was pleased with herself in making that point.

"Yeah, I don't think I could get into the whole 'group sex' thing," Ross offered.

"Oh, you two are such prudes," Phoebe said. "Meet the Gellers... New York's Two Biggest Tight-asses."

The others laughed as Monica and Ross voiced their objections.

"What? I am NOT a tight-ass," Monica said. Everyone just stared at her. "Well, not about sex," she clarified.

"And, and I can be pretty wild in bed, too," Ross asserted, "Go ahead, tell 'em, Rach."

"Well, yeah, with me, you are, but with someone else... I'm not so sure."

"No, I could be... I... just... don't think I want to be." His words trailed off.

Chandler jumped in, choosing his words carefully. "Just for the sake of argument... if we did do this... what all would be... involved."

Phoebe answered. "Well... masturbation... hand jobs... vaginal..."

The friends looked at each other in disbelief as Phoebe rattled off sex acts like she was reading the salad dressing list on a menu.

"...cum shots, facials, oral, anal, spanking, whips, chains... ya know, regular stuff. Whatever you want."

"Okay," Monica said, as she gestured with her finger raised, "No whips... no chains."

Rachel added, "Yeah, and that whole 'butt thing'... none of that for me either."

"So, IF... we did do this... how would we... um... start?" Joey asked.

"Oh! I know," Phoebe said excitedly as she got up from the couch, "I have another great idea."

"You're just full of ideas tonight, aren't you," Ross said flatly.

She came around the back of the couch and purred in his ear in her best sex-star voice, "Well maybe tonight I'll be full of YOU... lo-ver."

Everyone, including Rachel giggled at his embarrassment.

"You... you'd be okay with this," Ross asked Rachel, "if I had sex with Phoebe tonight."

She thought a moment. "Well... sure. I mean, it's Phoebe. It's not like you're out banging some girl I don't know. But, would you be okay with me having sex with Joey or Chandler?"

He paused, looking at the floor, uncertain. "Um... I don't think it'd bother me too much."

"I'll try not to show ya up," Joey offered. Ross looked at him with thinly veiled irritation. Not necessarily at the comment, but that he knew Joey had to be great sex for any woman.

Chandler broke the tension. "And I'm sure that you have NOTHING to worry about from me." Monica smiled and rubbed his arm.

Phoebe returned from the kitchen with two small bowls.

"Ooo, yeah... this'll be fun! Okay... I've put slips of paper with our names in each of the bowls. One bowl for the guys and one bowl for the girls. I'll draw one name from each, and that couple starts us off."

"So what do the rest of us do?" Chandler asked.

"Well, we will probably watch for a little while, and then as things just happen naturally... So is everybody going to do this?"

They all agreed, with varying levels of enthusiasm.

"First, the guy's bowl," she said as she drew a name. She read it with excitement, "ROSS! Ok, you get up and go over there."

"It figures," he complained, as he stood up.

Rachel smiled and patted his butt as he walked away. He stood on the other side of the coffee table in front of his friends.

"And now... the lucky lady," Phoebe smiled drawing a slip from the second bowl.

"Please be Rachel, please be Rachel," Ross said to himself.


"What?" both Gellers said in unison.

"I am NOT having sex with Ross," Monica objected.

"Oh, come on, Monica," Phoebe encouraged, "it's just us. It's not like anyone else would find out about it. And besides, those are the rules, and I know you... you never break the rules of a game."

"Yeah, Monica," Joey said. "The bowls have spoken!"

Rachel sat there, smiling to herself. She knew that, ever since Ross' shower surprise, they both were secretly aroused by the other.

"Look, guys, I just don't think I could... you know... get turned on by my little sister."

Monica left the arm of the chair and stepped up to him.

"What, am I not HOT enough for ya?"

She was clearly insulted. Ross laughed nervously, trying to explain.

"Am I too ugly for you?"

"No, Monica, you're beautiful... REALLY!"

"So am I too FAT?"

"No, no, that's not it... that's DEFINITELY not it." He looked to Rachel for help.

"Hey, you got yourself into this, you get yourself out."

Phoebe helped bail him out. "Well, you don't have to go all the way, if you don't want to. Just go as far as you feel comfortable, and then we'll switch around and stuff. Besides, it's not REALLY sex until the guy's in the girl. The rest is just fooling around."

As if she hadn't heard Phoebe, Monica said firmly, "I can get you turned on, mister. And I'm going to prove it."

She reached up and kissed Ross hard. At first, he resisted slightly, but quickly he melted into the passion of her mouth.

"Ross really is a good kisser," Rachel smiled over at Phoebe, pleased that her boyfriend and roommate were finally doing it.

Their tongues intertwined as Monica's hands felt Ross' back through his shirt, tracing the muscles that her fingers found.

Phoebe sat back down next to Joey, and Chandler moved from the chair to sit beside Rachel on the couch.

Ross pulled Monica against himself, with enough force to be very erotic. She stumbled slightly on her high heels. But with the way Ross held her, she wouldn't have fallen.

She felt his dick against her lower abdomen. She recalled that feeling a couple weeks before, after the shower show. But then it was semi-flaccid. Now it was rock hard.

Rachel was becoming aroused at the scene unfolding. She caressed her neck. Chandler noticed her licking her lips. They made eye contact.

Without a word, Rachel took his hand and placed it on her leg, guiding it to touch her thighs.

She wore a short flared miniskirt and black hose. He slowly rubbed her nylon-covered thigh as she slid a hand under her long-sleeve top. Rachel's fingertips dipped into the cups of her bra, touching her nipples. But she quickly unclasped the front so she could rub them.

Chandler's hand caressed the inside of Rachel's thighs, and moved up into her crotch. His finger pressed into the crevice underneath her tights.

Rachel saw the swelling in his pants, and began rubbing it with her free hand.

"Isn't this amazing?" she whispered.

Chandler didn't know which was turning him on more; watching Ross and Monica, or knowing that Rachel was so aroused by them.

Monica was holding Ross' butt, yet allowing her hands to occasionally travel his back. She pressed her body harder against his erection and subtly moved back and forth to feel it's firmness.

Ross was still keeping Monica close, but one of his hands roamed around front. He moved the panel of her black suit jacket and felt the curve of her breast. She moaned softly in his mouth.

Breaking their kiss for the first time, she placed her chin on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "See, told ya I could turn you on."

Of course, he could never tell her that a couple times in the past two weeks, he had taken one of her photo albums from her apartment, gone home, and masturbated to pictures of Monica, wanting it to be her hand around his dick.

How, when he and Rachel had oral sex, he'd close his eyes and imagine it was his little sister.

He couldn't tell her that once, he almost caught himself saying Monica's name while he made love to Rachel.

He could never tell her those things.

"Maybe some of that could happen tonight," he thought, "depending on how far Monica is willing to take this."

Ross whispered back, "Monica, you... " He hesitated. "...you've been turning me on every day for the last two weeks."

Ross' words were all Monica needed to hear. Nervously biting her lower lip, she undid his belt and pants. Opening the fly, she pulled his cock out of his boxers, and stroked it.

Joey broke the silence with, "Yeah, baby."

She looked over and smiled. His own dick was exposed and hard. Phoebe was sitting sideways to face him, slowly masturbating him. Her dress was up around her waist as Joey rubbed her ass, under her panties.

Ross saw his best friend feeling up his girlfriend. Rachel's hand was down Chandler's pants. But none of that bothered Ross in the least.

As his little sister was rubbing his dick, he slowly undid her shirt, feeling the silk around the buttons. He left it tucked into her skirt.

Monica was wearing one of the business suits that she often wore, lately. Tight, mid-thigh skirt and matching jacket. Demure button-down shirt that was just loose enough to tease with what she had to offer.

Ross opened Monica's shirt and saw that she was wearing a burgundy and black bustier. Her tits looked incredible! He was holding her bosom in both hands, feeling the intricate brocade on the cups

"Um..." he started, then stopped.

"What, Ross?" Monica encouraged softly.

"Are you wearing stockings, too?"

She felt a twinge of nervous energy, realizing that she was arousing her brother more than she expected.

"Uh huh," she said timidly, looking up at him with such innocence, yet never pausing her hand job. "You can... um, touch them... I mean, if you want to."

They both wanted that.

Ross put his hand on her thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. He ran it up, sliding up the garment. His fingertips felt the softness of her black stockings. Monica loved this attention.

He came to the wide stocking top and his fingers slipped inside it, caressing Monica's bare leg.

Her eyes now held more desire than nervousness.

Ross' hand moved to between her legs and he caressed any softness he could find - fabric or skin.

Chandler's jeans were down to the floor and Rachel was jacking his cock as they watched.

Her pantyhose were bunched around her knees, with her thong mixed in there somewhere. Her knees were spread as wide as they could go, so Chandler could rub her wet clit.

The suspense was killing her. She loved it, but she just wanted to see more.

"Come on, Ross," she whispered to herself, "you can do it."

No one heard Rachel, but Ross knew the next move, if Monica didn't stop him. She read his mind.

"I'm rubbing you, aren't I?"

This gave him the go.

Ross pulled up the front of Monica's tight skirt and slowly slid his hand into her panties. Her breath was shallow and fast as his fingers glided across skin, weaved through her trimmed patch, and finally met her clit.

"I'm so wet," she whispered to him, closing her eyes.

Ross rubbed her clit and pussy lips, remembering what they looked like when she was spread in the shower. Monica gave soft stuttered moans. He wanted more. He wanted to see her pussy again.

"Take off your jacket."

She obediently followed his direction.

Ross hiked her skirt up over her hips, revealing her stockings, and the garter straps of her bustier framing her ass cheeks.

"Now lean back against the arm of the chair."

Monica did this, and Ross stood beside her. She looked up at him, wondering what would happen next as he caressed between her thighs.

Ross pulled her panties to the side. Monica groaned as he gently pushed his finger up inside of her. She clutched his body and threw her head against his chest.

"Yes, Ross. Finger me," she begged.

When she had masturbated, she'd imagined his finger inside her. But she never knew that it would be so much thicker than her own.

Ross held her, an arm around her shoulders, and lovingly kissed her head. She whimpered and whined, arms wrapped around his waist.

"Yes... yes... please Ross... please, don't stop..."

Her body was trembling. She looked down and watched her brother's hand banging her pussy. He laid his palm over her landing strip, so he could press against her clit each time his finger went in.

Monica's legs were tense, and balanced on stiletto heels as her toes were lifted off the floor. Her garters pulled into her firm flesh. Her legs were shaking.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh, Ross... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum like this... please make me cum... please..."

Ross had already decided what he would do the instant she came. He finger-banged Monica more rapidly, wanting to give his sister, her orgasm.

He loved hearing her moans again, and this time knowing he was making them.

He looked down at her ecstatic face. Eyes closed. Tousled hair, strands of which draped across her cheek and into her open mouth.

Monica climaxed, and Ross immediately dropped to his knees between her legs. He shoved his middle finger, knuckle-deep into Monica's wet box. She took a quick breath, then groaned in rhythm with his hand.

His lips went to her clit and he sucked long and hard. Monica gasped slowly and deeply, holding her breath as her orgasm took over her body. Silence gripped the room, then Monica groaned low and loud.


"WOW!" Phoebe whispered to Joey, "That made me want to finger Monica."

"YEAH, it did," he replied, picturing Phoebe's words in his mind.

Monica was barely coming back to earth.

"Stand up Ross," she panted, still light-headed.

He did this and she immediately fell to her knees, shoving his cock in her mouth.

"Yeah, give him head, Monica," Joey called out.

Monica was completely oblivious to him.

"Shh, Joey," Phoebe chided him.

"Well then you give me head, woman," he responded.

"Damn! Gladly!" Phoebe's mouth went over Joey's thick rod, as she sucked him slowly.

Monica's oral services were much more frenzied than Phoebe's. She slathered Ross' dick with her tongue, and sucked his balls while she stroked him.

Then she plunged her lips over the top again, and down as far as they would go. She uttered a little "mm... mm... mm..." in time with the bobbing of her head.

All this was better then Ross had imagined, and his imagination had been pretty damn good.

He wondered where she learned to give such an expert blow job. But that didn't concern him. Right now, his cock was in his beautiful sister's mouth, and that was all that mattered. He lived in these moments like they would never end.

But all too soon, Monica spoke in the pauses between her sucking.

"We need to stop now... I want to go farther... but we can't..."

She sounded truly disappointed, and Ross knew that he was.

"No, you're right," he said grudgingly.

He pulled his dick out of Monica's mouth, but her lips followed for one last suck. Then she looked up at him and smiled.

"Thank you," she said softly.

Ross went over to the couch.

"Um, Chandler," he said, gently. His meaning was clear.

"Oh no, no, that's fine. She's all yours," he smiled.

Rachel stood and started to undress Ross.

"Oh god, Ross! That was so HOT! I'm as SOOOO horny!"

He took off her top and bra, then removed the hose from her legs, stripping his girlfriend bare.

"Lick me, Ross," Rachel said with total lust in her voice.

Ross laid down on the floor in front of the couch and Rachel knelt over his face. She lowered her pussy and Ross dove in, holding her ass.

"Oh yes!" she groaned.

Chandler masturbated as he watched them. Rachel looked at him, passionately.

"Are you gonna let me have that?" she asked.

Chandler had been wanting his cock in Rachel's mouth for the past 20 minutes. The decision was obvious. He stood over her. Rachel looked up, mouth open and inviting.

"Put it in," she whispered.

He gave it to her, and was compensated with hot wet sucking.

Phoebe pulled her mouth off Joey's dick.

"Fuck me, Joey Tribbiani," she said.

They stood and her dress was quickly on the floor. They moved to the front of the coffee table, and Monica helped Phoebe undress their friend.

Phoebe bent over and put her mouth on Joey's head as Monica stroked his shaft. Then Phoebe took over, with Monica cupping his balls and fondling them.

Both Joey and Phoebe were quickly beyond the need for foreplay. She pulled off her panties and went to her back on the floor.

As Joey knelt between her thighs, Monica ran her hands all over Joey's body. She longed for skin-on-skin.

Monica slid her skirt over her slim hips and dropped it to the floor. She began pulling off her shirt, and saw Chandler looking at her, stroking as Rachel sucked him. She decided to tease him a bit.

She unclasped the garters from her stockings, while maintaining eye contact. Chandler smiled and nodded. Then she threaded her thumbs under the strings of her panties and slowly peeled them down, taking them to the floor.

Monica watched Chandler's jaw drop as she opened her lingerie with a sultry look. The garment fell behind her.

She put her foot up on the chair and started to roll one stocking down her thigh, but Chandler shook his head. She smiled. She wanted them to stay on, too.

Crouching behind Joey, Monica wrapped her arms around him and cuddled in, feeling her spread pussy lips rubbing on his body.

Ross' still hard dick was pointing up as he lay on the floor, eating Rachel. Phoebe caught her staring.

"Monica," Phoebe said softly as Joey continued to fuck her, "you can do it, you know. If you want it, do it."

Monica thought for a minute, looking at her brother's cock.

Then she crawled over and squatted above it, so her stockings wouldn't touch him. She didn't want him to know it was her. Not just yet.

Ross simply felt fingers on his dick, then a tight wet pussy sliding down onto it.

"Mmmm, Phoebe," Ross said into Rachel's cunt.

Monica fucked it up and down as she squatted. She placed her hand on her roommate's back to keep her balance.

Chandler was watching all this. He touched Rachel's cheek, and then pointed behind her, without uttering a word. She looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Monica. Rachel smiled.

She stood up, and Ross opened his eyes to see his little sister, paused in mid stroke. His hard cock was spreading her lips. The first few inches were up inside her.

"Mon..." he started to say.

"No, Ross," she silenced him with fingers on his mouth.

Then Monica brought her knees under her, rested her hands on his chest, and started doing Ross with the passion she had put into his blow job. Consuming desire on her face. Small ass bucking up and down as she fucked him.

Rachel kissed Chandler, as they stood near Ross and Monica.

"Looks like it's me and you," she smiled.

He sat on the couch, and she did him Reverse Cowgirl so they both could watch the Feature Couple.

Rachel's naked ass was grinding against Chandler's stomach as she tried to drive as much cock into herself as she could.

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