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Friends - Wild Ride


The car bumped and slid along the winding dirt track, its tyres occasionally losing their grip in the rocks and gravel, at times spinning without any traction at all -- despite the ultra modern suspension of the car, the two occupants bounced around on their plush leather seats as if they were caught in a middle of an earthquake.

"Are you sure you know where you're going?"

Jennifer Aniston turned towards her best friend Courteney Cox, a sarcastic smile plastered across her face.

"Of course I know where I am going! Have you ever known me to get lost?"

Courteney let out a small laugh as she held onto the seat of the car as it bucked wildly on the dirt track. "God yes, didn't you once get lost driving home from a party that was only two blocks from your house?"

Her eyes never left the view in front of her, as her hands tightly gripping the wheel of the Mercedes as it made its way slowly along the dirt track.

"Yes but you can't count that time, you know that. I was drunk out of my mind, how I made it home in one piece I'll never know!". Jennifer shook her head a few times as if to emphasise how lucky she was.

"Well I think we're lost now, I can't recognise anything out here!"

They both cast their eyes out of the car, viewing the landscape of the area as it went past their windows. It was mostly flat countryside with a few trees here and there, but nothing much else -- a few times they would pass a building that had all it's windows and doors boarded up, but other than that they would see no sign of life.

"Why can't you admit we're lost!" Courteney exclaimed exasperatedly, her voice tinged with a little bit of anger.


"Because?," Courteney repeated. "Because is not a good enough answer - we're lost and to top it all of we're late for David's wedding reception. He is going to be pissed off at us -- no sorry strike that, he's going to be pissed off at you, its all your fault!"

Jennifer's eyes continued to scan the track as she drove, looking for any familiar landmarks. "Well I don't know why Schwimmer had to hold his reception wait out here in the desert. As I told him many times there are plenty of hotels in in Hollywood or Los Angeles or even bloody New York. I say it's his fault we're lost!"

Courtney picked up her hand bag and started to rummage through it.

"What are you looking for?" Jennifer asked.

"I'll tell you when I find it!" she replied curtly. Courteney continued to look through her handbag, looking in every pocket, unzipping ever zip and even tossing an odd item out -- finally in exasperation she turned her handbag upside down, shaking it vigorously until all the contents had fallen onto the floor of the car.

"Ahh here it is!" she exclaimed as she picked an item off the floor of the car.

"Here what is?" asked Jennifer

Courtney held up the item in the air as if she had just found a nugget of gold. "The invitation -- the invitation to David's wedding reception with the street by street instructions on how to get there." She even shoved in front of Jennifer's face for a few seconds as she drove.

"Well why didn't you show me that before we left?"

Courteney threw her hands up in annoyance. "Didn't you get the same invitation? Why didn't you have a look at your invitation?"

"Because I didn't get one."


Jennifer slammed on the brakes of the Mercedes causing both of them to be thrown forward violently only to be pulled back by their seatbelts.

"He didn't send me one ok!," she responded angrily. "Look I know things haven't been that good between us lately but I didn't think he wasn't going to invite me to his wedding!"

"So you are just going to crash his wedding?"

"I figured we would just sort it out once I go there. Look we're late as it is, try them on your cell phone, may be they could give you directions from here."

Courtney searched through her handbag for a second until she found her cell phone. A worried look spread across her face as she studied the screen of her cell phone.


"What's wrong now?"

"There's no reception way out here! The cell phone is practically useless." She angrily tossed it back in her bag. "What do we do now?" she asked with the same worried look on her face.

"I think we just turn around and get back on the main highway, there's got to be someone we can ask for directions there."

"That's a good idea" Courteney agreed, nodding her head a few times to show support.

Jennifer pressed down on the accelerator but the Mercedes did not move -- there was an loud clunking noise from the engine and then silence. Her repeated turning of the ignition key provided no answers as each time the engine did nothing more than turn over a few times before dying into the same silence as before.

"Shit!," Jennifer shouted in frustration before banging her hands against the steering wheel a few times in anger. "I knew I should have got this heap of junk serviced a week ago! What do we fucking do now?"

Courteney twisted her head around to scan their immediate vicinity "I haven't seen any other cars pass by here in the last hour and I don't think any more will come soon. I think our only chance is to head back to garage we passed about twenty minutes ago." She opened the door of the car and planted one foot on the ground outside before turning back to her companion.

"Coming?" she asked.

"You've got be to joking," Jennifer answered."You expect us to walk back to that garage dressed in these clothes and with high heels on? No I'm not going!" She shook her head to emphasise her decision.

"Suit yourself -- but I wouldn't want to stay here all alone" She stepped out of the car closing the door with a bang before walking slowly down the dirt track, back in the direction whence they had come. She had barely made five yards when she heard a car door slam shut behind her.

"Courtney wait up!" Jennifer shouted. Courteney stopped where she was and waited until her best friend caught up with her.

Dwayne Thomas could scarcely believe the sight he was viewing through the cracked and broken glass of his garage window. In the distance, walking towards his garage were the figures of the two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He stood at the dirty and broken window as the two figures approached slowly, each step they took throwing a cloud of dust up in the air -- as they got closer he could make tall blonde wearing a slinky sparkling short dress, her long legs looking tanned as they strode slowly towards him. Her friend was wearing a full length blue strapless dress that had a huge slit on one side, showing that she was wearing black stockings. Her long black hair was flying about in the wind.

He turned to his two companions who were sitting nearby onto two wooden boxes playing cards on a small table. "Hey Joe and Caleb come an have a eyeful on what is heading this way!"

Joe a strongly built man of Italian descent leaned his wooden box against a wall. "What is it, can't you see we're busy!"

"Just come and have a look you lazy sod!"

They both rose, making their way slowly to the same window where Dwayne was standing.

"Geez they're fucking gorgeous, who do you think they are?" Caleb offered as he peered through the window.

"I don't know," Dwayne replied "They do seem familiar but I can't put any names to their faces." All three men stared entranced as the two figures made their way up the driveway of the garage stopping just outside the front door.

The garage appeared in the distance, a solitary building surrounded by emptiness on all sides -- slowly it loomed larger with each step they took, their expensive high heels kicking up a cloud of dust as they walked. They moved, with Courteney leading the way, no one saying a word until they both suddenly stopped, their eyes taking in the run down building before them.

The garage consisted of an rectangular shaped building with three garages and what appeared to be an office -- two of the garages were open with their wooden doors about to fall off their hinges. The remainder of the building appeared to be in no better shape with broken windows and cracks n the brickwork -- two petrol bowsers covered in cobwebs stood out the front, completing the disastrous picture.

Jennifer turned to face Courteney as they stood staring at the run down garage. "This place looks like a bloody dump, I knew it was a mistake coming here!"

"Look this place is the only hope of fixing your fucking car -- there is no other place around for miles. If you want to get to David's reception this is our only hope. You're quite welcome to stay out here but I'm going inside."

Courteney turned on the spot and walked to the door of the office area, which she held open.

"Come on get inside" she exclaimed, gesturing with her head for Jennifer to go inside.


Jennifer walked inside, quickly followed by Courteney who shut the door her.

Dwayne watched as she walked in, her sunglass covered eyes scanning the office area in an almost three hundred and sixty degree arc, by rotating her body where she stood. She removed her sunglasses, her green eyes sparkling even in the dull light of the office before she swept her hand through her wind swept hair in a vain attempt to

"Can I help you ladies?" Dwayne asked, his tone of voice a little threatening as he wiped the grease from his hands with a rag.

"Listen my car broke down about a mile down the road, I was -"

"Sorry can't help you!" he interrupted her.

"I'm sorry?"

"I said I can't help you -- we're full at the moment, could not squeeze another car in" he responded as he tossed the rag away.

Jennifer stood stunned looking at his facial expression which was a mixture of a sneer and smile. He noticed that the top half of his overalls were tied around his waist, leaving his sun tanned chest in full view.

"You don't have any other cars here!" Courteney exclaimed as she stood behind Jennifer. There was a noise behind them as Joe and Caleb made their presence felt.

"As Dwayne told you we can't help you ladies -- so hurry back to the the city or whenever you came from and get your rich sugar daddies to help you" Joe exclaimed as he stood directly behind them.

"Excuse me!," Jennifer voice was more than a shout, struggling to contain her anger. "How do you expect us to get anywhere with a broken down car. This is the last bloody garage for miles!"

They both watched as Dwyane's face break into a smile as he leaned against the office counter. "As I said we can't help you -- unless you willing to offer something in return to pay for these repairs, we can't help you".

Courteney watched as Jennifer turned on the spot and walked out slamming the door behind her. She followed her out and quickly caught up with her.

"Where are you going?" she asked as he held Jennifer's arm stopping her. "We have to get that car fixed if we are going anywhere -- so march right back in there until they say they are going to fix it! Use your fucking sex appeal to do it I don't care but just get that car fixed!"

"You're joking!"

"No I'm not. If I have to drag you back in there myself I will do it."

"Ok Ok" Jennifer answered resigned to the fact that there was no other way.

Jennifer took a deep breath and opened the door and walked in, followed quickly by Courteney.

"Listen I think we got off on the wrong foot before. We really have to get our car fixed and I will do anything to get it fixed." She flashed a mischievous smile as her hands played with her blonde hair.

"Anything?" Dwayne queried.

Jennifer walked towards him, the smile plastered across her lips -- she stood just in front of him as she let his fingers playfully run down his tanned chest.

"Anything." she answered as her fingers felt the hardness of his chest as they slid slowly down.

Suddenly without warning his hand grabbed hers, his fingers tightly wrapping against her wrist. He held her hand still for just a moment before dragging it down towards his groin - rubbing her fingers against his groin, she could feel the bulge of his erect member even through the thick material of his overalls. His hand let go his grip of her wrist, yet her fingers still continued their journey feeling the impressive length and thickness of his imprisoned member.

Dwyane slowly undid his overalls tied at his waist, letting them slide down his legs revealing his briefs which hand a snake like bulge straining against the thin material.

"You know what you have to do" he suggested his face in a devilish grin.

Jennifer's finger traced a path along the bulge, feeling its hardness almost as if she was afraid it was a snake about to burst out and attack her. She tried to stop her hand from moving, from touching his straining to be released man meat but she could not help herself -- her fingers slipped inside his briefs, letting her fingers run along his shaft before she grabbed hold pulling it free of its prison. It flopped out in front of her face like a jack in a box toy, bouncing about before it stood erect like a flagpole.

Her green eyes peered up at his smiling face as is she was unsure of what to do next. "Put it your mouth baby, taste it - you know you want to."

Jennifer let her hand wrap around his shaft, letting her fingers slide up and down his shaft, his fingers feeling the warmth generated by his ten inch cock before she opened her mouth wide. He slid it into her open mouth slowly, impaling the full length of his shaft down her throat before pulling out -- tendrils of saliva trailed from her mouth as he withdrew, their gossamer like strands glistening in the light.

She sucked in air as his cock stood erect only inches from her face before she let it slide into her mouth, letting her lips slowly travel up and down its rock hard shaft. She could not control herself -- it was as if this lowly mechanic had a magical hold on her, controlling her every action. The thought flashed through her mind that the paparazzi would have a field day -- here she was world famous television and movie star caught sucking cock of dirty mechanic but she did not care as her head started to bob up and down on his shaft.

"Oooh yeah baby that's it....your a natural!" he moaned as his hands held her blonde hair as his shaft disappeared repeatedly down her throat.

Jennifer bent her long legs at the knees, letting her high heels support her weight while using one hand to run along his ten inch shaft as it slammed into her mouth and down her throat -- her other hand clung desperately at various times to his leg or the counter in an occasional losing battle to maintain her balance. This was the largest male sex organ she had ever allowed to slip into her beautiful mouth -- it was much larger than Brad's and it was even larger than Matt LeBlanc's which was regularly rammed into her mouth and pussy in their secret liaisons during Friends.

Joe could not take his eyes off Jennifer as she bent her long legs at the knees, Dwayne's cock sliding past her rose coloured lips. His hand slid up and down his own shaft as he watched saliva trickle down from the corner of her lips as his balls slapped against her pretty face with a 'thwack' sound. Her blonde hair flew about wildly as her body was rocked back on forth on her heels by the force of each thrust -- finally he could wait no longer.

"Here I come baby!" he exclaimed as he made his way over to her position -- he stood directly behind her for just a moment as his nostrils were filled by the sweet smell of her perfume before he hooked one arm under her abdomen, lifting her body until her legs were straight. His hands lifted the hem of her dress up slowly, scrunching the material up around her waist revealing her gorgeous panty covered ass.

She could feel his cold hands on her ass and her arm swung backwards in an unconvincing and feeble attempt to push him away.

"No.....no" slipped from her mouth in a whispered tone, in one last lame attempt to stop him as his fingers slipped inside the crotch of her panties, pulling it to one side. The soft skin of her pussy glistened before his eyes before her buried his face between her legs letting his tongue and lips delve and bite upon her wetness.

Jennifer's legs threatened to give way from under her as Joe's attack on her pussy intensified as she threw her head upwards in pure pleasure, her large hoop earrings twinkling softly.

"Ohhhh god!," she moaned loudly. "Please don't stop.....please."

Her eyes had a clear view of the office area for the first time as her body trembled with delight as Joe's tongue rapidly probed her wet pussy. She caught sight of Courteney who was on her knees nearby, her black stocking clad legs splayed out beneath her on the floor. Her blue strapless dress had been pulled down together with her bra and both were now balled up around her waist, leaving her breasts exposed. A man, naked from the waist down, was holding the sides of her head as he pumped his cock repeatedly into her mouth as rivers of saliva oozed from her mouth, dripping down her freckled skin onto her breasts. Jennifer could see her blue eyes peering up at the man as his cock slid past her lips and she wondered what kind of sexual trap she had led them into.

Courteney had watched in astonishment as her best friend had let a ten inch cock to be pumped into her mouth -- she had never seen her give in so easily, to allow her body so readily to be used as a man's personal sex toy. She had stared, entranced as his shaft pumped in and out of her mouth creating a bulge in her cheek as it slid repeatedly down into her throat, completely unaware of the man behind her.

Caleb wrapped his arms around her chest, letting his hand softly squeeze her breasts through the thin material of her dress. He was so close that he could see the little hairs standing up on her neck gently wave as his hot breath blew on her neck. She offered no resistance as she let his teeth and lips nuzzle her neck before he raised her lips almost directly to her ear.

"Do you like watching your beautiful friend sucking cock?" he whispered.

She could not lie -- the sight of Dwayne's cock pumping in and out of Jennifer's mouth was turning her on.

"Yes..." she answered as his hands now slid under the top of her dress, his fingers slipping under her bra to play with her nipples. Her body squirmed as he kissed his way up her neck, his teeth softly nuzzling the soft skin.

"Do you want to feel my cock in your mouth...to taste it deep in your throat?"

His hands slid slowly out of her dress, before he hooked his fingers on either side, pulling it roughly down her body in one go -- the upper part of dress, together with her bra was now bunched up around her waist, leaving her breasts exposed.

"Yes..." she answered breathlessly as his hands cupped her breasts, squeezing and slapping her breasts so hard at times they left red marks.

"Say it ......tell me you want my cock in your pretty little mouth...beg for it!"

Courteney had never been teased like this before, not even by her husband as this unknown man had got her so worked up, so horny that she felt her body was ready to explode. His fingers teased her and pinched her nipples as the words stammered out of her mouth.

"Please fuck my .......mouth....with your....cock......I need....it ...I want to taste it."

Caleb placed his hand on her waist, spinning her around on the spot -- she was surprised to see how young he was the brief moment she saw his smiling face before he pushed her down onto her knees. His cock swung like pendulum only centimetres from her face before he playfully whipped it across her face and cheek -- he ran the head of his cock against her lips before she opened her mouth wide, letting him slide his entire shaft down her throat.

"That's it....let it slide deep down your throat."

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