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Friends With Benefits


It was late morning and Molly was concentrating like mad on some invoices. She nearly flew in the air when her phone began bleeping from the bottom drawer of her desk. Glancing around the office nervously to make sure her boss wasn't in the vicinity, she opened the phone to see who was texting her. When Molly saw who the sender was, her stomach lurched and an instant flush of fiery heat enveloped her nether regions.

I'm back from states – missed you. Wanna meet up later? xx

Oh boy, did she want to see him! It had been two long months and despite all of her good intentions, Molly was unable to think of anyone else. It was so annoying. As far as Molly was concerned, he was 'the one', but unfortunately, Jack only saw her as a best friend with benefits.

That would be fun... let me know where & when xx

So she continued to play it cool and be his mate. Molly was the girl who made him laugh; the one he called when he was having problems. Only she knew how to cheer him up when his family were driving him mental. She was also his lover when he wasn't seeing anyone else...and sometimes when he was.

Come round the flat at 8? xx

What she really wanted was to be his girlfriend.

Ok, see you later xx

But until Jack admitted he felt the same, nothing was ever going to change.

Looking forward to it... xxx

Not that she had any complaints about some aspects of their relationship...

* * *

"Come here, Moll." Jack pulled her into his arms before the door had even had a chance to close and Molly caught the filthy look his elderly neighbour threw at them. The old bag was convinced he was some kind of gigolo—every time he had a girl round the flat, she wasted no time banging on the adjoining wall. Jack found it hilarious, but Molly couldn't help but be jealous of all his other women.

But all that was forgotten as he kissed her, pressing her against the wall, effectively erasing every resolution she had made about talking to him first. As his hands slid under the new top she had bought earlier, she decided that a serious conversation about the state of their relationship could wait.

"You look sexy." Jack murmured his approval as her top fell victim to his practised fingers. "Good enough to eat," he added as his lips found her hard nipples.

Molly knew she was weak, but Jack only had to look at her sometimes and she was on fire. Now, with his fingers questing beneath her skirt, she was lost. All she could think about was the way he felt when he was inside her. Her body was addicted and so was she.

"Oh fuck," she gasped as he lifted her up and plunged deep into her sopping pussy. Reality faded and she erupted in the heat of the moment. She heard him rasping in her ear as they moved together, her breasts crushed against his chest.

"I'm gonna—"

"Come," she managed to say as it happened. The warmth deep inside, the slow heat spreading outwards as her body imploded. A gradual return to reality as they slid to the floor in a sticky tangle of limbs, Jack's arms holding her close as she buried her flushed face in his neck and wondered if her new top would recover from the indignity of being sat upon.

"Did you miss me?" he asked eventually.

"Nope," she replied. "Who are you again?"

* * *

"Did you talk to him?"

Molly pretended to examine the dress in great detail as Sarah fixed her with a firm look. The shiny blue material felt cheap and nasty, but it was still exorbitantly expensive.

"I was going to," she hedged as a scary looking shop assistant approached them with a permanent smile botoxed on her tangerine face.

"But you were too busy shagging?" Sara sighed as she pulled Molly towards the exit before the assistant had time to jump them.

Molly didn't bother answering as the last thing she wanted was another lecture. Sarah didn't need to remind her how stupid she was being. She had analysed the whole situation until her head swam. Until she had the guts to tell Jack how she felt, she was doomed. But if she did tell him and he freaked out, then not only had she lost his friendship, she had also sacrificed the best sex of her life and she wasn't sure if she could take that risk.

"I need a coffee," muttered Sarah as they hit the crowded high street again.

They claimed the last remaining sofa in Starbucks and Sara disappeared to buy two coffees, leaving Molly alone with her thoughts as shoppers wandered past the window, laden down with sale bags.

Last night had been amazing. Right up until the point Jack had casually mentioned he had a date tomorrow night.

"Who with?" Molly had tried to keep the hurt out of her voice.

"Mike's cousin, Kim. He's been bugging me for months about taking her out—apparently she has a huge crush on me."

And who can blame her, she's only human, thought Molly sadly. "What's she like?" She didn't really want to know, but it seemed only polite to ask.

"Blonde with big tits." Jack chuckled. "Who cares? It's only a date!"

"Just your type then," Molly snapped. She rolled away from him and jumped out of bed.

"Hey, where're you going?"

"Gotta get some sleep so I'm off home." Molly practically ran into the bathroom. The last thing she wanted was for Jack to see her angry tears.

"Moll, you can sleep here!"

"But I won't be able to sleep. Besides, I'm meeting Sarah at nine tomorrow and I've got stuff to do," she yelled through the closed door.

By the time she had emerged from the bathroom, showered and composed, Molly had recovered enough to act as if everything was ok.

"Are you sure I can't persuade you to stay?" Jack pulled her close as she stood at the door. He was still naked and his erection pressed purposefully against her stomach. It took every ounce of self control she had to push him away.

"No, I really have to go," she told him with great determination. "Catch you later." With a light kiss on his stubbly cheek, she walked into the communal hallway and bounded down the stairs. The memory of what she was leaving behind would keep her awake for half of the night.

"Penny for them?" Sarah was smirking when Molly's attention finally drifted back to the steaming coffee and blueberry muffin her friend had brought for her.

"They're not worth it." Trying to dispel the cloud of depression that threatened to smother the life from her, Molly took a bite out of the muffin. It was delicious. So why didn't she care?

"That fuckwit isn't worth your heartache," Sarah commented perceptively.

"Don't know what you're talking about." Molly scowled and Sarah sighed.

"Look, I know you're in love with him, but he's a player—he won't ever settle down!"

"He will eventually he just needs time."


Molly's mood sank even lower. Sarah was right. Of course Jack was never going to settle down. Why would he? He had his pick of all the pretty girls and Molly was there for him when he hit a dry spell. What guy would give that up? Only a dumb one!

"I just wish..." she began before her phone bleeped loudly. Flipping it open, she read the message. It was from Jack.

I couldn't sleep last night. Come back tonight and finish what you started!

Despite her anger with him for telling her he was going on a date with porn star Barbie, she couldn't prevent the flush of telltale heat that enveloped her.

"What does Jerk want?" Sarah's expression was one of total resignation.

"He wants to see me tonight."

"Do you want some advice?"

"I thought that was what you were giving me?"

"Actually no, I was just trying to get you to see that you're worth more than this. But if you insist on remaining besotted with that man, then you need to change your approach."

Molly was intrigued. "What does Auntie Sarah suggest?" she asked with a ghost of a smile.

"First off, stop being so bloody available! Have you never read The Rules?"

"The what?"

"Oh forget it." Sarah rolled her eyes and drained the rest of her coffee. "Look—what you need to do is play harder to get. The more he can't have you, the more he'll want you."

"So I should say I'm busy tonight?"


"But what if I want to see him?"

"Be strong, my friend, your sacrifice will pay dividends very soon." Sarah grinned as Molly stared at her in consternation, absently picking the remains of the blueberry muffin into crumbs. "Ok," she said eventually, punctuating this with a heavy sigh.

"In fact," Sarah advised gleefully, "I'd go one step further and say you're busy because you're on a date with another guy."

Molly shook her head. "He won't believe me."

"Why on earth not?" asked Sarah with disbelief. "You're gorgeous and funny and why the hell wouldn't other men want you?"

"He knows I'm not interested in anyone else."

"Then it's about time you shook him out of his comfort zone!"

* * *

"Who's the date with?" Jack sounded slightly put out much to Molly's delight. Although she remained unconvinced that Sarah's plan would work, she had agreed to try it for a couple of weeks at least.

"Brian," she replied nonchalantly.

"You never said you were seeing anyone?"

"I don't recall us talking much last night."

Jack laughed. It was a low, throaty sound that instantly reminded Molly of last night and left her practically panting, much to her shame. "True," he conceded.

"I gotta go," Molly said when she could manage to talk again, "I have a hair appointment."

"Wow—you must really like this guy—you never usually bother with your hair."

"Like you'd notice?" She slammed the phone down in fury and took several deep breaths. Sarah was right. It was about time he had a taste of his own medicine!

* * *

How's it going with lover boy?

Molly grinned when she read the brief text message. For the last week she had knocked back every overture Jack had made, blaming her budding relationship with the mysterious Brian.

Good thanks.

Sarah had been right. It was really annoying Jack that she was no longer there for him at the drop of a hat. Now he couldn't have her, boy he wanted her...badly. For the first time in the relationship, the tables had turned and Molly was in the driving seat. Jack was actually jealous and she loved it.

Jack didn't reply and after a while she began to regret the stupid game she was playing. She didn't want to lose him forever! Then her phone began to ring and she answered it.

"The band is playing a gig at a pub in Statham on Friday night. Come along and bring lover boy with you."

Molly was stunned into silence. Jack didn't normally invite her to his gigs—mostly because he knew she wasn't really into metal, but also because he used them as a pulling opportunity. Lead singers attracted women like a cowpat attracted flies.

If she actually had a boyfriend, this not so casual invitation wouldn't be a problem. But she didn't have a boyfriend so it was a problem.

"Ok, let me know which pub and we'll be there," she replied none the less.

There was a long pause down the telephone line as Jack digested the fact she had agreed to attend. "Good, I look forward to meeting Brian."

Molly could hear the edge to his voice and she inwardly cheered.

"I'm your mate, Moll, and I just want to make sure he's good enough for you." Jack added when she failed to say anything else.

Molly managed to suppress the snort of disbelief. "Thanks, Jack." Her voice was so sickly sweet it practically oozed.

She ended the call with a temporary sense of elation until the realisation kicked in of what she had agreed to. Shit!

"Sarah, what am I gonna do!" she wailed after she had explained her predicament to Sarah two minutes later.

"Don't worry, I have a plan..."

* * *

The following day, Molly sat in the coffee shop across the street from her office, nursing a cappuccino while Sarah explained how she intended to solve Molly's imaginary boyfriend dilemma.

"My solution is called Julian," she said. "He'll pretend to be your boyfriend."

"And he's up for this?" Molly found it hard to believe that some bloke would agree to such a charade when there was nothing in it for him.

"Yep, he's happy to assist."


Sarah sipped her coffee thoughtfully. "Remember my friend Deirdre?"

"Dreadful Deirdre?"

"She's not that bad," scolded Sarah. "In fact, you should be grateful she's got such an accommodating brother called Julian! After you and I agreed last week that you should play hard to get, I decided you needed a stand-in boyfriend, just in case the need arose."

"You had this planned already?"

"Absolutely." Sarah grinned. "So I spoke to Julian a few days ago and sounded him out. It turns out he's between boyfriends and he's happy to help us."

"He's gay?"

"He's handsome, intelligent, attentive, and sadly, very, very gay." She sighed wistfully. "Such a waste."

Molly sat back and frowned. "Jack will know he's gay and my ruse won't work."

"No, he won't! Trust me—Julian can pass for straight any day. Christ, my gaydar is usually one hundred percent reliable and I still made a pass at him the first time we met." She shuddered at the memory. "How embarrassing that was..."

"I still don't think this will work," muttered Molly. Jack would see through it and she would be left looking like a fool. Then he'd hate her and she would be even more miserable than she was now.

"You're such a defeatist." Sarah glared at her. "Trust me, what can possibly go wrong?"

* * *

Molly was sheltering beneath an awning outside the pub, grateful to be out of the pouring rain, when a taxi sidled up alongside her and a tall, unfeasibly handsome bloke climbed out. Her interested gaze briefly checked him out before moving on. He was too handsome for a mere mortal woman like her. Only a goddess would be stunning enough to capture a guy like that.

When Mr Gorgeous walked up to her and smiled, Molly nearly choked on her mint.

"Are you Molly?" he asked in a voice so smooth he should have been starring in a chocolate commercial.

"Err...yeah...are you...Julian?" she replied incredulously.

"Yes, I am."

"Wow...you don't look like your sister," she said before realising that could be construed as rather offensive to dire Deirdre."

"We have different fathers," he explained. "Shall we head inside—I'm getting wet here!"

The fact his thick, dark, hair was rapidly becoming plastered to the perfect bone structure of his classically chiselled head, was doing nothing to diminish Julian's sex appeal, but Molly reluctantly led her 'date' inside the pub, wincing as the thumping base beat threatened to burst her fragile ear drums.

They stopped at the coat check and handed over Julian's stylish leather jacket to the tattooed goth girl. She was so dazzled by his brilliant smile she forgot to charge him for the service as she handed over a ticket with trembling hennaed fingers. Molly knew exactly how the poor thing felt. She was seriously wishing he were straight. Life was so unfair sometimes.

The band was half way through their set as Molly and Julian threaded their way through the tattooed and pierced crowds, heading for the bar and much needed drinks. Molly gratefully accepted a Smirnoff ice and they took an empty table at the rear of the room, enjoying a partial view of the stage.

Jack was in full lead singer mode. As usual he looked dark, dangerous, and sexy as hell with his black tee shirt and faded, torn jeans, but Molly tried not to pay him much attention. After all, she was supposed to be here with Brian, or rather Julian. Oh it was all very confusing...

"Are you sure you don't mind pretending to be my boyfriend?" she asked during a lull between songs.

Julian chuckled. "No, not at all, Sarah explained everything to me. Is that him on stage?" he asked, looking in Jack's direction.


"I can see why you're into him," Julian commented. "He's very...attractive."

Molly bristled immediately. Oh great! Now her pretend date fancied Jack, too! Julian must have felt the sudden drop in room temperature for he turned back towards her and smiled gently.

"Don't worry, he's really not my type. I prefer the boy-next-door type—they're less likely to fuck around on me."

Up on stage, Jack launched into the next song and the crowd went wild. It was clearly a popular number and Molly couldn't help noticing several scantily clad females near the front of the room, gyrating suggestively for Jack's benefit.

"I think maybe I should stick to that type too," she mused while Jack dropped down to sing a couple of lines to one particular blonde.

"For what it's worth, I think you should give this guy a chance to prove himself. He probably has no idea how you feel. As soon as he thinks you're not interested in him, you'll have him eating from your hand and you can let him know."

"That's what Sarah thinks," agreed Molly. "But time will tell."

By the time the band finished their set in a blaze of guitar solos and deafening lyrics, Molly was half way to being pissed and rather enjoying Julian's company. He was not only drop dead gorgeous, he was witty, intelligent, and above all, he listened to her. It was almost like having a girly friend there. More than once Molly had to remind herself he was male.

When Jack unexpectedly appeared at their table, it took Molly a few seconds to actually notice. "Hi, Jack," she said, fully aware of the way his damp tee shirt clung like a second skin and his jeans hugged his crotch all too invitingly.

"Hi, Moll," Jack replied with a smile on his face that didn't quite reach his stormy grey eyes. "Aren't you going to introduce us?"

"Jack, this is Brian, my boyfriend." She placed extra emphasis on the word boyfriend.

"Hi Brian, pleased to meet you." Jack's voice was practically dripping with insincerity as he shook Julian's hand, gripping it so hard the poor man turned pale. Julian, to his credit, didn't react. Instead he simply smiled ingratiatingly and placed his free arm across Molly's shoulders in an attentive fashion.

Jack noticed and to Molly's delight, he looked pissed off.

"Hey, Jack!" yelled a feminine voice and they all turned to see a leggy blonde girl barely wearing a tight PVC dress and thigh high boots. Her platinum blond hair was fluffed up like an Easter chick and her humungous tits appeared to be defying all known laws of gravity.

"Hey, babe." Jack grabbed the blonde around her skinny waist and kissed her long and hard while Molly studied the scratched wooden table with enormous concentration. It was only when Julian squeezed her shoulder reassuringly that she realised she was gripping the edge of her seat as if it was the last remaining lifebelt on the Titanic.

"This is Kim," Jack finally told them when the blonde came up for air looking slightly shell-shocked.

"Ooh the band was great," Kim cried in a breathy voice when she had recovered her senses. "I think you're sooo wonderful!"

"Is she the president of his fan club?" Julian whispered in Molly's ear.

"Definitely—if the role involves shagging him thrice nightly," Molly hissed back.

"Can I get you guys a drink?" Jack asked politely.

Molly noticed Kim's hand stroking Jack's chest like he was a delicious lump of candy and she felt sick to the stomach. "Sure," she replied dully. "I'll have my usual." In triplicate.

"Make mine a Carling," Julian said as he nuzzled Molly's neck affectionately. She pasted a smile on her face and pretended to respond to the loving gesture while still keeping one eye on Jack. Molly saw the look Jack threw her before he stalked off towards the bar leaving the lovely Kim to soak up the admiring glances from all the leather clad bikers in her vicinity.

After having consumed far too many drinks, it suddenly occurred to Molly that she desperately needed to pee. "Be right back. Don't feed the animals and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times," she advised Julian as several bikers edged nearer to ogle Kim's tits. Kim seemed oblivious to the attention. She was carefully examining her acrylic nails with a vacant expression on her face.

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