From Barbara to Barbie


Her lips were hot as they kissed the top of his penis. Her pointed tongue tried to pierce the hole at the tip of his shaft, she licked the pearly drop of pre cum that was oozing from the tip, looked up at him, licked her lips and said, "ummmmm, yummy."

Gordon wondered if he had been living a cave. He truly never knew that there were women in the world like Marlene. Then, she took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She lowered her head and took several inches into her wet mouth. Slowly she lowered and raised her head. At the same time she sucked and swirled her tongue. If she kept this up for another minute he would cum in her mouth. That wasn't what he wanted to do and she knew it. However, she seemed to be having a good time tormenting him. When he thrust up against her face she realized she had gone about as far as she could.

She lifted up, reached over him, took the foil packet from the night stand and returned to his groin. He couldn't see what she was doing, but when she lifted up again he saw that his throbbing cock was now sheathed in latex for the first time in years. She straddled him and walked on her knees to his chest, until her knees were pressed against his armpits. The neatly trimmed thatch of dark blonde, curly pubic hair was inches from his face. He reached behind her, touched her ass and explored between her legs. She was very wet. He wondered if he had produced the wetness or she had taken care of that artificially when she was in the bathroom.

Marlene almost never let a trick put his fingers inside her. Tongues and cocks were much cleaner than fingers she had learned by experience. But she wasn't thinking of Gordon as a trick, or a john or a paying customer. She hadn't been in his room for fifteen minutes, and she had been with three men already, but for some reason she was attracted to him so when he thrust first one finger, then two deep inside her she said nothing but began to move against them.

"You're so wet." He said.

"Better to fuck you with my dear. Are you ready?"

"Not yet." He wanted to make the most of the situation. His fingers were exploring inside her vagina. If he reached just right and she moved just right he could feel the tip of her cervix. With his other hand he reached above and touched her clitoris. When his finger came in contact with the tiny nub that had peeked out from its hood she moaned. For the next few minutes his hands examined and treated every part of flesh between her legs from the top of her cleft in front to the beginning of her ass cheeks in the rear. Her anus, her taint, her outer lips, inner lips, the slick wet pink skin from her opening and her pee hole to her clit.

Then, Marlene took charge. She scooted back, took hold of his throbbing cock and placed it at her opening. Almost as if rehearsed and choreographed, she sat down and he lunged up, they were joined. For a minute neither moved. Well, that's not entirely accurate because she was doing something internally that was driving Gordon crazy. She was gently milking him. She leaned down and began to kiss him again. Their tongues, his cock and her pussy were dueling.

She broke the kiss and screamed, "fuck me, fuck me harder, ohhhh ummmm oh baby you feel so good." He didn't know if she was acting or not. He sure hoped she wasn't. It seemed unfair that a man couldn't fake it but a woman could.

But Marlene wasn't faking it. She liked to save her climaxes for her lover but she didn't fight it. She had a mini-climax with his fingers. When his cock entered her she came again.

He didn't last long. When she felt him stiffen it brought her over the edge with a mind- shattering orgasm. The tip of the condom was soon full of his ejaculate. After resting for a minute or two, when she lifted off him the latex was shining with her juices. She rolled it off his shrinking penis, got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

When she walked back into the room there was a big smile on her face. She washed his cock with a warm cloth. Then slipped back in bed, under the covers and snuggled against him. "That was terrific for me Gordon."

"For me too, Marlene."

"How often do you get to New York?"

"At least once a month."

"Will you call me again?"

"Yes, I will." Then they drifted into an awkward, silent moment. He had been physically satisfied but he was torn. He felt good but at the same time he felt very guilty. He even felt guilty for feeling good.

Marlene knew what was going on in his mind. He needed some space, some privacy. "I better run," she said as she slipped out of bed.

Within a few minutes she appeared as she had when he opened the door to her an hour earlier. Her makeup and hair were perfect. Her conservative suit again covered the beautiful body he had gotten to know. She was ready for business. "Don't get up sweetheart, I'll let myself out," she said as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Then she was gone and he was alone with his thoughts.

After Marlene left his room, he began to compare his wife, the love of his life, the mother of his daughter with a New York call girl. He knew it was unfair. But he also knew that the old Barbara could have given Marlene a run for her money. Barbara too had loved sex and once she was very, very good at it. Her technique, of course, was limited because her experience was limited to him. He also realized for the first time that he liked women like Marlene. He really, really liked women like Marlene. He knew that he wasn't her first man for the night and probably wouldn't be her last. He liked her liberated sexuality, he was surprised that he wasn't repulsed by it.

When he returned to New York three weeks later he called her again. A pattern developed. On nearly every trip to the big apple they got together. On one four day, three night trip they got together twice. Then, two months ago when he called the number that he had memorized, her recorded voice announced on the answering machine that she would be gone to Europe for a month. He didn't know what to do he had anticipated being with her and was very disappointed. He picked up another copy of "New York After Dark" and scanned the ads. Nothing was interesting to him until he saw listings on one of the pages. The lists included topless bars, video arcades and other categories of adult interest. "Swing clubs," was a category that caught his attention. After reading the list he discovered that they seemed to be in two categories, on-premise and off-premise. Some seemed to welcome single men and others didn't. The one that he was drawn to was for a place called Le Trapeze. It was located in the garment district, open every night and boasted a large facility. It did read "couples only" but he thought it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

Chapter 4

It was only a ten minute cab ride from his hotel. A blue neon sign was over the door in the middle of an industrial block. Just behind the door, in a small vestibule, was a reception window. The guy saw that he was alone and reminded him, "sorry pal, couples only."

"I read that in the ad. I'm from Chicago and thought that I would stop by anyway. I've never been to a club like this before."

"I used to live in Chicago, well in Evanston actually," said the black man wearing a black T-shirt.

"We live in Glencoe, not too far from Evanston."

The guy on duty seemed to be thinking. "Tell you what pal, it's kind of slow tonight. Come on in and take a look around. It's fifty for an out-of-towner."

Gordon signed a fictitious name, gave the man fifty dollars and was admitted inside. There was a bar, a small buffet and a lounge area towards the front. As he walked around he saw a large group room with five or six couples sitting on the floor which was covered with mattress. Some of the couples were nude, others had green towels wrapped around them. There was a small swimming pool with three nude women playing in the water. A large locker room with two rows of benches in the middle reminded him of his high school gym days. Down a long hall were several rooms, some with the doors closed but others with the doors open. There was no furniture in the small rooms just a mattress covering the floor. There was a circular staircase leading to a second floor with a sign that read "couples only upstairs." He estimated that there were a dozen couples on the main floor. Some people were dressed in street clothes, most had the dark green towels wrapped around them and few were dressed in lingerie for the women and boxers or briefs for the men. He went to the bar, ordered a beer and took it to an area that had a giant screen TV playing a porno. In his blue suit, white shirt and silk tie he felt, and he was, out of place. He quickly took off the tie, slipped it in his jacket pocket, unbuttoned his shirt collar and felt a little more at ease. He hadn't been there long when a man wearing a green towel wrapped around him, who must have been about thirty-five, sat down on the other side of the sectional couch. He said, "I'm Ron, haven't seen you here before."

"First time here for me. I'm Gordon."

"Have you hooked up with anyone yet?" Ron asked.

"Just got here. You're the first person I've spoken to."

"My wife's in the shower. Her name's Nancy, should be out here in a minute."

Gordon was having a hard time following what Ron was saying and watching the action on the TV. This was a strange place. He had no idea what an on-premises swing club would be like or what its patrons would be like. This place seemed like a middle class bar with middle class patrons. He judged that the average age of the couples that he had seen was about forty, some younger, some older. The women seemed to be better looking than their spouses or companions.

"We've been coming here for six months," volunteered Ron. "Usually on a week night. On weekends it's so crowded you can't walk around. I've learned that you can never tell how things will go. Some nights its great, other nights not so great.

He saw Ron look towards the lockers, stand and smile. He was joined by a beautiful brunette also wrapped in one of the large, fluffy green towels. "Gordon, this is my wife Nancy."

"Nice to meet you Nancy."

There seemed to be a glazed look in her pretty eyes. Her face seemed flushed. He wondered if perhaps she had too much to drink. Then it dawned on him, she was horny. She looked like Barbara did, the old Barbara, when she needed more than he had been able to give her. He had seen a similar look in Marlene's eyes once or twice over the past few months when he came too fast for her.

She sat down next to Ron and as she did the towel slightly parted. She had tucked an end over her breasts but from her navel south she was bare. She crossed her legs and smiled at him. As he checked her out, she was checking him out too.

"Have you seen the club?" Asked Nancy.

"Just downstairs. I told Ron that I'm here alone so I haven't been upstairs."

Ron jumped in, "Nancy, why don't you show Gordon the upstairs?" He turned to Gordon and said, "I think you'll find it very interesting. Most of the action's up there."

Nancy stood, held out her hand and said, "come on."

He held her hand and expected her to lead him to the stairs but she led him to the locker area instead. She explained, "street clothes aren't permitted up there. Towels or underwear. Also it's a lot safer to leave your valuables in a locked locker."

He expected her to turn away as he chose an upper locker with a key in the door but she didn't. She folded her arms, leaned against the wall and watched him. He hung up his jacket, sat down on a bench and slipped off his shoes and socks, then placed his shirt and pants on a hanger. He was standing in the locker room of a swing club wearing only his silk boxers. He put his thumbs in the waist band of his shorts and skinned them down his legs and stepped out of them. He wasn't in a hurry to cover his nudity. If Nancy wanted to look let her.

Nancy did want to look. She was very attracted to this handsome man. He obviously took care of himself. What was between his legs was impressive, not a blue ribbon winner as the biggest she'd ever seen but a nice size, nonetheless. She tossed him a towel which he wrapped around his waist and then followed her to the circular staircase. He loved the show before his eyes. With each stair that she climbed the towel hiked higher until he could see the moons of her ass peeking under it by the time they reached the top.

Ron was right, most of the action was upstairs. The space was crowded. The red lights were dim. They were at the beginning of a long hallway with rooms on each side. There were no doors on the second floor. Anyone could look into the rooms. There must have been twice as many people crowded here as there were downstairs, thought Gordon. Then, he heard the sounds. The women were much more vocal than the men. Ohhhs, aahhhs, sighs, moans and groans were surrounding him like Dolby Digital. As she held his hand and walked towards the back they passed several rooms. He glanced in and saw several couples intertwined in each room. The hallway was jammed with the voyeurs. There was an area at the back, like a loft, that overlooked the pool area. She stopped there, didn't say a word but pulled the corner of her towel, that held the makeshift garment together, and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts were on the small side but nicely shaped. He saw that she had completely shaved her pubis. She reached for his towel, pulled it apart and let it drop. Then she lifted her face to his, parted her lips and closed her eyes.

Gordon couldn't believe this place. He hadn't been here for half an hour and the prettiest woman that he had seen there was making herself available to him. He didn't resist but succumbed. Somehow, Nancy had pulled him down to the floor without breaking the kiss. She was rubbing his cock, pumping blood into it, making it ready for her. She laid on her back and spread her legs. He crawled between them. When he looked over his shoulder he saw that they had attracted a crowd. There must have been half a dozen people watching them. Before he met Marlene, he would have shriveled up and reached for his towel. He didn't shrivel, he didn't cover up, he felt Nancy's hand on his cock drawing it to her wet opening. Then he was inside her, just the plum shaped head at first, then his entire shaft. He was certain that she came as he sunk in. He felt hands rubbing his ass as he fucked Nancy and saw a pretty, naked black woman smiling at him. She reached between his legs and cradled his scrotum. Then she did something he couldn't have imagined, she parted his ass cheeks with her hands and kissed his anus. She moved in unison with them. Her tongue trying its best to gain entry into his body. The attention from the two women took him over the edge in record time. As much as he tried to prolong cumming, he couldn't. It was like trying to sweep back the tide, it was impossible.

He didn't stay long at Le Trapeze. He returned to his hotel drained but having experienced a new dimension to his sex life. He so wished it were possible to share the excitement with the true love of his life, Barbara, but it would take a miracle for that to happen and he didn't believe in miracles. Chapter 5

He parked the Mercedes in the garage next to Barbara's black Suburban. The house was quiet. Meg and Troy must be out on the town he thought. "Honey, I'm home," he called out. There was no answer.

He opened the door to their room, saw that it was in darkness and reached for the light switch. Before he could flip the switch he heard the quiet voice say, "please don't turn on the light."

He dropped his briefcase and rushed to the bed. "What's wrong, darling?"

"Just hold me for a minute Gordy, please just hold me."

He sat on the edge of their bed and held her. She nestled her head in the crook of his shoulder. She thought she had no more tears left to shed but she was wrong. The wracking sobs began again.

"My God, Babs, what happened, tell me what's wrong."

She couldn't speak for a minute or two. She knew that it wasn't just the words that had been spoken by Meg's new beau. It had been building for years. She was angry with herself for letting things go this far, for letting them get out of control. She sniffled and then answered his question. "I'm just feeling really down, that's all."

"Bullshit! Did Meg say something? Did you have a fight?"

"No, we didn't have a fight but . . . Meg did say something." Then slowly, everything spilled out, not just what had been said in the study but what she had been feeling for years. The release of her pent up emotions was heartbreaking for both of them.

"I know there are all those gorgeous young women at the firm. I see the way women look at you Gordy, I can't compete with them anymore," she said dejectedly.

"You don't have to compete with anyone, honey."

"That's what you say now, but look at your partners. Half of them have already shed their first wives. The women they dumped looked like me. Those who haven't divorced their wives are married to women who have more self control, apparently, than I have. They may be a few years older but I know them Gordy, they're still beautiful and I'm not anymore."

What she said made him feel like a jerk. He had betrayed her but she didn't know it. She must never know about Marlene or Le Trapeze, he thought. "We can work this out. Babs, I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to help you sooner . . . that you weren't able to talk about your feelings with me. Maybe it was Michelangelo, or some other sculptor, who said, ‘I see my finished statue in the rough block of marble, all I have to do is chip away the unneeded pieces.' Well, I can see my beautiful Barbara still inside you. Together, we'll do whatever it takes to bring you back out. Plastic surgery, lipo-suction, spas, Botox, a personal training program, diet gurus you name it" He held her tightly then said, "I don't care how much it costs or how long it takes. If that's what you really want we'll do it. If it isn't what you want, I'll love you no matter what."

"Oh Gordy it is what I want but I'm not sure I'm strong enough to stick with an ambitious program like that. I used to be strong enough, but I don't know that I am now. I can just see myself getting discouraged and binging on food or coming up with a million excuses why I don't feel like jogging or even walking. I've got to have some compelling, motivating force."

Gordon thought about what she had said. It was true that she had lost herself in her garden and private world. They seldom attended parties and because of that the invitations stopped arriving in their mail box long ago. She didn't really have any close friends. Many of their neighbors were in the same boat she was in. After children, they ballooned and retreated into a world of their own. Not a very exciting world, just a comfortable, familiar one. "You need to talk to somebody, Babs. Somebody who's gone through something like this herself." Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. He couldn't believe what he was about to suggest. "You need to call Susan."

"Susan! I can't believe you want me to talk with her." But she could believe it because Susan was the only woman that they both knew that had been in the world she was trapped in who had escaped. She hadn't talked with her for two years. Last year, they didn't even exchange Christmas cards. How things had changed.

Susan was her best friend in high school. They smoked their first cigarette behind Susan's house. They compared bra sizes. They double dated at the prom. They were inseparable. They roomed together at state their freshman and sophomore years. Susan was her maid of honor. A year later she was Susan's maid of honor. But Susan's married life was very different than Barbara's. Well, maybe not so different after all.

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