From Barbara to Barbie Pt. 2


In the bathroom she forced water inside her vagina and washed out the remnant of Gordon's ejaculation. She was amazed that she was preparing herself for another man. Last night, at the club, it had been very different. When they left the hotel for an innocent dinner and a play she had no idea that before the night was over men, other than her husband, would see and touch and experience every inch of her body. Tonight, there would be no doubt that at least one man, William Porter, would see, feel and smell her. She remembered the advice that Len had given her and reached for her razor. With a few swipes she was hairless above her cleft and between her legs. For the second time that afternoon she brushed her hair and applied makeup to her pretty face.

Fifteen minutes later when she walked back into the room she saw that Gordon was awake and sitting up in bed. "I have an appointment in half an hour," she explained as she took the stockings and sat down in the chair in the corner of the room.

Gordon had a perfect close-up view of an erotic reverse strip tease. She starred at him as she rolled a stocking, put her toes in and skinned it up her long leg. She repeated the slow process with the other leg. Then she fastened the garter belt, twisted it around and clipped the garters to the lace tops of each stocking. She walked to his side of the bed and stood in front of him with her legs slightly spread. "Do you like it?" She asked.

He knew that she wasn't talking about her stockings and garter belt but her hairless mound. "Very much," he answered as he reached out and touched the smooth, soft skin above her cleft that was now devoid of any trace of pubic hair. He could smell the fragrance of her perfume that had been sprayed on her mound.

She smiled at him, stepped into her skirt, pulled it up and zipped it. Her jacket and shoes were next. He was surprised to see her put her hair in a bun and he couldn't remember the last time that she had done that. The cell phone and package of condoms were placed in her purse.

"Well, I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be," she said bravely.

"What time will you be back?" He asked.

His question caught her totally by surprise. She really didn't know when she would be back. Len had told her that when she finished she was to call and say that she was available. Would she have time to return to the room before another call? Would she want to accept another call? Would she have time to meet Gordon somewhere else, perhaps for dinner? "I really don't know. I'll call you."

"What's the number of the cell phone?" He asked.

"I know this sounds stupid, but I don't know that either." She looked at the face of the phone and expected to see the number but there wasn't one. "I guess I'll just have to call you. Will you be in the room or on your cell phone?"

"Try the room first, then my cell." He got out of bed, walked to her, took her in his arms and kissed her softly, tenderly, lovingly. "I love you Babs."

"I love you too but for tonight it's Barbie, okay?" Then she was gone.

Chapter 5

The ride from 76th and Madison to 50st and 5th Avenue took only a few minutes because it was Saturday and there wasn't any traffic. As she walked into the elegant lobby of the Helmsley Palace she was sure that every person who glanced at her knew exactly why she was there. She imagined that every man was a house detective and would question her presence in a hotel where she wasn't a registered guest. She saw the house phones against a wall, walked to them and dialed 7 plus the room number.

"Hello," said a deep voice.

"Hi, this is Barbie, I'm in the lobby, is it okay to come up?"

"It sure is. See you in a second, sweetheart."

As she walked the few steps to the elevator, she hoped that she wouldn't fall down because her legs weren't obeying her commands, they had a life of their own. She wanted to stride purposefully and confidently to the elevator car that would lift her six floors above the lobby but her steps were tentative. She noticed that her hand was trembling as she pushed the button emblazoned with the number 7. When she exited the elevator she saw that 767 was to her left at the end of a long corridor. Why couldn't it be closer? She wondered. It seemed like the longest walk she had ever taken, then she was standing in front of a door with a brass plaque with the number 767 inscribed on its face. She took a deep breath and softly knocked on the door.

When Bill Porter heard the soft rap he walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. What a beauty he thought. Even better than how the agency described her. She seemed nervous as she looked first to her right, then to her left. She was about to knock again when he opened the door.

"You've got to be Barbie. Come in, come in."

After she stepped into the parlor of his suite, he slipped the "do not disturb" sign over the outside door knob, closed the door behind her and turned the dead bolt and hooked the chain. She guessed that William Porter must have been sixty years old. He was nearly bald and must have been carrying an extra fifty pounds on his six-foot frame. But his tailored clothes and the expensive corner suite reflected his ability to pay; not just for his attire and lodging but also for female companionship. It was a very awkward moment for her. It seemed silly but she stuck out her hand for him to shake and said, "yes, I'm Barbie, it's nice to meet you Mr. Porter."

"What's this Mr. Porter nonsense. I'm Bill." He ignored her offered hand and took her in his arms and gave her a friendly hug. "Sit down, take a load off," he said as he pointed to a sofa in front of the fireplace.

As she sat down on the sofa and crossed her long legs he sat in a chair opposite her, not next to her on the couch as she expected. She noticed that her skirt had ridden more than halfway up her thigh and that the lace top of her stocking and a sliver of flesh was revealed to his eyes. "Bill, I'm sorry that I have to ask you but . . . well, are you a police officer?"

He laughed. "No Barbie, I'm not a cop. I run a small company and fly into the big apple several times a year on buying trips. Can I get you something to drink?"

"It's a little early for me but a soft drink would be fine, though." At least holding a glass would give her something to do with her hands rather than wringing them in her lap as she had been since she sat down.

He mixed a cocktail for himself and poured a coke over ice cubes in a glass for her. "Cheers, here's to us. May the next hour or so be enjoyable for each of us." He touched his glass to hers and then did sit down beside on the sofa.

His toast seemed kind of corny to her but sweet, nonetheless. "Shall we take care of business first? What did you have in mind, Bill?" She asked with a smile.

He got up, went into what she assumed was the bedroom and returned holding several bills in his hand. He handed her four one hundred dollar bills and said, "That's for starters. I want an hour that will make me want more. I'm not as young as I used to be and sometimes my mind and my body aren't in synch. Right now, I'd like to be with you all night in my mind but in an hour from now my cock might have other ideas."

She took the four bills, folded them and slipped them into her purse from which she took out the cell phone. She pushed "1" and almost instantly heard, "Hi Barbie, this is Myrna." Obviously the agency had caller ID.

"Everything's fine here. We'll start with an hour and call you if we're going to extend." She didn't wait for an answer but pushed end, slipped the small phone back in her handbag, took out the package that Len had given her earlier and said, "Bill may I use your bathroom?"

"Sure honey, use the one in the bedroom."

She walked towards the bedroom, looked over her shoulder, smiled and said,"Why don't you get comfortable." Her legs had stopped shaking, she was feeling more confident and her body was becoming aroused. In the bathroom she took off her jacket and skirt, then she opened the package and took out two foil packets that contained the lubricated condoms. When she opened the door to the bedroom, she saw that it was softly illuminated by only a small lamp. Bill was laying on the bed naked and gently stroking his growing cock.

He was surprised at her beauty. She had let her hair down and stood in the doorway posing for him. Her nipples were already hard and he saw that she had no pubic hair. She walked to the bed, kicked off her shoes and joined him on the bed. He took her in his arms and brought his face to hers. He couldn't believe it, here was a working girl who kissed him back with fervor. In the past they almost always told him that they saved their kisses for their husbands or boyfriends. He had noticed the band of gold on the ring finger of her left hand and knew that she was married as were about half of the working girls he had been with in New York. Bill knew that his kisses were getting to her because she was writhing on the bed and her hands had begun to explore his body. First his broad shoulders, then his back, then between them touching his chest and down over his hairy belly until she touched his hard cock. If he wasn't mistaken, she actually moaned when her hand came in contact with his above average, but certainly not huge, penis.

She kissed his neck, his chest covered with grey hair and then a tiny swollen nipple. "Harder," he commanded. So she sucked the turgid, small nipple harder but that wasn't enough for him. "Harder," he commanded again. She lifted up and looked at him quizzically. "Bite it," he said by way of explanation of his expectations. So, she took it between her teeth and applied a little more pressure. "Harder," he said again. This was new, Gordon and the men at the club seemed content with gentle kisses and tongue baths to their nipples. For her, when Gordon was too rough with her boobies, it hurt a little and she couldn't see a connection between the pleasure and pain. In fact the pain was a distraction. I didn't seem to be a distraction for Bill, however. As she bit harder she took the other nipple between her finger nails and pinched. The attention was having the right effect because his breathing became heavier and he pulled her head even more tightly to his chest. "Harder," he said again. She was afraid if she bit any harder she would break the skin. Maybe that was it, she thought, finding that point where the pain was barely tolerable but didn't quite eclipse the pleasure that he was receiving from her mouth and hand.

"Okay, that's enough," he conceded after a couple of minutes. "How about some head?"

The large penis was bright red, and he was almost gasping for breath. She hoped that he didn't have a heart attack as she lowered her red lips to the tip of his cock. First, she licked from the root to the tip and bathed the surface of the throbbing, circumcised shaft with her saliva. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed as much of the shaft as she could accommodate in her oral cavity. As she moved up and down, she swirled her tongue around the head and sucked. He was moaning and holding her head. "Turn around, sit on my face at the same time you're sucking me," he directed.

She followed his directions, exactly. As she continued to suck his cock, she lowered herself over his face until his exploring tongue came in contact with her wet pussy. He lapped at her like a hungry puppy drinking from a bowl of warm milk. She balled the white sheet in each hand as he brought her to an orgasm and soaked his face. This just made him want more, he was ravenous. He licked her taint and then his pointy tongue came in contact with her asshole, an opening that had become much more sensitive, after its treatment last night, than it had ever been before. As he probed her anus with his tongue, he parted his legs and lifted up. She knew exactly what he wanted and wondered, for a moment, if she could accommodate this unspoken but urgent request. She lifted her face off his shaft and kissed the hairy testicles. Then, she took each one into her mouth and gave it a bath. Her pointy tongue traced the seam under his scrotum. She found that she had to lean forward and break the contact with Bill's mouth as she tentatively touched the brown crinkly hole with the pink tip of her tongue. He pushed forward as she took a cheek in each hand and parted them. For several minutes she probed as deeply as possible and only stopped when he said, "stop Barbie, come up here."

She didn't think that he would want to kiss her, considering where her mouth had been and what it had been doing, but he did. And, she didn't mind kissing him knowing that his lips and tongue had probed her own backside first. He tried to put his cock in her pussy but she stopped the kiss and said, "just a sec, Bill." She tore open the packet on the night stand and rolled the moist latex over his penis. For the first time in her life she asked a partner, "do you want me on top, or do you want to be on top?" With Gordon, in an unspoken communication, their variety of positions evolved during their love making. But she didn't know this man or his preferences.

"I don't give a fuck, I just have to be inside you right now."

She squatted over him and lowered herself until the tip of his cock kissed the lips of her wet pussy, then she slowly sank down, completely engulfing his hard penis until she was seated on his thighs. The newly sensitized nerves surrounding the mouth of her vagina were excited by the new and different penis. It wasn't the longest that had been inside her-- much smaller than Rash's monster-- it wasn't the widest, it wasn't the hardest and it wasn't attached to the most handsome and charming person with whom she had sexual intercourse but it thrilled her and satisfied her, nonetheless. "Oh Bill, that feels soooo good, aaaaahhh . . . I'm . . . I'm going to cum . . . ohhhh, ohhhhh." Her wet, swollen flesh massaged Bill's cock and his cock massaged her internal tissues. After she caught her breath she lifted up and then dropped down. She felt him push into the mattress and then lift off as they increased the tempo until they were pounding together. Within in a few minutes, he stiffened and filled the tip of the condom with a thick, grey viscous liquid. Oh no, she thought, twice in one day. First Gordon came too soon and now Bill had done the same thing. She was still on fire, a fire that had yet to be quenched.

"Barbie," he said as he held her in his arms, "you are one fabulous fuck. I've been buying pussy here for years and I've never, never had a session like this one." His penis was deflating and then plopped out of her body.

"Do you want to extend?" She asked, realizing that their time was nearly up.

"Are you kidding? Did you take life insurance out on me?" He laughed at his own question. "No honey, I'm finished. I'll sleep like a baby though. Thank you."

As she got out of bed and looked at him, instinctively she realized that there was more to do, it was time to clean up. His flaccid penis was bathed in his own semen inside the used condom. She carefully skinned it off his cock, took it into the bathroom and discarded it in the wastebasket. Then she put a wash cloth under the warm water from the basin faucet and wrung it out. Back in the room, she bathed his tired penis with the cloth and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Barbie, will you marry me?" He asked.

She smiled down at him, held up her left hand, wiggled her fingers emphasizing her wedding band and said, "too late, love, already spoken for. If I wasn't, though, I'd sure consider it." Then she didn't know what possessed her to do it but she went back into the brightly lit bathroom, left the door open and sat down on the toilet that was right in front of the open door and spread her legs. She had his attention. He propped his tired head on his hand and watched as she smiled at him and peed. He couldn't believe his eyes as she tore off a piece of tissue and wiped herself. This was a first for him and though, he couldn't have known, also a first for her.

A few minutes later she appeared as she had when he first saw her. Her hair was in a bun, she looked like a guest of the hotel. He watched as she pressed a number on the cell phone and waited. "Hi this is Barbie . . . okay . . . hang on for a sec," she went to the desk and wrote something on a pad and then said, "ten minutes should be fine. On second thought make it fifteen minutes, I have to make a phone call."

"This is for you," said Bill as he handed her another $100 bill. "Let me walk you to the door."

"Thanks Bill but you stay there, I'll find my own way out." She leaned down kissed him lightly on the lips and left.

Chapter 6

The New York Hilton, located on the Avenue of the Americas or, as the natives continued to call it, 6th Avenue, was a short walk from the Helmsley Palace. Myrna told her that it was a "special for two hours," and the fee would be "$800" but she didn't explain what a "special" was and Barbara didn't recall that Len had said anything about a "special" either. Mr. Thomson, she was told, was in room 1245. She told Myrna that she needed a few minutes to make a phone call and hoped that Gordon was still in the room because she didn't want to place a long distance call to his cell phone. The pay phones were located next to the house phones, fortunately Gordon answered on the first ring.

She was relieved that he was in the room. "Hi honey. I wanted to tell you that everything went fine, I'm okay."

"When will you be back?" he wanted to know.

"It won't be for at least two more hours. I'm at the Hilton now and have an appointment in a few minutes but I wanted to talk with you and explain."

"That would make it after nine," he said.

"I guess that's about right. Although, when I call the agency after I've finished, they may have something else for me."

"This could probably go on all night then."

"You're guess is as good as mine, Gordon."

"So, if you have a minute, tell me about your appointment."

"Not much to tell. He was an older gentleman, very nice."

"Barbara, tell me, did he make you cum?"

"Of course he did, you know me. And, want to know something? I made him cum too," she said, punctuated by her laughter.

"I'll just bet you did."

"What are you going to do until I get back, whenever that may be?" she asked.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll go out, catch a movie. I doubt that you'll be back at nine. I imagine that's the busiest time of the night. I probably won't see you again until in the morning."

"You could always call Marlene."

"Why would I want to do that? You'll be back and I can save it for you."

"If you wanted to call her, I wouldn't object, that's all I meant." Remembering what Susan had said earlier she played on those words by saying, "how does it go, something like what's good for gander, that's me, is good for the goose, that's you?"

"Whatever, but I doubt that I'll call Marlene. Call me again when you get a chance. If I'm not here, leave a message and let me know that everything is okay."

"I will. I love you, Gordy?"

"I love you too, honey."

This time the elevator ride was less frightening for her than it had been in at the Helmsley Palace. Well, obviously it was not the elevator ride that had been unnerving but not knowing what was at the end of the elevator ride. Now she knew what to expect, at least she thought she did. The door to 1245 was opened by a tall, thin young black man who couldn't have been more than twenty-five. She was surprised at his age because he wasn't much older than her daughter, Meg. "Mr. Thomson?" she asked.

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