tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 11

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 11


Chirikof Island

Gulf of Alaska

THE GRASS WAS BEGINNING TO BE blown hard on the island harder as the wind picked up from the north. Tsyr Ker sat quietly in the comfort of her MD530MG helicopter watching as the islands only inhabitants of cattle graze steadily against the winds.

Her hand drops to the folder lying in the seat next to her as she stares off into the distance. Slowly, her eyes fade as her mind drifts back...


And what about our agreement? Tsyr Ker asks.

"As soon as Natalya returns, you will have you payment," Colonel Pierson says. "Ah, speaking of which."

Natalya walks through the door dragging an unconscious form Rythern in chains behind her. "I hope it isn't anything too bad," she says when both turn to look in her direction.

"Nothing bad my dear, I assure you," Pierson says. "You were successful I see."

"I know not why you wanted this piece of shit alive but here he is." Natalya gives the chains a hard tug bringing the young Asura hard sliding into the room.

"An exchange," Pierson says with a smile. He looks down toward his desk to a small box and presses a button. "Send a detail to my office."

"Have you my shipment?"

"Of course I do," Natalya answers with a sneer. "Our agreement has been fulfilled."

Pierson grins, chuckling to himself. "It has. Thank you for your services my dear."

Natalya gives him a curt nod and leaves just as a group of three soldiers enter the office. They quickly part to allow the Succubus to pass before addressing Pierson.

"Take him to her transport," he orders the soldiers.


"I hope you get whatever enjoyment out of him that you are intending," Pierson flashes a brief smile at the assassin.

Tsyr Ker catches his eye and says, "Oh I will, you can count on it." She turns away before the colonel has a chance to inquire anymore of her walking past the soldiers. The soldiers gather up the chains and quickly follow behind the assassin.

The assassin leaves the soldiers behind as she they struggle to pull the heavy body of the unconscious Asura. She smirks to herself at the thought of how three men are struggling with the demon when she finds herself nearly walking straight into Natalya Rhinheart.

"You should watch where you are going," Natalya says sneeringly.

Tsyr Ker abruptly stands straight up and reaches for the hilt of Muramasa but is stopped short when Natalya reaches out to caress her cheek. "No need for that," her tone quickly changing. "We are not enemies."

"Nor are we allies," the assassin is quick to add as her hand continues to the sword's hilt.

"A proposition for you," the succubus offers. The assassin's hands falters for a second and Natalya smiles. "I know what you intend to you that bastard Rythern for."

"And I'm not sharing either."

Natalya laughs then looks over the assassin's shoulder. "Come, if we are seen talking then this will certainly get back to Pierson." She grabs the assassin's upper arm and pulls her into an empty conference room before the assassin has a chance to refuse.

As soon as the door closes Tsyr Ker spins away from the demon's grip, drawing Muramasa in the process.

"I told you I'm not your enemy," Natalya presses again.

"You haven't given me reason to have you as an ally either."

"You plan to use him as a means to copy a technique similar to that of a Shakti. I hope you are not planning to use Julie Brannon's home to do it."

Tsyr Ker does well to keep all emotion of surprise hidden and she slowly relaxes her body as she slides Muramasa back into its sheath. "How do you know of my intentions or movements?"

"How is a good question considering you are very good at keeping your action secret and very untraceable," Natalya says matter of factly. "Normally I have to admit I probably wouldn't be able to find out have the shit I have but considering Julie was the sloppy one, it made it very easy."

"What do you mean?" the assassin asks hoping to dig information out that she didn't have in hopes of uncovering both something important she needed and ensure there wasn't any more breadcrumbs leading to her.

"Oh don't worry my young friend," Natalya says with a wicked smile. "For one, I knew what to be looking for so no one would no to look for you and two, I erased all traces of you ever being there."

"That's awfully considerate of you," the assassin remarks.

"Still not convinced?" Natalya asks slipping in closer to Tsyr Ker. "The Black List all over her home, specifically Martin Sternigan. She stirred up the hornet's nest and I'm sure he isn't too happy and that could put quite a dent in your plans."

The assassin frowns uncontrollably for a moment before regaining her composure. "And you have a solution."

"And a price tag attached to it," Natalya adds.

"Of course," Tsyr Ker says. "Nothing in this world is free nor would I expect such a gesture."

"Good." Natalya pushes away from the assassin and folds her arms across her chest. "I will give you the location of a facility where you will have full access to all the equipment you will need in complete privacy in exchange for everything I need to know to infiltrate Sternigan's home."

Surprise flashes over the assassin's face slipping through her defenses for a second time. "You're going after the Black List?"

Natalya laughs. "Something you have thought of?" She looks hard at the assassin and when not answer comes she says, "Of course you have. It is written all over your face. To answer your question even though you're not privy to the knowledge, I'm going there to attack them but not in the direct way that you believe."

"Then you want something else," the assassin murmurs. She looks off to the side for a moment then suddenly whips her head back around. "You're seeking some kind of knowledge. A power of --" She begins to leap up when Natalya proves faster and pins her down to the table.

"I can kill you now assassin or our paths can cross at another time when perhaps you will be at a better advantage to kill me. Believe me when I say that the power I seek and the opportunity I offer you will be needed soon."

Tsyr Ker stares up at the Succubus wordless. She is at the disadvantage and for such a lower class demon Natalya Rhinheart has proven herself to be very resourceful many times over throughout the years. Finally after several long moments the assassin says, "Very well. I accept your offer, but when our paths cross the next time, we will finish this."

"Then I look forward to it," Natalya says smiling. "But let's not leave this on a sour note."

She leans in for a gentle kiss. Her lips are soft and sensual completely taking the assassin by surprise. At first Tsyr Ker is reluctant and tries to resist until she feels the strength of the Succubus pressing down on her arms. Her mind sinks back to her old master Talilith and she let's all her emotion fade. She moved in closer and they both let their tongues connect to kiss passionately.

Natalya is the first to break the connection as she steps back to remove her clothing. Before Tsyr Ker can finish with her own undressing, Natalya helps to finish the process then replaces the young assassin back onto the table.

Natalya kisses her neck and starts downward to her breasts. They feel incredible beneath her tongue as she continues further licking around her belly button. She brings her hands down to her shaven mound and her engorged clit and lips. Natalya could feel herself getting wetter with every touch and lick of the assassin's sexy body. Tsyr Ker opens her legs for her. She wanted Natalya as much as the demon wanted her. Natalya kisses her inner thighs down to her pussy then spreads her lips apart with her finger to get a good view of her pussy.

Natalya starts licking softly on the assassins lips and sucking gently on her clit. She tastes better than she could even have guessed. It is pure bliss. The assassin moves her hips forward. Natalya eases up on her slit and goes for her clit while inserting her middle finger into her warm wet pussy. She moves slowly in and out while letting her mouth entice the assassin's clit. She comes off and puts two fingers inside her and finger-fucks her until her hips are bucking in motion with her fingers and then starts to suck on her clit again.

Soon Tsyr Ker begins to let out soft, sweet, little moans as she cums. Natalya licks the cum off of her finger enjoying her sweet rich bodily juices when the assassin pulls the demon up to kiss her and taste herself as well. They kiss for a while before Tsyr Ker pushes Natalya down and straddles her until both of their clits are touching.

They then began to move making their clits jump at the friction. Natalya holds onto the assassin's thighs. They are magnificent. Her ass is her next target to grab as her frame moves sensuously on top of hers. Her breasts jumping above her make her want them so badly. They start breathing heavily nearing their orgasm. As they cum they fell to the side and Natalya latches onto one of her breasts and caresses the other.

...THE SOUND OF A SHIP'S HORN off in the distance brings the assassin back to the present. She blinks clearing the brightness from her eyes and casts a look around. Though her eyes cannot see like regular eyes she can make out images because of the surgery the Black List had performed on her. In the distance there is a ship, still too far out to see her helicopter.

She smiles and presses a button. She didn't have a problem having to kill witnesses; she just didn't really have the time. A few seconds later the ground shakes and slowly sinks taking her below the surface. Within seconds the opening closes above her bathing her and the helicopter in darkness before the lighting clicks on.

Below lies the entire facility built by Section 8 and subsequently abandoned. Natalya didn't give a reason as to why and Tsyr Ker didn't care, but she was guaranteed not to be disturbed.

The platform finally comes to a halt and once it is fully settled she pops the canopy and jumps out of the cockpit. She strolls across the open expanse toward the lone figure chained in Mythril, casually tossing the folder onto a table as she passed.

As she neared the figure he looks up weakly. "Finally going to do away with me bitch?" he says venomously.

"In a sense," the assassin says with a wicked smile.

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