tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 13

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 13


New York

"ANGELA!" SPENCER SAYS ANSWERING THE KNOCK to his hotel door to reveal Angela holding a large white bag and two coffee cups. "You're a bit earlier than I was expecting."

She smiles as she invites herself into the room. "I figured you could use a little breakfast."

He closes the door and turns to find Angela already setting out the contents of the bag onto the small table in front of the sofa. "I wasn't sure what you ate so I got a little variety," she says looking up at him.

"That's fine," Spencer answer shortly. "I meant to ask you about what you said yesterday about being ready for anything."

Angela pauses halfway with putting a bagel to her mouth and looks hard at Spencer. They lock eyes and she stares hard for a moment before saying, "Are you sure you want to really know what is going on here?"

"I was sent here to investigate and it is my job Angela," he says with sternness in his voice. "So if there is something you're holding back you need to let me know."

Angela bursts out laughing at the expression Spencer has taken on. "Come on Spence I'm not going to hold something important from you unless I felt it absolutely necessary," she says as she sets the bagel down onto the table. Then she taps the seat next to her and says, "Have a seat. I have something to tell you that will probably rock the foundations of what you know."

"Oh I don't think there is anything that can do that after what I've been through," he says as he takes a seat next to her. "Especially after losing Sam."

"Tell me about her," Angela says taking his hand into both of hers and looking at him with sincerity.

Spencer takes in a deep breath almost choking over his first words. He wanted to share this with Angela but he really wasn't expecting what it would be like to finally be able to do so. After a second he finally found his voice. "She reminded me a little of you, full of fight and energy. She was an amazing woman and I really wish you could have met her Angela I really wish you could have."

Angela returns his smile and energy. "I wish I could have too. How did she go? If...if you don't mid me asking."

Spencer's smile quickly fades and is replaced with a hardened grin. "Julie Branon, the niece of the leader of an organization called the Black List, killed her."

"The Black List?"

"It's a long explanation," Spencer says shaking his head.

"I know who they are," she answers reaching up with her hand and stopping his face with it. A questioning look spreads over his face which Angela quickly picks up on. "My boss, Michael Terrigian, is a member. It is what I wanted to talk to you about. I guess you were right about not being able to surprise you with anything."

"You already have," he says. "But why didn't he mention this to me. I'm sure he knows who I am considering Martin Sternigan already has it out for me."

"He didn't mention it because the Black List is behind the Sanguine Consortium."

"And do you have proof?" he asks skeptically.

"Not physically," she says looking away. "Everything I had was based on the word of Jianyu and now he's..."

Spencer reaches over and turns her face back around toward him to see tears streaming down her face. He was prepared to object to her accusations against the Black List. Sure he didn't hold a lot of love for the organization but he didn't believe they were the enemy, but now looking at the woman sitting before him crying over an old man that obviously meant so much to her, he was beginning to doubt even his own certainty.

"Is there anything else that has brought suspicion over Captain Terrigian?"

"Other than every time I get close to pinning some damn thing on the Consortium or even find who is leading it somehow the evidence disappears or I'm ordered to back off?"

"Have you tried Internal Affairs yet?"

"Haven't you been listening," she almost yells as she stands up. "The Consortium has its hands in everything as it has since my father was a cop. I don't know why I even bothered contacting the FBI."

Angela grabs her jacket and starts the leave when Spencer grabs her by the wrist stopping her and holding her in place. He doesn't say anything until she finally turns around and acknowledges him. "Wait. I didn't say I didn't believe you or that I wasn't going to help."

"Then what are you saying?" she asks crudely.

"I'm saying this day in age every leaves a trace and technology is the best place to leave it. He has to connect with the Black List through the computer so he probably does everything else on it."

"So you want to break into his computer?" she speculates.

"Exactly. If there is anything there we'll find it."

"Thank you Spence," she says as she jumps on his lap and wraps him in a hug. "I knew I could count on you."

"Why wouldn't you?" he asks when she pulls away to face him. "We'll go tonight after the captain goes home."

"Why wait until then?"

A puzzled looks crosses his face. "Cause that would be the best time unless you know something I don't."

She smiles. "I do. Terrigian has a weekly meeting he goes to around lunch. He'll be gone for nearly two hours."

"And you're sure of this?"

"Positive," she says assuredly. "I tried to follow him the first few times but each time he made sure to lose me. After that I gave up and began timing his sessions."

"A meeting with someone from the Black List then?" Spencer guesses.

"Or the Consortium."

He frowns at her.

"Or both."

"So what will we do until then?"

Angela puts the tip of her finger in her mouth and bites lightly on her finger nail. "I have an idea."

Angela presses him back against the sofa and starts to kiss him, at first with light butterfly kisses with their lips barely touching. Within moments it changes in intensity as their lips remain touching for longer and she gently sucks his lower lip and to tease his lips with her tongue. His tongue also probes and teases until they are kissing deeply. His hands are on her body, stroking all over fitfully from the distance of the long years that they have spent apart from each other.

Angela pulls back a little and starts to unbutton his shirt as her lips stray to his neck. She frees him of his shirt and starts to touch and kiss his chest, lightly circling his nipples, first with her fingertips and then with her mouth. He shudders and leans back breathing deeply. She works lower, mouth on his belly and hands on his sides.

She kneels at his feet and looks up at him as she starts to unbuckle his belt and slowly unzips his pants; his head is back, his eyes closed and his breath is a little harsher now; he groans as she starts to pull his pants off. Spencer can no longer keep still of letting her be in control and brings his weight forward. Laughing, Angela stands and Spencer lunges at her and they tumble onto the floor in a tangle of limbs.

For a short their hungry mouths kiss deeply as Spencer slowly removes Angela's clothes. His hands explore her flesh to her hips to pull them into his, pressing her against his hardness. Then Angela presses him onto his back and commands him to lie still. She throws her knee over him so she is straddling his body, her hips above his groin. His cock is lying hard beneath her awaiting her tender flesh. Slowly, she lowers herself onto it, but only allowing the lips of her pussy to settle over the shaft of his cock. She lowers herself down to kiss his mouth, her hands on his shoulders holding him lightly down. Angela's bare nipples brush his chest.

Their kisses are harder and more urgent now and Angela takes her hands from his shoulders in order to run her palms over his chest, feeling his nipples hard under them and down over his belly. His groin is hot and hard against the softness of her and she breaks free, first sitting, then standing over him to take his cock and stand it straight up.

Again she straddles him, but he is now sitting up and her knees are wide apart. His mouth is hot, his breath ragged and he kisses her roughly -- her lips, her neck, her breasts. Then his hard cock enters her hot, wet pussy. She pumps up and down a few times letting his cock get wet from her juices and allow him a taste of her then suddenly she is off his cock and sitting to his side and lowering her mouth to his cock.

Starting at the tip of his cock, Angela ran her tongue down one side to the base and up the other side again, putting her lips to the head and moistening it with her tongue. Again she licks down and up the sides of his hot shaft, gently cupping his balls with her palm and gently rubbing her thumb over them. She feels him shudder as she continues to work up and down, moistening his cock and working to the front, allowing the head to slip between her lips each time she comes to the top. Slowly she starts to take more and more of it into her mouth, still sucking and licking with her tongue.

Spencer starts to find it hard to stay still having had a feel for her pussy and starts moving his hips against Angela's mouth. With the sudden difficulty of keeping up with the movement of his hips, she leaves his cock and once again straddles his cock. Her pussy is so wet and relaxed, he slips in easily at first so she squeezes her vaginal muscles tight so she can feel his hardness inside her. He arches his back and groans and seems to harden more and grow inside more her.

Spencer reaches up and cups her breasts, gently pinching her nipples. It makes Angela moan with delight and she starts to move slowly up and down and lean forward, her hair falling across his face and chest as she moves. He moves his groin with hers, giving the cue to the rhythm he desires and they start to spiral toward completion.

The rhythm becomes harder and faster. Spencer holds on to her hips and takes total control of speed and depth, slamming hard into her. Gasping, Angela forces his hands off her hips and he trembles as she grinds her weight down to keep him from thrusting. Instead she makes tiny circles with her hips, keeping his cock deep inside, pressing her clitoris onto his pubic bone until she can feel the first shuddering waves of her orgasm start to wash over her. As it continues Angela no longer cares what he is doing and he grasps her hips again, making a few final thrusts to join her in a shuddering climax, both groaning in ecstasy. Finally he lies still and spent and she falls onto his chest, both breathing hard and waiting until their breathing has slowed, letting his cock slide out of her.

"I never thought I'd ever experience that with you again," Angela says looking up and kissing his chin.

Spencer smiles down at her wordlessly and closes his eyes.

SEVERAL HOURS LATER SPENCER AND ANGELA arrived at the 17th precinct and as predicted by Angela, Captain Terrigian was gone from his office.

Angela led Spencer through the precinct to the third floor where homicide was and no one bothered to think twice of asking anything about Spencer or even stopping the two when they walked into Captain Terrigian's office. Angela explained earlier that she and many of the other detectives would usually go in to drop something onto the captain's desk and leave. With any luck if anyone saw them go in they would assume they were doing just that.

So far they had been in the office for fifteen minutes and nobody had gotten nosy and come looking. Angela already closed the remaining blinds giving them complete privacy while Spencer goes to work on searching the computer using a special search program developed by CATU.

"Anything yet?" Angela asks impatiently.

Spencer looks up from the screen with a sincere look on his face. "Give me a little time. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for and it could be anywhere if it is even here."

"It's there I can assure you, just hurry because we haven't got all day," she says with an unsteady smile.

The gesture troubles Spencer and he is about to question her about it when a ding from the program stops him from doing so.

"What is it?" Angela asks quickly.

Spencer chuckles at her enthusiasm. "The program I'm running has found a hidden program that contains hidden files that is used to transmit information over a secured line."

"That's it then!"

"It very well could be," Spencer confirms.

"So open it and let's see what it is," Angela says anxiously.

"Alright, alright," he says tapping the keyboard. "It's password protected of course. Give me a few minutes or I should say the program."

"That thing is awfully fancy," she remarks peering over the top of the monitor down at the screen.

Spencer looks up at her and winks. "It should be. Our research department spent who knows how much making it and it's probably better than anything the government has."

"At least the right person is on the job then," she says stepping back looking at her watch.

Puzzled, Spencer sits back in the chair folding his arms across his chest watching Angela. She suddenly has an almost nervousness settled over her that she is trying hard to keep covered by a collectedness. He is once again about to question her when the computer suddenly dings.

Angela spins around to face him as he leans forward already tapping keys on the keyboard. "It that it?"

Spencer smiles, "It is." He moves the mouse to the single folder on the screen marked Black List and double clicks it. As soon as the folder opens the screen goes black then a second later the screen flashes on and off several times before finally settling to black. "What the hell?"

"Is that supposed to happen?" Angela asks.

"If it is, it's a new one on me," Spencer says.

Suddenly the door to Terrigian's office slams open with Terrigian standing in the opening. "Actually it is," he says. Angela's hand reaches for her pistol but Terrigian's is already n his hand and he says, "Don't."

"Before we go any further Terrigian you should—" Spencer begins before being cut off as Terrigian holds up his free hand and steps into the office. He is followed in by another man.

"I was angry with you killing my niece Reeds, but I had let emotion get in the way before anything else," Martin Sternigan says stepping into the office. "I realize now you actually did me a favor."

Terrigian steps over to Angela and holds out his hand to her. She gives him a look of disgust combined with anger and reluctantly hands over her pistol. "You're not going to get away with this," she says.

"What is this all about?" Spencer asks.

Terrigian looks over to Sternigan. "Shall I?"

"Be my guest," Sternigan says closing the door.

Terrigian looks back to Angela and smiles. "Please have a seat Detective. You're not going anywhere for awhile." Spencer starts to stand, but Terrigian holds up his hand and says, "Please stay, I'll sit here."

Terrigian sits in an empty chair across the way from Spencer and puts away his own gun and hands Angela's off to Sternigan who takes a seat in an empty chair near the door. Terrigian looks at Angela and again smiles to her. "Why not have a seat and get comfortable?"

"Fuck you," she spats venomously.

"As lovely as you are my dear, you are far too dangerous so no thank you."

"I don't mean to interrupt, but I have been patient up to this point," Spencer says.

"And you are now wondering why we haven't disarmed you," Terrigian says still looking at Angela. "The answer is because you are not the enemy Agent Reeds. Detective Veris here is."

"Excuse me?" Spencer looks from the Captain to Angela for an answer but Angela doesn't deviate from her stare down at Terrigian.

"For a few months we have been investigating and looking for a mole within the precinct that has ties with the Sanguine Consortium," Terrigian answers. "We had a few suspects including Detective Veris here."

"And all we needed was for her to tip her hand," Sternigan jumps in.

"You seem to be the ones making the mistake," Spencer says. "I've known Angela my entire life. She is the reason I'm here and for being such a not guilty party, you made sure to destroy any and all evidence proving otherwise."

"She's spun web and gotten you entangled in it Reeds," Sternigan begins to say but stops as soon as Spencer stands brandishing a pistol.

"Until I see evidence pointing in a different direction I'm seeing you and the Black List as the enemy. Julie Brannon's actions were enough prove that. Now feel free to hand that over."

Angela smiles. "Everything comes around full circle Captain. This is what happens when you play the wrong side." She slides her hand into his coat and removes his pistol and tosses it to Spencer then walks over to Sternigan to take hers back.

Sternigan holds the gun out and as she reaches out for it he steps in grabbing her at the wrist and twists it up pointing the gun at her head. With his other hand he quickly grabs and pins her free arm behind her back. "Let's stop now Reeds, before this gets out of hand. Like I said before I no longer harbor anything toward you and I would like to keep it that way."

"Then I suggest you let her go," Spencer warns. "I'm a good shot and I rarely miss."

"But can you squeeze off a round before me?"

"Are you willing to attempt that?"

"Are you?"

Both men stare down each other as the seconds tick down in what seem like forever. In the end it's Spencer that finally drops his hand, lowering the gun. "No."

"You've got to be kidding me," Angela says in a sighing tone. "Have you no balls at all?"

Before Spencer or either of the other men has time to respond she is driving her elbow up into the solar plexus of Sternigan. The large man stumbles back loosening his grip of the gun allowing Angela the opportunity to grab it. She points the gun toward Terrigian.

"Shoot her!" he instructs to Spencer as he prepares to charge her.

It causes a moment of hesitation on her part and she looks in Spencer's direction to see the conflict on his face. She smiles at him and points the gun in his direction and fires. Terrigian is there just in time to take the round to his chest, slamming his back against Spencer, pushing him to the ground.

Angela snickers and before she can turn around to regard Sternigan she feels a set of arms wrap around her crushing her in a bear hug. The Black List leader's arms swallow up her small frame crushing her and forcing her release of the gun. It clatters to the floor as she struggles against his iron grip.

"You may as well quit struggling," Sternigan says in her ear.

After a moment she finally does. A second after that, her eyes open up a little wider when she sees Terrigian get up from behind the large oak desk unharmed followed by Spencer. When he sees the look on her face he knocks on his chest and says, "Bullet proof vest. You didn't think we were going to come into this unprepared did you?"

A smile creases her faces replaces the previous expression and she says, "Actually we did."

"You're in the middle of a police precinct and eight of your fellow detectives and officers are Black List agents," Terrigian says reading between the lines. "Don't think you're going to attack us here and get away with it."

Angela's smile just gets bigger. "I don't know if you noticed but no one has come running since I fired that gun and it is awfully silent out there."

Terrigian looks past her to Sternigan and nods. Sternigan's grip tightens on Angela and he moves from the door to be replaced by the police captain. Terrigian grabs up a gun and looks back. "Reeds, cover me."

"Got it," Spencer replies taking up a stance pointing his gun at the door.

Terrigian kicks the door sending it flying nearly off its hinges and slamming back against the wall of the office. Beyond was chaos. The bodies or mostly what was left of police officers lay strewn across the floor and many desks. Blood and papers lay splattered and scattered in every direction, but there wasn't a sign of any threat.

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