tagMind ControlFrom Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson

From Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson


It seemed like we had been lying together there for hours; our bodies entwined together in the aftermath of our lovemaking. I kissed her one more time and pulled away, my cock sliding slowly from inside of her.

"Oh honey," she purred.

"Jesus, Gabrielle, you're incredible."

"You make me that way baby. I could fuck you all night long."

"Hmm, nothing I'd like better sweetie but I've gotta think about getting home."

"Home to her," she huffed with just a touch of sarcasm. We both knew she wasn't really mad. I had never lied to her about being married and we both accepted as fact that I wasn't going to leave my wife. Still...

"Well if you've got to go the least I can do is clean you up a little," she giggled. Quickly she slid down and took my dripping cock slowly into that eager mouth of hers. Her tongue slid over the head and she eagerly sucked and licked all of our love juices off of me.

"You better hope that she's not horny tonight honey cause I think I've pretty much drained you dry."

"It wouldn't be the first time I've had to tell her that I'm too tired," Boy was that the truth!

"Honey, I don't want to bug you but are you sure you won't reconsider what we talked about before?"


"I know she would never go for a three-way, according to you, but what if there was another way?"

"What other way is there?" I looked at her dubiously. My wife loved sex but I knew that when it came to sex outside of our bed, especially with another woman, that she would never go along with it. In some ways she was very straitlaced. Still Gabrielle and I had fantasized about what it would be like.

Gabrielle sat straight up and reached into the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. She pulled out a pamphlet and handed it to me. I looked at the cover. "Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis." I laughed out loud.

"Don't tell me that you think that we can hypnotize her into having sex with us. You can't make people do anything they wouldn't do anyway. Everybody knows that."

"Bullshit," she said. "I happen to know for a fact that it is possible. I've seen it work."

"I find that hard to believe."

"Listen honey, the doctor who runs this clinic is, shall we say, an old acquaintance of mine from college. He was in medical school when I was working on my teaching degree. We were sleeping together and I found out some interesting things about some research he was doing about using hypnosis to treat people who were sleep deprived. You know, getting them to relax and then giving them suggestions about how to fall asleep easily when they got home. Well, long story short, he found out that by using some mild sedatives just before using hypnosis that his patients in the clinic where he was interning were completely susceptible to whatever suggestions he might give them. He had some technical name for it but in a nutshell the drugs temporarily removed the inhibiting factor and left them wide open to whatever post hypnotic suggestions he gave them."

"Sounds illegal or something."

"Who cares? The point is he could do it. I heard all about it during pillow talk after sex. Fuck him once and he became a blabbermouth. So anyway I wanted to see it work Of course he said no but a couple of blow jobs convinced him. He took me to his lab and told one of his patients that I was a lab assistant. This guy in the lab had taken the pill at home before the appointment so he was all set to go.

So anyway he goes ahead and hypnotizes this guy and gives him some suggestions about relaxing at home and how to fall asleep and stuff like that. Then he makes him stand up and gives him some instructions that I didn't quite catch and the next thing I knew this guy was crawling around on the floor and barking like a dog. It was amazing. He told me that he could make this guy do anything but that it was unethical and enough was enough. He told this guy to forget about the dog part and then he brought him back and the guy was calm as could be. Didn't remember a thing." She smiled at me. "Starting to get the idea now?"

"Even if this is all true there's no way this guy is going to..."

"Oh yes he would. You see, I found out later that he was using this technique to get sex from his patients. All that talk about ethics couldn't stand in the way of his cock He would make some of his more attractive female patients give him blow jobs in the clinic. I happened to walk in on him one time. I could have had him sent away for a long time but I made a deal with him. Anyway, bottom line, he owes me big time. He'll do whatever I ask.

"I don't know sweetie."

"Look you told me that she wanted to quit smoking anyway. What's the harm in trying? If it doesn't work we're just back where we are now. It's totally safe, I promise."

"Let me think about it all right?"

And that's what I did over the next few days, think about it. You might say that was all I thought about. I didn't have much faith that it would work at all but like Gabrielle said if it didn't work what was the harm? Maybe Peggy could give up those damn cigarettes. That would be something positive.

So my wife agreed to give it a try although to be honest she didn't have any more faith than I did that it would actually work. I called Gabrielle and told her that it was on and she was overjoyed.

Peggy's first appointment was just an informational meeting in which she learned how the therapy was supposed to work. The doctor gave her two prescriptions that she had to get filled before her actual treatment could begin. Gabrielle had told me that it was the two medications working together that resulted in patients becoming totally responsive to post hypnotic suggestions.

"Even most doctors don't know about the effects of these drugs interacting and those that do can't exactly explain why it does what it does," Gabrielle explained to me. "It's sort of one of those secret things that people like us aren't supposed to know."

Anyway on the day of Peggy's appointment I drove her to the office where this doctor had his clinic. Gabrielle had told me that everything was all set up and that the doctor would talk to me afterward. I wished my wife good luck and she went in.

I tried to read a magazine but I was far too nervous. I felt like pacing around the office but I didn't want to draw attention to myself so I forced myself to sit.

About forty minutes later the doctor himself came into the lobby and called my name. I thought something might have gone wrong but he assured me that everything had gone well. He took me into a room with a large one-way mirror. On the other side of the mirror, in the next room, sat Peggy with her hands folded in her lap, staring straight ahead.

"So," he said, "you and Gabrielle are together?"

"You could say that. Is my wife ok?"

"She's fine. I must have your assurances that whatever happens in the future, my name is kept out of things. This is not a normal part of my practice but as you undoubtedly know Gabrielle and I..."

"I know all about that doctor but let's cut to the chase. What exactly happens now?"

He sighed and walked over to the window.

"At this point I'm going to plant some verbal triggers in her mind. When that trigger is activated she will become completely compliant to the person or persons who are with her. In a sense her reality will become paused and she will accept the reality of the people with her." He turned and looked at me. "You will have power over her and what she does. I hope you understand the ramifications of what I'm saying to you.

The way this will work is that I need you to give me some type of word that will act as a trigger. It has to be an unusual word that cannot come up in normal conversation by mistake. When you say this word she will become dependent upon you or whomever to control her during the time she is under your power. Do not ask her to do something; she will respond to orders not questions. When you want to end her dependence you must say the verbal trigger twice. She will not recall anything that has happened to her unless you tell her to remember. There are no lasting problems using this technique unless she is somehow affected physically while under your power. You cannot undo physical harm. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, of course."

"I take no responsibility for what may happen beyond this point. The weight of that falls upon you. If you do not like what results than don't use the trigger... It's as simple as that really. If you have any questions..."

Actually I had a million of them but my mind was whirling so fast that I couldn't think of any. I gave him a word from my childhood, bagobagoo that was a kind of family joke because it was how I tried to pronounce bicycle when I was very small. Not much chance of that word coming up in normal conversation.

The doctor sent me back to the waiting room and another twenty minutes passed before Peggy walked out. She smiled at me and talked to the receptionist briefly about a follow up visit and we left.

"Well, how did it go?"

"Ok I guess, to be honest I don't remember a lot after he first started talking to me. Those sedatives make me kind of dopey."

I pulled out of the parking lot and we started the drive home. I knew I shouldn't do anything here but I couldn't help myself.




Peggy sat still and stared straight ahead with a small smile on her face.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine," she said in a flatter than usual tone. My heart was beating so fast that I actually broke into a sweat. Was this actually going to work?

"Honey those people in the next car are driving a little closer to us than they should. Why don't you flip them the finger for me?" Nothing. Peggy sat still and just stared ahead. Shit, it didn't work. Then I remembered what the doctor had said about not asking her to do something but rather telling her to do it.

"Peggy flip those people in the next car the finger for me." Peggy smiled and turned toward the window. She extended her middle finger towards the car on our right and said quite loudly, "Fuck off you assholes!"

I thought the elderly couple in that car would drive right off the road with surprise. I sped up and left them far behind us before they could figure out what had just happened to them.

It worked! It worked! I couldn't believe it. Peggy would never have done that sort of thing before. I had to tell myself to calm down before I gave myself a freaking' heart attack.

I realized that I had to check out the second part of this to see if she remembered what had just happened.

"Peggy, when you wake up you won't remember what just happened." Probably this was unnecessary because the doc had told me she wouldn't remember anyway but better safe than sorry.

"Bagobagoo bagobagoo."

Peggy blinked and looked around the car.

"Oh, I must have dozed off for a sec. Must be those sedatives."

"Do you remember that car next to us/"

"Car? What car?"

"Oh, just some idiot going too fast."

She shook her head. "Must've missed that one."

Wow, I thought to myself, she doesn't remember it at all. Time to try something a little more adventurous.

"Bagobagoo." Once again Peggy sat facing forward with a small smile.

"Peggy, put your hand on my leg." Her hand dropped gently unto my right thigh.

"Rub my leg for me." Her hand stroked up and down my leg from my knee to my hip, her fingers squeezing and massaging. This was amazing because normally she didn't like playing games in the car.

"You love rubbing my leg for me. Tell me."

"Oh yes, your leg feels so good to me. I love feeling your muscles flex. I want to do this all the time when you're driving."

Here goes, I thought. "Baby, rub my cock for me. Get me hard."

Her hand slid from my thigh to my crotch and began slowly stroking my cock through my pants. It was already hard from her leg rub.

"You love my cock. Tell me!"

"Oh god baby your cock feels so good. It's so fucking hard. I love the way it feels in my hand. It's so big. Umm."

We were turning into our street now. "When we get back to the house you'll want more than anything in the world to taste my cock. You won't be able to wait to get inside; you'll want to suck it right in the garage. In fact, you'll want to suck me off. I want to cum in your mouth and you want that as much as I do" This was a real test because she had never liked my cum much.

"Oh baby I can't wait to taste you." Her fingers were already fumbling with my belt and zipper as I drove into the garage. I parked and got out of the drivers side. Quick as a cat she came around the car and pushed me back so that I was leaning on the hood. She dropped to her knees and worked my belt loose and unzipped me. In one motion she yanked my pants and under shorts to my ankles.

She smiled as my hard cock popped out and she licked her lips in anticipation. "I want to suck you sooo bad honey." Her fingers reached out and stroked my cock. She leaned forward and licked the head of my cock with her wet tongue.''

"Oh it tastes so good!" She wasted no more time and slurped the head into her mouth, her tongue working on it as she sucked. Her head bobbed back and forth as her hand stroked up and down its length. I held the side of her head as she worked on me.

My wife had always been a good cocksucker but this was incredible. She was so eager to do whatever I told her to do. In no way were her actions wooden or passive, she was as hot as I was. I hadn't expected that.

Peggy was licking my balls now as her hand continued to stroke me. Then her tongue ran slowly from my balls all the way up the underside of my cock and to the head.

"Oh baby fuck my mouth. I'm so hungry for you!"

"You want that cum baby. You want your mouth full of my hot juice."

"Oh yes! I want to eat your cum. I want to have you shoot it down my fucking throat!"

"Suck it baby! Suck me right the fuck off!" She went to work to do just that. With one hand on my balls and the other stroking the length of my dick she bobbed her head furiously back and forth. I threw my head back and enjoyed the ride.

It wasn't long until I could feel the pressure building inside of me. I was going to splurt a huge load and soon. She was driving me crazy.

"Oh honey I'm going to cum. Oh baby I'm close."

"Cum baby," she mumbled, my cock still in her mouth. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head closer to me, my cock deep in her throat. It erupted right then. I saw stars as my cock shot off the first blast of hot sticky cum right into her eager mouth. I screamed in ecstasy as wad after wad of cum shot out of my dick.

She swallowed eagerly, loving the taste of my warm, sticky goo. Streams ran out of her mouth and hung from her jaw as her mouth filled to overflowing. I could see her throat working to swallow as much as she could. The feeling was so intense I just closed my eyes and held on.

She sucked until the well ran dry and then reluctantly let my dick slide slowly out of her mouth. Her tongue licked it clean from the head to my balls. When I finally opened my eyes she was using her fingers to wipe the cum from her jaws and licking it off.

"Oh that was so good honey. God your cum tastes good."

'Oh baby," was all I could mumble. Wait until Gabrielle hears about this I thought to myself and laughed. She had been right.

"Peggy, go wipe your face off and then come back to the living room." She got to her feet and walked into the house. After she had cleaned up I brought her out of it and as promised, she remembered nothing. She did claim to be very thirsty however and I chuckled to myself.

I called Gabrielle just as soon as I could duck back into the garage.

"Tell me honey what happened." I told her all about the events of the day and she laughed with joy.

"So she sucked you off right in the garage? Was it good?"

"Almost as good as you sweetie."

"Ha," she laughed, "but you don't need to hypnotize me to get me to blow you."

"True," I said. In fact Gabrielle was willing to suck my cock at the drop of a hat. Or a zipper to be more precise.

"I want to come over baby."

"Later tonight?"

"Yeah! Eight o'clock ok?"

"See you then. Love you"

"Mmm, me too honey."

It seemed funny that day as Peggy and I went about our normal routine. Our lives had changed but I was the only one who knew that. Peggy was blissfully unaware. On the surface everything was normal but I now had the ability to make her do anything I wanted and she would never know a thing. I felt a newfound sense of power in our relationship and I loved the feeling

About seven forty-five we were just finishing our household chores and I knew it was time to get ready for Gabrielle. She and Peggy had never actually met although Gabrielle knew a lot about her. She was always asking questions about our marriage and sex life and I saw no reason to lie to her. Gabrielle was my lover and I kept nothing from her. When she had first hinted that she was interested in pursuing a three-way with my wife and me, the thought had been interesting but far-fetched. Now however, that idea was about to come true. I was as eager as a teenager on his first date.

I had visions of Gabrielle with her long beautiful legs and Peggy with her firm, full breasts taking turns fucking and sucking me. Then they would make it with each other as I watched and we would all cum together. I couldn't wait.

About ten minutes before Gabrielle was due to arrive I put Peggy under again. "Peggy, I want you to go into the bedroom and put something sexy on. One of your tight t-shirts and put on the shortest skirt you can find. Oh, and no underwear. In a few minutes a woman will come to our door. You'll treat her like she was a long lost friend. You will start to feel very sexy around her and you'll do whatever she tells you to do. Any sexual inhibitions you may have about making love to another woman will disappear when you meet her. In fact, you will want her from the moment you meet her. Now go change."

Peggy obediently walked into the bedroom. Moments later she emerged and stood in front of me. She looked hot. Her skirt came about three quarters of the way up her thighs which showed her lovely legs to good effect. Her tight t-shirt showed off her firm breasts and her nipples protruded invitingly.

"Turn around and bend over." Peggy did as she was told and I had a great view of her firm ass. Her pussy peeked out invitingly. I was just about to reach out and stroke it when the doorbell rang.

"Peggy, go answer the door. Her name is Gabrielle." Peggy walked over and opened the door.

"Hi, you must be Gabrielle. Please come in."

Gabrielle walked into the room and tentatively looked around. Seeing me she smiled and walked over to me. She gave me a questioning look.

"Is she...?"

"Oh yes. Forgive me; my manners are a little off. Gabrielle this is my wife Peggy. Peggy this is my good friend Gabrielle."

"Hello Peggy. I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time." She extended her hand and Peggy took it in hers warmly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Gabrielle." Her eyes took in all of Gabrielle's body and I saw her tongue slowly run across her top lip. That was a sure sign that she was becoming aroused. My instructions were working.

"Peggy, go out and bring us a glass of wine." Peggy walked out to the kitchen. I noticed Gabrielle staring at her butt and legs as she walked away.

"Oh baby, she's cute. I could just eat her up."

"Oh you'll have you're chance at that sweetie, I promise." I explained to her the instructions I had given my wife.

"So she'll do whatever either one of us tells her to do and then later won't remember any of it? I know that's how it's supposed to work but I just want to make sure."

"Yeah, I've tried it a couple of times and it works just like that." Gabrielle got this dreamy look in her eyes and she smiled. I knew then she had been thinking about this for some time.

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