tagMind ControlFrom Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson Ch. 02

From Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson Ch. 02


The restaurant was nearly deserted when we arrived, which was not that unusual for a Monday night I guess. A few people sat in the bar section watching a ballgame on the television. The dining area was occupied only by a family of three that was seated in the front of the room. Gabrielle looked around and smiled.

"Give us a booth near the back," she told the waitress who proceeded to seat us at the far end of the room, away from the family. I sat next to my wife Peggy and Gabrielle sat across from us.

"This is a nice place," Peggy said.

Gabrielle laughed. "No it isn't you moron, it's a fucking dump. Do you think your husband and I would take you out to a nice place?" Gabrielle and I laughed.

The waitress took our drink order, wine for Gabrielle and I and water for Peggy. We weren't afraid of being seen out in public together as Peggy had been instructed to introduce Gabrielle as an old college friend if we ran into anyone we knew. Considering the empty dining room, that wasn't very likely.

"Honey, why'd we come here to eat and why bring her along?" I asked Gabrielle pointing to Peggy. Since we had managed to control Peggy's thought processes and make her subservient to our whims, this was the first time we had ventured out in public as a threesome. Hell, we could have ordered in and spent our time in bed.

Gabrielle smiled at me. I felt her foot slide up the side of my leg. Her toes began rubbing the inside of my thigh. She looked at my wife.

"Peggy, you don't mind if I play with your husband's cock do you? Not that I give a shit whether you like it or not."

"No Gabrielle."

Her foot found my crotch and her talented toes went to work. I felt my cock start to stiffen even though we were sitting in a public restaurant.

"Umm, his cock feels good Peggy. Did you ever get him off in public?"

"Oh no. I..."

"What a useless bitch you are Peggy, you know that? Well there's a first time for everything."

Just then the waitress returned to take our order. Gabrielle never stopped the foot action on my cock as the three of us ordered. It wasn't easy maintaining my composure with a hard on like I had. Somehow I did manage to order and she left.

"Peggy, unzip your husband for me. Take his cock out."

"Jesus Gabrielle, I don't know if we should do that here."

"Don't worry, I can see the whole room. When she comes back with the food you can cover up with the napkin."

Peggy reached down and slid open my zipper . Her hand reached inside my shorts and with a little maneuvering on both our parts managed to pull out my cock.

"Umm that's nice. Stroke it you bitch. Get your husband's dick nice and hard for me.

I moaned with pleasure as Gabrielle's other foot also found my crotch. She wrapped both feet around my cock and began sliding them up and down the length of it while Peggy stroked the base.

"I think we need just a little lubrication honey." She looked around the room to make sure the waitress was no where in sight.''

"Peggy, suck your husbands dick for me. Get it good and wet."

Peggy slid away from me and lowered her head to my cock. Her lips parted as she took it into her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly up and down as she sucked and licked me. It felt wonderful!

Gabrielle smiled. "Now you know why I picked this place and brought her along."

"Oh god." I moaned.

"That's enough Peggy you filthy slut. Remember, I decide when your husband cums, not you." Peggy sat back up. Gabrielle's feet began working on the full length of my cock now, from the base to the head which was slippery with my wife's saliva.

"Oh, that's better baby. Nice and wet just the way I like it."

Her toes were like gloves riding up and down my cock. It was amazing to feel like this in a public place.

"You like sucking cock in public don't you Peggy?"

"Oh god yes Gabrielle."

"You're such a dirty slut Peggy. A dirty filthy little whore aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm a dirty slut."

"Bet I know what you'd like to have for dinner you slut."

"Anything Gabrielle."

I think you want some hot, sticky cum to eat, don't you?"

"Oh yes Gabrielle I want to eat some cum. Please let me eat some."

"Honey, how close are you?" she asked me.

"Oh shit, I'm pretty close, but what if the waitress comes back,?" I asked nervously looking around.

"Stop worrying baby. She won't be back for a while and we have the maid here to clean up any mess." The maid was what we had started to refer to my wife as lately.

Her feet were moving quicker now. I swear to god that Gabrielle could give a better hand job with her feet than most women could with their hands.

"Oh god honey I think I'm gonna cum!"

"Peggy, take that bread plate and hold it under the table. When he cums make sure he gets most of it on that plate."

Peggy did as she was told and held it out in front of the head of my cock. If that waitress had come back right then it would have been impossible to hide as there was no stopping now.

Right at the moment I was about to cum Gabrielle removed her feet and ordered Peggy to stroke it. This way she would be able to guide it so that most of the cum would land on the plate.

"Fuck!!" I moaned. My cock shot off right there under the table. Peggy stroked my erupting cock as Gabrielle sat watching with a smile on her face. My body twitched as shot after shot of cum exploded out of me, some going on the plate and some shooting off to who knows where. Peggy never stopped her hand until my cock had finally run out of cum.

"Oh shit I mumbled.

Gabrielle laughed. "Sit up straight honey here comes our dinners."

Sure enough, the waitress had returned. As she served our meals to us I had to sit crunched up against the table tightly so that she wouldn't notice my now softening dick hanging out. For her part Peggy held the bread dish under the table the whole time, out of sight.

When the waitress left Gabrielle laughed out loud. "Is everyone having a good time?"

"Oh my god," was all I could get out.

Gabrielle leaned forward. "Peggy, put the plate on the table in front of you" Peggy slid the plate out from under the table and put it down in front of her. Large globs of my cum coated the plate and a large pool of it had gathered in the center.

"Um Peggy, looks yummy doesn't it?"

"Oh yes Gabrielle."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Lick it up."

Peggy bent forward and lowered her head to the plate. Her pink tongue began licking the cum up from the plate.

"Use you lips and suck it up you bitch."

Peggy began making slurping noises as she sucked my cum up from the plate.

"Tsk tsk, you just can't take some people out in public. Look at her eating your cum right here in public. Isn't that a sight?" Gabrielle and I broke out in peals of laughter.

It took her only a moment or two and she had licked the plate clean. A strand of cum hung from her chin but otherwise it was all gone. Gabrielle reached across the table and wiped up the cum from her chin with her fingers and then made Peggy lick it off.

"Well. Looks like the maid has done the dishes." We broke out laughing again.

"Lets eat up cause I'm horny as can be. I want to get Peggy back in my apartment. I've got plans for her. She smiled at me.

You might say that we finished our dinners in record time. We paid our bill and got into my car and drove out, Peggy next to me and Gabrielle in the back.

It didn't take but maybe five seconds for Gabrielle to reach around and start playing with Peggy's breasts, rubbing and kneading the nipples.

"You know, your wife has really nice titties honey." Peggy moaned as Gabrielle kept her hands busy.

"I guess a plate of your husband's cum wasn't enough to satisfy you was it bitch? Your nipples are hard as rocks. Umm. You like that don't you Peggy?"

"Oh yes Gabrielle! Oh rub them for me, please. It feels so good."

"You like having another woman play with you while your husband watches, don't you bitch?"

"Oh god yes. I want him to watch."

"That's cause you're such a dirty little whore Peggy. Umm, I can't wait to get you home. I'm going to fuck you raw tonight."

'Oh please fuck me Gabrielle. I want you to fucking use me."

Gabrielle laughed out loud at that. "Oh I'm going to use you alright. I'm going to do all kinds of filthy things to you. All with your husband watching. You like that idea don't you?"

"Oh yes, anything you want!"

Gabrielle laughed and whispered in Peggy's ear. Peggy turned to me.

"Honey would you like to watch your lover eat my pussy?"

"Yes I would baby!"

Gabrielle whispered in her ear again.

"Honey is it ok if Gabrielle fucks me with her strap-on?"

"Ummm. Yes!"

Another whisper.

"Is it ok if I lick and suck Gabrielle's toes and feet?"

I had to laugh at that one. Gabrielle liked nothing better than to have her pretty little toes licked and sucked.

"Yeah Peggy, you do whatever Gabrielle tells you to do, understand?"

We arrived at Gabrielle's apartment moments later. No sooner was the door closed and locked than Gabrielle was all over Peggy. Her mouth found Peggy's and her tongue pushed past Peggy's lips and into her eager mouth. I could see them frenching each other as I sat down on the couch to watch. Gabrielle slid her hand down to Peggy's crotch and into the top of her slacks. As she had been told, Peggy wore no panties.

"Umm, your pussy's nice and wet for me bitch. You want a good fuck don't you?"

"Oh god yes Gabrielle, please fuck me."

"Get those pants off and go over to the couch next to your husband and spread your legs open for me." Peggy quickly slid her slacks off and came over and sat next to me. She spread her legs wide apart. I could see that her pussy lips were glistening with juices.

"Spread it open with your fingers so your husband and I can see the inside of your dirty little pink cunt!"

Peggy spread her pussy apart for us. I could see way up inside of her.

"Ohh that's nice! Honey, your wife does have a nice pussy. I've got to eat it all up."

"Yeah sweetie. Nothing I'd like better than to see you eat my wife out."

"Hold her legs back so that she's spread wide open."

"Peggy slide you ass out to the edge of the couch." After she had slid as far as she could without falling off the edge, I grabbed her legs and pulled them back over her head and held them firmly. Now she was spread wide apart and open for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle dropped down to her knees in front of my wife's pussy. She smiled up at me wickedly.

"Munch munch cunt for lunch," she laughed.

"More like dinner," I said but I doubt she was paying much attention to me at that point. Her tongue was already licking up and down on Peggy's wet pussy lips, licking, tasting and exploring.

"Ummm, that's good," she moaned. She drove her tongue suddenly deep inside Peggy and began driving it rapidly in and out of her oozing pussy. She would tongue fuck Peggy for a bit and then suck on her clit and then tongue fuck her some more. Her hangs grasped Peggy's hips, pulling her tighter to her face, at one point lifting her hips completely off the couch. Her head moved back and forth as well as up and down as she sucked and licked every wet inch of Peggy's pussy. I heard loud slurping noises and Peggy's moans filled the room.

"Oh god.. oh shit...YES! Oh do it! Oh fuck...yessss! Oh right there...ahhh yes!"

My dick was starting to get hard again as I watched my mistress attack my wife's pussy. I've never seen anyone eat pussy with such wild abandon as Gabrielle did. It was incredible.

Just about the time I thought that Peggy couldn't possibly stand any more without cumming right in her mouth, Gabrielle suddenly broke away. I could see my wife's juices coating her lips and chin.

"Fuck that's good pussy," she said her lips licking up as much juice as they could reach. Her breathing was rapid and shallow and I knew that she was as horny as I had ever seen her.

"Don't you dare move a muscle bitch," she said rising to her feet. "Honey why don't you fuck her mouth, I'll be right back."

I stood and dropped my pants to the floor and climbing back on the couch I lifted one leg over her face and lowered my cock to her. Her mouth eagerly took it in and her lips and tongue went to work. As she sucked me, I held her legs back in the same spread position that Gabrielle had put her in. I began pumping my cock slowly in and out of her mouth, using it as if it were a pussy. It was wet and felt so nice.

After a moment or two I heard Gabrielle come back in the room. My eyes probably bugged out of my head at the sight of her. She had put on a strap-on dildo that had to have been ten inches long. It's tip glistened with the lube she was rubbing onto it. She smiled seductively at me.

"What's wrong baby, never seen one of these before?" She stroked it's length.

"Christ no," I managed. She laughed.

"That's huge!" Peggy had stopped sucking my cock and stared at it.

"Like it bitch?"

"I don't know if I can..."

"You can and you will. Now spread your pussy open you fucking little slut."

I let go of Peggy's legs and she lowered them and spread them wide apart. Her fingers reached down and spread her lips apart. I watched in awe as Gabrielle lowered that cock to Peggy's pussy.

"Honey, I'm going to fuck your wife raw." She pushed the tip against Peggy's pussy and I watched in amazement as it absorbed that cock inch by inch. Peggy moaned, whether in pain or pleasure I'm not sure, and soon half of it's length was inside my wife.

Gabrielle moved slowly back and forth, giving Peggy's pussy time to stretch and loosen up.

"Ohhh shit it's so big!"

"Shut up and fuck it whore." She pushed it in a little farther. Peggy moaned again. Gabrielle leered up at me.

"Like watching me fuck your wife honey?"

"Yes sweetie but it won't hurt her will it?"

"No. Before long she'll be begging for it. Peggy, lick your husbands balls while I fuck you."

I was still straddling her face and soon I felt her wet tongue on my balls. I moaned in pleasure.

Gabrielle was fucking Peggy a little more forcefully now, sliding that huge cock in and out of her.

"Oh fuck yeah! Take it all bitch!" She suddenly slid the rest of it all the way up into Peggy's tight pussy. Peggy squealed.

"Too much! Oh please no more! Stop!!"

"Fuck you! Too much my ass!" She began fucking her harder, sliding and pushing the cock as far into her as she could. She reached down and pinched Peggy's nipples.

I thought that Peggy was on the verge of tears when something amazing happened. She stopped fighting it and seemed to start enjoying it. Why I can't say.

"Ohhh god!" Her moans had a different tone now.

"You're starting to like it now aren't you bitch?"

"Ohhh god.." was all Peggy could manage.

"Yeah, I thought so. You sluts are all alike. You just need a little coaxing."

"Oh shit it feels... oh my god...ahhhhh christ."

"Yeah, fuck it bitch! That's it!" Gabrielle was fucking Peggy hard now, riding that massive cock in and out of her wet dripping slit. Peggy's eyes seemed to roll back in her head as she gave in to the feeling entirely. Her mouth hung wide open, that is until Gabrielle reached up and guided my cock into Peggy's mouth.

"Suck it!" she ordered. My wife's lips tightened on my cock and her tongue went to work. I could feel it moving on the underside of the head as her willing mouth held it captive. I began sliding it in and out of her lips, trying in vain to match the rhythm that Gabrielle had set as she fucked her. She was too fast for me.

We fucked like that for a while, each of us lost in our individual world, savoring the feeling. Peggy had ceased to exist as a person to us, she was just a sex toy now, a means for my lover and I to pleasure ourselves. I have to admit, it was a powerful and exciting feeling watching Gabrielle fuck my wife's pussy while she in turn watched my wife suck my cock.

"Honey, don't cum just yet. I got special plans for this load," Gabrielle said. Slowly she slid that monstrous cock from Peggy. Peggy moaned, whether from relief or disappointment, I couldn't say. Gabrielle reached up and pulled my cock from Peggy's mouth and slid it into her own, making sure my wife watched her suck it.

"Umm, that's good," she said as she rose to her feet and pulled me up to mine. She had Peggy on her knees in front of us now.

"Let's see you suck two cocks Peggy. Suck them both!" Peggy obediently began sucking my cock and then turning to Gabrielle's strap-on, she tried to suck that too. It was way too big to suck at the same time so she settled for turning from one to the other, taking each into her mouth in its turn.

"Umm, such a good little cocksucker, don't you think honey?"

"Oh god yes baby. You've taught her well."

"Yeah! Suck your juice off of that cock Peggy you slut. Suck it good!"

Peggy was doing just that as she quickly switched from one cock to another, her hand stroking them both as her greedy mouth took them in. Gabrielle dropped to her knees beside Peggy and watched her suck me.

"Yeah Peggy, suck it. Now take your hand and rub his balls. Feel how full they are? That's because they're filling up with a nice big load of hot, sticky cum. You love his cum Peggy, in fact, there's nothing you like better than to eat cum, is there?"

"Um-um," she mumbled, her mouth full of my cock.

"Well you've been such a good little girl that I'm going to give you exactly what you want. I'm going to let you eat his whole load Peggy, would you like that?"

"Oh yesss," she moaned. "I want it all. Every drop!"

"There's just one thing Peggy."


"If you want that cum Peggy you're going to have to work to get it. You see I'm going to have your husband fuck me and then he's going to shoot his hot load way up inside of me." She smiled wickedly.

Peggy looked confused. "I thought you said I could have it."

"Oh you can Peggy, you can have it all. All that you can suck right out of my hot, wet, dripping cunt, you little bitch. Now get down on the floor and shut your mouth while I fuck your husband."

Peggy sat on the floor at the base of the sofa. Gabrielle stretched out on her back with her long legs spread wide apart. Her tongue teased her lips as she smiled inviting at me.

"Come on, fuck me baby. Fuck me good."

I climbed unto the sofa between her open legs and lowered myself to her, my hand guiding my cock to her pussy. First the head and then my full length slid easily inside of her. Gabrielle moaned with pleasure.

"Oh shit yes! Oh fuck that feels so good!" Her legs wrapped around me, her heels pushing into my ass, driving me even tighter to her. I began, slowly at first but with gradually increasing tempo, sliding my hard cock in and out of that wet, welcoming pussy. As always, her pussy felt like soft, wet velvet as she tightened her well trained muscles on my cock. The feeling was fantastic.

"Oh honey, you feel sooo good inside of me."

"Sweetie, your pussy is so good. I love fucking you baby."

"Fuck it harder baby! Ohh, that's it! Right there! Ohhh! Yeah!"

My hands slid under her ass as I fucked her harder, riding my cock in and out of her.

"You love my pussy more than your wife's don't you baby?"

"Oh fuck yes baby. Way more!"

"Hear that Peggy you slut?"

"Yes Gabrielle."

"Don't ever forget that, bitch! Oh god I love your husbands dick inside of me. Oh fuck me baby. Come on!"

I was doing just that. My cock was pounding her pussy now, fucking her as fast as I could. With every stroke her hips rose to meet me, urging me to go faster and deeper.

"Oh shit baby I'm gonna cum soon!"

"Oh yeah baby fucking shoot it all way inside of me. All that hot delicious cum. Feed my pussy what it wants baby. Fucking cum for me."

Turning to Peggy she moaned, "Oh shit! Peggy watch close. I want you to see your husband cum inside of me. Watch him fill me up!"

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