tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrozen in Time Ch. 04

Frozen in Time Ch. 04


This is all made up and all the characters in the story are fictional.


I'm Joshua Gutierrez, typical Hispanic guy with short dark hair and light hazel eyes and a not so typical power. I can freeze time and do whatever I want with any woman I want. Not only that, but through some sort of strange hypnosis, I'm able to make them do whatever I want as well. Right now I'm standing in front of the retail store I work at staring at the woman I've been wanting to fuck every since I first seen her get hired.

Her name is Tamara, a lovely southern accent woman with long curled locks of red, and an amazing body. Even in her uniform, her butt looked simply amazing in her form-fitting jeans. Though she was wearing a slightly loose cashier uniform, it was clear to see she was hiding an impressive set underneath.

It was morning the moment I froze time, so she was still standing there, stuck in place, holding the door open, ready to step in. I was still new at this so I had experimented with my new powers on a couple of college girls named Kylie and Jessica.

I gave them both a good thrashing until I was convinced I was ready to do what I wanted with Tammy. The girls were now waiting outside for me to return time to normal, and I had just awoken from a good nap, so I was finally ready to do this.

I looked into Tamara's eyes, still frozen and looking towards the store. I almost felt bad for what I was going to do, but my eyes trailed down her incredible body and I felt I had to take her. Nervously, I slowly walked up to her so she could hear me.

"Tamara... you're going to do everything I tell you, and answer anything I ask as honest as possible. Right now time is frozen but you're gonna ignore that and only focus on me. You understand?"

I almost jumped as my co-worker broke the silence that filled the enviroment, "Yes."

"Alright then... follow me into the store." She let go of the door and it slowly closed behind us as we both stepped inside.

"Ok Tamara, act the way you normally would when I say 'now'. But you will still feel compelled to do whatever I say. Understand?"

She would reply "Yes." And with that I said "Now!"

Tamara snapped back into her normal self and started heading over to her register. "Oh hey Josh, didn't see you come in. We still got a few minutes before we clock in. Wanna help me bring in the glass cases?"

I smiled at her and felt a little weird inside. It was kinda odd doing this to someone I knew, but part of me felt there was no turning back now. This whole time-freezing power was like a fantasy too good to be true and who knows if it were to suddenly wear off someday, even before the 10-time thing Rob told me? I just had to seize this awesome opportunity.

"Yeah ok. By the way, you look really lovely today Tammy. New hairstyle?"

She smiled, "Awww thanks sweetheart. But whatcha talkin about? This is how I always have my hair."

"Oh, well I haven't work a shift with you in a while, I guess I forgot how hot you looked."

She smiled a bit, "Aww that's sweet. Yeah, I missed working alongside you too, sugar. Now let's get those cases. I'll start with the electronics one, you get the jewelry one."

"Hold on... we got time... I'd also like to say I missed seeing how fine your sweet ass looked in those jeans you always wear, Tammy."

Tammy made a face but tried to take the compliment with stride. I have given her implied compliments before about her rear, but I never just blurted out 'you have a nice ass' to her face like I did now. "Heh... thanks Josh... glad you noticed. Anyways..."

I started walking over to her, "You don't know how many times you made me so damned hard at work... It's tough having to cover it up but I can't help myself whenever I see you bend over for something..."

"That's taking it too far Joshua! I'm gonna ignore that cause we're friends, but don't talk to me that way anymore."

I moved closer and I could see her taking a few steps back. "C'mon Tammy... kiss me like you kissed your last boyfriend....whenever you guys are alone and horny for each other."

Tamara suddenly threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around me. I could see the confused look on her face as she suddenly pressed her lips firmly against mine. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as we kissed deep and intensely. I pushed my tongue forward and she granted me access as I played with hers.

She soon broke the kiss and looked at me, "Josh... what the hell.... Why did I just kiss you...?"

"We're not done yet baby... kiss me again... show me how you kiss when you're heat."

She moved in again and kissed me intensely, breathing hard in my lips. My hands reached down and finally took a firm grasp on her sweet ass. I was amazed how tight and firm she was considering how big her ass was. The sudden sensation of my eager hands massaging her butt made her break the kiss again and try to push away.

"What the hell are you doing? Get your hands off me! How are you making me do this?" She struggled but I kept her in my embrace.

"You don't know how long I wanted this Tammy.... How long I wanted to fuck you good and hard... You got my dick so hard I can hardly think straight..."

"What the hell are you saying Josh? This isn't like you! And we're not going to fuck! Are you crazy?"

It was time to use my power, "Yes we are. Now put your hands up against the counter and bend your sweet ass over. I'm gonna fuck you here and now."

Tammy was confused and scared but she went up against the counter and leaned over, showing me her sweet ass. I swear, I didn't know how her jeans could hold all of that, but I was eager to find out. I moved behind her and started undoing her belt.

Tammy tried to plead but didn't understand why she couldn't just stand up and walk away, "Why are you doing this Josh? This isn't like you at all!"

"When's the last time you had sex Tamara?" I started pulling down her jeans and admired her white panties, clinging to her perfect ass.

"Um... I don't know... It's been 3 months since my last relationship... really didn't have the time.." "Don't tell me you don't miss it?"

"Of course I do... I miss it a lot." She gasped as I yanked her panties down, the cold air hitting her cheeks.

My cock felt like it wanted to rip out of my pants when I saw her bare ass. She was hotter than I ever fantasized she would be. I spread her cheeks some to get a better look at her little cunt. Seeing it lined with a thin patch of red made me want her more. "How come you never asked one of us to help you out? You know we all want to fuck you Tammy."

"Yeah... I know all of you are always checking me out and stuff...I don't do that kind of thing in the workplace, Joshua. I'm not some easy girl and I'm not gonna sleep with the first guy that says something nice to me. Oh my god... I can't believe you're going to do this... please don't..." All she could do is look forward as she kept her hands planted firmly against the counter. She could hear as I unzipped my pants.

"Oh fuck, Tammy... you look so gorgeous... you're driving me crazy... let me give you the good hard fuck you've been longing for."

Tammy looked back at me and saw my hard cock, "Don't Joshua... please don't..."

"Take a good look at my hard cock baby. It's like this because of you... tell me what you think of it."

She couldn't lie and was surprised to hear her answer," It's nice... oh fuck.. it's really hard too... kinda reminds me of my last boyfriend..."

"Don't you want this inside you baby?"

"Yeah... that looks like it would feel so good... How are you making me say these things... what's going on?"

I started rubbing her sweet ass, just loving how it felt on my hands. "I'm not making you say anything that isn't what you really feel 'sweetheart'."

"Yeah... but... I mean I think your cock looks nice, but I'd never say it to your face like that... we don't know each other THAT well...."

"Tammy... just think of me as your closest and most intimate friend... and I'm doing you a favor..." My fingers slowly traced her sweet cunt before I would slide my index finger inside her.

"Ahhh!" she would gasp. "Don't...."

"Shhh it's alright Tammy... You haven't had sex in a while and I'm your best friend that you've come to me for some help. I'd be more than happy to help you out and fuck you the way you need it."

Her demeanor would change as she started following my hypnotic suggestion. Suddenly she felt like she's known me for years, and could confide in me her deepest secrets and most intimate desires.

"Yes Josh... I haven't had it in a few months... I wanna feel it again... I've been so stressed with work and the bills... I haven't had a good hard fuck to release that stress in a while..."

I couldn't help but smile. This was amazing, and I could feel her little cunt get wetter as I continued to finger her, "So you want this, Tammy?"

"Yes Josh... I'm trusting you with this, sweetheart... as a favor from a friend... fuck me Joshua.... Please.. I know you want to..."

I felt like I never wanted anything in my life like I wanted to fuck Tamara's wet tight cunt. I couldn't hold back and pushed my hard shaft into her. I almost shuddered at how good it felt as my cock forced her cunt to part ways for my entry. She shuddered as well, letting out a delightful groan, feeling like she finally got what she was denied for such a long time. "Oooooh.... Give me all of it baby..."

I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of her, getting a feel for her, and moaning at how amazing she felt. After feeling her pussy massage my head for a few strokes, I pushed forward letting her take all of it.

She tightened her grip on the counter and groaned intensely, "Oh fuuuck.... So big....mmmm oh yes Joshua... don't hold back..."

I held onto her hips and started thrusted hard against her, rocking her against the counter. I could hear her moan and breathe hard in pleasure as she allowed herself to take my length. She relaxed and let me take her, and the sweet sounds she made made me even harder and want her more. "Oh fuck Tammy.. fucking you is like a dream..."

"Mmmm don't stop... go harder baby..."

I soon started to thrust faster against her, banging her against the counter. The sight of my hips slapping her big naked ass just turned me on more. We both moaned intensely as I continued to fuck her slick wet redhead cunt, giving in to our own desires. I gave her ass a slap as I continued to ram my rod into her, making her scream.

"Damn... I just love looking at your ass... all bid and bent over like that Tammy... I'm gonna fuck that ass so hard..."

Tamara suddenly tightened up as she body grew tense, "What? Oh no! Not in my ass, sweetheart."

I slowed my pace and forced my index finger up her ass, "Oh hell yes in your ass Tammy...."

She groaned as she tried to stop me, but my finger had already invaded her virgin hole. "Do you think I'm gonna have your sweet ass all bent over and NOT fuck you in the ass? You don't know how many times I fantasized about just jamming it in your butt?"

She wiggled and tried to get free, "No! No Joshua! I never--..."

I pulled out and started rubbing the head of my cock up against her puckered hole, "Then I'll be honored to be your first 'sweetheart'. Here it comes."

All Tamara could do was brace herself as she felt how I forced my head to spread her tightened asshole to make room for me. "AAAHHH!!! OH FUCK!!!"

I slid the head in and out of her, nice and slow as the redhead laid there and took it. The way her ass seemed to suckle on my cock every time I pulled back was so amazing, I had to fight the urge to cum already. My cock inched its way deeper inside her as I continued to move inside her.

"Oh fuck... I can feel it... it's so fucking big.... Oh fuck... Joshua.... I feel like all of it is going inside me..."

I smirked as I was finally able to force my full length inside her, "Not all of it...." I held tightly onto her as my balls now rested up against her cheeks, taking a moment to admire that my hard rod had completely vanished inside her, "Now you got all of it baby..."

Tamara could only hold onto the counter as if her life depended on it, "OH.... FUCK.... So.... So fuckin big.... Please be careful Joshua... I don't want it to hurt... please...."

I slide my cock in and out of in slow smooth motions, always making her take it all whenever I thrusted back into her, "I don't wanna hurt you Tammy... I just wanna fuck you good... and make you cum... and know that I made you cum by fucking you in the ass..."

Tamara whimpered and groaned quietly as I continued to thrust into her, keeping a slow pace. It was just such an amazing feeling, I just wanted to slam into her for all she was worth, but I didn't want to hurt her. As I continued to fuck her, she eventually lost some resistance and it was getting easier to push my cock into her.

The redhead cashier moaned a little louder, now getting used to this new form of pleasure, "Oh man... I can't believe I'm letting you do this.... Uggh..."

"I think you're starting to like it, aren't you Tammy?"

"Yes.... It feels kinda good.... Go a little faster baby.... Fuck, this is so embarrassing but it feels so good..."

I smiled as I held onto her hips, "Don't be... this is just you and me baby... no one has to know.." Finally having her right where I wanted her, I started to thrust harder, fucking her sexy ass without holding back.

She moaned loudly, but I felt her allow herself to be taken. I can tell she wanted me to go wild on her, and I did just that. She moaned my name and breathed hard as I continued to pound her ass, the loud slapping against her cheeks getting louder and wilder.

"Oh gaaaaaaaawwwwd.... Harder baby... don't hold back.... Make me cum... fuck my ass just like you always wanted baby.... Oh yessss...."

Her words impulse me to go on, raping the hell out her sweet little ass. We both moaned louder as we approaching our orgasms. Her body was slammed hard against the counter, and a few papers and pens rolled off and hit the floor. I could feel the sweat slide down my face as I pumped the hell out of her ass. Tammy's voice got more ragged and high pitched as her climax drew near.

I was the first to lose it as I felt my cock fill her once-virgin hole with my seed. Still pumping into her as I squirted the last of my load inside her, I could feel how Tamara's body shuddered intensely as she also came. She let out a loud intense moan of lustful bliss as she had her first anal orgasm.

I slowly pulled out of her and almost fell on the floor. Tired and wobbly, I sat down on a nearby chair as Tamara basically laid lip against the counter. Cum dripped out of her ass as she just laid there, breathing hard and trying to recover. Finally getting up from off the counter, Tamara let out a slight 'ow...' as she rubbed her sore ass.

"Oh fuck... it felt so good when you were fucking me... but now that we stopped it feels like you busted me in half... owww..."

I started pulling my pants back up, "I'm sorry about that... I just couldn't control myself... it was just so good..."

Tamara gave me a warm smile, both of friendship and of satisfaction, "It's ok... thanks for this... I just really needed it... and you were the only one I could trust..."

It was time for things to return to normal. I looked at her as I slowly got back up, "You're going to forget all of this ever happened, ok Tamara? But I want you to fantasize about this tonight... I want you dream of having me fuck you in the ass like I did just now, but it was all your idea... you understand? It'll be such an intense dream, you'll feel it as much as you did now, and you'll even wet your panties from how real it felt, ok?"

She nodded, "I understand." Her expression changed to a more serious, almost blank tone, as she listened for further hypnotic instructions.

"And when you see me at work tomorrow, or whenever we're due to work together, you're going to remember your dream and wish you had me fucking your sweet ass just like we did today."

Tamara nodded, "OK."

I took a while to catch my breath and recover from what we just did. "Alright... when time goes back to normal, you'll just carry on with the rest of your day like if none of this ever happened. OK?"

Tamara nodded and replied, "I understand."

With that I took a deep breath and prepared myself. I closed my eyes and said "Time... Un-Freeze... NOW!"

I felt that sudden rush again, as if my soul was sent flying back in time. When it ended, I found myself outside of my retail store, with Jessica and Kylie walking in front of me. Took me a while to remember I had both of them under my control, and they were heading off to college without any idea that I fucked them both.

I turned towards the store and saw Tamara opening the door and stepping inside.Reality was sinking in and I had to start my normal work shift as if none of this happened.

I hurried to the store before she had time to lock the door. She looked at me and smiled, "Oh hi Josh. We still got a few minutes before we clock in. Wanna help me bring in the glass cases?"

I nodded and smiled, "Sure Tamara.I'd be glad to. I have to say, you're looking pretty good today. Especially in those nice tight jeans."

She smiled and said, "Awww, thanks sugar. Now let's get those cases. I'll start with the electronics one, you get the jewelry one."

I had the fight the urge to say more, since I didn't want to push things. Looking at her felt a little weird now. As I walked behind her, admiring her sweet ass, I couldn't help but get hard again remembering that I had bent over and naked and was fucking her sweet virgin ass. Envisioning her naked as I went to work was easier because now I had actually seen her naked and know what her big butt looks like.

The rest of the day went by normally and soon it was time to catch the bus and go home. I was hoping to run into Kylie and Jessica again to see their reaction, but it was still 1 and they'd still be in college. As I finally got off the bus and walked home, I saw Lorena again, on her way home and remembered what I told her to do. She wearing a grey sweater and dark blue jeans.

This time, instead of just walking past me, not knowing I exist, she stopped and smiled at me and said "Good afternoon."

I was surprised but was quick to say it back, "Oh hey, good afternoon. How was your day?"

She replied, "Fine I guess... I had to take an exam and got a good grade on my essay on advanced literature. So... I guess it was good day." She looked up at me and smiled.

"Oh, that's pretty cool... so you go to college nearby?"

"No, it's kinda far. I get off the bus a few blocks down. I get off there and walk the rest of the way. How about you?"

It was weird having and actual conversation with her in real time, but I was really enjoying this. "Oh, I work in retail. The bus also drops me off around this area, so I've seen you walking around here a couple of times."

She nodded, "Oh... so what's your name?"

"Josh, and you?"

"I'm Lorena, nice to meet you."

I smiled, trying hard not to stare at her chest. Just like Tamara, I knew what she looked like naked. "Nice to meet you too Lorena."

She smiled, "Thanks." It's like she couldn't take eyes her off me.

I had to stop myself from staring into her gorgeous eyes as well, "I hope you don't mind me saying this Lorena, we just met and all... but I think you're really hot."

She blushed in surprised, "Really??... um.. you do?? Uh... thanks." I really liked making her blush like that.

She quickly composed herself, "Um... uh.. anyways, I gotta get home. My dad will be home soon and making supper, so I have to clean things up. Um... do you walk around here often... that is... Am I gonna see you again?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I think I've run into you a few times before... I'm sure I'll see you again Lorena."

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