Frustration Released


"Ooohh ya, fuck me with that big hard cock! You fuck me so much better than your dad!"

Suddenly I no longer cared about anything else. All I cared about was fucking my mother. She was dipping her pussy to meet my thrusts, allowing my cock to penetrate her deeper and deeper. She was moaning loudly now. I put my finger towards her mouth a few times but in reality I know longer cared. All my focus was on thrusting deep into my sexy mother.

"Yes, yes babe! Yes, yes, yes!" Mom was impaling herself on my cock now once again. She dropped back on to her knees from her feet and was riding me once more. "I love this big fucking cock!"

"Oh God mom!" I moaned. "Ride it mom!"

I reached for her massive tits swinging in front of my face. I grabbed one in each hand and squeezed, looking for something to distract me from making noise. Mom bounced violently on my dick and I knew I was going to cum again. Mom leaned down and buried her head in my neck. She was whimpering as she bit her lip to avoid screaming. The onus was on me to thrust again now. I pumped my hips and fucked her as best I could.

"Fuuuuck!" She whispered, "You're gonna make mommy cu-u-ummm!"

I was thrashing about beneath her now incoherently. I was thrusting sloppily but neither of us cared. Mom was still moaning as she began to cum and I was on the verge of joining her.

"Ya, ya, fuck ya!" She moaned.

"Oh Jesus mom!" I managed.

I was desperately trying to hang on when she whispered in my ear, "Cum in mommy!"

That was all I could take and I plunged my prick inside her once more and let loose.

I felt like I was never going to stop. Slowly I began to stop spasming and mom lifted her head.

"Holy shit!" She laughed.

"Umm...ya!" I agreed.

We kissed and agreed that we wouldn't be waiting 3 more weeks to do that again.

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