Fuck 101

byArianna Lee©

Why do people like to fuck? Is it the need to feel close to someone? Is it the desire within us for lust? We could ask ourselves a million and one questions on why we like to fuck. But, I think this sums it up a bit. We have a carnal instinct. An animal instinct, if you may. Our bodies were made to fuck. We fit together in many different ways. Thus leading to various forms of fucking.

How do we like to fuck? That is another question which has even more answers than that of the first question. Some people fuck in the standard missionary position. This is fine by me. But, there are so many other enjoyable ways to fuck. You could fuck standing up, leaning against the wall. You can fuck on top of a table. You can fuck just about anywhere. The man could be on top fucking you. Or, if you prefer control, you could climb on top and fuck your man. You could fuck slowly. Or you might wish to have your man fuck you hard. Everyone has a preference when it comes to fucking. Some prefer to be fucked from behind. This is one of my favorite positions. Of course, there is always being fucked in that no-no spot. The spot that nobody really likes to talk about. Because, nobody wants to admit that they like to be fucked up the ass.

Some people enjoy the quickie fuck. Which the way I see it, a fuck is a fuck, is a fuck! Right? Right. Some people really like to take their time and enjoy a good hard fuck. Then there are some who like to sit and watch other people fuck on TV. This, in turn, gets them all turned on & thus leads to more fucking. There is also the harder, faster fuck. Or even, the one I enjoy as well, the slow grinding fuck. There is the tongue fuck, or the finger fuck. So many ways to fuck…how does one choose a favorite? You can fuck someone, just to fuck them. There are also those out there in this world who have that friend for that casual fuck buddy. It is such a natural desire to fuck. You could start out with that nice soft intimate connection with someone, but, that might turn into fucking once you start really exploring each other. When the lust comes out in you.

One statement that must be said is that people have been fucking since the dawn of time. And people will continue to fuck until there is nobody left on this planet.

Many people have fantasies about fucking. They might have that certain someone that they lust for. That someone that they would like nothing else than to fuck!! I know there are millions of people out there who would never admit to wanting to fuck someone. They might hold that thought all to themselves, afraid to let that person know how they are feeling. Why hold back? Let that person know! You could have that subtle way of letting them know you want them to fuck you. Or, you could just bluntly tell them, "I have had fantasies of you fucking me." You might be surprised at the outcome. Maybe they have also had thoughts of fucking you.

People think about fucking morning, noon and night! And even times in between. You might be sitting at work when a really dirty thought pops into your head about your fantasy fuck. For us women, we can just sit there and there are no outward appearances that we are thinking about fucking…we just feel it. We realize that our panties are all wet…just at the thought of that fuck. Of course, men are a different story when it comes to thoughts of fucking. They can't really hide it if they have been thinking about fucking. Some people like to say that women don't think about fucking as much as men. I find that hard to believe. I think we do, it is just that most women don't want to admit that they think about fucking. They would rather use a more politically correct term. Why? I think as women we are conditioned into thinking that fucking is for slutty girls. NO, NO, NO and once again NO. We all fuck. We all think of fucking. Why should we care what other people might think of us? It is a natural thought. You either admit that you fuck or you don't. YOU CHOOSE!!

Look at the world around us. There are countless songs that have been written about fucking. There are ads that constantly have connotations about fucking. You can even find fucking on the internet. It is all around us. Why deny it? If you haven't tried fucking….I highly recommends it! No need to jump right into fucking. Test out the waters. Experiment a bit with the unbelievably fun, different forms of fucking. And once you have really become comfortable with the naughty thoughts you have had about fucking, you just might find yourself shopping in a fuck store. You never know.

Speaking for myself now. I used to be one of those girls who thought that it was bad to use the term fuck. I thought that it was not right to be thinking of fucking. I have since then come out of my shell, I guess you could say. I have experimented with many of the forms of fucking. I enjoy just about every one. I have had fantasies of fucking someone. For all you know, I might be talking about the person reading this little essay on fucking. Wink, wink. Maybe I would love it if you just took me and fucked me nice and hard! Maybe I have thoughts of you fucking me up against your desk in your office. Maybe I have thought of you fucking me up against a wall. Maybe I have thought about your fingers sliding inside of me and fucking me that way. Or even your tongue in between my legs down in that nether region, fucking me. You name it…I think I have thought about you fucking me every which way. I have thought of climbing on top of you and fucking you. I have thought of you sitting in a chair and me on your lap, with your hands on my hips and fucking you. So, I guess you could say I have thought of it all. And maybe there are some ways that I haven't thought of you fucking me. Maybe you could show me some new way of fucking. Something tells me you could show me new ways of fucking. But, I guess for now…I will just have to fuck you in my dreams. I'll have to live with my fantasies of you fucking me.

And how about you? What are your thoughts on fucking? What is your favorite fucking position? How often do you fuck? How often would you like to fuck? Where do you like to fuck? What is the craziest place you have fucked? I am sure you have that very memorable fuck. Maybe I could be one of those great fucking memories. I guess we'll just have to wait and see where life takes us. Maybe our paths will cross someday and it will be that right time to fuck.

So, in closing all I will say is….I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, fuck me any way you like, fuck me long, fuck me nice and dirty, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, You have no idea how bad I want you to fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How would you fuck me?

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