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Fuck Buddies

byNo Panty Girl©

Ralph and his wife Carla had lived next door to the Lindsay's since they moved in two years earlier.

It was the newlywed's first house and they had been all excited fixing up their love nest just the way they wanted it. The first two years had been right out of a storybook with the devoted couple doting over each other's desires. That is why the news of their split had come as a shock to their neighbors.

The scuttlebutt was that Christine's husband had left his bride for a young bimbo he had met where he worked.

Christine's lawyer had collected a generous settlement from her misbehaving husband, giving the wronged wife possession of the matrimonial home and an adequate monthly maintenance allowance.

Christine was sitting pretty, twenty-six-years old, tall, blonde, attractive with her own resources. The jilted wife was hurt, as the one man she had completely loved had betrayed her. She became reclusive and seldom left her home.

Ralph was surprised when he answered the phone and Christine was on the other end.

"Hi Ralph, it's Christine and I have a problem.

She went on to apologize for bothering him but explained she had a problem with the toilet, it was constantly running water.

Ralph said he would slip over and have a look at the misbehaving toilet.

It was just after ten in the morning and Ralph's wife Carla had left for work at the school board. Ralph was about to leave to meet a customer to bid on a renovation job he wanted.

Christine greeted him at the door in a pink silk robe. The belt was missing from the robe and the statuesque blonde held the robe closed with her hand.

"HI Ralph, c'mon in." she said swinging the door open wider.

Ralph stepped into the house and Chris show him the way him to the bothersome toilet.

It too Ralph only moments to remove the tank top and allow the flapper valve to close so the tank could refill.

"I feel so silly bothering you for something so simple!" Christine apologized.

"No problem" Ralph relied.

"Time for a coffee?" the attractive blonde asked.


Ralph followed Christine to the kitchen still holding her robe closed as she walked ahead of him.

Ralph watched her hips swivel beneath the smooth silk and saw no signs of panty lines.

Ralph sat at the kitchen table and lights a cigarette as Christine busied herself making a pot of coffee.

As they sat chatting over coffee Ralph detected Christine's lonesomeness. The young woman was afraid to interact with men in fear of being let down once again. Ralph's role as a friend and neighbor was not a threat to the edgy woman and he enjoyed her confidence.

Christine was refilling Ralph's cup with coffee when she accidentally spilled the hot liquid onto his lap.

Alarmed she jumped back releasing her housecoat as she rushed to get some paper towels to soak up the mess.

Christine's housecoat opened revealing she was naked beneath, her naked breasts and golden bush was put on view to her neighbor.

Ralph felt his cock stiffening as Christine rushed back to him with the paper towel, the housecoat still wide open. She was too upset to be concerned about modesty as she began to sponge spilt coffee from his lap.

As she patted Ralph's wet crotch with the towel she realized she was giving him an erection.

Christine did not know why but she impulsively pulled down the zipper on Ralph's pants and reached in to free his cock. Without hesitation she lowered her mouth over Ralph's cockhead.

Ralph gently gripped her blonde hair and guided his cock into her throat. Christine's lips sealed around his cock as she began to suck.

Ralph slipped her housecoat off her shoulders letting it slide down her back onto the kitchen floor, as she squatted naked sucking his cock.

It was the end of five months of cock starvation for the lonely wife. The feeling of Ralph's cock in her mouth soothed her craving.

Ralph groaned in ecstasy as the attractive wife sucked on his cock like her life depended on it. Christine was fourteen years younger than him but cherished his cock as if he were the man of her dreams.

Ralph knew that within minutes he would be emptying his balls into his neighbor's mouth the way she was sucking his cock. To prolong his pleasure he stood Christine up and lead her naked to the living room couch. Setting her down he spread her legs and buried his face in her golden-haired crotch. His tongue began to search her warm, moist crevice as she moaned in pleasure.

Ralph found her aroused trigger in moments and began to play with it like a miniature punching bag. The tip of his tongue quickly thumped her little member raising her to a higher state of excitement.

"Oh fuck me, please fuck me!" she moaned gripping Ralph's head tightly into her pussy.

Ralph withdrew his pussy juice smeared face from Christine's aroused womanhood, "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes, yes!" she begged.

Christine was no longer using birth control thinking she would have no need to so she was totally in danger of conceiving. She was aroused to such frenzy that the possibility would not prevent her seeking satisfaction of her immediate needs.

Ralph removed his clothes and mounted the naked beauty.

Christine lay back across the couch with her legs widespread inviting Ralph to invade her sacred space. Ralph nuzzled the head of his throbbing cock into her moistness and drove his weapon into her hungry hole.

Oh yes! Yes!" she moaned as he filled her void with his cockmeat.

Ralph felt her long shapely legs wrap around his, pulling him securely into her depths.

It was the first younger woman Ralph had fucked for many years and her tight pussy gripped his warrior like a latex glove. As he moved in and out of her he could feel his cock drawing her vaginal wall with him. Christine's eyes were open wide, her hips gyrating in weird and wonderful circles causing the head of Ralph's cock to move around in her. The woman was a fantastic fuck!

"Can I cum in you?" Ralph asked.

"It's not safe." Christine whispered. "Shoot on my face if you like."

It was beyond Ralph's wildest dreams, this beautiful young wife asking him to shoot his cum all over her pretty face. His cock began throbbing harder in anticipation of giving Christine a facial.

Ralph had only seen guys fucking broads pull out and shoot on their faces in videos, he did not know a real woman would like it. The way Christine had asked he sensed she wanted him to do it, not just to avoid pregnancy.

Christine's pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she began to lubricate. Ralph's cock made soft squishing noises sliding in and out of her hole as their bodies slapped together. Her hips were bucking beneath him like an unbroken bronco.

Ralph was of the threshold of climaxing when he swiftly pulled his cock from Christine's cunt and aimed the head at her smiling face.

His cum came in huge ropes, flying through the air towards the lovely blonde's face. Christine's mouth hung open to catch Ralph's sperm.

Then first hit was high, striking Christine directly in her beautiful blue left eye. The next found its mark, landing across her outstretched pink tongue. Two more volleys followed and lay from the tip of her tongue across her lower lip.

Peering out through a curtain of cum Christine's finger squeegee the cum hanging from her chin into her mouth and sucked her finger.

Ralph could not believe what he was seeing, Christine was eating his cum!

The one and only time he had cum in Carla's mouth she had spat it out as if it were poison. This gem of a woman was consuming his jism as if it were a pleasure.

Ralph did not want to loose his new found mistress, he wanted to use her gorgeous body again and again.

She had demonstrated her need for cock to him and was denying herself for fear of being betrayed again.

"How would you like a fuck buddy?" Ralph asked as he dressed.

"What do you mean?" Christine said as she slipped her housecoat on.

"We could fuck every day if you wanted and know there was nothing romantic about it, just taking care of our needs." Ralph proposed.

"What about Carla?" Christine asked.

"She's not interested in sex anymore." Ralph lied, "We won't tell her about it."

Christine pondered Ralph's scheme, "I will have to go back on birth control."

"Yes, I would love to cum in you." Ralph agreed.

"O.K., we will try it." She gave in.

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