tagLoving WivesFuck Her - A Love Story?

Fuck Her - A Love Story?


The Silvertons and the Shans had been friends for about five years. Jack Silverton and Kal Shan had been college buddies and kept in touch as they each went on to follow their own career paths.

Louise was a willowy blonde with short hair, long legs and a firm bubble butt. Her best asset though was her beautiful D-cup breasts, topped by lovely puffy nipples. Her darling Jack was not quite six feet but was well built, with brown hair and eyes and a nine inch uncut cock that Louise simply loved to suck.

Jack had met his wife Louise at a Christmas party and they had very quickly realised that they would marry. It was six years ago that they had tied the knot and during the wedding preparations that Louise had first met Kal. From the start she had been struck by his dark good looks.

Kal was shorter than Jack, with a chunky rugby player's build, thinning hair which he kept short and a confident air. His dusky skin told of his Asian origins and his quick dry wit revealed his excellent education.

Kal seemed to enjoy playing the field so it was a surprise when he had revealed to his friends that he had met the girl he believed would be 'the one'. Asifa was about five feet in height, slender, dark haired and dark skinned. She had gorgeous brown eyes and smallish breasts but her body was curvy in all the right places.

Kal and Asifa had met at a beach holiday in the Greek Island of Rhodes and it was their suggestion that the four friends should go to that island for a joint holiday.

So it was that Louise and Jack found themselves sharing a holiday villa with Kal and Asifa and experienced a vacation that would change their lives.

The late flight to Rhodes had left them exhausted by the time they got to their villa and Jack was the first to wake the following morning, or so he thought.

After finishing his morning ablutions, Jack walked quietly to the kitchen and found to his surprise that Asifa was already up and about. She was dressed in a T-shirt and not much else. Jack had never thought of Asifa in a sexual way before but his cock began to stir when he saw her leaning over the fridge as she reached for a bottle of water. The T-shirt rode up Asifa's thighs and revealed the lower curve of her ass. Jack was suddenly breathless.

Asifa stood up and jumped when she saw that Jack had entered the kitchen.

"Oh, Jack! You gave me a start. I thought you and Louise were still asleep, I hope I didn't wake you."

Jack grinned. "No, don't worry Asifa. I think the sunlight is what got me up this morning. What a beautiful day!"

"Yep. Can't wait to get out to the pool and do some sunbathing this morning; not that I need the tan, of course!"

The friends chatted amiably until their respective spouses awoke and the foursome had a convivial breakfast together. It was while they were clearing up that Jack and Asifa bumped into one another as she backed away from a cupboard while he was heading right for it. Her ass pressed itself into his crotch and she fell backwards a little. Jack reached round to help her and his hand somehow found itself cupped over Asifa's breast. Time seemed to stand still as Jack's cock suddenly stiffened and Asifa's nipple grew erect at Jack's touch.

"Why thank you Jack. So kind of you to help me said Asifa as she turned towards him and touched his arm in appreciation. A brief glance into his eyes told Jack that Asifa had enjoyed the sudden sexual thrill as much as he.

It was the sudden "A-hem" from Louise that brought them to their senses and they carried on with the clearing up.

In their room, Jack expected that Louise might grill him about the sudden encounter with Asifa but she was all sweetness and light. She even gave his cock a gentle squeeze as she slipped past him to brush her teeth in their en-suite bathroom.


The four friends spent the day sunbathing and enjoying the warm seas by Sidari and it was while they were resting on the beach after a lovely Greek lunch that Jack found himself gazing sleepily at Asifa while she lay on a sun longer.

Jack was lying adjacent to Asifa, face down on his own lounger, when he noticed how the sun marked out the curve of her breasts and the sharp outline of her hipbone. Once again, Jack's cock began to stir and he fidgeted uncomfortably on his lounger, hoping that Louise would not notice the way he was gawping at their dusky friend.

Asifa spoke suddenly and asked "Look guys, we're all friends here, so would any of you mind if I took off my bikini top and got a little sun on my boobs?

"Go ahead sweetie" said Kal, before adding "That's if you and Jack don't mind, Louise?"

"I've got no objections, I might even join you Asifa" said Louise. "Mind you, I'm not sure Jack will be able to cope".

"What do you mean?" asked Jack, spluttering a bit too much for his own good.

"Come on Jack, you've always had a thing for a fine pair of tits and Asifa is certainly a good looking girl. What about you Kal, mind if my hubby gawps at Asifa?"

"Well, we are on vacation," said Kal. "And you're right, Asifa is a fine looking woman."

"Aw, don't mind those two teasing you Jack" commented Asifa. "I don't mind if you peek. After all, we're all grown ups and there's no harm in looking, is there"

"Thank you Asifa. At least one of you is able to behave like an adult," said a somewhat chagrined Jack.

Asifa stripped off her bikini op and Jack caught his first glimpse of her firm breasts. Asifa's areolae were not quite as large as Louise's but she did have firm thick nipples of extraordinary length.

"Oho! I can see you drooling Jack Silverton," laughed Louise. "Why don't you show us just how grown up you are. Get over there and rub some lotion on Asifa's tits. Show her that you care about her catching sunburn".

Kal caught onto Louise's teasing and joined in – "Yeah, show her the love, Jack."

Jack was embarrassed by being the focus of so much attention, but also secretly thrilled and he took his time applying suntan oil to Asifa's breasts. Kal seemed not to mind and Asifa was silent as he rubbed the oil into her firm flesh, stroking upwards to the tips of her nipples as he finished off each breast in turn. In order to demonstrate to the others that his interest in Asifa's breasts was unselfish, Jack also made a token attempt at applying lotion to Asifa's belly, but all that did was draw hi attention to her bikini clad nether regions and the soft bulge of her pudenda. Oh what treasure she must have hidden there!

The rest of the afternoon was without incident but Jack's palms continued to tingle with the memory of the feel of Asifa's breasts and nipples and he had to lie on his front lest his erection betray the fantasies about Asifa that he had begin to entertain.


It was late in the afternoon when Louise suddenly announced that she had a terrible headache – "Too much sun, I think, Jack" – and asked her husband to take her back to their villa so that she could take a painkiller and rest in the cool of their bedroom. Kal and Asifa said they would join them a little later, after bit more sunbathing and a quick trip to the shop for some groceries.

When they got back to the villa, Louise and Jack both took a shower and she joined him in their bedroom while he lay back, dressed only in his boxers. Louise seemed much better and Jack wondered whether the headache had been no more than a ploy to get him alone. He soon got his answer.

Louise stood at the foot of the bed and slipped on a silky negligee as she commented, "So, Jack, I couldn't help notice what an uplifting effect our dear friend Asifa had on you today".

"Oh come one, Lou, I was just being helpful. And you told me to rub oil on her tits!" blustered Jack.

"Oh that's not what I mean, Jack. What I meant was the way your cock perked up every time she was near. Do you like her, darling Jack?"

"Leave it out Louise. Why would I look at another woman when I have you?"

"Because you're a man, Jack. You like to look at pretty women. Or are you somehow different from other men?"

"Well, okay. Asifa's a fit looking woman, but that doesn't mean I fancy her."

"Oh dear Jack, don't get so flustered. After all, you're not the only one that has noticed what lovely tits she has. And as for her arse ..."

"Louise!" retorted Jack, surprised that his wife would be interested in another woman 'in that way'.

Louise leaned over Jack and whispered, "Sorry Jack. Am I being naughty?"

"Wha ...?"

Louise leaned over Jack, lying across his body and resting her head on his chest. "You know Jack, darling. Am I being a naughty girl? I'm afraid I just can't help myself. That sexy Asifa got me all tingly and seeing you get excited just made it all the worse."

Jack saw where this conversation was going and his cock began to stiffen. Louise was being a very bad girl and he wondered how he should deal with her. He stroked her back, the silky slip adding an extra spark of electricity as his palm stroked her warm body. Louise continued her naughty chat while Jack moved his hand over the curve of her buttocks s she added – "You know, I was sooo jealous when your rubbed that oil on Asifa's tits. Did her nipples feel nice? Couldn't you have just sucked them deep into your mouth, Jackie boy? I could, because I'm a very naughty girl"

That was it. Jack knew what Louise was after and he gently tapped her arse with his palm.

"Yes, you are a naughty girl Louise. And you know what naught girls get, don't you?"

"What, Jack?"

"This" said Jack as he gave Louise a sharp slap on her rear. His hand stuck one firm but cheek and gave a little bounce. Oh, he was going to enjoy this.

"Punish me Jack."

Jack rubbed over Louise's silken rear and he used his pet name for her – "Lou Lou needs a spanking doesn't she?"

"Yes Jack. I'm being a bad girl and I deserve a spank."

Jack spanked Louise a few more times. The sharp retort of the smacks echoed in their bedroom and Louise squirmed on his lap. She could feel Jack's cock stiffening beneath her and her squirming added to his pleasure.

"Jack. Give me what I need, honey" murmured Louise as Jack delivered five more quick slaps o her buttocks.

"Owwww, that's just what I need" moaned Louise.

Jack stroked his hand over Louise's silk covered arse and felt the heat his spanking had generated. Sipping his hand under the slip, Jack rubbed her bare flesh and pulled back the slip to look at her glowing cheeks.

"Lou Lou, your really do have such a wonderful arse" said Jack as he leaned over and planted a gentle peck on one buttock. Louise moaned in pleasure.

Jack continued to kiss Louise's arse and she ground her pubis against Jack's thigh.

"Shift over Louise," asked Jack and she slipped off his thighs to kneel on the bed, her upper body flat down and her arse sticking up for Jack to have easy access.

Jack stood behind Louise and gave her buttocks a couple more slaps before leaning forward to kiss her again. He then rubbed his face against Louise's butt cheeks, licking and nuzzling as he covered her arse in kisses.

Louise let slip a soft growl of pleasure – "Oh baby, that's sooo fucking yummy. I love it when you worship my arse. I bet Asifa would love it too"

"Oh you are a bad, bad girl Lou Lou," said Jack. "But I know what you need ...." With that, Jack slipped his tongue into the cleft of Louise's arse and licked her with the flat of his tongue; along her arsehole and down over her perineum to the soft, wet slit of her cunt. Her pussy was dripping and the scent of her cunt juice made Jack's head spin.

"Jack, Jack, you do me so good. Baby please eat me, fuck me with your tongue," said Louise in a husky voice broken with sexual delirium.

Jack plunged his head between Louise's legs. Licking from cunt to arsehole and pawing at her buttocks. Every other lick he would stop and give her a coupe of slaps on the rear and her arse cheeks became red with the impact. Oh how he loved the heat that flared off her cheeks and the feel of her firm buttocks as he kissed and nuzzled his unbelievably sexy wife.

"Please, fuck me Jack. Fuck me" begged Louise, and she lifted her arse still higher in indication how she wanted to be fucked.

Jack moved onto his knees and slid his cock along the wet slit of Louise's pussy and she sighed at the feel of his hardness slipping and slurping through her cunt. Then he was at the mouth of her cunt and she all but screamed at him t fuck her.

Jack pressed his cock into Louise's cunt and he slipped into her as smoothly as if her were sliding his cock into a pool of oil. She was wet ... and smooth ...and unbelievably hot!

Louise pushed back as Jack thrust forward and they quickly began a seesawing rhythm, which quickened as their pleasure escalated. Jack's cock pistoned in and out of Louise and his balls slapped against her thighs and the sound of skin slapping skin filled the room.

"Fuck me darling! Fuck me hard!" moaned Louise. Jack could see his cock pushing in and out of her cunt and he could see the way her cuntal lips sucked hold of his cock every time he withdrew, as though they didn't want to let go of his invading body.

Sweat glowed on their bodies as Jack and Louise fucked with a feverish passion. A hotly sexual melody of slapping skin, laboured breathing and groans of sexual delight filled the room.

Louise began thrusting her arse back at Jack with increasing speed and he could feel her climax approach. The first sign of this was the increase in pitch as her growly moans turned into a high-pitched scream and she yelped as orgasm began to overwhelm her.

"You ... are ... a ... very ... bad ... girl ..." gasped Jack as he fucked Louise hard and fast. He added "And I'm going to fuck you like the bad girl you are ... before I then fuck Asifa"

"Oh baby, yes! Fuck her! Fuck that sexy cow ... fuck her like you're fucking me ... fill her with your cum and then ... let me eat her out so I can fuck her too!"

That was too much for Jack and his hips became a blur as he banged his cock in and out of Louise with a speed that he would not have believed himself capable of. Fucking her and fucking her until she screamed with pleasure and begged him to go yet faster.

"Oh Jack, I'm coming ... I'm COMING!!!!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OF FUUUUUCK!!! FUCK MEEEE!!!

Sweat poured off Louise's body as she writhed in pleasure, her body jumping and contorting. Jack had to hold her tight about the hips to ensure that he didn't slip out of her steaming pussy and when she collapsed onto the bed he fell upon her, slipping over her back and clasping her shoulders as he gave her a few final, and gentle, thrust of his cock.

"No baby, not there ... come on my face, come on my face" husked Louise.

Jack slipped out of Louise as she turned over to face him and he moved up her body as he wanked his cock furiously. Taking careful aim, he spurted a jet of cum onto her face and it hung there, roped over one eyebrow and along her nose. Further jets of cum splattered over her hair, her cheek and hung from her lower lip, dribbling down her chin.

Louise looked up at Jack and whispered, "Oh honey, you sure fucked me good. My cunt is still throbbing and my arse feels hot and tingly. Come and kiss me baby!"

They kissed. Deep and long and with fiery passion. Jack's cum mixing with their saliva as the hugged and rubbed against one another, mouths open and tongues clashing. Louise pulled Jack's head hard against herself as she kissed him and kissed him before collapsing back onto the bed with a sigh.

Jack lay gently over Louise, his cheek against hers as he gave her a few gentle kisses. Louise turned her head to look at him and, looking straight into his eyes, she quietly said, "I really am a bad girl Jack. I loved the way you looked at Asifa and want you to do me a favour. Fuck her for me, Jack. Fuck her like you just fucked me and I'll show you just how much I love you by fucking her too".

Jack and Louise fell asleep and as they slept they dreamed of the pleasures yet to come during this delightfully surprising vacation.

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