tagNon-Erotic Poetry!!!Fuck It to The Moon!!!

!!!Fuck It to The Moon!!!


They're trying to simulate
the first seconds of the universe,
while millions starve to death
and even suffer fates far worse...
and they'd our higher selves impress
by saying it's done for "progress" :

!!fuck it to the moon!!:
It's not Jesus Christ
but Eichman and Paunchus Pilate that
are coming back soon

Europe is united in that
their continent doesn't include Russia,
and they have their line down pat:
"You bullies get out of Georgia!!"
as if England never exploited India
France didn't rape Vietnam
and the nuke-and-oil heady ex-commies
really give a damn

Well, this isn't a Disney cartoon;
forgive the rusty bear some imperial sin
cause the American dream will soon
be as irrevocably dead as Lenin...
so just grin and !!fuck it to the moon!!

This seems to be the wrong century
for one to write poetry;
In American school they rant and expound
on the greatness of the elitist Eliot,
and Mussolini's spokesman Ezra Pound.
Well, the first wrote some pages
of beautiful verse,
but in the last month I haven't done worse

No, this fine cyborg world doesn't need poetry,
unless it worships greed and technology,
and kisses the fatty ass of democracy:
well, I'd write for free just as soon
!!!so fuck these ignoramuses to the moon!!!

Well, what were our Democrats thinking?
I mean both wars have gone bad
and the economy's like the arctic sinking...
and at this moment of political opportunity,
they thought a black man
could get elected in the land of the free!!

Well, ya know they might be right after all,
with enough dinero one could elect a wall:
Anyway, I've done my part!!,
now I just want to fuck and feast
and scribble my art now and then at least.

Yeah, it's a mad, cock-eyed world of late:
sometimes it seems could drive even
the great Martin Luther King to hate,
but there's music even amid this robotic din...
so let's try to smile and whistle the tune
and let them !!!!fuck themselves to the moon!!!!

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