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Fuck Pig

bySean Renaud©

Every woman wants to feel attractive. There isn't a point in a woman's life from the moment she first realizes she's not a boy to the moment she's lowered into the ground that she doesn't want to feel desired. They want to be told with words and with actions. Its true of every woman on the planet and a lot of men fail to really understand that it needs to be constant. Just because you've wrapped two months salary around her finger in the form of metal and transparent rock isn't the same as her feeling your eyes creeping hungrily over her flesh. Three decades and as many children isn't the same as bringing home a single flower, even a dandelion from the front yard and stumbling through a sonnet and failing horribly to find a word that rhymes with hazel.

It was all those reasons and dozens more primal that had Debi staring into her mirror putting the finishing touches on her make up. It was the first time she was going to meet him in real life. Today would be the first time he stopped being words on a screen. So it was even more important that she make a good first impression. He made her feel alive like she hadn't in years.

She'd only spoken to him twice, she'd called his cell phone from a pay phone. It was too risky otherwise. They couldn't risk regular phone calls. It wouldn't be safe for either of them. She had her family, two sons and a daughter, the youngest of whom was six months two weeks and three days older than her new lover. Then there was the chance that her husband would answer the phone and the last thing she wanted to do was explain why an eighteen year old who'd only graduated high school the week before was asking for Debi. The same problem would happen if she called him though. He had two siblings, both younger who would wonder why a teacher was calling their brother. Either that or his mother, a woman four years younger than Debi would answer the phone and then immediately alert the police to the cradle robber's intentions with her innocent son. The phone calls they had managed were from pay phones to cell phones on days when entire families had other arrangements and even they'd been short.

Debi paused once more to stare into the mirror making sure that she'd followed his instructions to the letter. He had made it very clear that he wasn't going to be patient with her. If she wanted to be his Fuckpig she had to prove that she deserved it and the proof would start before she even left the house. In fact it started with a pair of transparent green high heels he'd bought her and shipped to her office so her husband both wouldn't find out and would get credit from her peers as being a thoughtful man. It was one of those rare situations where everybody won. He'd ordered her to wear them around the house whenever her family was away and she'd obeyed. If she hadn't he would have known, she was a suburban wife who worked part time at Wal-Mart. It had probably been teen years since the last time she wore heels, and they'd been modest two maybe three inch heels. The platforms on these shoes were two inches thick and the heel added another three inches raising her up onto the tips of her toes.

The first few times she'd worn the heels she's been uncomfortable teetering on the unwieldy shoes. She'd been certain she'd snap her ankle or at least end up flat on her ass if she did anything more drastic than slide her feet forward fractions of an inch at a time, like those geisha girls with the tiny dresses that clung around their ankles. That wasn't going to be good enough for him though. He was expecting her to dance for him, to strip for him and that would mean a lot more than just shuffling her feet back and forth like a boy at prom. Every day when her family was at work she'd walk around the house in them and at night she'd quietly sneak out into the garage and practice dancing in them. He hadn't given her any direction on how she was to dance other than she was going to start off with more clothing that she finished with. So she'd started watching her husband's porn so she could mimic what the girls on it did.

Her husband's porn collection was one of the most hypocritical parts of their relationship. Debi hated that he watched porn. He was married to her, she'd given him children, she cleaned his dishes and she never turned him down. In fact in the recent years sex was at her request if she was lucky. So it infuriated her that he had to keep dozens of DVDs with young girls with perfect perky tits and cute names. For years she'd screamed and threw fits whenever she found his stash, which had ruined more than one Christmas since that time of year led to her spelunking through the house to hide gifts. Eventually she'd stopped screaming, she'd found his stash and let it alone. She didn't break them or throw them at him. She watched them and she masturbated. Debi masturbated to the most disgusting, degrading porn he owned.

Now was her chance to live out those fantasies and it started with a pair of obscene heels. He had commanded she paint her fingers and toes to match and she'd obeyed. Debi had sent him pictures of all of her clothing and nothing had met his satisfaction. In the end he made her raid her daughter's closest and borrow a black tress. Both sides of the dress were completely cut off replaced with crisscrossed lace to hold it all in place. When her daughter had worn it had been part of an outfit that included a half coat and a pair of spandex shorts. Debi wasn't even going to be permitted a bra or panties.

She consciously wriggled hoping that everything was covered up. Her full figure was straining the dress in every possible way. The plunging neckline threatened to loose her breasts if her heart beat any harder than it was. The bottom of the dress felt like it ended less than half way down her ass. The combination of low cut top and a high hem had Debi playing tug-o-war for several minutes until she got the dress to cover both her nipples and her shaven cunt.

That was what he demanded she call her womanhood. It was a cunt, it was his cunt to be more specific. Debi's fingers slipped beneath the dress gliding over his cunt and whimpered. She'd trimmed her pubic hair before but she'd never shaved it bare before. It was surreal to be running fingers over something of his but that was exactly what she was doing as her fingers glided over his cunt. She'd shaved it bare, spending half the afternoon in her oversized step down bathtub meticulously shaving every single hair from her body. Debi had peeled her cunt open making certain go get the hair hiding there and even found some closer to her asshole. Closer to his asshole, he owned her body and today he was planning to inspect her and she had to impress him.

Her dark green lipstick closely matched the rest of her outfit. In fact there was only one thing she was wearing that wasn't green. It was also the only thing that wasn't his yet. A bright red dog collar fastened snugly around her throat. A pair of dog tags hung from the front. The first read 'Property of Sean' and the second read 'Fuckpig'. It was the first thing she'd ever given him. Everything else he'd had taken from her. She was happy that he had her pride, that he was going to be in charge of her life from now on but she hadn't given him those things. He'd just taken them from her and she'd let him have them. This collar was her gift to him.

Her shrill beeping warned her that she needed to be on the road soon if she wanted to be on time. She doubted he was going to be forgiving if she was late. Debi checked her hair one last time. He'd told her he wanted her to look glamourous, he could make her trashy whenever he wanted. So she'd gone the day before gotten herself a soft perm that had a curtain of hair partially veiling her left eye, The rest of the golden curls cascaded down around her shoulders. "Okay okay." She sighed conceding with her beeping cell phone that it was time for her to go.

Debi walked up to the door quickly looking around to see if anybody was watching her and it seemed like the coast was clear. At just before noon everybody was either at school or at work so it wasn't surprising but she still didn't want anybody to see her, not even a neighbor who might innocently ask where she'd gone. She quickly scampered out to her faded white caravan and slid into the driver's seat. It wasn't wasted on Debi that she was dressed like an expensive whore in a soccer mom car.

"Oh god what if he looks at me just sees a fifty year old lady?" Every doubt possible was racing through Debi's mind as she followed the instructions he'd given her. She wasn't even sure where she was going. He'd only given her directions from her house and a time. There wasn't even an address. "What if he laughs at me?" She asked.

Half and hour later she pulled off the highway. Debi was a little more than a block off the freeway when a train blocked her path. It wasn't even a Metrolink. That would pass soon enough and she might make her appointment on time. "Fuck." She reached for her cell phone. He'd given her a number to call if anything happened, it was written n the bottom of the instructions. Debi frowned as she watched the train inch past her spot and it stretched out of sight.

Sean didn't answer his phone. Instead Debi listened as it rang almost a dozen times before switching over to his voice mail. Her entire focus had been on her phone. She hadn't noticed nearly six foot tall black man creep up on her van until he'd opened the sliding door. "Good job Fuckpig. You're right on time. Keep your eyes on the road."

The fear didn't even get a chance to properly take grasp before she knew it was him, the moment he uttered her name, her real name, she relaxed and waited for him to give her orders. "Keep driving. You know where to go." Debi drove. "You look incredible. So much sexier than those pictures of you, even the younger pictures. I guess it's true that somethings do improve with age don't they?" Debi could feel her body starting to blush. She still hadn't gotten a real good look at him, she'd been trying to get a good look at him in the rearview mirror but he'd slid directly in behind her into her blind spot.

"Sexy." He'd brought his hands around the sides of the chair and was running his fingers along her sides through the open sides of the dress. "If I'd known you weren't gonna wear a dress I might have let you wear a bra or panties. I'm glad I didn't though." Sean wriggled his fingers beneath the fabric of her dress until he got to her nipple. "I can't wait to get you out of that dress. Probably won't even take it all the way off. I'm just gonna bunch it up over your hips and fuck you." Debi whimpered. She could already feel her juices beginning to flow.

It felt like an eternity of Sean just touching her flesh and whispering what he was going to do to her before the train finally passed and she was on the road again. It was hard to keep her mind on the road when her thighs were slickly sliding against each other every time she accelerated or slowed. She didn't want to stop anyway, she wanted to hurry up and get wherever it was that Sean was leading her. She wanted him to stop teasing her. "Pull in there." Sean pointed her to diner.


"Do as your told Fuckpig." He responded and she did as he instructed pulling into the diner. Sean got out of the car before her then opened her door and stopped when he noticed the collar. He reached into the car hooking one finger beneath the leather band and pulling up. She watched him mouth the words inscribed on the dog tags. "His eyes widened for a moment and then he yanked her lips to his.

Debi smiled and wrapped her arms around her young lover. He was even more handsome than his pictures. He was wearing his hair longer than the military fade he had in most of his photos but it was still short. He'd gained weight too since his pictures had been taken, but he'd been so slender that the increased weight filled out his frame nicely. He was wearing all black, slacks, dress shoes and a short sleeved button up shirt. "You are so beautiful." He whispered breaking the kiss for a moment then pressed his lips to hers again slipping his tongue past her lips. "So are you ready?" A lump formed in her throat but she nodded. "Good well come on, I want to start by getting a piece of pie."

Jack's Diner wasn't the kind of place that Debi would normally have been caught dead in. It was one of those truck stops where the waitress was looked to be pushing sixty but was probably in her mid thirties and thoroughly used up. She barely batted an eye at the young black man and his older white woman. She'd probably seen stranger so she took it all in stride. Sean ordered a piece of apple pie and a glass of milk. "So you're ready to take your first test Fuckpig?"

"Yessir." Debi looked around the Diner at the other patrons, mostly overweight truckers from the look of them. There were two other women in the diner. One was the waitress and the other was another trucker who could have been mistaken for a man if she didn't have such huge tits.

"Don't look at them. Look at me and do as your told." Debi bit down on her lip and then stood up and walked over to his side of the table then sat don the table spreading her legs so his piece of pie was almost brushing hers. Sean ran his fingers over her pussy. "Did you make sure you got every single hair?" Debi nodded. With his free hand he kept eating his pie. "Spread em." She reached down between her legs and spread her slick folds open.

His fingers might have been on fire from how it felt when it touched her for the first time. She almost jerked the table over. "Calm down." He slid a finger into her occasionally looking up at her. "Good job Fuckpig. You pass. Now go to the ladies room and get into the last stall." He handed her a stopwatch. The alarm is set to go off in an hour. When it goes off you meet me back here at this table. You understand me Fuckpig?"


"Then get the fuck on babe." She barely taken a complete step when he stood up and hugged her from behind. "You're incredible." He kissed her shoulder. "You're doing fine and I know you'll keep making me proud." Again he kissed her on the cheek before letting her go.

The bathroom was dingy. The kind of dingy that normally would have had her spun on her heels and decided she could hold it until she got home. The sinks were rusted over and the mirrors crusted over leaving only a few spots of clear vision. She walked all the way to the last stall. That was probably the first clue that he'd been planning this for a while. In a bathroom otherwise unkempt this single toilet was clean. There were two holes cut out of the wall and wrapped with tape and instructions were scrawled on the walls in red lipstick.

Debi's jaw dropped as she read the instructions. She couldn't do what he was asking, not if she was going to go home to her husband. The instructions were that she would jerk off any cock that came through any of the holes. If a quarter came first she was going to suck them off, if a dollar came through she was supposed to swallow whatever came through the hole, for twenty she was supposed to use her twat and for one hundred her asshole.

She didn't have a lot of time to think about it her options. She was either going to lose her family or lose her lover in the next few moments. The sound of a quarter dropping cut her consideration to nothing. She'd been a teenager the last time a simple cock had been so intimidating to her. It wasn't even hard yet, not particularly large either, about the same size as her husbands actually. "I don't have all day whore!" A gruff voice growled from the other side of the wall.

Debi felt the world end as she wrapped her lips around the strange cock and started bobbing up and down. It was obvious that the man hadn't showered recently. The first hint was the slight aroma of male sweat. The second was the faint taste of dried piss. This was the second man's cock she'd touched in decades and she hadn't given her husband a blowjob in years but she remembered how it felt. She remembered the way his cock filled her mouth and the way that thick vein on the underside felt sliding over her tongue. She remembered the way it felt when his cock brushed against her tonsils. This strange cock was doing all the same things but it was completely different. This was exciting. She could hear the man in the opposite stall moaning and bumping against the wall as he thrust back and forth. Debi could feel the man's cock pulse in her mouth when she squeezed down with her lips.

The first man to take her up on the offer wasn't even finished when a second cock, this one a light brown slid in through the other hole. The second cock was already hard when it entered her tiny stall. Debi stopped for a moment the first man fucking her mouth while she stared at the second cock. There was no money so it was just a hand job.

"Swallow it bitch!" That was the only warning Debi got before the man she was sucking off came flooding her mouth with his salty cum. She nearly gagged with the thick fluid slammed against the back of her throat and she managed to swallow the first blast. The second stream oozed out of the corner of her mouth oozing down her chin. Debi pulled back just in time for the third blast to splash over her nose. The cock stayed in place for a few seconds then retreated.

Fully focused on the remaining cock she wrapped both hands around the hard flesh. She had one hand wrapped around the crown of his cock twisting quickly around the tip. Her hand was still slick from the blowjob so it slid easily enough over the cock she was jerking. The other moved down to the base steadily pumping the strange cock in her grasp. "That's it. You're a nasty fucking whore." It only took her a few more seconds to get that second cock to explode.

Debi couldn't remember if she'd ever actually watched a cock cum before. She was staring at the piss slit as it opened and a gob of white cum shot out and landed on her forehead dripping down over her nose. She gasped and the second coated her tongue and she quickly swallowed it down. It didn't even occur to her that there was another option open to her. She squeezed the last few drops of cum from the strangers cock then sat down on the toilet.

A desperate whimper rumbled from her throat acknowledging the almost painful burning between her thighs. Debi knew the only way that she was going to quell the fire was with her cum soaked fingers. The first cool ad against her clit sent a shiver the length of her spin. And the feeling of them slipping into her already soaked cunt forced her to moan. Debi worked a pair of fingers into her pussy crossing them inside her, then twisting them while she pumped as fast as she could. She worked a third finger into tight hole. It took her less than a minute to cum.

Coins kept dropping through the holes for the next hour and Debi lost track of how many cocks she'd serviced. She was only aware of the fact that she was doing a good job. Her jaw was starting to ache when the alarm went off informing her that her test had come to an end.

She gathered up the coins hurried back out to Sean was on his cell phone. "Don't worry about it Chris, you'll get a chance later." It was probably just a coincidence but Debi's youngest son was named Chris. Sean hung up as soon as she sat down and smiled. "I have to admit I didn't think you'd pass the first test." I'm really glad that you did though. He leaned across the table to kiss her but Debi dodged away.

"I just finished sucking dick." Sean lunged catching her by the collar and hauling her in for a deep kiss. He held her for a long moment before releasing her slowly lightly kissing her lips again.

"I know exactly what you've been doing. I sent you to do them do you think I would make you do something that would ruin you? That I wouldn't want to touch you after something I made you do?" He kissed her one more time. "Now don't you ever get that idea in your head again Fuckpig."

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