tagInterracial LoveFuck What Canadian Society Thinks

Fuck What Canadian Society Thinks


Sliding my tongue into Joseph Mathieu's mouth made me feel on top of the world. The young Haitian moaned in pleasure as I kissed him even more deeply. His lips tasted sweet on my tongue. My name is Caroline Rivers and I approve this message. I'm that not-so-rare forty-something white Canadian woman who likes Black males, especially Haitians. And I guess you could say that I mean it a bit more literally than most. It's what I like to do. And he knows it.

I met Joseph Mathieu while I was walking around the Saint Laurent Mall in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I've been teaching a couple of business classes at Algonquin College and I vaguely remembered Joseph from one of them. He was there last year and I guess he transferred to Carleton University. Cool. At least he has some ambition. I respect that. Of course, I found him appealing for so many other reasons. I've got a thing for young Black men. It's the reason why I got divorced.

Yeah, I used to be a regular Canadian chick. You know the type. Outwardly friendly, seemingly polite and underneath it all, totally fake. Well, I discovered something about myself. I am a total slut and I don't like to hide it. My regular life was too boring for me. I was married to this architect named Leonard Kingman for two decades. He cheated on me many times with many women. And then he expected me to keep my mouth shut because I was technically a trophy wife. Well, I kept something secret from my philandering husband. When I was a student at the University of Chicago decades ago, I dated Black men exclusively. I only married a white guy out of social and familial pressure.

I divorced Kingman, got half of all he was worth and began living my life my way. I publicly dated young Black men. Just call me a cougar with jungle fever, pardon the offence. Now I'm free to do what I want. I lost my old friends. All those stuffy society types I used to pal around with. Now I'm on my own. I live in a big house. I don't associate with socialites anymore. I teach part-time at the local college for fun. And I get to sleep with the only people who still find me attractive, young Black men.

I'm so glad I ran into Joseph Mathieu. He was looking really hot. We got to talking and I asked him to have a bite with me. It was clear to anyone watching that I was into him. He looked so good. Tall, dark and handsome. Beautiful in that uniquely sensual way that only Black men can be. It's a shame that Black women seem to take them for granted because women of all races find them really appealing. I find Black guys saltier, hotter and manlier than all other men. I can't explain it. The sight of a hot Black guy makes my cunt twitch. Just call it primordial lust or something.

Well, it seemed that I got to Joseph just in time. He was having some trouble with his girlfriend, a lovely Haitian woman named Marguerite Pierre or something. I knew exactly what his problem was. His woman was talking too much and not giving him enough sex. Black women are always making that same mistake in their relationship with Black men. The sensual Black male is a hot commodity in the world of dating. He's like the hottest car in the lot or something. Every woman wants a ride. Black women ignore this fact and leave their Black men frustrated, unhappy, under-sexed and unattended. Yet they're surprised when white women snatch Black men away from them. Can you really blame us?

I told Joseph that I knew how to take his mind off his girlfriend. I'm a mature woman, folks. Our sex drive is far superior to that of younger women. We want sex all the time, just like men do. It's a hormonal thing. I wasn't looking to tie Joseph down, marry him or anything like that. I just wanted some hot sex. Some really hot fun. And I didn't care who knew it. I spent way too much of my life worrying about what people thought. Seeing Joseph reminded me of Lawrence Hilton, the handsome Black man I met while I was a freshman at the University of Chicago. He liked me and I liked him. I fell in love with him and wanted to marry him but family pressure drove us apart. Oh, and interracial dating was really taboo back then. I ended up marrying a white guy I didn't care for. Recently I ran into Larry in a tourist spot in downtown Toronto. He's married to an Irishwoman, they have a son and a daughter together. I think I would have been happy had I married Larry. I guess I'll never know.

I will never make the mistake of caring what society thinks again. That's why I kissed Joseph in the middle of the Saint Laurent Mall food court. Everybody stared at us. Middle-aged white men shook their heads. White women rolled their eyes. Black women stood with their hands on their hips. Black men smiled. Asian men grimaced. Arab men shrugged. Yeah, everybody noticed the forty-something, six-foot-tall blonde kissing the young Black man. Ottawa is still a pretty conservative town in spite of its attempts at liberalism. And they could all kiss my pasty white ass, to tell you the truth. Joseph and I left the mall together, hand in hand, kissing every few minutes. Our difference in skin tones and ages didn't escape anyone who saw us. And I absolutely loved it. I only wished that my ex-husband and family members could see us. It would just kill them!

I took Joseph Mathieu home, and we fucked. We got it on, folks. He seemed to have a great appreciation for my six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and kind of chubby, 240-pound body. He caressed my breasts. He fingered my pussy. He kissed my neck. And I knelt before him and sucked his cock. His nine-inch, uncircumcised cock. I licked his hairy balls and fingered his asshole. Joseph really liked having his cock sucked while I fingered his ass. Doesn't bother me one bit. I am one kinky slut. Later, I climbed on top of Joseph and impaled my cunt on his hard dick. He wrapped his arms around me and began fucking me roughly. I screamed in pleasure as I rode him, loving every minute of it.

Later, Joseph put me on all fours and took me from behind. He spanked my big round white ass and then slid his cock into my cunt. He pumped his dick into me. I shrieked in pleasure as he fucked me. I had a deliciously naughty idea. I asked Joseph to fuck me in the ass. As you can imagine, he was all for it. He lubricated my asshole with some lotion and then slid his dick into my ass. And just like that, one of Canada's favorite six-foot-tall blonde-haired white MILFs got fucked in the ass by a young Black man. And I absolutely loved every second of it. When Joseph came in my ass, I screamed loud enough to wake the ancient dead. Hell yeah!

Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Joseph that first time. Over the next few months, we saw each other regularly. We danced together in night clubs, and we fucked all over the place. In a washroom inside Place D'Orleans. A back alley in Bayshore. A seedy motel in Alta Vista. And of course, we fucked all over each other's places. Oh, yeah. I was having a fun, torrid affair and I was loving it. My new guy liked me for me and I liked him for him. He was wonderfully kinky. As it turns out, so was I. Joseph let me use a strap-on dildo on him. We both enjoyed it so much that it became a regular part of our lovemaking.

I love to tie him up before lubricating his ass and sliding my strap-on dildo into him. Joseph loves my strap-on. I make him lie on his back, legs in the air as I fuck him. I stroke his dick as I thrust my dildo into his ass. I love to make him scream as I fuck him in the ass. Joseph is a real screamer. Yeah, we have a lot of fun together. He got back with his girlfriend but he continues to see me. Personally, I think he can't get enough of me. He craves what I can do. Well, I crave him. We're cool together.

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