Fuck You


Fuck You

Fuck You- For giving me false hope.
Fuck You- For taking about the future.
Fuck You-For saying “no worries” while I’m gone.
Fuck You- For breaking my heart twice.
Fuck You-For not knowing what you want again and playing me like a used board game.
Fuck You-For giving up on us after a year.
Fuck You-For being cold-hearted.
Fuck You-For not being honest.
Fuck You-For running like a coward.
Fuck You-For not trying to tell me it’s over in any form of communication.
Fuck You-For weighing sex with another person more important than waiting for the one you love to return.
Fuck You-For you not waiting.
Fuck You-For making me go through this alone in Iraq.
Fuck ME -For giving you a second chance.

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