tagErotic HorrorFucked by a Man-Beast Ch. 01

Fucked by a Man-Beast Ch. 01


(Many women dream of a fantasy man who is half man, half beast. Someone who will treat us like a lady, but fuck us like an animal. The following story is fictional. I hope you like it. I had a lot of fun writing it.)


Cindy was walking down the wooded path that is next to a stream. The path was dark from the shade of the trees and she takes her time. When she gets to the thickest part of the woods she feels like someone is watching her. When she turns around to see, no one is there.

Cindy continues to walk toward the light and the end of the woods. She was almost out of the woods when a hand comes over her shoulder and covers her eyes.

A deep voice says, "Don't Scream!" Then it moves his hand to clamp down on her mouth as the other one grabs her neck.

Cindy was frightened. She dare not scream or move whatever it that had her in its grip might hurt her. He turned her around and pushed Cindy toward the thick woods. As she got deeper into the trees it becomes quiet, the only sound she heard was that of her heart pounding. She has no idea who has her, what they want or even if it's a man or beast.

In front of Cindy lay a big tree that had fallen horizontally about three feet off the ground. She was pushed up to the tree and forced to bend over the trunk.

The voice spoke to Cindy and said, "I am going to take my hand off of your mouth do not scream."

She nods yes and the hand is removed. Then the hand pulls her skirt up over her back and then rips her panties off.

Cindy felt a finger being stuck into her vagina from behind. It begins to stroke in and out of her deep and hard. However, the thing doing the fucking made no sounds at all. Then all the sudden the finger was withdrawn and a big hard cock took its place. Slowly the man-beast pushed his cock into her couple of inches and then rammed all the way in, then pulled out just as quick.

Cindy was almost too scared to move. Slowly she began to feel more aroused then she ever did before. She moved with the big cock inside her pulsating hard again the walls of her pussy. She started shaking knowing she would climax soon.

A low moan started deep within the man-beast's throat as the speed of his cock inside her increased. When the beast's cock hit her cervix she held back a scream and climaxed all over the cock impaled in her.

Then the man-beast pushed his cock all the way inside her and held it there. Cindy felt the cum hitting her cervix in pulsating jets.

The voice says, "You can stand up now."

When she did , Cindy felt the cum run out and down her legs. She quickly turned around expecting the voice to say something, but nothing happens. Then she move back anxiously looking hoping to see who fucked her. When she did she found herself in your own bed with her hubby sleeping next to her.

Cindy look anxiously around the room and saw that she was indeed alone, except for hubby. When she looked down at herself, she saw that she was naked. Her nipples were harder then she had ever seen them before.

She spread her legs and examined her pussy. She was sopping wet with cum. When she ran her finger through it and taste it she trembled and knew it was his, the man-beast's!

Cindy then whispered, "Oooh God, it was not a dream."

She tried to remember what had happen then it came to her. She was dreaming that she was walking along the wooded area near their cabin deep in the woods.

Cindy often went their to unwind and sometimes to commune naked with nature. She has a little fetish where she likes being naked in the wood and masturbating, not caring who saw her.

She slipped quietly out of bed and walked to the back deck of their house which is secluded from the main road. Opening the door she walked out the door on the carefully as she did not want to awaken hubby.

She needed to be alone now and think things through. Oh hell, who was she kidding, Cindy needed to need to cum, and cum again as she thought about the mysterious man fucking her.

When Cindy was seated in her reclining chair on the deck quivering and said, "Oooh my, I will just have to visit those woods again. I must find this mysterious man or beast who fucked me. I need him, I want him!"

The cool nights breeze caress her nipples making them tingle. She spread her legs and ran her fingers through her drenched pussy, then brought them to her lips and licked them. Slowly she started rubbing her swollen clit.

As her hand tantalizes her pussy her other hand brings her nipple to her mouth and she sucked it in and bit it hard. Cindy loved sucking her 42D's. In her mind she was screaming, "Oooooh god that feels so damn good I! I wish the man-beast was fucking me now!"

She paused for a moment and glanced around quickly, thinking she heard something. However, when she did not see or hear anything she figured it was just the wind. So Cindy kept playing bringing herself closer to climax.

She threw her head back and closed her eyes and moved her hips about wildly fucking her own hand and said, "Fuck me, man-beast whoever you are, make me your bitch!'

The temptation of someone watching her was more then Cindy could stand,. She kept finger fucking her hot box shoving all four finger hard into her hot pussy hole. Then she bit her nipple again and squealed, "Ooooh yesss! I am cumming!" She gasps for breath as the climax overtakes her and her sweet nectar runs down her legs.

She moved off the porch and went near the edge of the woods hoping she would catch a glimpse of the man-beast. She does not hear the rustling of the leaves as the man-beast approached her.

Cindy was looking the other way when the man-beast approached her. He can smell the scent of cum on the breeze, this makes him hard and ready to fuck her. He sees her standing at the edge of his domain.

He silently moves closing the last few feet to where Cindy is. Her gets behind her holds onto her hips and growls in her ear as he slid his beastly dick into her wanting pussy.

Cindy held on to the tree as the man-beast fucks her, breathing harder and panting. The man-beast started biting the back of her neck and growling more as fucking continued.

The man-beast held onto Cindy and begin slamming his cock into her. Since he is the man-beast his cock has longer and is now ten inches and still growing.

As the man-beast rams his cock into her pussy harder. His cock grows to twelve inches and gets bigger around, growing to five inches in diameter. The man-beast then howls as he cums and instead of a few squirts puts a cup full of his cum in her pussy.

It feels like a cup of hot coffee has been poured into Cindy's vagina. Steam comes up her front and she could smell the hot cum the man-beast has left her.

She turns to say something and there is no one there. The man-beast has cum and gone without her hearing it.

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