tagGay MaleFucked by a Stranger

Fucked by a Stranger


I walk into the apartment of a stranger I've met on Craigslist, a bit apprehensively, ready to bail at the first scent of trouble. He seems nice, though, a slimly muscular Asian man in his late 30s with a welcoming smile. We talked via emails about me sucking his cock if it feels right.

If we were chicks, this would be the part where we'd share and bond and slowly establish mutual connection and intimacy leading, over the course of months, to a monogamous relationship, complete with a forest green Subaru and a buttload of cats. But, we're guys, so: a minute or so of cautious conversation, checking for signs of weirdness, a remark about how he likes my "sexy green eyes", my reply about him being handsome -- then he gets to the point. His fingers brush my forearm, gently trailing down to my wrist, tentatively asking with his touch and his eyes if I'm feeling it too.

I smile back and touch his kneecap, then slowly slide my hand up his inner thigh and under the bottom of his shorts. I'm touching the bikini briefs encasing his crotch, feeling him already growing hard. He leans in and whispers "mmmm" in my ear while his fingers unbuckle the belt holding up my shorts. His eyes widen a fraction when my shorts fall to my ankles and he sees I'm going commando, no underwear barring access to my own stiffening cock.

The next minute goes by in a blur, wordlessly tugging each others clothes off, stepping out of our shorts bunched around our ankles, and then we're naked except for his black bikini underwear covering his swollen prick. I murmur for him to kiss the back of my neck and he does so, giving me an electric jolt of pleasure as his soft lips press against the sensitive skin and his teeth gently nibble. He replaces his lips with his hand, gently pressing down on the back of my neck, trying to guide it down to his cockhead. I resist, not sure if I really want to go through with this after all.

"Please," he whispers in my ear. "Suck it. Suck my cock. It's so hard for you. Be a good girl and bend down and take it. Do you want to be a good girl for your man?"

My cock stiffens more at being called a girl, and I yield to the pressure of his hand on my neck and bend down while pulling his underwear free from his cock. I smell his musky scent on his straight black public hair, and his stiff dick grows larger in my vision until it is almost all I can see, a dusky colored helmet of flesh that touches my lips. He rubs precum on my lips and presses on my neck harder, and I open up for him.

He groans as my tongue licks the tip of his cockhead and then my lips wrap around it, tasting the salt and a tinge of copper. He slides in a bit, my tongue licking and sucking at the velvet rubbery hardness invading my mouth while I tug his underwear the rest of the way down his legs, feeling the hard slim muscles of his thighs while letting him push on my head to get his prick a bit deeper inside my mouth, taking more of the shaft.

He kicks the underwear free. I caress the inside of his hard muscular thighs with one hand, the tiny fine hairs tickling my fingers, and cup his balls with my other hand and gently knead them. He responds to this provocation by thrusting his hips, pushing further inside, slowly fucking my face, the musky scent of his crotch filling my nostrils. "Mmmm, take it, that's a gooood girl, mmmm, that's right, let me mouth fuck you" he murmurs, grasping the base of my neck firmer in a strong hand. "Go ahead, baby, please your man, mmmmmh!" He tries to make me deepthroat him, his cockhead pressing against the back of my throat, but I gag and shake my head "no". He relents and slides his cock almost out of my mouth, and I reward him by licking and sucking his cockhead. His meat twitches in my mouth, as if he's on the verge but trying not to cum. "Aaaahhh", he says. "Slower. Ahh, slower. Don't make me cum yet." He lightly runs his fingers through my hair and then suddenly grabs it, asserting his dominance. He fucks my face with quick short strokes, just his cockhead sliding between my lips with each pump of his hips, then he slowly slides his shaft deeper as my tongue curls around and slides along the invading hard flesh.

His other hand strokes my shoulder blades and then wanders downward. I gasp through the mouthful of stiff flesh in my mouth as a warm finger slides between my firm cheeks and touches my puckered hole, letting me know he wants to take it further than just a blowjob.

I shake my head "no", this is not what we agreed to, but my mouth is full of thrusting cock and I can't speak up unless I pull back from his warm flesh fucking my face, and I want to keep licking and sucking his cock and pleasing him with my mouth, and OK, yes, his finger does feel good sliding over my hole ...

So I surrender to his touch, I let him finger me, because it feels so good as he rubs and touches me so intimately. My tongue gives him further assent, rubbing and sliding along the shaft and the head more vigorously as my hands grab his hard slim butt and guide his gentle thrusts, pushing his hardness in and out of my wet mouth. I glance up, still bent over with one of his hands softly stroking the longish hair on my head and his dick still fucking my face, look into his eyes as his finger leaves my hole, my eyes saying "yes", and he smiles and the hand touching my hair slides down and gently strokes my cheek. "Good girl," he says. "Oooh, yes, such a good girl."

I hear a plastic click of a tube being opened one-handed. His hand invades my crack again, his fingers cool with lube, spreading my cheeks apart while he calls me his slutty little girl and tells me to spread my legs and take it. I part my legs wider for his invading fingers and squirm my hips with pleasure as he spreads a glob of lube between my cheeks, his finger sliding on my tight asshole, and ooooh it feels good, and I suck harder on the cock in my mouth.

"Stand up," he says. I reluctantly pull off his cockhead and straighten up ... well, perhaps "straighten" is the wrong word when you have precum coating your lips and mouth and a man is rubbing lube on your asshole and he is moving behind you and kissing your shoulder blades and your neck and your earlobes ...

I glance over my shoulder to see what he is up to, and he is putting a pale pink condom over his hard slim cockhead and unrolling it down the shaft. He pushes me gently toward his bed, then grasps my neck and bends me forward. My heart is hammering and I'm still not sure I want to go ahead with this, but I put my hands on the bed to steady myself.

His hands press on the insides of my thigh. "Open your legs for me, baby." I part my legs wider for him, feeling so vulnerable bent over with my legs splayed apart, feeling kind of slutty and ashamed that he talked me into this, but wanting it anyway, wanting to be a bitch and take it. He's standing between my legs, shoving them farther apart with his strong thighs and rubbing more cool lube between my cheeks. His hand presses harder against the back of my neck, pushing my face down until my cheek is pressed against the comforter.

I feel his shaft slide between my cheeks, his stiffness rubbing all upon and down my crack, and try not to moan, try not to give away what a slut I am for him, but I moan anyway as his cockhead rubs up and down against my hole then starts circling it. Oh god, he's pushing his stiffness against my hole and whispering into my ear to relax, and the pressure builds and it starts to hurt as he bucks for entry, and I change my mind and whisper "no, please don't", but he grabs my hips and keeps pushing and saying "yes, baby, take it, take my shaft, you know you want it, say yes."

"No," I murmur. "Please don't," but the tone of my voice says yes, yes. I look over my shoulder into his eyes, his pupils dilated with excitement, and he looks at me with eyes saying yes. He must see an answering yes in my eyes, because his eyes narrow in amusement and he gives me a little nod of recognition of my surrender to his manhood. He grasps my right hand and puts it on his hard butt cheek and says "Let me know you want it, push forward, push my cock into your little girl pussy, relax baby, relax and take it." His butt feels so good in my hand and so I push a little, consenting to the painful pressure building on my asshole, and he grabs my hips hard and thrusts and I try to relax my sphincter, trying to let him inside me. "Oh it's too big," I say frantically, "it won't fit, stop stop stop."

But he keeps pushing, hurting me mercilessly, trying to shove inside no matter what, and then his cockhead breaks through the ring and oh god it hurts but I take it, take it like the good girl I am, take his hard flesh inside me.

"Go slow," I plead, "take it easy, it hurts."

"It's OK, baby, you can take it, be a sweetie and take it deep inside for your man. You want to please me, don't you baby?"

I nod yes.

"Push out on my cock, baby. Push like you're taking a shit, and my shaft will slide in your tight little fuckhole so much easier." I try it. He's right. His shaft slides more easily into me, deeper, as he grunts with pleasure. Then he shoves his hips forward, bucking for dangerous entry, jamming it all the way inside, buried to the hilt in my burning hole. I gasp with pain but it feels good to be bent over and my legs apart and a hard prick balls deep inside me, giving pleasure to this stranger, a little ashamed that I'm doing this on our first and quite possibly last date instead of holding back a bit and just taking his cum in my mouth, feeling slutty and dirty but in a good way.

He starts fucking me, slow deep dicking accompanied by grunts as he hits bottom each stroke, grabbing my hips now, then he pants out a primal "Grrrr, grrh, grrrh" and slams inside me faster and faster. He slaps my ass cheeks, saying, "Take it bitch. Take it all ... I'm gonna cum, oh god, take my cum", and my body is shoved into the bed over and over as he thrusts and thrashes his hips at me, his body sweaty and musky smelling, his skin hot against my back, shoving deep, the heavy weight of his slim hard body pressing me into the bed.

Then he grabs my hair and yanks on it and growls as he shoots cum hard inside me, grunts again and again with each spurt. When he's finished emptying his balls in me, he collapses on my back, panting for breath and stroking my hair and groaning between gasps that I'm such a good little bottom bitch, taking his load deep in me, so hot, baby, such a slutty little whore ...

I take his weight, take his post-fuck compliments about my slutty goodness, let his hot hard slim body rest on top of me, his cum deep inside my ass, safe inside the condom's sheath. I'm wondering if there will be tenderness now, cuddling and kisses all over my skin, an affectionate squeeze of my buns, some pillow talk ...

Or will he just roll off me and go, be another dickhead who cums and then is done forever, moving on to the next hole ... I want this tenderness and affection after, I want to see him again, feel him thrusting deep inside me on yet another day.

I don't want to be full of cock and cum and yet so empty inside.

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