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Fueling Beth's World


Before the Fuel concert was over Carl was already eyeing the side of the stage where Beth stood, watching, waiting. She wore a pair of denims hanging low on her hips which were adorned with sparkly glitter, a Fuel baby doll t-shirt and her hair pinned to the back of her head. She was smiling at him but he wasn't smiling. He had a lustful glare and Beth spotted it immediately. She felt herself enveloped in a hot rush and her cheeks flared pink. Kelly nudged her in the back.

"Jeeesus, MaryBeth, look at the way he's looking at you!" She said low in Beth's ear. Beth waved her away.

"I see, I see ..." She said with a hiss.

"So, I guess I'll have to settle for Jeff again tonight!" Kelly joked. Beth looked at her and burst into a giggle.

"Noooo .... Brett's right there, just make sure you talk to him after." Kelly glanced onto the stage where Brett was now wrapping up the song.

"Peace! Good night!" He yelled into the crowd. The lights went down and the band came towards them. Beth and Kelly moved back out of the way as first Jeff passed and then Brett. Kelly looked expectantly at Brett, he didn't see her, just kept walking. Kelly's heart sank. Carl found Beth and grabbed her arms with his sweaty hands.

"Baby, I'm going to shower. Meet me over there ..." He said pointing. "in about 15 minutes, okay?" Beth nodded. He kissed her lightly on the lips and then disappeared. Beth and Kelly made their way over to wait for Carl. Kelly seemed down.

"I'm sorry about Brett." Beth said to her. She nodded.

"I should have expected it." Beth hugged her briefly.

"We'll see what happens." She said, smiling. Kelly agreed. The first one to come out their way was Kevin. His hair was wet and matted down to the back of his head and ended up in curls around his neck. He smiled coming towards them.

"Kelly ..." Kevin said approaching her.

"Yeah?" She asked. He grabbed her arm.

"We got some drinking to do ..." He said as he pulled her away from Beth. She waved behind her and Beth stood there alone until she saw Carl coming towards her. He held out his hand and Beth took it. He led her outside where a limo was waiting and Carl held the door open for her. Once inside, they were whisked to a hotel just a few short blocks away. Carl led Beth up to his room some seven floors up and they went in. Beth held open the door while Carl fumbled for a light. Suddenly the room was aglow. She closed the door and flipped the latch. They were enveloped in privacy at last. Carl tossed down his overnight bag and approached Beth. He pushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes and gazed down at her. She smiled. Her stomach was turning over and over out of anxiety and her hands had gone cold. He leaned down slowly and kissed her lips. The little light kisses were getting more heated and he held her at arm's length.

"Okay," he began, clearing his throat. "I have to ask you something." She watched him, waiting.

"What is it?" She said hesitantly.

"Would you mind if we do something a little different tonight?" He looked at her, watching for a sign of apprehension. He found none.

"Different?? Like what?" He chewed his bottom lip nervously.

"Well, to start I would like to do this ..." He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket, shook it open and, coming up behind Beth he affixed it over her eyes. She was surrounded by darkness. She heard him unzip his bag and then he grabbed her arm. She felt him tie a length of rope around her wrist and then did the same to the other one. The excitement she felt at this was almost too much and her knees were losing the strength to hold her upright. Carl slid his hands onto her waist and ran them up underneath her t-shirt sending tingles down to her toes. He pulled the shirt up and over her head. He reached behind her and unfastened her bra and tossed it away, she heard it hit the floor. He led her by the hand to the bed where he forced her back onto it. She lay flat on the bed, not being able to see while he tied her arms down to the metal edge of the bed. She found she had some play with her hands but not much. She couldn't see anything and he wasn't making a sound.

Suddenly she felt hands on her waist and her pants were being unzipped. She lifted her hips off the bed as Carl tugged her pants down and then she heard them hit the floor. The excitement of not knowing what was coming next and not being able to see was almost so exciting that Beth found it hard to breathe. She thought she heard him shedding his clothes and then she felt him kneeling on the bed next to her. She could feel the heat and bulk of his body as he leaned down and pressed his lips lightly against hers. She responded to the kiss hungrily. He pressed himself down onto her and sucked her mouth into his. She grunted as he bit at her lips and slid his tongue into her mouth. Just as she was getting into the kissing and biting he pulled back and left her cold. She desperately wanted to wipe off the saliva that he left on her mouth but couldn't reach with her hands. He left the bed and came back a moment or so later. She felt something brush over her skin, over her breasts and her nipples tightened in response. Carl knelt on the bed and brushed a feather duster over Beth's body and goose bumps popped up everywhere.

"Ooooo" She said. He tossed the duster behind him and straddled her. She could feel him hover over her, his thighs pressed against her hips and his testicles rubbed against her panties. She wanted to reach out and touch him, she pulled her hands and the rope tightened around her wrists.

"You cannot touch!" He said and ran his hands down from the top of her head to her face, down her neck, over her breasts and onto her belly. He slid his hands underneath her chest and pulled her forward off the bed, the ropes straining against her hands. He dipped his head down to her nipples and sucked one into his mouth. He sucked on it until it was good and hard in his mouth and then he bit down. Beth yelped out of surprise. He didn't respond, he just nibbled on her nipple and then bit harder. She moaned as he chewed on it, sending pain and pleasure to her brain. Beth let her head fall backwards while he moved on to the other nipple and bit down on it. Another moan of pleasure mixed with pain escaped her. He held her with one arm while he ran his finger down from her breast to her belly. He made a ring around her belly button and then slid it inside and then out again. He continued downward and hooked his finger onto the string of her thong.

He slowly slid it downwards. He let her go and fall back onto the bed and hooked another finger onto her panties and pulled them all the way down and off. He slid down and rubbed his head between her ankles. He turned his head and licked her calves leaving little wet marks, he went back and began to bite the wet marks he'd left. He bit her skin and then sucked changing the wet marks into red, swelling marks. He turned and did the same on the other leg. He lifted her leg and licked behind her knee before biting into it and making her jump. He licked and bit his way hungrily up her thigh. He spread her legs and pressed his mouth to her wet pussy. A moan escaped her and he smiled to himself. He grit his teeth and bit down onto one of her swollen lips and sucked it deep into his mouth. Beth groaned. He jammed his tongue into her and rolled it around, tasting her. He made his way up from her legs and pressed his mouth onto hers, he slid his tongue into her mouth making her taste herself. She sucked his tongue and bit at him, he pressed himself closer and allowed her free access. She bit him and he bit back.

"Ohhhh you like that do you?" He teased and made his way back down the bed, this time leaving the bed and rummaging around in his bag and then making his way back between her legs. He pushed apart her thighs and placed an object at her opening. He slid it inside and she gasped. It was cool but not smooth and shaped like ....

"A banana? You're fucking me with a banana?" He shoved it inside and then out, it was small but exciting. He pulled out the banana and then suddenly she felt him slide it into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and then bit down. He tossed the rest of the banana away while she ate the piece she bit off. He kissed her before she could swallow and sucked some of the half-chewed banana out of her mouth. He straddled her again and ravaged her neck, he bit it and sucked it until it was red and aching. She twisted and turned, arched her back and the ropes pulled. They were digging into her wrists. It was painful but she was loving every minute of it. He got off the bed again and came back. Beth smelled what she thought was candle wax and moments later her suspicions were confirmed when something hot and searing suddenly dripped down onto her nipples burning her. She cried out, he immediately thought he'd hurt her and gone too far but her moans after the cry told him something else. He grinned and dripped some more. He dripped the wax down to her belly, she whimpered at the scorching pain of the hot wax on her soft skin and he knew she was enjoying it so he continued. He dripped it down her hips and onto her abdomen. He blew out the candle and dumped the last of the hot wax onto her and then bent down and licked it. He licked everywhere he'd dripped the wax and then moved back down to her pussy. He pushed her thighs apart and grabbed something off the edge of the bed. She felt something cold touch her and press against her clit. It was smooth and felt erotic.

"Ohhh, " She groaned. He slid it inside her so she could feel the bulk of it. "Ohhhh" She groaned again. He pulled it out and slid it inside again this time further. It was so big, it stretched her wide. He pushed it in further. She gasped. "Oh, God, that thing is HUGE!" She said loudly. He snickered. He pulled it out and then pushed it in again a little further. She groaned. "Carl, baby, Carl! Please .... set me free!!" He plunged the huge dildo into her again and heard her cry out.

"You can ask but you will only get what I want and when I want you to have it." He said quietly. He fucked her with it and was acutely aware of his own massive hard on. It was throbbing and dribbling. He tossed the dildo away and made his way up to her head. He straddled her throat, his cock bumping her face. She breathed in through her nose, smelling his musky scent. He reached over her head and pulled up a pillow and stuffed it under her head so it was propped up. He backed up and slid the head of his hard dick into her mouth. She licked at it and sucked it. He slid it in more, she gagged slightly, recouped and then sucked his dick. He gasped. She could taste some of him as it went down her throat. It made her suck harder. He held her head with his hands and fucked her mouth with his hard dick. He closed his eyes and felt his balls tighten. He was gonna come if he didn't stop. He pulled himself out and breathed heavily. She licked her lips frantically as she was drooling, some of the come had dribbled onto her chin. He yanked the pillow out from under head and tossed it to the other side of the bed. He got up and began to untie her wrists.

Once her hands were free she leaped on him pushing him down onto the bed. She kissed him and bit his mouth he grabbed her arms and threw her aside, recovering he grabbed her again and held her wrists down above her head, pinning her down. He pushed her thighs apart roughly with his knees and placed the head of his cock in her hole. She gasped. It was hot and huge. She struggled with him, trying to pull her arms away. She saw his muscles flex as he held her tightly, his fingers pressing deep into her palms. He shoved himself inside her and she moaned. She raised her hips off the bed to meet his thrusts. He let her arms go and she wrapped them around him, clawing him with her nails. He cried out as he felt drips of blood slide down his back. It made him pump himself harder into her pussy, within minutes she was numb from the pounding. His balls tightened again and he felt himself come into her in hot spurts. He groaned from deep within and collapsed on top of her. She bit down on his shoulder and he moaned. He rolled off and onto his back smearing the blood all over the sheets. Beth lay there panting. Carl looked over at her and grinned, Beth smiled back.

"Gimme a minute baby and we'll go for round two ..."

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