tagNovels and NovellasFulfilled Ch. 04

Fulfilled Ch. 04


She was angry and frustrated at the same time because as far as she was concerned, Frank and the girls were her family now. And the sad part was that she had received more love and attention in the last few months than she ever did from her parents. That's when it finally hit them that they didn't know much about her family. Her first reaction was to call and tell them off, but the girls would have none of it.

They were able to convince her to meet them and hear what they had to say, she owed them that much. The next few days she opened up about her family and how they virtually abandoned her, they understood where she was coming from but at least she had a family. She decided to meet them in a restaurant because she didn't trust herself enough to keep a level head and to make sure of this; she asked that Frank join her for emotional support.

In the mean time, he had been doing a bit of research of his own, and he was impressed by what he found out. Jackie's parents were rich, filthy rich, they came from old money and from what he could piece together their marriage was mostly a business arrangement. That explained a lot, they had a child and he couldn't understand why they went out of their way to isolate themselves from her. He would find out in a few days.

The restaurant was a nice cozy little place which they frequented and the waiters knew them. She was so nervous that she couldn't even hold her glass of water and had to ask for a straw. So he did the only thing he could, he held her hand and tried to calm her. This wasn't easy but the fact that he showed his support seemed to calm her a bit.

'I can't do this.'

'Yes you can, I won't let anything happen to you okay.' Despite the reassurance, she still had reservations. Then she tensed, tightened her grip on his hand and stared at a couple that had just walked in. They approached the table slowly and right away he could tell they were absolute snobs. They checked out the place and they didn't have to say anything because their expressions showed their disgust.

'Hello mum, dad this is Frank my boyfriend,' she introduced them then turning to Frank, 'these are my parents Victor and Anna Quinn.'

'Hi Jacqueline, it's been a long time dear,' her mother replied, 'it's nice to finally meet you Frank.' They didn't even hug. Victor had yet to say a word, although he didn't have to, Frank could tell he didn't like him not that it mattered.

'Has he started beating on you like your last so called boyfriend?' he asked sarcastically.

'How dare you,' she answered with a rising temper.

'Please let's not fight,' Anna tried to intervene.

'Why, he's just after her money just like the rest of them. I've been doing a bit of digging on you young man, and your background didn't impress me. How dare you take advantage of your assistant, I thought it was against company policy to date a subordinate,' he continued.

'He loves me unlike you two. When was the last time you sent me a birthday card?' Jackie was really upset now.

'Mr. Quinn your daughter is old enough to make her own decisions and ...'

'Who are you to tell me about my daughter?' he interrupted him.

'Stop it all of you,' Anna screamed. This attracted the attention of the other customers. 'We didn't come here to fight. Jacqueline we came here to tell you, no to ask you to come home with us because we want you to take over the family finances,' she added after lowering her voice.

'That's what it's all about to you you've never cared about me sending me off to boarding school so that you could entertain your snooty rich friends. Do you know what that does to an eight year old? For heavens sake my best friends were the servants. What makes you think I want anything to do with you or your money? She couldn't continue because she was too upset.

'I'm sorry for the lack of attention, I know it's a bit late for that now but honey we need you to take charge because that's the least we can do,' Anna tried to plead with her.

'You don't get it do you, you think you can buy me off? I've found someone who can love me for me and he doesn't care how much money I have,' she said with a surprisingly calm voice. This seemed to piss her dad off.

'You little shit this is the thanks we get for raising you?' Victor bellowed out.

'Look who's talking, where were you on my seventh birthday? Oh I know you were in Monte Carlo, for my eighth birthday you were in Rio for the carnival. For my ninth you were in Egypt visiting the pyramids. I could go on and on but you get the idea, so don't tell me you raised me.'

'Don't you dare use that tone with me,' he said trying to regain control. The evening was turning out to be quite interesting and Frank had a front row seat. Fortunately for him, he could pick up on their intentions and as far as he could tell, there was more to their little visit. Anna was the key, but she was too afraid of Victor to speak up. This wasn't about Jackie taking over, they were being investigated for some questionable deals and they needed someone to take the fall for them.

Unfortunately he couldn't just come out and say it but he could make them think he knew about the illegal deals. He had to be careful about how he did it. They didn't even order food, but decided to meet again in a few days after everyone had calmed down. Jackie cried all the way home and it didn't help when he told her about her parents' little predicament. That night she cried herself to sleep, fortunately for her she had people who loved her.

Frank did a bit more digging and found out more about their shady deals, or more precisely Victor's deals. Anna was the weak link but getting to her wouldn't be easy, but he decided to try. He called up the hotel they were staying and asked for her. She seemed relieved to hear his voice and agreed to meet him right away. That was easier than he had thought, but the hard part lay ahead.

They met at a coffee shop and he could see she was really uncomfortable. 'My daughter really loves you,' she said trying to break the ice.

'I love her too, but that's not why you are here is it? I've been doing some digging and you two are in some deep shit. So my question is why are you here? Why not just leave the country; I'm sure the money you stashed in the Caribbean will be more than enough for the rest of your lives,' he probed. All of a sudden she became nervous and he could feel her internal emotional conflict as she tried to decide what to tell him.

'It was all his idea,' she finally burst out.

'Calm down, let's start from the top.'

'Okay, Victor made some deals without telling the board and when they started loosing money he borrowed from some questionable individuals to cover them but the FTC got wind of it and started sniffing around. Unfortunately I was also a signatory to them although I didn't know at the time. So now we are looking at more than twenty years each of jail time.'

'What does Jackie have to do with all that?'

'Once we sign over the finances, all liability will be on her and that gives us a loop hole to get out.'

'But wouldn't they still investigate you.'

'You'll be amazed at what a good lawyer can do with the laws they have now.' Unfortunately she was right, all a lawyer had to do was poke enough holes. But it still didn't make sense why they had to frame Jackie.

'But why Jackie, she's never done anything to deserve this,' he asked.

'Victor has never really accepted her he even did a blood test to confirm his paternity. I know as her mother I should have put a stop to it as soon as he suggested it but I'm afraid of him.'

'You can always go to the cops.'

'You're kidding right? He has very powerful connections.'

'What if I could protect you?'

'Please don't do this to me the least I could do is ask that you take care of my baby because even though I don't know you that well, I can tell that you are a good young man. Nobody can protect me from him but you can protect her. I know what I have to do I just wish I was a better mother tell her I'm sorry for everything.' With that she stood up and left. He didn't know how long he sat there because when he took a sip of his coffee it was cold.

When he got home he sat them all down and recounted the meeting's event. Jackie sat motionless but they all knew what she was going through. That evening her mum called to say they were leaving, Jackie tried to convince her to stay but she had made up her mind. For the next few days Jackie didn't talk much and when she finally broke down, she cried for a good two days and they encouraged her to let it all out.

A few weeks later, she received a call from the FBI telling her that her parent's car had been discovered at the bottom of a cliff. This time she cried for a week. Frank and the girls did their best to console her but she blamed herself for their bitter parting and their death. She flew out to identify their bodies and make funeral arrangements. Her mother's last wish was that their ashes be spread over the Rockies because that's where they met.

A few weeks later, she received a call from a lawyer asking her to come in for the reading of the will. She didn't want to go because as far as she was concerned, she didn't want anything to do with their dirty money. Frank was able to convince her to meet with the executor and hear him out. He was a nice old gentleman who also seemed to want to get it over with. After the usual pleasantries they got down to business.

Basically they had left everything to her but before he could continue he handed her an envelope. It was addressed to her, so she cautiously opened it and started reading.

Dear Jacqueline,

If you're reading this we are already dead, I know nothing I say will ever change how we treated you, but I hope that one day you'll find it in your heart to forgive us. I'm sorry we won't be around to watch you have kids, but I know Frank will be there for them which is more than I can say about us. The money we left you won't mean much so it's up to you to do the right thing. I hope you have a happy life my dear and don't make the same mistakes we did.

Mum (and dad).

She was crying by the time she finished reading it and Frank took her hand and slowly caressed it. The arbiter gave her time to compose herself before continuing. He took out a check from his folder and handed it to her.

'This is what they left you. Of course I've taken out my fees and the relevant taxes,' he said. They couldn't believe it the check was for almost half a billion dollars.

'But I thought they were under investigation for illegal deals, doesn't the government get to keep the money?'

'They died before they could complete the investigation and since they couldn't find any paper trail they didn't have a reason to put a hold on their finances.'

'What do I do with all this money?'

'That's up to you young lady.' With that they thanked him and left. She had a decision to make and Frank and the girls figured she would take a while so they gave all the space she needed. A few days later she called them together, something she had never done, and told them of her decision.

'I want you to have the money master,' she said after everyone had settled down.

'Are you sure about this? It's a lot of money,' he asked.

'You are my family now and I want you all to enjoy it.'

'You do know we are already rich right?'

'I know.' Her mind was already made up and there was nothing they could do to change it. He took the check and gave it to Lori who was in charge of the family finances. He had decided as soon as he moved in to keep her as the caretaker of his trust fund because she was more familiar with finances than he was. This was no different and since they all trusted her, he didn't have to think twice about it.

The day of the party was approaching and this offered a relief from the previous month's grief. As the girls had fun preparing and the guest list was bigger than he had expected. Some of them would spend a few nights with them because they were from out of town. He was also glad that he was finally meeting some of his neighbors. And of course Jackie had to make a decision about her future but they all knew what she would say.

The night before she got them together again and straight away cut to the chase. 'I've decided I want to do this and I hope to be as good a slave as Lori, Emily and her predecessors,' she stated enthusiastically.

'You know there's no turning back now?' he asked.

'I know that's why I trust that you will treat me as you treat any slave.' He didn't try to convince her or talk her out of it because her heart was set and the girls would kill him if he tried anything at this point. Besides she was privy to their family secret.

The big day arrived, the girls were dressed in their uniforms and as soon as the guests started arriving he understood why Lori was excited about this whole event. He didn't know what to expect but when he was introduced as the master of the house, he couldn't help but feel proud. He mingled with the other masters, some he knew some he'd heard off, and in the process got to understand why people were into this lifestyle.

The girls didn't have to take care of everyone because all of them had brought a slave or sub so all they had to do was make sure they had everything for their masters. He decided to visit the play room, something he hadn't done because he never felt comfortable and considered it as a torture chamber of sorts. The rule was everyone brought their own toys for obvious reasons. He observed some of them and was actually impressed by some of the skills fortunately it was sound proofed so the screams were contained.

He finally got to meet his neighbors, and they turned out to be wonderful people. One couple had a male sub who he could have sworn could read minds because he seemed to anticipate their every need and loved doing it. Another couple had two slaves who happened to be identical twins and they were so beautiful that Emily had to pull him away from them. They had fun that night and as their guests started leaving he was already asking them if they would be coming to the next one.

Surprisingly it turned out none of them needed to spend the night which was fine with him. That night they had a lot of fun in bed and he got to tease them until they came. They in turn did the same to him and by the time they fell asleep, they were covered in cum and happy. It took them a couple of days to get over the party and for things to get back to normal. Then they started planning for the next big event; the wedding.

First off they had to find someone to perform the ceremony, and considering that it would not be legal, they had to find a place to hold the venue. They decided to hold it in the back yard. It was big enough and they could invite as many as a hundred guests. Inviting guests wasn't the problem; it was getting someone to perform the ceremony. Once again Lori was ahead of the curve, she knew this old mistress who performed this kind of ceremonies.

There was also another surprise for Frank, there would be two ceremonies; one for the wedding and the other for the joining of Jackie as his slave. They decided to keep that last part as a secret from both of them. There was one more thing they still had to talk about; children. The problem was he didn't know how to go about it so once again the girls came to his rescue and they had a sit down. He was getting used to those by now.

'I guess my question is how many kids and especially for Jackie because she has to provide a companion for each one of them I think,' he asked.

'Jackie doesn't mind how many kids she has, and as for us Emily here would like to give you three and I two. But we can have more if you want because you know we can support them,' Lori replied.

'Have you chosen a male donor for Jackie?'

'Everything is taken care off so don't worry about that. You'll still get to make love to her anytime you want.'

'Well okay then, now how's the wedding thing coming along or is it still a secret,' he probed. They giggled and didn't answer so he let it go. They had set the wedding date for New Years Eve and the invites had almost all confirmed. This time he wasn't nervous and actually looked forward to it. Christmas was fun because the girls had a surprise present for him. They all exchanged presents and then Emily handed him a little box.

'What's this?' he asked.

'Open it.' He did and inside was an unopened pack of birth control pills.

'I don't understand,' he looked at her a bit confused.

'I'm pregnant so I don't need those anymore,' she replied happily.

'How long? I mean when?'

'I found out two days ago. I hope I didn't blind side you?'

'No, it's just that I didn't expect this until a few months from now, what about Lori?'

'Emily goes first because I already had a child and besides pretty soon Jackie will be pregnant and if I was too after child birth you won't be able to have sex with us for several weeks. So you see one of us has to be able to satisfy your needs master,' she added with a cheeky smile.

'I see your point.'

The wedding day arrived and the girls had laid out his white tux. They were nowhere to be seen but they had left him a note with instructions. The ceremony was to start a noon and since he was kept out of sight, he didn't know what was going on outside and he was tempted to take a peek at the back yard. Finally the clock chimed at noon and Jackie opened the den door, she wore a black leather mini skirt with a matching top, black spike heeled shoes and to top it off a collar. She looked hot.

She reminded him of his first night when he met Lori. 'It's time master,' she said approaching him. She gave him a soft kiss on the lips and then took his hand and led him out into the back yard. The place was packed, most he knew, but the interesting thing was that the girls were waiting for him. She gave him away. They were dressed in matching white strapless gowns which seemed to radiate with energy.

He couldn't stop staring at their beautiful faces and everything else seemed to float by. They had decided to write their own vows and after they recited them, the old lady performing the ceremony pronounced them married. But there was more. Jackie who had been standing behind the girls stepped forward and knelt before him. At first he didn't know what was going on, but Lori told him that it was going to happen next.


It's been ten years and life has been good to them. They have eight kids; two by Emily and Lori each and four by Jackie. They are planning to have more, but they are concerned about Jackie. The last baby was difficult and almost killed her so Emily has volunteered to be the surrogate. Frank started his own advertising company; Jackie and Emily finally were convinced to join Lori in her investment finance endeavor. The kids get along fine and have already paired off, and they also show signs of the gift. They've been trying to help the two oldest, James and Anna, come to terms with it. In a few more years things should start getting interesting.

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