Fulfillment 10


Emmett sits on his haunches, the position making him appear much larger than her. Even though he already was much larger, this accentuated the difference.

[What do you mean, it was your fault?]

She hangs her head. [I.. I've..] A big gust of breath has her face wreathed in fog and tiny ice crystals cling to her muzzle. [I've been sending nasty comments to Michael Ross. Calling him names. Long distance sendings. He told me, while he was on the bank, that it was my fault he was mated.]

[Mating is a conscious act, sweetheart, I have difficulty in believing you were the cause.]

[He said he was with her the last time I did it. That he did it by accident. Is it possible?]

[Yes, I suppose.]

She drops to the ground, dismayed. [What's wrong?]

[His poor mate. He's one thing, but what about her?]

[Calvin will care for her.]

Lyssa whines and skitters. [Come, mate. We should rest, finish healing.] Emmett leads off and Lyssa follows. They climb the stairs to their room, take a shower together, and fall into bed. Emmett has some new bruises.


Nathan is sitting on Joanna's bed, holding her against him. In the past couple of days, while she was gone, tending him, a larger bed had been put into her room.

"So, are you feeling better now that the Betas are back and in one piece?"

"Well, yeah, mostly. But I'm so pissed at Michael Ross. I wish there was something we could do."

"I'm sure Alpha Ross will pay restitution."

"That's not what I meant."

"I know, love, I know. But that's all that can be done. What's happened is over; the Betas are healing. Calvin Ross has taken Alpha. And everyone should carry on with their lives."

Joanna blows out a breath. "I suppose."

"I see you've been working on college applications."

She twists her head around to look at him. "Yeah."

"Where are you thinking of going?" There was an edge of something in his voice.

They hadn't talked about this, at all. There was a university nearby. It was a long commute, but she could do it. There were also a couple she was looking at that were some distance off.

"I'm not sure, exactly, it depends on where I get accepted."

Soberly, he responds. "Oh."

"Nathan, I..."

"No, Jo. Don't. You have to think of your future. We aren't... Well, we aren't anything yet." While werewolves had terms like pack members and mates, Alphas and Betas, there was no real word for what they were, although it was understood by all that they were a couple.

"Yes, we are. You... I..." She twists around in his lap and plants a kiss on him. It's like she's trying to devour him. She pulls herself closer, wraps her arms around him and holds on for dear life.

He hesitates, slightly, then slides his hands around her and pulls her tightly to him. In the next few seconds, she's tugging at his shirt, trying to pull it off his body.

As he works to remove the offending material, she yanks her shirt up over her body. Once they are both topless, she pulls herself against him again, tightening her arms around his back. Squashing her breasts against him. Caressing the nape of his neck, running her fingertips over the short stubble of his hair.

She kisses him again, as if she can't get enough, rubbing her bare skin against his. It doesn't take long before he smells it. She's become aroused.

He's torn. She was rubbing up against him, touching him, kissing him. Wanting him.

She was pushing this forward.

He had been the one to initiate everything prior to this point, mostly. She had acquiesced all three times. This time, well, was she sure?

He takes a deep breath, takes her shoulders, and pushes her away slightly. Looking into her blue eyes he sees determination, resolve, and more.

She suddenly looks vulnerable. "What's wrong?"

"What do you want, Jo?"

She curls up against his chest. Head against it and palm on his heart. Her voice is low and full of emotion. "I want to be yours."

He holds her close, not sure he can trust himself right now, filled with emotion. She'd agreed. But was that really what she meant?

She ran her nails up and down his back and he grew hard, considering what he would do. His brain was getting fuzzy with her this close and her sudden pushing.

And, so, he relents, kissing her, running his hands up and down her back. Tasting her, feeling her soft skin against him. Her hardened nipples pushing against his chest, the smell of her getting stronger.

He lays her down on the bed, looking into her blue eyes, her light brown hair spilled out across the pillow, her breasts heaving. He rolls off to one side of her and reaches out, touching her cheek, trailing a finger across her jawline, and then down, between her breasts. Joanna whimpers.

He slithers the pants and panties off her, today light purple with pink spots. He smiles to himself as he sees them. Then, as she gets up onto her elbows, he peels his own pants off and drops them to the floor. She lays back and reaches out to him.

Nathan crawls back onto the bed, moving up beside her. Smelling her passion.

She feels the hardness of his penis against her hip as he leans in to kiss her again. He was warm, and naked, and good-smelling, and looking at her with love in his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat.

Tonight was the night.

Nathan was thinking of how to do this. It would hurt her when he pushed in. He had to get her to the point where she wouldn't notice so much.

So, he had to get her close and he rolls to the side and starts stroking her body. She closes her eyes and sighs.

He kisses her, nips at her jawline and cups one of her breasts. She runs her hand up his arm and down to his waist. As his mouth dips to take one of her nipples into his mouth, she reaches down to stroke his stiffened length. He groans against her breast at the sensation.

Lavishing attention on one breast, he grasps the nipple of the other and rolls it between thumb and forefinger, and listens to her moan. Ah, music to his ears.

But he needed more and suddenly wished he had a third hand. Barring that, he nibbles on her nipple and slides his hand down to her lightly furred mound. He feels her spread her legs a little and slides his fingers between her legs. Her hips shift as she tries to get more from his touch.

She's slippery, ready for him, but he didn't have her where he wanted her yet. He wanted her so lost she'd barely feel it when he breached her.

It would be easier if he could finger fuck her but.. Well, they'd take care of that tonight.

So, he slides his fingers through her soft folds and she pushes her pelvis against his fingers, silently asking him to do what he'd done before. He continues, sucking on her tits and rubbing at her little nub.

More. More. She moans, groans, and clutches his hair, his shoulder. He works her slippery little clit and nips at her nipple until she tenses, then shudders beside him with a long groan.

As she pants and gasps in the aftermath, he lays beside her and strokes her belly. Her breathing and heart rate slow slightly and he runs his hand over her breasts. She gasps, and her eyes open suddenly, looking at him in disbelief.

Nathan rolls partway onto her and dips his head to her breast again. Joanna whimpers a bit and her hands clutch his shoulders as he continues to lavish attention on her stiff, taut nipples.

He gathers up some of her slick juice and again rubs her clit. Her chest heaves and a series of low moans leaves her lips. Her nails dig into his shoulders.

Taking his hand away, he poises his stiffened length at her entrance. She stops breathing, briefly, and he bites her nipple a bit harder. She lets out a little cry and he pushes past her virgin barrier, breaking it, the first male to enter her body.

She holds her breath again and he waits for her to adjust.

She was slick and tight around him and he felt as if he might burst. He smelled the tang of her blood. Nathan brushes her hair from her face. "You OK, Jo?"

She looks up at him, a little scared, and nods. "Yeah."

"Alright, then, love, here we go."

Nathan pulls out slightly and pushes in farther. Once more, and he's seated fully in her. He stops and groans. [Nathan, are you OK?]

[You feel so good.]

And, it begins, the rhythmic dance. In, out, thrusting into her warm, wet sheath. He puts his lips on hers and kisses her and his hips continue their regular movements. He could go at any time and was purposely moving slowly so that he wouldn't come too quickly. But it was like trying to hold back the sea. Her eyes grew wide as his knot swelled and he pushed it inside of her. She gave another little gasp of pain - it hurt.

[Sorry, Jo, I know you're still sore.]

From there, well, he could just stop and let himself deflate but her hips were keeping time with him and she hadn't told him to stop. So, he pumps into her with short, stabbing strokes. It doesn't take long before he groans her name and fills her with his seed.

He drops onto his elbows, so as not to crush her, while he gulps in air. His breathing slows a bit and he kisses her briefly. Dropping down, he puts his arms around her and rolls them over, so that she's on top. Nathan looks into her eyes, she seems a little disappointed.

He takes her shoulders and pushes her upright. She gives him a look of annoyance.

"We can cuddle in a second, love, just hold still." He hooks his thumb into the place where they're joined and finds her clit. She gasps. Her hands go to his shoulders and she braces herself against his body as he starts to rub.

Joanna's hair falls over her face as she tries not to fall onto him. "Oh, oh, oh, Nathaannn."

She comes apart on him and he gives her a couple of deep breaths before he pulls her down on top of him.

She'd done it. She'd gone 'all the way.' She wasn't a virgin anymore. She felt ... well, full was one word, since he was still inside her. A bit sore, but it didn't really hurt. Tired, sweaty, warm, ... his. It was what she had said she wanted.

She had half-thought he might bite her. That they would be mated tonight, after all, then she'd really be his.

But she was tired, and he seemed tired, and he was holding her, and it all felt pretty good. She fell asleep in his arms.


Emmett heard whining and looked at his mate. She was whimpering again, in her sleep.

No, no, Selene, no. She was reverting. He was losing her again.

She hadn't changed to wolf, which was an improvement, but she was obviously having another bad dream.

He takes a deep breath and pulls her into his arms. "Lyssa, you're alright, mate."

A pulse, a pressure, and she jerks in his arms.

He puts his nose in her hair. "Awake?"

"Hmm, yeah, what's up?"

"Are you OK?"

"Huh? Why?"


"Oh." She kicks up on her elbow and twists to look at him. "What, did I go to wolf or something?"

"What were you dreaming?"

"Dunno. Can I go back to sleep?"

He looks up at her. She was unconcerned. Who was he, then, to worry?

But he had felt something, like she had yelled at someone, and he had no idea who, why, or where. It seemed like she didn't know either. That wasn't good.

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