Full Circle


I watched Marissa Lawrence wipe the corners of her mouth with a linen napkin. Her lipstick was worn away. All that remained was a stain of berry color. The lovely pout of her lips reminded me of the way they looked after I'd spent hours kissing them.

"What?" Marissa questioned. Her dazzling smile crept across her face.


"You were staring."

"Oh was I?"


"I'm sorry. It's been a while. I forgot what you looked like."

That was a lie. Three years ago Marissa had not only been my coworker, she was also my lover. That meant every detail of her, the physical and the intimate, was filed away in my mind. There were memories of Marissa, wanton after being away from me for three days. I could see in my mind, Marissa, whimpering and weak from hours of sex. And then there was, tucked far away in the back, Marissa, exiting my life.

"I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing Paul." She chuckled then said, "Hey, let's get out of here."

My pulse shot up instinctively.

"You've got time don't you?"

My PDA had been buzzing incessantly throughout lunch. "For you? Sure."

"Great. I'm going to hit the ladies room. Don't go anywhere." She winked.

"I won't."

I watched her saunter toward the restrooms. She was the only female executive I knew who could pull off a red leather knee-length skirt, blazer and heels and still look professional. I took note of her bare legs peeking out from the hem as they crisscrossed out of sight.

I cursed myself for being back in this position. The gods were laughing at me, toying with my emotions by bringing me full circle with the woman who had crushed me three years prior. She was back at unknowingly tempting me with her tongue. It captivated me throughout lunch with the way it flicked out to catch flavors from her lips. She insisted on reminding me of what her cleavage was like with every touch of her hand to her throat. She even had the brazenness to wear that damn perfume.

"You are a dummy, Paul," I muttered.

"Now don't be so hard on yourself."

I looked up to see Marissa smiling down at me. She slipped a few bills on top of the check. Her lipstick was back in place. I fought the urge to take her face in my hands and smudge the two perfectly applied lines of berry color with my thumb.

"I happen to think you are a very intelligent man."

"Why thank you, madam."

She laughed. A wiser man would have heard it as an evil cackle and ran away, but her laughter was a siren song and I followed where she led. We pushed through the restaurant's glass doors and stood on the sidewalk. Marissa pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses from her pocketbook and slid them on.

"Where did you park?"

"In the parking garage around the corner."

"All right."

She stepped in that direction. I stood in her path and looked down into her face. I searched for her eyes. They were hidden behind oversized, fashion forward frames. I questioned her silently. She smiled and placed a dainty hand under my lapel.

"You're right. I'm forgetting."

She turned pouty lips up to me.

"Oh no you don't." I took a cautious step back.

"Huh? A kiss."

"You and I both know it's never just lunch with us. And it certainly is never just a kiss. Be straight with me for once, Marissa."

She gave one of her infamous sighs of exasperation and pretended to be interested in what the valets were doing. I watched her eyes move under the tint of the sunglasses. Her long lashes collided with the lenses. I was half tempted to yank them off her face and force her to lie to me while looking me in the eye.

"I'm back for good, Paul. Okay. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

I heard it. I couldn't stop my heart from leaping, but my head opened that folder from far away in the back of my mind and turned the pages of Marissa, exiting my life as if to say, "Remember this? Warning Paul!" I returned the file to the place far in the back of my mind and said, "Yeah. That's what I wanted to hear."

She grinned. And just like that we were walking to the parking garage.

The sound of our footsteps meeting the concrete echoed all around us. The garage was empty despite the time of day. Marissa had her hand in my suit pocket the way she always did when we walked side by side. She found the key fob and made the alarm chirp to unlock the doors. I walked her to the passenger side.

"First things first. You owe me a kiss."

"I do. You are right." I had managed to not think about the kiss. It was easy because my mind kept flashing still images of her walking out, bags packed and her face placid and cold. Hurt had a keen way of curbing the libido. But kisses could make all the pain go away. Marissa's kisses did that. They were a spoon full of sugar and more. I anticipated the kiss to feel like we were doing it for the first time, as strangers. I thought that I would have to relearn how to coax her tongue into my mouth, choreograph all of the steps of our dance again. On contact, my worries dissolved into the sweet surrender of our mouths.

Here I was, in a moment I wanted to freeze. I wanted to be outside of my own body, watching her mouth tug sweetly on my lower lip. I wanted to see if my face and body expressed the unbelievable pleasure that I felt. I wanted this moment to slow down. At 1:30 in the afternoon, standing in a downtown parking garage, Marissa and I were our most perfect. We were lovers again.

I'd picked her up into my arms so that she was straddling my middle. I didn't know I had done it until I heard Marissa squeal against my mouth. Her skirt inched higher on her thighs when she opened them to make room for my pelvis. I pressed her into the car for balance.

"Paul," she managed between kisses across my face. "If you don't get your cock out right now and fuck me I'll never forgive you."

I pushed into Marissa to show her how excited I was. She responded by rolling her hips against the hardness in my trousers. She released her head back, exposing her long beautiful neck. I kissed her there. I felt her pulse against my lips. I was drowning in that perfume.

"Hurry, Paul."

I let Marissa down long enough to open the rear door. She slid inside and backed herself up against the opposite door. Marissa positioned her legs so that one rested on the seat and the other in the floorboard. I saw right were I wanted to be. The hem of her skirt gaped open, exposing her swollen and shaven lips. No panties. Classic. I shrugged off my suit jacket, then dove head first across the leather seats.

Marissa was giggling when she caught me behind my head and guided me home. She was wet when I first tasted her and each fold was fragrant and delicious. I didn't tease her. I knew what she wanted. I moved my tongue directly to her clit. She gasped and helped me gain more access to her by moving her skirt farther up her legs.

"Mmm. Love these legs, doll."

I turned my head to briefly nibble and kiss the toned and smooth surface of her thighs, then returned to work. I open her inner folds with the tip of my tongue. I could tell that it had been a while since she'd had a release. Her juices flowed, coating my tongue and upper lip. I lapped the juices up greedily. She spurred me on with the gentle rising and squirming of her hips.

I pressed my cock into the leather cushions to ease some of the ache. I wanted to be in her, coating my shaft with the wetness I helped create. It was difficult to prolong my entry but I enjoyed pleasing her this way. The power she relinquished was intoxicating. When I raised my head to watch her swell and glisten she pleaded for more. I licked her faster, rolling the tight bud of her clit under my tongue. She was panting and tearing at her blouse. Marissa allowed me the indulgence of kissing the high peaks of her small breast. I left behind smudges of saliva and her moisture which Marissa used it to massage into her nipples. Each stroke tightened the dusky colored areolas.

I watched Marissa tug on each nipple, pulling with them the fullness of her breasts. I responded to the sight as if she were pulling on my cock.

"Let me have you."

"No," she pleaded. Her fingers took up where my tongue left off. "Finish. Please." Her voice was a whisper. Her eyes were hooded and dark. From that look I knew that if I didn't finish she would.

I allowed her to work her clit while I wiggled my tongue at her entrance. She became wetter. She was panting quicker. Her eyes shut. Marissa let out a throaty moan. Her legs shook before closing around my ears. I sucked her clit.


I left my mouth around her clit, softening its embrace as her orgasm subsided. Marissa stroked her fingers through my hair. She cooed unintelligibly with her eyes closed. To wake her, I moistened a thumb with my tongue and rubbed quickly, but softly, back and forth at the root of her sensitivity. She jumped.

"No, no, no. Gimme a second."

I could have made her come again that way. She always protested at first when I drove sensation back on her clit, but her pussy wanted more. I could smell it. If I let her lie there any longer, melting into my leather seats, I would smell her for days every time I got in the car.

"Alright. Let me have you now." I cut the pleading tone from my voice and dragged her up towards me by her forearms. She climbed on my lap. Our mouths met.

"Pussy," she said. "I taste good." Her tongue swirled inside my mouth. She made it a point to lick the glaze of her sex from my face, from chin to lip, then corner to corner. My cock flexed hard in response.

We both worked to get my slacks off, twisting and bending in the close confines of the backseat. Once we had the pants down around my feet, I watched Marissa drink me in with her eyes. If her appreciative look was a touch I would have exploded then and there. I distracted myself by helping her out of her blouse. Once undressed, I thought she would climb off me and take me in her mouth, gobble me up with those berry stained lips. I wanted her to do anything. If it was her mouth, pussy or ass, I didn't care. I wanted all of her around me, as far and as deep as was possible.

Marissa's small delicate fingers grasped my cock. They were cool against my heat. I shuddered.

"Mmm. Paul. Are you bigger?" Her voice was rich with youthful wonder. All I could do was smile. Her hand felt incredible.

"So fucking hard," she said.

We both watched her expert fingers grope the shaft. When she seemed satisfied with the ridged state of my cock she moved her crotch closer to me. She positioned me between her legs. Each stroke brought me closer to her mound.

"Come on." I thrust my hips up.

Marissa smiled down at me. She lowered her face for a kiss. When her dark hair fell around us it eclipsed the light. Our tongues touched. My hips lifted. I missed her entrance and groaned. The low ceiling of the car did nothing to prevent Marissa from moving with ease into a squatted position. She leaned back and placed each arm on the front car seats. I watched her. Marissa's whole face was beautiful and stripped of pretence. She was raw and sexy and ready to be fucked. Her dark eyes gleamed with all her horny desires. Marissa perched her slim hips over me and made a motion to lower herself down. I squeezed my eyes shut. I couldn't take the visual of her engulfing me with a pussy that was slick with want.

Marissa made a noise like pleasure and pain met in her throat. I pulled her hips down until the head of my cock met the fleshy stop deep within her. All I could hear was my heartbeat pounding in my ears. All I could feel was Marissa's liquid sheath around me. I was lost in the sensations and rhythm of our bodies. What brought me out of that state was the sound of footsteps.

My eyes shot open to look at the rear passenger door which remained open. Whoever came around the corner would get a great show. I reached to close it. Marissa stopped me.

"Who cares if they see."

The person approached closer. Marissa rode me harder. She gyrated, making her pussy grip me tighter. Each movement sent me further inside the moist canal between her thighs. Marissa's eyes followed the owner of the footsteps until they passed us.

Bawdy little cunt! I thought to myself. I gripped her, excited by her dare.

"You want them to see you get fucked?"

She didn't answer. She stared out the rear window.

I bucked into her. "Huh?"

Marissa gritted her teeth.

"Huh?" I began to pound her. My hips lifted off the seat, colliding against her with wet splashes.

"Tell me."

"Yes," she answered through clinched teeth. Her eyes were shut. Her head was back. She looked magnificent. Her skin glowed. Her nipples were erect. I took one with my mouth and sucked until Marissa moaned and shivered. She was close and my cock was soaked with her. Her eyes remained closed. I plowed into her until her moans grew into shouts. Each exclamation was accentuated by a thrust from me.

"Don't stop."

I couldn't. I was thick and harder than I had been in weeks. I loved seeing her split open, her visible clit swollen above dark lips that clutched me like a velvet glove. I replenished the sheen of her wetness on my cock with each stroke and was prepared to continue the piston pace for a long while. I relished in the heightened awareness and sensitivity in my body, but signs of Marissa's orgasm twitched around the head of my cock. I held back for the first few spasms, but she felt exquisite. Warmth grew from the bottom of my feet and erupted through me like white hot heat. I was conscious of Marissa writhing on top of me for a moment before the world fell silent again. I sank under the crushing wave of my own orgasm. Her release milked more and more cum out of me.

When I opened my eyes Marissa was draped across my chest. I caught my breath slowly and smiled to myself at the way our sex hadn't changed. It might have even gotten better.

"Mmm," Marissa finally mused. She flipped her hair to one side and looked at me. "You are somethin'."

"Thank you for lunch."

"My pleasure."

We quickly dressed to avoid another presentation of our reunion sex. Marissa had her clothing in place and as smooth as it could get, considering it had been pressed into a horrible gathering of wrinkles by our steamy bodies. She reached into her purse and drew out a lacey pair of panties. I turned away from her and started the car before she could see the surprise on my face. We rode to her hotel in silence. I heard her let out a blissful sigh on occasion, obviously revisiting our time together. I, however, couldn't get my mind off the panties she'd neatly snuck into her purse.

When we reached the hotel she invited me up for a shower and more. I had to decline. I had blown my lunch hour and then some. Tension crept into my limp muscles at the thought of what would be awaiting me when I returned to the office.

* * *


A voice called as I walked past an office door.

Hesitantly, I changed directions and poked my head inside the office where the voice came from.

"Heard the news?" Finn Rush was positioned on the corner of his oak desk.

"Just getting back in from an appointment. So no. What news?"

"Daniels, VIP west coast. Canned."

"For what?" This was a catastrophe for Martin Daniels, father of three and all around great guy.

"It's all about the numbers, my friend."

"And sadly Marty wasn't making his?"

"Exactly. Good news is they've already found his replacement." Finn straightened his tie then hopped off the desk. He began organizing papers and folders as if I wasn't there.

"Okay who?"

"The best man for the job I assure you." Finn sat down in the leather chair. A fool couldn't miss Finn's smug expression. I wasn't about to believe that Finn was even a consideration, but the tight lipped handling of the change in personnel proved that it could be possible.

"That was quick," I said. I watched him for any reaction.

"It's a busy time and that market, as you probably well know, is suffering. Badly." I ignored the implication that this had something to do with me since I was currently working in that market. Finn smoothed his tie over his round belly.


"See you tomorrow, Sutherland. Mr. Walsh will be making the announcement about the next VIP in the morning." Finn plastered a shit eating grin on his face and patted me on the shoulder before exiting the office.

I mulled over what Finn had said on the way to my desk. Could tomorrow be the changing point in my career that I'd been waiting for? I didn't dare be too hopeful. I'd put in the hours and made myself indispensible to the firm. It was time.

On my PDA, I got caught up on the emails I had missed during my romp with Marissa. Thinking about her made my stomach flutter or was it the impending possibility that my professional life was about to change for the better? Between thoughts of Marissa and thinking about the big boost my career was about to get, my head was spinning. I decided to call it a night. I would need a good night's sleep in preparation for the big day ahead.

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