tagNovels and NovellasFull Circle Ch.01

Full Circle Ch.01


Anna closed her eyes in frustration as she felt her husband roll off her. She waited until she was sure that Jon was asleep beside her before she padded quietly to the bathroom to work herself off. She was an expert now at walking around the house in total darkness without bumping into anything. She quietly closed the door without once switching on the light, careful not to make any sound.

Once she was sure that she was safe from any discovery she quickly started to masturbate, her hands working in her clit at a feverish pace. As she reached for the showerhead to give her self a quick fuck, she heard footsteps behind her. Before she could turn around or cover herself, Anna felt a rough hand clutch at her dripping pussy and give it a good squeeze. She then felt another hand squeeze her breasts as two fingers jammed themselves up her cunt. Despite herself Anna moaned and gave herself upto the delicious feeling washing through her body.

Suddenly, Anna realized that her unknown lover could be none other than her stepson, who was home for a visit. She tried to free herself from the hands that were now fucking her in a quick rhythm, but her hungry body refused to give up the pleasure that had been denied her for so long. Robbie's one hand was on her breasts squeezing them and softly pinching her nipples, his lips were kissing her shoulders and he had nearly four fingers jammed up her cunt, which he was now fucking in a quick pace. Anna was now beyond the point of reason and she felt one of her hands move to her breast while the other moved down to her clit and started massaging it to match the pace set by Robbie. She felt a wonderful feeling build up inside, as she got closer to her climax. Soon she was dripping cum on Robbie's hands as she gave in to her first orgasm. Robbie let her go and Anna fell to the floor near her son's feet.

When she came to her senses, Robbie had gone. Anna took a cold shower as she felt the tears run down her cheeks when she realized her predicament. Anna was beautiful twenty-year old girl. At five feet five, with long hair and large eyes set in an oval face Anna had always thought she looked like a geek, that is till her figure began to develop. At 18, the shy awkward girl had blossomed into a sultry siren with 36C breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips. She was still very awkward around boys and her few experiences in the backs of cars had not convinced her that she was missing out on much. She had had more fun playing with herself at night than kissing some pimply teenagers. That is until her father caught her masturbating one night. He had taken his belt to her, whipping her for her wanton behavior all the while lecturing her on the evils of giving into the devil. Within one week of the incident she had been married of to Jon Keefe, her father's 45-year-old widowed co-worker.

She had seen Jon for the first time in the chapel where they had been married. A fat bald man with tobacco stained teeth Jon had been unable to walk straight as he was too drunk. Anna had sobbed uncontrollably throughout the ceremony and had only said "yes" after her father had slapped her a couple of times to "shut her sniveling". Jon had stood by quietly as she was beaten, Anna realized with a sinking feeling that Jon was no better than her father who was drunk half the time and thought nothing of beating his wife and children.

On her first night Anna realized that her father had told Jon about her masturbation. Jon had leered at her and told her in no uncertain terms that anytime he caught her pleasuring herself she would not only be whipped but he would not think twice about selling her to a brothel where she rightfully belonged. As Anna was pleading with Jon to spare her that fate, he simply tore her dress apart and squeezed her breasts a couple of times. Anna who had not expected this assault tried to cover herself. She was rewarded with a stinging slap that threw her against the wall.

She lay quietly as Jon rubbed two fingers against her pussy and then unzipped his pants. This was the first time that Anna saw a cock and her eyes widened in fright when she saw that 8" angry member stare at her face. As he stepped out of his pants Jon roughly pulled up Anna by her hair. He dragged her to the bed and threw her down on it and spread her legs apart. He then knelt between her legs and with one sharp thrust he jammed his cock up her cunt, tearing her hymen in the process. Anna screamed in pain and writhed under him, trying to get away from this horrible thing but Jon was all over her. He continued pounding her while his hands were pinching and twisting her nipples till they hurt. Anna was now screaming like an animal. Jon added to her torture by slapping her breasts now every time he thrust in. When Anna passed out under the torture, Jon brought her around by slapping her. He continued beating her till he came inside her, after which he rolled off her and started snoring.

Anna was too stunned by everything that had happened to her and filled with disgust. She slowly crawled to the bathroom, as her legs were too sore to carry her. She turned on the shower and as the water fell on her bruised body, she tried to scrub away the traces of Jon's "lovemaking" crying all the time. When she stepped outside she saw Jon sprawled on the bed, snoring. She was nauseated at the sight of him and walked to the couch to get some rest, when she stumbled over her discarded clothes and fell down. The noise awoke Jon, who no sooner that he got up wanted to fuck his pretty teen aged wife again. He simply looked at her and commanded her to come to him with a crook of his finger. Anna was by now too scared of him to disobey and walked up to him full of dread of what awaited her. Jon pulled her in his arms and gave her a few slobbery kisses and then started pinching her nipples again. Anna winced at this renewed assault and cried out in pain. "Please no more, no more tonight" she kept begging but Jon was deaf to her pleas. He fucked her three more times that night. When he left in the morning Anna was too sore and tired to get out of the bed. Her body was black and blue from the beatings it had taken. She kept drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the day, too weak to move.

It was night when Jon returned. He was drunk. He woke her up roughly and began to rape her again, but after a few minutes he passed out and rolled off her. Anna lay quietly by his side too scared to move for fear of awaking him. The night however passed uneventfully. Jon woke up in the morning, fucked her a couple of times and then dragged her threw her into the shower. Anna obediently washed herself. When she came out Jon was all dressed to leave for the construction site where he worked as a laborer. He threw some money on the dresser and roughly told her that the honeymoon was over. "You better start taking care of the house from now on". The money was her monthly allowance to run the house and she was supposed to give him an account everyday.

After he left Anna surveyed the house. She could find the signs of his first of wife all over the place and reading some telegrams, crumpled in one corner she realized that Beth had died only 15 days ago. Anna could well imagine a cold bastard like Jon not waiting even a month before getting married again. She wondered what kind of life Beth had led.

Soon Anna's life set into a pattern. She would cook, clean the house, do the laundry and all the other household chores during the day and at night Jon would beat and rape her till he passed out depending on how drunk he was. Anna began encouraging him to drink and would dread the nights there was no liquor at home. Within two months of marriage Anna discovered she was pregnant. When she gave Jon the news, he looked at her with an odd glint in his eyes and sneered at her. "Why do I need your brats now you slut? I have a grownup son and that is one too many kids for me. You better drop it if you know what's good for you. I married you to fuck you not have you sitting with a swollen belly." She went and aborted her baby the next day. She also got some pills to avoid any children in the future. The idea of carrying Jon's seed was anyway too repugnant to her.

Robbie visited that Christmas. He was a handsome twenty five year old man. Tall, muscular broad shouldered with smiling blue eyes. He had taken one look at Anna and his eyes had filled with pity. Over the next few days Anna's life changed for the better. She had someone to talk to filling the silence of the house during the day. In the nights Jon did not beat her as brutally and even tried to be polite to her when Robbie was around. This peace lasted for 5 days. One day Jon came home drunk and seeing her talking to Robbie, flew into a passionate rage, accusing her of being a whore and trying to seduce her son. Robbie was enraged and he disgustedly walked out of the house. After Robbie left, the demon in Jon was unleashed and he began whipping Anna till she fainted. He left her in the middle of the kitchen floor and went to the living room, and started drinking. When he heard her stirring he came into the kitchen, lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom and then began raping her. Anna was by now too dazed to realize what was happening to her.

This was Robbie's second visit. He had himself written to Jon, begging forgiveness for his behavior and had even promised to stay away from Anna. So far he had left home in the mornings with Jon and only came back at night after he was sure that Jon had gone to bed. This was the first time Anna had met Robbie, and after the encounter in the bathroom she did not know how to face either of the men in the morning.

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