tagNovels and NovellasFull Circle Ch. 02

Full Circle Ch. 02


I entered my foyer. The aroma of sautéing onions and garlic hit my nose. My stomach rumbled.

"Paul! I'm glad you're home."

Danna bounded from the kitchen into the living room. Her red hair was tied in a clumsy ponytail. It left her face bare and fresh looking, almost girlish. I barely had to lower my head to receive her kiss on my cheek. Danna was a leggy thing. She was the only woman I could say I literally met eye to eye.

"Gosh. I must look a mess." She tamed a few unruly curls back into the knot. "I wasn't expecting you for another hour. But in any case, I'm glad to see you."

I wished I could say the same. I had a lot on my mind and with Danna's intrusion my head began to pound. Danna did this every time. She constantly wanted to blur the line of my space and hers.

"I really --"

A spitting noise then a loud sizzle came from the kitchen.

"Oh! My sauce!"

Danna hurried toward the kitchen. Her round bottom jostled in a pair of my gym shorts. The woman couldn't keep her hands off my things. T-shirts and sweatshirts routinely disappeared. I would even come up short on my sock count. I was looking at the culprit.

I followed my nose into the kitchen. Danna had secured an apron around her waist and was stirring a pot brimming with an aromatic marinara sauce. The basil, garlic and fresh tomatoes seemed to dance through the air to my nose with each turn of the spoon. My stomach felt like it was going to eat itself I was so hungry.

"Wow. I'm starved."

"You had lunch didn't you?"


I suddenly felt aware of the possibility that Marissa was still lingering on my body. My underwear was a little clingy from the drying wetness of her sweet hole. I was glad for the smells of dinner hanging heavily in the room. I had to make it to the shower and keep a distance from Danna least she smell where I'd been.

"It was a working lunch. You know how those things go."

I watched her carefully for a reaction. When I got back to the office I did see the twelve messages she sent between 11:45 and 12:00. In the messages she was querying me about what I was doing, where I was and why I wasn't getting back to her.

"I figured as much. I tried to meet up with you."

"I'm sorry."

"No problem," she smiled over her shoulder. She lidded the pot and retrieved a box of pasta from the pantry. I had pasta? Danna knew my place entirely too well and was too comfortable here most times for my taste, but how could I begrudge a woman who created such heavenly smells in my bachelor kitchen.

I walked over to the stove and stuck my nose into the pot. "So, what's the occasion? Your Granny's famous marinara?"

"Um-huh." Danna finished preparing the pasta then grabbed a clean spoon to let me sample the sauce. She blew on the spoonful then carefully held it out for my salivating mouth.

The flavors burst on my taste buds and I almost wanted to forego the pasta and just rut around in the entire pot of it like a pig in a trough. "Dyno-mite!" I said, feeling a dollop fall on my chin. Danna moved in as if to kiss it off my face, but I pulled back. I was certain that would be when she could smell Marissa's damned perfume on me and I'd be had. Danna scrunched up her nose in disappointment but remained smiling.

"Dynamite just like you, Paul Sutherland. We're going to celebrate early for that promotion at work."

"Promotion at work?"

"Yeah. It's all over your office apparently. Darla seems to think that you're next in line. It's so exciting!"

She made a move to throw her arms around me but I caught her by the shoulders and held her back.

"Whoa. Wait a minute. When did you talk to Mr. Walsh's secretary?"

"Oh, well, when you didn't answer my messages I thought I'd surprise you for lunch today. I finished up my morning appointments early and didn't have another one 'till two so I thought it would be fun to go to that new Thai place everyone's been raving about. Ronald Cambridge is supposed to be a big investor in it. You remember Ron. He dated my cousin last year. Deep pockets. Remember that tennis bracelet he bought her?"

I gave her my usual "I don't give a damn just get to the point" look.

"Talk about bling. But anyway, I went right up to your office to grab ya. You weren't there. Darla told me you'd already left for lunch. That's when she filled me in on the great news. It is great news, right?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Great news, though I haven't heard any word about it officially yet."

"You'll get it. I just know it."

She was beaming. I wanted to berate her for popping into my office unannounced, but she meant well. Her enthusiasm was that of a puppy some times. Her optimism and upbeat personality were exactly what I had needed after Marissa left. Now I looked at her bright smile and dancing green eyes and wondered.

"Well, don't just stand there. Go get cleaned up. This is all about done."

"You bet."

In the shower I scrubbed my skin with the soap, a wash cloth and a loofah to remove any residue of Marissa from my body. I spent some extra time on my cock and balls with only soapy hands. I couldn't forget how Marissa soaked the entire length of me with her juices. The shining lubrication had run down to my balls too as she bucked and gyrated on my lap throughout the delicious moments of her orgasm. I closed my eyes and gripped my semi hard dick. I gave it a few squeezes, mimicking the precious feeling of Marissa's tightness around me as she came. I could see the sexy look in her eyes as she watched the stranger pass by us. I was fully hard as my mind's eye followed down the length of her body, her blouse thrown open, tits released from the cups of her bra and her skirt shoved up high on her legs so I could enter her perfect bald pussy. The trembling of an orgasm seized my balls when I heard a trickling inside the toilet. My eyes flew open.

"Don't worry. I won't flush," Danna said.

My hard on quickly died.

I dressed for dinner in a polo shirt and khakis when I really wanted to be wearing whatever sweats and t-shirt hadn't been nabbed by Danna, but she said it was a special occasion. I felt the need to dress for it.

I made the right call when I saw Danna plating up the food in the kitchen. Her red hair was more auburn, dark and sultry in the styled waves that flowed down past her shoulders. She turned to see me and snatched the apron off. She wore a simple blue dress that wrapped around her slender body and tied at her waist. Its color made her pale complexion seem less pink and youthful but more deep and glowing. The shade of blue also set off her eyes and I couldn't help but give her a "God, you're beautiful" look.

She blushed then walked into my arms. I hugged her. She hugged me back, tightly, like an excited hug a child might have for her grandpa. Danna relaxed her embrace. I felt her hands caress my back and shoulders. Her face turned into my neck. She inhaled.

"You smell so good."

I gave her a squeeze then said, "And this dinner you've made smells good too." I pushed past her and stood in front of my place setting at the table. Danna had prepared a fresh green salad and bread to accompany the plate of steaming pasta and marinara.

I looked up at her. She was leaning against the counter top, face pleasant but not smiling. Danna knew how to play up her looks. The right outfit, a bit of make-up, some attention to her hair and she was a knockout. From the first time I saw her at the gym where she trained, I was interested, more than interested. Though you couldn't tell very well from the way she dressed outside the gym, at twenty-three years old Danna had a phenomenal body. It was a body unlike any woman I'd ever dated. If someone would have described her too me I would have said no thanks to a tall, athletic, red head, but Danna did it right. Her body wasn't wickedly muscular, but toned. Initial thoughts would be that a woman with her occupation would be so lean and hard that she'd lack womanly features. I don't know how she did it but Danna saved every bit of what made her a woman, from her bountiful breast to an ass and thighs that gave me more than enough to hold on to. She had it all. Her bubbly and fun personality caught me by surprise when we made our introductions two years ago. I couldn't help it. I had to let her correct my form on that fateful day, though I'd been lifting weights and exercising the correct way for years. I smiled at the memory.

"Have I told you how great you look?"

A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. She blushed then said, "You haven't. Do I?"

"Yes. Too good. Come and enjoy this wonderful dinner you were so kind to prepare for me."

Danna's smile grew. "With pleasure." She joined me at the table.

The only thing that slowed me from wolfing down the dinner was my automatic and appropriately timed responses to Danna's chatter. She babbled about the daily drama at work, how some fitness magazine released a story on new exercises she needed to incorporate and what her mother thought of our relationship.

"Let's not talk about what your mother thinks."

"She is my mother, Paul."

I paused, remembering what a mine field this discussion was. Danna's mother wanted me to "buy the cow" as she so progressively put it. I happened to enjoy getting the milk for free and was in no way going to let Phyllis Clark dictate how I was going to supply myself with my favorite dairy products, free, fresh and on demand. I wanted to tell Danna that we weren't living together and that should at least make Phyllis happy, but that would bring up Danna's diatribe on how we should, indeed, be living together "by now."

I settled with, "I adore your mom. You know that." I smiled broadly then said, "She raised a beautiful daughter who treats me well." I watched Danna's furrowed brow relax. "And goes through so much trouble to help me celebrate by making a wonderful dinner, of which I'm going to have a second helping."

I escaped to the stove and helped myself to half a plate full.

"I'm so glad you like it. Well, I knew you'd like it. You always have. Granny used to be so stingy about her recipes until she had her last episode. She decided to pass on family treasures once she realized that her time might come before she's ready, God willing."

From there I zoned out Danna's descriptions of the new family drama that arose when Granny Fisher chose to give certain items to certain family members.

In my mind I was going through my memories of Marissa. She and I were dynamic. We had an alchemy that couldn't be recreated. I knew this because no matter how much I tried to have it with Danna it would never happen. I'd been aware of it for a while now, but our relationship had progressed to the point that Danna was more of a permanent fixture in my life, like my collection of original Ansel Adams prints on the wall or a cycle of tasks I did throughout the day, like taking the same route to work.

I snapped back into the conversation when I heard Danna say, "I wish I knew what you were thinking sometimes."

I thought, "If you knew what I was thinking half the time you'd slap me, or worse." So I responded with, "Work."

"As much as you think about work, you really deserve this promotion."

I knew she didn't believe me by the way she looked down at her plate and pushed a sauce laden noodle around.

I wished I could tell her what I was thinking. Now that Marissa had blown back into my life, I had half a heart to be honest with Danna, tell her where I thought we stood, right on the edge of disaster. Maybe she too felt what I had been feeling for awhile. Who was I kidding? I couldn't be honest with Danna. I couldn't even be honest with myself. Marissa coming back changed nothing because it had always been about Marissa.

"I feel confident that this could be the time for me," I said.

Danna rose from the table and cleared the plates. I sat back in the chair, half watching the way her full hips made the hem of the dress sway with each of her steps and half thinking about how the announcement would go tomorrow. The uncertainty made my stomach flutter again.

Danna wiped her hands on a cloth then strode over to me. I noticed for the first time that she was barefoot. My eyes traveled up her calf until I reached the hem of that damned dress. Danna came to stand beside me and wedged herself between the table and me so that I had to scoot back to make room for her. When I did, she sat on my lap. Her smooth legs draped over my left leg. She encircled my neck with her arms and smiled at me. I had the instinct to say, "And what do you want for Christmas little girl?"

Danna said, "All I know is that you deserve this Paul. You really do. That's why I wanted to do something special for you."

I hugged her into my body. "Dinner was fantastic. Thank you."

Just like a puppy elated with praise, Danna beamed with delight then said, "Well, the good things don't have to end there. I want to fill this evening with other things you like."

I perked up at the thought that there could be Key Lime pie in the refrigerator, but knew I was full. "Danna, you should have told me to save room for dessert. That second helping did me in." I kissed her shoulder. "Thanks though."

Danna giggled. "Nope," Her right hand slid off my shoulder and down my chest. "Not dessert. It's something else you like."

I searched my mind for what it could be. I could have gone for a massage, but long ago Danna and I decided it was best I go to a professional. She couldn't get deep and hard into my muscles like I needed. I was about to tell her I gave up and had no idea what it could be when her right hand continued its journey down my chest, down my stomach and came to rest at my crotch.

"Oh? Oh." I felt foolish and guilty that sex wasn't at the forefront of my mind. I cringed inside.

"Oh," Danna said. She stood up and took hold of my shoulder. Seductively she lifted her left leg up to the level of her waist, like a dancer working at a balance bar, and then eased it down until she was straddling my lap. "A good man deserves some good congratulatory loving I think."

Danna's hands eased up my neck. She pulled me in for a kiss. Her thin lips parted against mine and I felt her tongue lick my lower lip like a sweet plea to enter my mouth. I accepted. Her mouth was sweet with wine and the spices of dinner. The kiss continued until our mouths became flooded with arousal. I placed my hands on each of Danna's breasts. Using the tips of my fingers I attempted to free them from both her dress and the confines of the bra. Danna's hands shot to my wrist.

"Not here, silly. Not in front of the windows. The neighbors will see."

I looked across the dining room out to the back yard. It was dark outside. The only signs of life were the lit rooms in the house whose yard adjoined mine.

"So. This is as good a place as any," I said and continued to pull on her dress. I managed to get my fingers inside. I saw the lacey top of her bra. My cock flinched.

Danna held tighter to my wrists. "I don't want anyone to see."

Before I could protest any further she sprang off my lap and headed for the light switches. In an instant we were enveloped by enough darkness. Someone would have to strain to see what was going on inside my dining room. Pale blue moonlight streamed in through the sliding glass door and provided enough light for us to see each other. My cock deflated in disappointment then surged momentarily at memory of the distant sounds of footsteps on pavement, Marissa watching the passerby and her loving every minute of it.

Danna hopped back on my lap with a happy, "Okay. Where were we?" She kissed across my neck toward my lips. "Let's get him out to play," she said.

While the mental image of Marissa was still fresh in my mind I pulled Danna down on me. I needed to be hard when Danna opened my pants. She loved that. Danna's thin lips weren't the berried pucker of Marissa's. The candied fragrance of Danna's skin and hair wasn't the same warm musk of sex and perfume like Marissa. All my cock could muster was a few twitches as Danna's crotch moved against mine.

Danna slid off my lap. She made short work of opening my khakis and pulling them down along with my briefs. Danna cocked her head to the side and surveyed my cock.

"You must be stressed form the day." She gathered my semi erect cock into her hands. "Let me help take your mind off things."

I nodded and tried to make the touch of her long cool fingers on my cock feel good. I watched her lower her head into my lap. In one gulp I was completely inside her mouth. Danna sucked hard while pulling her head away. My cock flopped out with a loud pop. She repeated that same motion again and again. Suck. Pop. Suck. Pop. Her efforts amounted to a slick shaft and nothing more. I leaned down and worked my hands into the neckline of her dress. I palmed her full breasts. They were more than I could get my hands around. I played with the weight of them. Suck. Pop. Suck. Pop. My thumbs found each of her nipples. In moments they grew to tight points. My cock did little more than pulse slowly at the attention.

I pushed Danna back onto her feet so that I could get a look at her. She met my eyes then looked down at my cock that remained flaccid against my bare thigh. I adjusted the top of her dress to that her breasts could hang completely out. They were magnificent. They seemed to glow with an opalescent sheen in the moonlight. I gazed at the half dollar sized nipples that completed the deliciousness of Danna's beautiful bust. This was something that Marissa didn't have, full pillows for me to smother my face into, to fuck into. I took Danna by the shoulders, leaned into her chest and stroked my face with each soft mound of her breast. I licked one nipple then moved to the other and lingered there until it was hard. Danna arched her back, pressing the fullness around my nose and mouth. I licked sloppily into her cleavage then yanked her into my lap. Danna knew what to do. She wedged my cock between her breasts and used her elbows to smother my meat. My cock disappeared. I groaned as my cock awakened with urgency. Danna moved her torso up and down to pump my cock between her tits, but it wasn't enough. I stood up, still grasping her shoulders, and fucked into her breasts with the full force of my body. Eyes closed, Danna released her head back. A moan escaped her mouth each time my body collided with hers. Watching my thick head peek out of the top of her cleavage did the trick. I grew harder with each stroke. Danna lowered her head to lick my cock each time it peeked out from her cleavage, basting it. The contact sent exquisite tingles down my shaft. She was waiting for my load, but it wasn't going to make it out that easily. The first one of the day had blasted the walls of Marissa's pussy earlier. It was going to be awhile before there was another.

I slowed my pace and whispered, "I don't want to come yet. Here." I pulled Danna up on her feet. "Lean over the table."

Danna glanced out into the stillness beyond the sliding glass door.

"No one will see," I said and pressed her shoulder so that she leaned over. I gathered up the hem of her dress with one hand and guided my cock between her legs with the other. The head of my cock brushed against the satin fabric on the crotch of her panties. I looked down at the sexy roundness of her ass. My hands kneaded into her bottom, grasping and releasing her flesh to watch it spring back without the slightest jiggle. My eyes followed from the two dimples above her ass to the lovely defined slope down into her crack. I was aching to make her moan so I pulled her panties to the side with my thumb. I parted her lips with my cock and was met with dry drag. Her lack of lubrication frustrated me. I was half tempted to press on and pound her until her body responded naturally to my presence.

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