tagNovels and NovellasFull Circle Ch.02

Full Circle Ch.02


Early next morning, as Jon was raping her Anna relived the memory of Robbie's hands in her cunt and began to moan.

"You've begun to enjoy yourself I see" Jon smirked as he thrust harder in her. Once Jon rolled off her, Anna washed herself and busied herself in the household chores. She avoided meeting Robbie and walked away when he entered the kitchen for his breakfast. This seemed to please Jon further. He was nervous of the effect his son would have on his young wife, yet loved his son enough to look forward to his annual visits.

When Jon and Robbie left for the day, Anna went back to the bedroom. She slowly let her hair down, peeled the clothes off and walked to the mirror and gave herself a once over. She ran her hands over her body caressing the curves, her hands slowly moving upwards to cup her breasts. She sucked a finger in her mouth and slowly circled her pink nipples, kneading her breasts till they were firm and taut then she again sucked a finger in and started massaging her clit, first with one finger then with two. She quickly brought herself to the release, Jon always denied her.

"That's quite a show you put on, my dear".

Hearing the voice Anna jumped and tried to look for something to cover herself. "Robbie, what are you doing here I thought I locked the door".

"You forget I have the spare key. I can come and go as I please. Don't bother covering yourself I like what I see."

Anna blushed, "Please don't tell your father anything, Robbie please. I'll do anything you say, but please don't tell him anything"

"I'm sure you will do anything I say, Anna. I have known it anytime these two years. But I am not going to fuck you till you learn to please me."

Anna was confused. Jon was the only man to have seen her naked. She was a virgin on the day she had been married. Till last night she had not known that sex could be so pleasurable and she had always thought that men got their pleasure by just sticking their cocks in the wives. She was still a virgin in more ways than one. But she knew one thing; she was willing to do anything Robbie demanded of her.

"Come here Anna, on your knees." Robbie commanded harshly. Anna was too scared to even think of protesting, she crawled up to where Robbie was standing. Robbie got a hard on seeing his father's teenaged wife crawling at his feet.

This was the perfect revenge on his father. Besides, he had wanted to fuck this hot babe the moment he had laid his eyes on her. It wasn't fair that his father got to keep that dainty piece of ass to himself. From his father's treatment of her, he knew that Anna would be quite submissive. He now had to let her learn that he could be a better master. He had to make her desire overcome her fear.

"Undress me Anna." He said softly. "Can you see what I feel for you?" Almost coaxing her.

These were the first kind words spoken to Anna ever since she had married Jon. She got up and quickly tried to unbutton Robbie's shirt.

"Take your time, don't be afraid Anna. I want this to be as pleasant for you as for me." He caught her hands in his and slowly kissed each finger, sucking on them gently. With the other hand he continued to stroke her back squeezing her butt softly. He then pulled her to his chest and guided her hand to his cock "See Anna what you do to me."

Anna was mesmerized by all this kindness. Now more sure of herself she eagerly pulled off Robbie's shirt and unzipped his pants, pulling them all the way down.

"Gently Anna, gently". Robbie laughed at her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips "Mmmm, I've wanted to taste you the moment I saw you" His tongue traced the outline of her lips as his hands continued playing with ass. He slowly parted her lips with his tongue and began exploring her mouth. Kissing her long and deep. All of Anna's resistance faded away as she gave herself up to Robbie.

"Will you do somethi ng for me Anna, will you help me with my erection.Will you let me come in your mouth?" Anna was shocked. This was the first time someone had asked her for a blowjob. As Robbie saw her thinking, he started massaging her clit. As his fingers picked up a rhythm, he saw Anna's entire resistance break away. He withdrew his hands and slowly pushed her down on her knees. Her face at level with his 8" cock. Anna shook her head as she realized that no way could she take that monster in.

"Please Anna, just kiss it" At his insistence Anna started to plant soft kisses along the length of that huge shaft. "Lick it" At the command Anna began to lick that huge shaft. As her tongue reached his balls Robbie held her head there. She began to lick and suck on his balls. Robbie could not wait much longer now. "Anna take me in your mouth" he commanded, and Anna mesmerized by the effect she was having on Robbie slowly took the cockhead in her mouth. She gagged immediately but Robbie held her still for a while. Letting her adjust to the first feel of cock in her mouth. He slowly pulled his dick out and then pushed further in. Slowly inch-by-inch Robbie kept pushing in till Anna had taken his entire length in. He then began to fuck her face in earnest. Anna was beginning to panic by this time. As Robbie was thrusting in her mouth she could feel him harden and then he began shooting loads of his semen down her throat. When he was nearly through, he pulled and then shot off a globule in her mouth. This was her first taste of come and Anna nearly threw up at the taste of it but Robbie closed her mouth and made her swallow it.

"You are a good girl Anna, and now I am going to reward you" Anna was surprised by the gentleness that had reappeared in Robbie's voice. He led Anna to the bed and made her lie down and spread her legs. Anna panicked, thinking that Robbie was going to rape her now, as his father was used to do.

But Robbie only played with her clit with his hands. Then he slowly began sucking on her toes. He then kissed the soles of her feet and started moving upwards kissing, licking and chewing on her legs till he reached her thighs. Anna could sense a warm feeling build inside her and she arched her back and moaned as Robbie kissed her under her thighs, her legs spread further to allow him greater access.

Robbie noticed her reaction and moved to her pussy. He parted her lips and slowly licked on her clit. She was now thrashing uncontrollably and bucking wildly as Robbie continued to kiss, suck, lick her clit. . The sensations building up inside her were driving Anna out of her head. Robbie was trying to hold her down with one hand. He then traced a path down to her cunt and stuck his tongue in while his hand started massaging her clit. Deeper and deeper he fucked her with his tongue as Anna gave in to one orgasm after another. It was Anna now who held Robbie trapped between her legs refusing to let go of him.

When he was sure that Anna would not be able to take much more, he let her cum one more time and then moved up to cradle Anna in his arms as she drifted into an exhausted sleep. An hour later when Anna woke up Robbie was still holding her and he smiled and gave her a deep kiss. She could taste her juices in his mouth and somehow she was glad that she had taken Robbie's load in her mouth. As Robbie continued to kiss her she became aware of his hard cock pressing against her belly and her eyes flew to Robbie's face.

She then broke the kiss and started to give him another blowjob. She now sucked him in expertly, letting him deep throat her. She watched his face as her tongue played with the cock in her mouth and from the expressions she learned how to please him.

"You are turning out to be quite a good cocksucker Anna. I never realized you could give me so much pleasure."

Robbie was proud of what Anna had learned on the first day. Now as he shot his load in her he saw Anna swallow it all gleefully and then even suck his cock clean for any remaining drops.

"I am going to go out now Anna. It's time or Jon to return. You can come to my room anytime you want."

The events of the day had driven all thoughts of Jon out of her head. But now her fear of her husband gripped her and she started to weep, afraid that Jon would discover her. Robbie gathered her in his arms and slowly kissed her.

"Don't be afraid of Jon anymore Anna. He won't notice anything and I'll soon see to it that you are out of here"

After a while when she was sufficiently calm, Robbie left her. When Anna was alone once again, she cleaned the room to wipe out all traces of her activities of the day and then quickly ran through her chores of the day. She was nearly through with the dinner when Jon and Robbie returned together.

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