Full House: The Reunion


The girls just nodded with their mouths opened and their eyes still focused below John's waist. Their jaws finally dropped as John let his boxers fall to the ground. His eight-inch cock was so hard and stood straight out. The girls just stared not being able to move.

John walked closer to the bed until his cock was now right in front of the girls' cute little faces. "You wanna touch it?" He asked proudly.

Mary-Kate and Ashley slowly started to put their hands on John's throbbing cock. Their fingers stroked it gently and so teasingly. They loved the way his thick cock veins were pulsating and the warm precum that oozed out as they explored his cock.

"Taste it," John blurted out.

The girls looked nervously at each other and then up at John. Mary-Kate was the one to make the first bold move. She grabbed John's cock tightly in her hand and slowly moved her face closer parting her lips ready to swallow up John's aching cock. John heaved as he felt Mary-Kate's lips wrapping around his long shaft. She first just slowly moved her lips back and forth not quite knowing how to suck on a cock.

John grabbed her by her curls and shoved his cock in deeper. He heard Mary-Kate almost gag and Ashley kept watching closely learning how to please a man. Mary-Kate was now deep throating him and her innocent blue eyes looked up at John full of lust.

"That's right baby, oh fuck yes! Mary-Kate you suck cock so good baby!" John rasped.

Ashley continued to watch and gently grabbed John's balls, touching them and exploring them. John stroked her blonde hair and she looked up at him with curiosity.

"You wanna suck on some balls baby?"

Ashley nodded moving her face close to John's swollen balls. He pushed her head closer and watched as she stuck out her tongue ready to lick his balls.

"Yeah lick em' good baby. Ashley I want you to suck on them too."

Ashley quickly lost her inhibition and was hungrily licking John's balls. He was clean shaved so they were such easy access. John was in heaven having Mary-Kate sucking on his cock and Ashley sucking his balls. He had his hand on the back of both of their heads desperately wanting to fuck their sweet mouths.

"Mary-Kate, let Ashley suck on my cock now and you go to my balls." John demanded.

Mary-Kate let John's cock slip out of her mouth and handed it over to her sister. Ashley was looking clueless for a moment.

"Ash just remember what I was doing. He likes that."

Ashley nodded and put John's huge cock in her mouth. She was a quick learner that was for sure! Mary-Kate moved on to suck on John's balls. She put one testicle in her mouth as she gently sucked on it making John's cum mix good ready to cum in their mouths.

"Ahhh yeah! Oh you two are such good girls! Such good cocksuckers!" John was suddenly blurting out obscenities that didn't seem to bother the twins.

He could feel their teenage mouths licking him, sucking him, just wanting to milk his cock. It'd been a few days since he last had sex or even jerked off. He knew he was going to release a huge load of cum. He couldn't wait for the twins to have their first gulp of a real man's cum.

Ashley and Mary-Kate both felt John grip their hair tightly. Mary-Kate could feel John's balls swelling up in her mouth and Ashley felt his cock twitch.

"Hmmmmmm I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck! Drink it up girls! Oh god swallow my cum!" John yelled out furiously.

Ashley was unsure of what to expect but she shuddered when she felt a strong and violetn shot of cum enter her mouth. She took John's cock out not knowing what was going on and Mary-Kate quickly took it back in her mouth letting John finish up.

Ashley had to take a moment to realize what was happening. John's tangy flavor was lingering in her mouth and she watched her sister gulping it all down. At that moment she regret not having guzzled it down herself. She loved the way he tasted.

"Arrrgggghhh fuck yes! Mmmmmm oooh I feel I can't stop!" John wheezed.

Mary-Kate began to almost choke on his cum and Ashley grabbed John's cock and put it in her mouth to savor those last cum drops her had to offer her. John held his head back trying to regain his strength. Never in his life had he experienced such a strong orgasm.

He was gasping for air and heard some smacking noises. His jaw dropped watching Ashley and Mary-Kate kissing. It looked as if Mary-Kate had saved some of his cum in her mouth and was passing it over to her sister. They realized John was staring at them and slowly released their kiss with a long string of John's cum separating their tongues.

"Oooh you are both so sexy!" John complimented them as he stroked their hair.

The girls' faces were bright red. He knew they were embarrassed since he caught them kissing with their mouths full of his cum. "No need to be shy around me girls. I loved what I just saw. You both sharing my cum. Do you all still taste it in your throats?"

The girls nodded and giggled. John smiled and quickly turned his face serious. "Now girls lay down for me. Open up your legs because I'm dying to taste you both. The twins lay on their back letting John view their panty covered cunts. He removed their sandals first kissing on their calves and knees gently. The he reached for Mary-Kate first and slid off her thong letting his breath get short with the sight of her tiny hairless pussy. He gawked at Mary-Kate's pussy for a few seconds and then moved on to Ashley.

Ashley's pussy was exactly the same. John's smile grew wicked. "I see you both are very identical," He teased.

The twins giggled nervously not knowing what to expect next. John put his index finger inside of Ashley's mouth. Ashley obediently sucked on it giving John memories of the awesome blowjob she'd give him.

"Yes! Suck it baby. Wet my finger," John demanded.

Ashley kept John's finger in her mouth until it was completely drenched. John slid it out of her mouth slowly and looked over to Mary-Kate. He moved his hand down between Mary-Kate's legs and slowly searched for her pussy hole with his wet index finger.

Mary-Kate gasped right away as John's finger was gently poking her pussy trying to insert his finger in. "Owwww mmmmm," She cried out.

John felt her tiny opening at last and started to insert his finger inside. Fuck! She feels so tight! Oh so fuckin' tight! John thought to himself.

Mary-Kate's juices oozed out little by little. John started to pick up his rhythm now finger fucking Mary-Kate fast. He could see the expressions on her face. They were expressions of pain and pleasure.

"You like that baby? You want more?" John asked while Ashley watched curiously.

"Mmmm yeah! Ooooh John it's starting to feel good! Sooo good!" Mary-Kate cooed.

John reached over and put his other index finger in Mary-Kate's mouth. She sucked on it just as Ashley had getting soaking wet. John went on to slide his finger inside of Ashley's pussy. He had felt her tight pussy quickly devour his finger. She was so wet from watching her sister getting finger fucked.

"Mmmm you're so wet! You like my finger in your pussy?" John asked Ashley and all she could do was moan.

There he was finger fucking both twins at the same time. He could hear their simultaneous moans echoing in the room. "I want you two to cum hard for me. Do for me please." John begged anxiously waiting for the big moment.

The twins were gripping the satin sheets tightly trying to adjust to the feeling of having something inside of them. Their pink nipples were pert and John leaned down to take turns sucking on them as he kept finger fucking the girls.

His fingers were coated with their youthful juices and their smell was stronger now enticing him. He felt their pussy's tighten suddenly and Mary-Kate was the first to cum. She closed her eyes and threw her head to the side as she moaned biting her lower lip. Her tiny body was shaking madly and her pussy was oozing out her honey.

"Hmmmmggghhhhh! Mmmmmmggghhh!" Her moans were so loud.

"Yes! Oh baby you're cumming! You look so sexy! Let yourself go baby doll," John cheered.

He didn't stop fingering Ashley and kept his finger inside of Mary-Kate until she completely recovered. His finger pumped in and out of Ashley's pussy and he began to see her close her eyes tightly. John fingered faster now and her screams almost shook the room.

"Ahhhhhoooohmmmm! I'm c-cuming! Ooooh feel me cum John!"

John could feel her little pussy pulsing around his finger and her body was body was stiff with her bottom lip quivering in delight. His fingers crept out slowly letting the girls' breath and recover. He wanted to wait for a while to please them again but he couldn't. John couldn't take the delicious smell of their pussies any longer and dove his head down between Ashley's legs and started to lick her pussy.

"Oooooh goddddd!" Ashley groaned.

Mary-Kate raised herself up and watched closely as her sister was getting eaten out. She could see John's long tongue flicking up and down on Ashley's swollen clit. Her sister was squirming on the bed like never before. The sound of John's tongue slaps could be heard a mile away!

"Ash? Does that feel good?" Mary-Kate asked her sister.

Ashley could barely respond. "Oooh yess sis! Sooo good! He's licking me soooo good!"

Mary-Kate felt somewhat jealous but she knew she'd have her turn. Ashley was lost in her own pleasure and even more when she felt John's lips wrap around her clit sucking on it and tugging on it.

"Yes! Like that! Oh John keep licking me! I'm going to cum a-again! Ooooohhh fuck!"

John felt a warm glob of juices hit his lips. She tasted so incredible! Her juices were sweet and her smell was unforgettable! Ashley moaned hard and her thighs clamped around John's head keeping him there until she was finished.

It took a while but John finally felt Ashley's hold weaken. He raised his head up and smiled at her. She looked so spent and turned on. He wiped his mouth and saw Mary-Kate already rubbing her pussy.

"I need to fuck one of you." John said in a demanding tone.

Ashley got up slowly and kissed him tasting her own pussy on his lips. "I want your cock John. I've been dreaming of the day you get to deflower me."

John looked at Ashley and then at Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate just smiled and seemed to agree that John deflower Ashley first. John lay on his back with his eight inch cock sticking straight up in the air. He signaled Ashley to approach him. Ashley crawled over to her lover and they shared a nice warm kiss. Mary-Kate watched attentively learning how a girl loses her virginity.

"Ok Ashley you're going to learn how to ride a cock baby. Now get on top of me and straddle my cock."

Ashley did just that and held John's throbbing cock near her pussy. John put his hands on her tiny waist holding her up. "Ok now slide it in you. It might hurt some but keep sliding it in you until you are sitting on it."

Ashley glided her pussy on John's cock trying to get it in her tight pussy. She managed to get the tip of John's cock right on the target of her pussy hole. "Yes! Right there baby! Slide your pussy on it. Get it in you!" John was moaning.

Ashley felt the head of John's cock going inside of her. She bit her lip moaning her pain. Mary-Kate just kept watching with wide eyes. Inch by inch was being swallowed up by Ashley's innocent pussy. John had never felt a tighter or sweeter pussy in his entire life!

"Ahhhh yeah! Oh baby you feel so good! Now move your body up and down! Oh fuck I wanna cum so hard in you!" John blurted out in the midst of his passion.

"Owww John it hurts. You're big!" Ashley wailed painfully.

"Sis it's going to hurt but soon enough it should feel good," Mary-Kate said in a comforting tone.

That calmed Ashley down a bit and now her pussy didn't seem so tensed up. She started to ride John's cock now picking up her speed. Her eyes were closed and her head was tossed back getting used to John's size.

"Mmmgggghhhh, it is starting to feel good! Oh sooo good!" Ashley blurted out.

John felt his toes curling up. Ashley was doing a fine job for being a virgin. She was learning the ropes of pleasing a man really fast. She was going to be such a wonderful fuck. Her young body looked incredible from John's point of view. Her nipples were hard and her flat tummy was moving fast back and forth from her heavy breathing.

"Ahhh keep riding me like that baby! Oohhhh you're making my cock feel so good!"

Mary-Kate kept watching and then at a quick glace her eyes met with John's. He kept staring at her and then back at her sister. "Mary-Kate, come sit on my face. Let me pleasure you like I did with your beautiful sister."

Mary-Kate didn't hesitate and scooted over to John. She kissed him passionately having a small taste of her sister's honey. She climbed over John's face and planted her pussy down on it. She didn't feel anything but in just two seconds her body went on fire. John's tongue was violently wiggling on her clit.

"Hmmmm ooooh John! Lick my pussy! Oooh sis he eats pussy sooo good!" Mary-Kate screamed.

Ashley knew her sister was speaking the truth. John did eat pussy well but his cock was ever better! She could feel it pulsating inside of her. It was easy to get into the steady rhythm now that she was feeling the cock's pleasure.

John was in heaven. One sweet pussy fucking his cock and another fucking his face. He knew he was going to cum hard and he couldn't wait to plant his seed inside of Ashley and in Mary-Kate. The thought of them walking around with his cum in them made him hotter.

John's muffled moans were still loud enough to hear. Ashley knew she was about to take his cum and she couldn't wait! Her pussy was now pounding John's cock and his hands were all over her aching nipples. Ashley's eyes met with Mary-Kate and the girls kissed as they both received the ultimate pleasure from their dream man.

"Oooh Ash! I'm gonna cum sooo soon!" Mary-Kate wailed in between kisses.

Ashley shook her head. "Yes sis cum hard on his face! Make him drink your juices like he did to mine! Oooh Mary I'm gonna cum soon too! His cock feels soooo fuckin' good! You need to feel it in you Mary! Mmmggggghhhhhhh!!!" Ashley pressed her lips harder on his sisters and both girls began to cum.

At that moment John felt his own body quiver and suddenly he felt his balls engorge with cum. "Arrrrhhhhhggghhhhhh!" He moaned into Mary-Kate's pussy. Her juices were drowning in his mouth almost making him choke.

"Sis! He's cumming in me! I feel it!" Ashely cried loudly.

"Oooh! How does it feel?" Mary-Kate asked in a shrilling tone.

"It's warm! So warm! Oooh it's shooting hard! Oh fuck yes! John pump your cum in me!"

John felt each hard spurt taking so much energy out of him. He couldn't remember when he'd cum so hard. After cumming John felt so weak but he was still hard as a rock! He felt Mary-Kate slide her pussy of his face and sat next to him kissing him. Ashley got off his cock and went to John her sister and her lover.

"Oh John! You're making our fantasy come true!" Ashley said licking her sister's juices of his face.

John looked down at his cock, which was up ready for more fucking. Mary-Kate kissed his face and giggled. "Are you going to give me the pleasure of cumming in me like you did with my sister?"

John laughed softly touching both of the twins' faces. "You both are so equally beautiful. I can't just please one girl and not the other. Mary-Kate, get on your back sweetie. Time to take my cock."

Mary-Kate was looking so excited and got on her back. John kneeled in front of her and Ashley sat back watching. This time it was going to be her turn to watch her sister loser her virginity. John grabbed Mary-Kate's long tanned legs and folded them making her knees touch her chest.

Mary-Kate's hear was racing. This was finally it. She's was no longer going to be a little girl but a real woman now. She watched as John adjusted his body and triggered his cock ready to bust her pussy.

Mary-Kate looked up at her sister who was watching the whole thing. She gave her a comforting look to let her know that she was going to enjoy it. Mary-Kate gasped immediately as she felt the sharp pain of John's cock invading her virgin cunt.

"Ahhhh ooowwww!" Mary-Kate shrilled.

"Calm down baby. Just take it. Take my cock. I wanna cum in you Mary-Kate."

John felt his cock finally entering Mary-Kate's tight little pussy. She felt so wonderful and warm. John leaned down to kiss her quivering lips. He wanted to show her how hot she made him and how she was making his fantasy come true.

John started to thrust his hips and pump his cock in and out. He knew Ashley was watching them make love. He signaled for her to come closer. Ashley crept over to her lover and John pulled her hair gently and kissed her.

Mary-Kate was now starting to feel pleasure as John's cock was damaging her pussy.

"Ashley here watch! Watch your sister lose your virginity. Oh look she's giving it to me so nicely! She feels so warm, so sexy!" John rasped.

He held Ashley's face close to where his cock was going and out of her sister's pussy. It looked so amazing!

"Mmmmm Mary-Kate! Oh you're going to milk my cock sweetie!" John groaned loudly still holding Ashley's head down to watch.

"Oooh yeah! Mmmmmmhhhhhhhhh! John I want to feel your load! I want it damnit!" Ashley screamed out.

John could hear his balls slapping against Mary-Kate's pussy. He knew he was going to explode soon enough and give her what she's always wanted. John pressed Mary-Kate's legs closer to her chest and gripped them tightly. He slowed down and felt a large amount of jizz exploding out of his cock.

"Arrrrhhhhhhhggggghhhh! Fuck yes! I'm cumming baby! Take it Mary-Kate! Oh baby take it all!" John moaned.

Mary-Kate could feel the long ropes of cum shooting inside of her womb and suddenly she felt her body tighten again. "John! Oh god! I'm gonna c-cum on your c-cock! Mmmmgggggghhhhhhhaahhhh!"

John felt Mary-Kate's pussy tighten hard on his cock milking every last cum drop he had to offer her. He slowly released her long legs letting them fall open and he felt his cock soften and slid out of her.

He threw himself back on the bed and gasped for air. He felt Mary-Kate's and Ashley's soft hands touching him skin. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself. This was definitely one of the best times he would ever have in his life. He started to drift into a deep sleep listening to the loud police sirens that were coming from outside.


John woke up startled not remembering where he was. He looked down and saw he was fully dressed. The telephone on the nightstand next to his bed was ringing loudly in his ear. He looked at the clock which showed to be 10:15pm.

"Hello?" John answered quietly.

"Mr. Stamos? The Olsen twins are here and so is the rest of the Full House crew. We've been trying to call you for the past ten minutes now."

John sighed and stayed silent trying to remember if what had happened was a dream or not.

"Mr. Stamos?" The receptionist asked.

"Y-yeah. I'm sorry I heard. Let them know I'll be right there in a while."

He hung up the phone and went to wash his face and freshen up. He grabbed his room key and grabbed the two presents he'd bought for his dream girls. At least he didn't have to feel guilty for cheating on his wife, after all he was still married. He cheated on her in his dream and now the rest of the crew would be there. There would be less temptation and more imagination.

He turned off the room lights and head upstairs. It was going to be a nice birthday party. That's all. Nothing else. He had to keep reminding himself that.

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