tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFull House: The Reunion Ch. 3

Full House: The Reunion Ch. 3

byKip Carson©

Dj was taking a shower, and Rebecca had just walked in the house. "Jessie, is that you?" she asked, walking towards the bathroom. She really thought that Jessie was taking a shower, and she began undressing as she walked into the bathroom. She was now standing there totally naked, her firm breasts heaving with excitement. "Ready, baby?" she asked, climbing into the steamy shower. She reached through the steam, and grabbed the figure in front of her. Her movements stopped as she felt a pair of breasts in her hands. "What the hell?" DJ asked. "I'm sorry, I thought you were Jessie" Rebecca replied.

Rebecca still held DJ's breasts in her hands, and was unconsciously pinching her nipples. DJ felt her pussy quiver with excitement, as Rebecca toyed with her nipples. Rebecca was also getting quite excited. DJ spun around, facing Rebecca. The 2 looked at each other, and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Rebecca's hand slid between DJ's legs, and she found her swollen clit. She began rubbing on DJ's excited pussy, as their tongues swirled around each other's mouths. "Oh my God, this is hot!" DJ said, excitedly.

Dj thrust her hand between Rebecca's legs, and the 2 stood in the shower playing with each other's pussies. DJ climaxed, falling against Rebecca. Rebecca ground her pussy against DJ's probing fingers, climaxing as well. "Oh shit!" she moaned. The 2 held each other tightly, for a few minutes. "Mmmm, follow me" Rebecca said, leading DJ from the shower. They turned the water off, and Rebecca led DJ towards her bedroom. Rebecca pushed DJ onto the bed, and spread her tender thighs apart. DJ moaned as she felt Rebecca's breath on her pussy.

Rebecca moaned as she had her first taste of pussy. DJ tasted excellent, and she slid her tongue along DJ's wet slit. DJ moaned with pleasure, as Rebecca slipped a finger inside of her, while hungrily sucking on her swollen clit. "Oh yes" DJ moaned. "I wanna taste you too" she grunted. The 2 positioned themselves in a hot 69 with Rebecca on top. They dove into each other's pussies hungrily. "MMmmmmm" they both moaned. They were going at it, both climaxing, not hearing Jessie walk into the room. Jessie watched as his niece, and his wife devoured each other.

Jessie was already stripping his clothes off, and was standing there, stroking his rock hard 9 inch cock. He was so excited, and DJ noticed him standing there. "Uncle Jessie" she moaned, starting to pull away from Rebecca. "Mmmm, don't stop" Jessie moaned. Jessie stood above his niece, and pressed the throbbing head of his cock against her mouth. DJ opened her mouth, taking Jessie inside. She tasted his precum as it excitedly oozed from the pulsating head of his cock. "Yeah, suck me" he moaned. Rebecca climbed off her niece, and helped DJ to her hands and knees. DJ once again began sucking her uncle. Rebecca slid behind DJ, and began licking her pussy from the back. She slipped her tongue against DJ's ass.

Dj excitedly sucked and licked on Jessie's cock, making him moan and groan. Rebecca's tongue slipped inside of DJ's tight ass. Jessie moaned, and was about to cum, and he pushed his niece's mouth from his cock. "Mmmm, time to fuck" he moaned. He slid behind his young niece, and pressed the head of his cock against her tight pussy. DJ grunted as she felt Jessie's large cock slide inside of her pussy. "Oh my God!" she moaned. DJ thrust against her uncle, accepting all of his large cock inside of her. Rebecca pressed her pussy against DJ's mouth, and DJ eagerly ate her pussy, as her Uncle continued plowing her pussy.

Dj climaxed, and her pussy tightened around his cock, causing him to cum. "Oh yeah" he moaned, as spurt after spurt of his hot cum shot into her. DJ moaned, and climaxed repeatedly. Rebecca moaned, and climaxed as DJ's tongue flicked against her swollen clit. "OH YEAH" Rebecca moaned. Rebecca now slid away from DJ, her pussy too sensitive to continue. Jessie was removing his cock from his niece's tight pussy. Rebecca quickly slid behind DJ, and began licking Jessie's cum from her hot pussy. Jessie thrust his semi erect cock into his niece's mouth, and DJ tasted the mixture of his cum, and her juices.

The 3 collapsed against each other, and lay side by side in the bed. Michelle had just come into the house, and she walked by the bedroom, glancing into the open doorway. She saw her sister, her Uncle and Aunt lying naked on the bed. Rebecca was kissing DJ, and Jessie was sucking DJ's tits. Michelle felt that familiar tingle between her legs, as her pussy moistened...

To Be Continued...

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