Full Moon Strays Ch. 08

byEvil Alpaca©

Twelve hours later . . .

--------- -----------------------

Red had only had a hangover once before in her life. She remembered suddenly why she didn't drink. But last time, she was pretty sure that the only symptoms had been nausea and a headache. This time, her entire body ached as if . . .

"Wait," she mumbled. "I WAS in a fight." Bits and pieces of her night on the town were coming back to her.

"Red?" came a voice at the end of the bed. Jane had been reading and had fallen asleep again in a chair next to the bed. The younger girl quickly moved to Red's side.

"What did you do? What happened? What . . ."

"Red?" This time it was Talia at the mouth of the cave. "Good God girl, what the hell did you do last night?"

"I . . . went patrolling," Red said.

"By yourself?!" Talia said. "Dammit, that's just the kind of dumb-ass stunt your brother would pull!"

"I had everything under control," Red grumbled. She tried to sit up but her ribs objected mightily.

"Oh really?" came Tarloh's voice from the door. Suddenly, all the remaining Strays piled into the cave, and Red had to pull a blanket up to cover her mostly naked body. She wasn't ashamed of her body. She was ashamed that she'd been beaten up so badly.

Anya sat on the bed and dropped a paper on the bed. Red picked up. On the open section, someone had circled a police article about a "disturbance" at a local bar where, according to a traumatized bartender, a red-haired woman had gotten into a fight of biblical proportions with three well-dressed men. His description of the fight was jumbled as he talked about the woman having fangs and claws and the men's eyes were glowing and their teeth gleamed. The woman managed to brutalize the three men before taking two bottles of Jose Cuervo and disappearing into the night. The bartender had hidden behind the bar but also claimed that other men, dressed the same as those killed, had arrived and collected the bodies. While the police agreed that there had been a struggle, no sign of the supposed victims had been found.

Croc was the only one smiling. "Next time you go to the bar, invite me," he said. "It sounded like one hell of a . . . ouch!" Anya had elbowed him hard in the ribs.

Tarloh's face was hard to read. "Do you have some kind of explanation for this? And don't say you were patrolling again."

Red closed her eyes and leaned back. "I had to do something. There are still monsters out there, and getting a job as a bouncer isn't going to make them go away."

Tarloh shook his mighty head. "No. But it will help the Strays get back on their feet. It will still give me eight hours a day to patrol, as well as on my days off."

Shield looked down on the woman who had saved so many of their asses so many times. "Is it so bad? Is wanting to remember what being normal is like so bad?"

It was Anya's turn to speak. "Say the word and I'll quit," the beautiful Latina said. "If you really feel that we're abandoning you like Natasha did . . ." Anya didn't believe that Nat had actually abandoned Red. She was just trying to provoke a reaction.

"Nat didn't . . . " Red started. "This isn't about her."

"What's it about?" Jane asked. It wouldn't take a genius to realize that she was terrified. Red hurting meant that she was hurting. "Why did you do it?"

A little bit of Red's sanity returned. She hadn't even thought about how her actions would affect this young woman. "I did it because . . . because it's the only thing I know how to do." She looked at Tarloh. He had been her friend since before she had been turned. "I'm sorry," she said. "I just don't know any other way to be."

Tarloh was confused. "What do you mean?"

"I can't be normal," she said. "I train the new people. I get the supplies, and I fight our enemies. I can't fight an Elder God. You all are buying our supplies now, and we don't have any new people. I don't know if we ever will again." She sighed. "I can't handle . . . I don't know how to be obsolete."

The cave was silent as all eyes were locked on Red. Tarloh was the first to speak. The big man shook his head and sat down on the bed next to his friend. He took her hands in his and said . . .

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!" at the top of his voice.

Red's hangover erupted with all the bells and whistles of a train station. She actually had to clutch the sides of her head to make sure it didn't fall off.

Tarloh had a slightly wild look in his eyes. "I mean . . . good grief! When are you going to get it through that thick head of yours that we're NOT GIVING UP! You've been bound and determined to take on the entire world all by yourself since you were fifteen years old! You don't have to do that! Have you forgotten how things work? I cheer people up, make unreasonable promises to all of them and expect YOU to make it happen somehow. And it's worked for a long time! Maybe we NEED to get jobs because we're not going to be able to steal everything we need! Jane showed us that. Maybe we've got to learn to live another way! You think that I'M going to figure out how that's going to work? You think that I, or any of the other Strays for that matter, are going to be able to get new members up to speed . . . and yes, I'm expecting our ranks to grow back like they always have. No! I expect YOU to do it. You said it yourself! We have to do more with less."

"My . . . head," Red groaned through immense pain.

"I don't give a crap," Tarloh grumbled. "As soon as you get done feeling sorry for yourself and can walk a straight line, get your ass down to the main building. We've got to figure out how we're going to handle things when the others get back with that fucking jewel." Tarloh promptly stood up and wandered off.

Talia was grinning. She knew she shouldn't be. Red had been seriously beat up and wasn't in the best frame of mind at the moment. But still . . .

Most of the other Strays were trying really hard not to laugh.

"Red, you REALLY thought that we didn't need you anymore?" Anya said with a chuckle. She leaned in and kissed the woman on her aching forehead. She and Croc left, followed by the rest of the Strays except Jane and Talia.

Red wasn't sure what was worse . . . the pain or the embarrassment. "I guess I made an ass out of myself?"

"Just a bit," Talia said. "I guess I can't blame you though. If I'd been through half of what you have and had to deal with everything people expect you to, I'd have had a breakdown too."

Jane looked at her girlfriend and raised her tiny fists in a mock sparring movement. "You can still train me."

"Not you too," Red moaned, pulling a blanket over her head.

"I love you," Jane said, curling up next to her lover. "I'll always need you."

"Listen to the girl," Talia said. "She ain't dumb." Then she left the two alone.

"Don't scare me like that again," Jane pleaded, pulling the blanket back so she could see Red's bruised face. "Promise?"

"I promise," Red whispered. She gave Jane a kiss on the nose. She started to sit up. "Help me get dressed. I need . . ."

Jane sat on her lover's lap and refused to budge. "You need to rest."

"I don't need . . ."

"Yes you do," Jane said, trying to sound forceful. Mostly, she just sounded squeaky. "What are you going to do? We can't face the Elder God until the guys get back. We have food for now. We have shelter for now. You look like you got beat up by a truck." Jane kissed Red on the lips. "You deserve some rest. Even if it's just for a day . . . let me take care of you."

Red smiled and lay back down. She let Jane lay a cool cloth on her head before lying down next to her with Jane's head on Red's chest and still-beating heart.

--------- ---------------------

Inside the building . . .

--------- ---------------------

"You didn't have to be quite so mean," Talia chortled.

"Yes I did!" Tarloh shouted, then got himself back under control. With a sigh, "If I didn't nip her path to martyrdom in the bud, she would've finally convinced herself that she really was useless and probably left the Strays to go on some damn fool . . . she would've tried to go and save the world by herself. I don't know if she or the Strays would've survived that. Especially not right now."

"You really think she would've left?" Anya asked.

"The only thing that would've stopped her was Jane," Talia said, gripping Tarloh's hand. She knew he had been right. "I should've seen it coming. She's been on the verge of breaking down since she got back and found out what Robbie had done. Between dealing with him, dealing with Jane's problems and still trying to do her regular duties of keep everyone else safe and fed . . . The whole 'I'm useless' thing was just a way out, even if she didn't realize it. And until Jane came along, she didn't have any . . . anyone to play with," Talia added suggestively.

Anya laughed. "It IS the best way to calm the nerves."

"With you, it's not exactly calming," Tarloh said, ruffling the hottie's hair. "It's Red's own damn fault anyway," he grumbled, unwilling to let his second command off the hook quite yet. "She's so damn picky."

"What do you mean?" Croc asked.

"Red has been with only three women in recent memory," Anya said. "Natasha . . . me a couple of times . . . and now Jane. I'm the only one she wasn't actually in love with . . . I just got lucky enough to be around when she and Nat were both extra frisky."

"Nat turned her around," Shield added.

"But Jane . . ." Talia started. She smiled. "If those two could ever get a few moments to just breathe, they'll be so good for each other."

"Unless they turn out like she and Nat did," Tarloh replied.

Talia shook her head. "Don't you see? When Nat wanted to leave, Red wouldn't go with her. Red's already followed Jane across several states and back, and she was ready to support her moving back to the surface. She was going to stay with her, and that was something she wasn't willing to do with Nat. Jane was right. They need each other."

"You are SUCH a romantic," Anya said. "But I hope you're right. Now, we just need to avert an apocalypse so they can . . . I dunno . . . go on a honeymoon?"

"I think we ALL deserve a break if we survive the next couple of weeks," Talia said.

"Why wait?" Anya said, raising her eyebrows suggestively and tracking her fingers down one of Croc's powerful arms.

"Is that all you ever think about?" Talia laughed.

"If I can help it," the sexy Hispanic woman replied.

"I take it you want us to leave?" Shield said with a grin, elbowing Johan in the ribs.

"Why? This is ME we're talking about. The more the merrier." Anya looked at Talia and Tarloh. "Care to join us?"

Talia stood in front of Tarloh and pressed her firm buttocks against his groin, feeling it begin to swell. "I think I talked him into it," she grinned.

"Damn feminine wiles," he grumbled, grabbing her hips and holding her in place.

Anya moved with such grace that she almost seemed to be dancing as she moved from male to male, kissing each on the cheek, the lips and then breathing heavily onto their necks. She even gave a peck to Talia, but mostly for the boys' benefits. She knew Talia didn't swing that way.

Croc was impressed. He knew that Anya was a freak, but apparently everyone in this little crew had liberal inhibitions. He was liking it! He stepped up behind Anya and started to untie her top while she rubbed Shield's and Johan's staffs through their respective pants.

Nearby, Tarloh had pulled Talia's top down past her shoulders all the way to the waist and was pawing her warm breasts and kissing her on the neck. She loved his gruffness . . . his raw animal nature. She fumbled with his trousers behind her back, anxious to feel the heat of his intimidating manhood in her hands. Soon, she felt just that and gripped it with both hands, moaning in anticipation.

"You will share, won't you?" Anya said, removing the pants of one lover-to-be at a time. "I will." She got on her knees with three fine specimens of maleness looking her in the eye. She started with Shield, kissing each of them on the head in turn. She moved over to do the same to Tarloh, but Talia pushed on the back of her friend's head, "forcing" Anya's mouth around that massive head.

"Don't do it if you're not ready to do it right," Talia said. She knelt in front of Croc, sucking the assassin's cock into her mouth while jerking off Johan and Shield. 'If she's gonna sample MY favorite, I'm gonna steal some of HER style,' she thought. Croc was pretty well endowed himself, so she saw him as "good practice" for her main man Tarloh.

Anya meanwhile was enjoying Tarloh's huge rod, only getting about half of it down her throat at a given time. The veins of his cock tantalized her lips as inch after inch of flesh slid in and out. She stroked his dick while pulling her mouth up, sucking hard on the head.

"Mmh," she cooed happily. "This is why you're in charge."

"I thought it was my good decisions," Tarloh said, almost petulantly.

Talia would have chuckled if she wasn't tickling her nose with Shield's pubes. She felt someone touching her backside. Johan had knelt behind her and was pushing into her pussy. She spread her legs just a bit, giving him a bit better access.

Anya pulled off of Tarloh and smiled. "That's my girl," she said, watching her friend getting drilled in both ends. Johan and Shield were picking up their pace, and Talia wasn't exactly resisting. She was grasping Shield's hips as he drove his cock into her mouth while Johan was clutching her ass cheeks. Anya loved listening to the spanking of flesh on flesh, even when it wasn't hers.

But she didn't have to go without. Tarloh pulled the unsuspecting woman up to her feet and grabbed her by the waist.

"Wanna go for a ride?" the big man asked.

"You KNOW I do," she replied. She felt the opening to her paradise stretch as she was lowered onto that big cock. She let the air escape her lungs so she could make more room in her body for hot male flesh.

Croc watched as the Hispanic beauty took her leader's cock all the way to the hilt. Most guys might be put off by watching the woman they were pursuing fucking another guy. For Croc, it was Anya's honest and uninhibited nature that he found so captivating. Then he got a wink and a nod from Tarloh after Anya had closed her eyes for a minute. The co-captain of the Strays had a plan.

Anya had only gotten pumped a couple of times when she felt herself being lowered. While Tarloh's cock was still inside her, she was being lowered by TWO sets of powerful hands until she was perpendicular to Tarloh's body. She opened her eyes and found herself face-to-face (so to speak) with Croc's muscular body and beautiful cock.

"You've got to be . . ." Anya started to say as Croc placed the head of his dick on her lips. She dropped "kidding" from her sentence and just swallowed it, feeling it slide almost directly down her throat. She felt like a prize piece of meat impaled upon a spit, just waiting to be rotated. 'Maybe that's what I am,' she thought contentedly. With Tarloh holding onto her hips and Croc holding her shoulders, she had nothing to do but float there and let them fuck her.

Croc watched the woman's throat expand and adjust as he invaded it with his manhood. He made sure to maintain a firm grip on her upper body. If his grip were to slip, the ramifications would be quite painful.

Talia paused and took a break while Johan and Shield switched places. Both had been good friends to Talia for many years, and this wasn't the first time she'd been with either of them. But as much fun as she had with them, she was damned sure gonna get a piece of Tarloh by the end of the evening. But since he and Croc had Anya on a spit, she returned to the tasks at hand. She got pulled away from Johan long enough to get to her feet. She bent at the waist, keeping Johan in her mouth while letting Shield stand up and get a much steadier and harder rhythm going. Shield was a stocky guy and he was able to put some power in his thrust.

'That's the way I like it,' Talia thought happily.

Anya was grunting like a wild woman as she got fucked, suspended almost a yard above the ground with her back down, pinned in place by two powerful men. She was pressing the insides of her thighs and knees against Tarloh's hips out of a fear of falling. But deep inside she knew better. These men would never let her fall.

Tarloh stepped back and pulled Anya back up to his chest. The two friends grinned at each other as he thrust up into her one more time. Then he pulled her off of his shaft, spinning her in the air and handing her to Croc. The assassin didn't even miss a beat, lowering that beautiful body slowly, easing his own powerful erection into her sex.

"Now this is teamwork," she hummed. She wrapped her legs around this new lover's waist and spurred him into action. She was rewarded with him embedding himself in her and pressing his hard body against hers. "Good man," she said softly. She blushed. Was she actually getting sentimental? She looked over at Talia who was grinning back at her. "Mind if I borrow one of the boys? I've got an . . . an itch that needs scratching."

Shield wasted no time. He was hoping she wanted what he was thinking she wanted. He sauntered over and she directed him to stand behind her. With Croc holding on to her, she reached down and grabbed her own ass cheeks, spreading them as much as she could.

"Get to work," she growled.

Shield took his wide pole and pressed the head against Anya's sphincter. He knew better than to keep her waiting. She could get cranky.

"Oh yeah," Anya murmured as her asshole spread to accommodate her new partner. She was feeling full, and it was a familiar and welcome sensation.

Talia had gone back to blowing Johan, but she also soon felt a familiar feeling. She and Tarloh had been together so many times that she could tell his touch out of instinct. And when his fingers brushed up against her back, sides and then buttocks, she knew what he was going to do. She spread her legs as far as she could and waited for that moment . . . the moment when he entered her . . . the moment that her big bear mounted her and made her want to howl at the moon. She got a special thrill when he filled her. She moaned happily into Johan's cock skin, rewarding him for Tarloh's entrance.

"Liking that," Johan said.

"Same at this end," Tarloh added. Talia felt new every time they got together. He relished the slow push into her as her spectacular body gripped his member. He wanted her to feel everything he had to offer.

Talia ran out of breath about the time Tarloh was all the way in. She picked up the pace on Johan, gripping the base of his dick while sucking the head and upper third rapidly. Johan's member was long but not as thick as some, so she was able to get a good handle on it.

Anya was getting double penetrated by a couple of strong guys, and she was loving every moment. Both anal and vaginal openings were delightfully full, and Shield and Croc had developed a nice rhythm. She didn't even have to support her own body weight . . . her lovers were taking care of that. Her brown Latin skin was sandwiched between Croc's well defined-physique and Shield's barrel chest. She liked a little variety. Variety led to orgasms, and Anya found herself being treated to one hell of a doozy.

"Oh sweet mother of pearl . . ." Shield said. When Anya climaxed, her anal ring increased its pressure. It turned out to be more than the defense specialist could stand as he emptied his seed into her ass.

"Don't stop," Anya grunted, gripping Croc's shoulders like her life depended on it. She was riding a nice juicy wave of ecstasy. Before Shield's member could even begin to really shrink, she felt her other lover's member twitch and spurt. She contracted every muscle she had, milking both her men for every drop. "Good boys!" she crooned contentedly.

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