tagLoving WivesFull of Surprises

Full of Surprises


Tonight started out like many normal nights in the past. My wife, Tammy, and I were over at Kim and Troy's house for dinner and a nice relaxing evening of talk, joking, and fun. After dinner we all went outside on the patio to enjoy the summer air and have some drinks. As the alcohol started flowing the conversation and jokes started turning a little more to the crude side. This was also not unusual. Since Kim and Troy moved back to town a few months ago the four of us have been almost inseparable. Both of us guys were constantly flirting with the girls and trying to make them blush, while the women were always dishing comments right back to see if they could get a reaction out of us. Until tonight all that talk and flirting was completely harmless.

After the sun went down and things started to cool off, we retreated to the living room. By now both Tammy and I each had too much to drink so we all decided to watch a movie and keep drinking as long as we felt like it. Afterwards we would spend the night in their guest room. The movie was pretty good -- a nice mix of action scenes for us guys and romantic parts for the girls. The combination of the alcohol and the movie just put us all at ease.

As the night went on, we all started to wear down. We dimmed the lights to see the movie better. My wife cuddled up in the love seat with me while Kim was lying on the couch with her head in Troy's lap. Tammy dozed off on my shoulder, so I started to look around. With the way we were sitting, I could see that Kim's face was resting right on top of my friend's crotch. Each time I looked over, she seemed to be moving around which was causing her face to caress his cock through his shorts. Judging from the size of the lump in his pants, Troy was definitely enjoying the attention.

I pretended to watch the movie while I kept watching them to see what was going to happen next. I saw Kim reach down and slowly run her hand up Troy's leg and under his shorts. Then I saw the tell tale sign of her hand stroking his cock under the material. As I watched her please him, Her other hand went down the waistband of her own shorts. I heard her moan softly as she must have found her pussy with her fingers. By now Troy was obviously pretty worked up and he started to rub Kim's breast through the tight material of her shirt.

Suddenly he must have remembered that Tammy and I were also in the room because he stopped moving and looked directly toward us to see if we noticed anything. Because the lights were turned down, he could not tell that I was watching them out of the corner of my eye. Finally he seemed satisfied that they were not being observed and went back to teasing Kim's hard nipple through her blouse.

Kim then undid Troy's button and zipper and pulled his cock out of his shorts. As I watched, she then slipped her mouth over his head and engulfed his entire length. She did not stop until she had her nose buried in his pubic hair. Troy let out a sudden gasp and started bucking his hips off the couch and pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. Kim did not seem to mind the rough treatment her mouth was taking. In fact, as he fucked her face, her hand started moving faster and faster inside of her own pants.

Now I could hear her soft moans in between the sucking sound of her mouth. Troy started to buck faster and faster and I could tell that he was about to explode. Kim just kept on sucking until I saw my friend go stiff and start to cum inside her mouth. She pulled her face back from his crotch until she had just the head of his dick trapped between her lips. Troy just filled her mouth until she couldn't hold any more cum, and a little bit escaped to trickle down her lips and chin.

After Troy finished cumming, he looked up in horror when he remembered that Tammy and I were also in the room. Tammy was fast asleep and didn't see anything. I also pretended to be asleep so he didn't know that I had just watched him fuck his wife's mouth. Once he was sure that they had not be observed, he seemed to relax again.

I heard Kim whisper that it's her turn and that "they needed to go upstairs so he could finish her off right." With that, they both got up and hurried up the stairs.

It had been a long time since my wife and I did anything as hot as what our friends had just done. Lately, when we did have sex it was usually a quickie in bed with the lights out and the covers pulled up. I can't remember the last time that she sucked my cock or let me put my mouth on her pussy. The sight of Troy's cum running down Kim's lips was going to be burned into my mind for a long time.

I was incredibly turned on by the sheer lust that my friends had just unknowingly shown right in front of me. I jus had to wake up Tammy and take her upstairs and fuck her brains out. When I woke her up, she was really disoriented from all the alcohol she drank. Finally once she understood what was going on, I told her that we needed to go up to the bedroom and that I had a wild story that I needed to tell her. I was hoping that the story of our friend's lust would get her going and open her up for some really overdue hot sex.

As we started up the stairs, I realized that Kim and Troy were so caught up in their desire for each other that they forgot to lock up the house. I told Tammy to go get ready and that I would lock up and meet her in bed. When I got to the guest room, I found Tammy laying on top of the bed fully clothed. She had passed out. I tried to wake her up and she just told me to leave her alone. She was drunk and just wanted to go to sleep.

"So much for using this story to incite our own night of passion" I thought to myself.

I helped her get undressed and under the covers. After that I decided that I was too worked up and would never get to sleep if I got into bed, so I went back downstairs to watch some TV. When I got there I sat down on the sofa where Troy had been sitting earlier and started to relax. About 5 minutes later, heard someone coming down the stairs. Suddenly, I hoped it was Tammy and that she changed her mind and wanted to mess around. When I looked, it was not Tammy, but Kim.

Instead of wearing her blouse and shorts from earlier, she was now wearing a short robe that only covered about halfway down her thigh. The top was open far enough that the deep cleft between her breasts was clearly visible. Seeing her in that sexy robe took my breath away and for a minute and I had to force myself not to stare at her barely concealed body.

"What are you doing back down here. I figured that you and Troy were in bed for the night" I asked when I could finally speak again.

"I couldn't sleep and Troy kind of passed out on me. I heard you come back downstairs and decided to see if you wanted some company." She replied. "Mind if I sit with you on the couch?"

"Sure, help yourself." I told her.

She sat down next to me and we started watching TV. After a few minutes, she leaned her head down onto my shoulder and just kind of leaned against my side. I put my arm around her and pulled her against me.

Suddenly she picked her head up, looked at me, and said "Do you mind if I stretch out on the couch and use you as a pillow?"

Before I could even respond, she twisted her body around so her feet were on the other end of the couch and he head was laying in my lap.

She sighed and said "There, that's much better."

Now we were sitting in exactly the same position that she and Troy were sitting in earlier as I watched her give her husband an incredible blow job. Just that thought was causing my dick to stir in my shorts. With the way she was laying on my lap, I knew that if I was not able to control myself from getting and erection she would definitely be able to tell pretty quickly.

I was just starting to get my self back under control, when I felt her shift her body a little bit. As I looked over to see if she was OK, her robe parted a little more to reveal her large right breast. She didn't attempt to move or cover herself up at all, so I figured that she did not notice the show she was putting on for me. Between the hot display that she and Troy put on earlier, her head in my lap inches from my cock, and her exposed tit, there was no way I could stop myself from getting instantly hard.

I knew that I should stop this right now before things got out of control, but I wanted to see how this was going to play out. Now I felt her hand start to rub the inside of my thigh right at the hemline of my shorts. This caused me to get even more excited and my dick to throb in front of her face. When it jumped in my pants, I heard her moan softly and start to rub my thigh even more intently.

After a few minutes of laying like that, she rolled over so the back of her head was laying in my lap (and pushing against my hard-on) and she was looking up into my face. When she moved, her robe opened the rest of the way. I could clearly see that she had nothing on underneath. Both of her breasts were exposed and her nipples were rock hard sticking straight up in the air. Her legs were parted and I could see straight down to her exposed, shaved pussy lips. It was obvious that she was excited by how open and wet her pussy was.

After I looked over her incredible body, I looked down into her eyes and she said:

"Did you like what you saw earlier?"

"W-w-what do you mean." I stuttered

"Did you like watching me suck my husbands cock and drinking his cum?" She replied softly.

"You knew I was watching, and you kept doing it?" I asked

"I saw you watching right after I reached up his pants leg. That's why I put my hand down my shorts. Knowing that you were watching me suck him off got me so excited that I had to make myself cum." She explained. "When we got upstairs, I went into the bathroom to get ready and I told Troy to meet me in bed. When I came out of the bathroom, he was passed out. I even tried to wake him up by teasing him and messing around with his cock. His dick was the only thing that woke up, though. I was so frustrated that I decided just to come down here and watch TV until I fell asleep. When I saw you here, I figured the same thing happened to you and Tammy so I decided to see what would happen if I laid against you."

With that, she turned her head and started kissing my cock through my shorts. I ran my hand down her soft skin and started to play with her hard nipple. She moaned so deep I could feel it in my dick. She started to undo my pants and I stopped her. Suddenly she sat up and pulled away from me on the couch.

"I'm sorry!" She cried. "I should have known not to try this with you. I knew you wouldn't want me like this. Please tell me that I haven't ruined out friendship because I am horny and tried to sleep with you since my husband wouldn't fuck me."

"Stop it." I said. "That's not why I'm stopping you. I'm stopping you because you already gave a lot of pleasure tonight. Now it's your turn to receive some pleasure."

Before she could react, I dropped to my knees on the floor and moved between her legs. I pushed open her robe and mashed my mouth onto her hot pussy. While I started to eat her out I put my hand on her breast and gently pushed her back onto the couch. I teased her by slowly running my tongue up and down the length of her engorged pussy lips, tasting her hot juices as they ran out of her slit. As her sex opened to me I started to push harder and harder into her crack. Finally, when I knew she had been teased to the brink of going crazy, I curled my tongue and pushed it into her as far as I could.

"Oh my God" She moaned "Oh yes! Eat me! Suck on my cunt! God! I'm gonna cum if you keep this up!"

She just kept crying out over and over until finally I moved my face again and ran my mouth up over her clit. As soon as my lips touched her exposed button she started humping her hips up against me. I closed my mouth on her clit and rammed two fingers up into her.

"Oh yes! I'm gonna cum. Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes! I'm C-U-M-M-I-N-G!" She practically screamed as her body started to convulse and her pussy tightened up on my fingers. Her orgasm seemed like it lasted forever before she finally pushed my face and hand away panting "I can't take anymore. It feels too good."

I climbed up onto the couch next to her and pulled her close while she caught her breath. After a few minutes, she was finally breathing normal. She looked up and down my body and kind of laughed.

"Wow. That was incredible. It's been so long since I have been eaten out like that. Troy doesn't like to go down on me, so I don't get to cum like that very often." She continued with, "Now it's your turn. Let's get you out of those clothes so I can take care of you properly."

She stood me up then pulled my shirt and shorts off. Then she kneeled down in front of me and pulled down my boxers, taking my hard-on into her hand. After everything I'd seen and done this evening, I was afraid that I would shoot off as soon as she touched me, but I managed to hold off as she started to stroke it. She then looked up into my eyes and started to push her face over my cock. Just like she did earlier with her husband, she didn't stop until she had engulfed my entire length into her mouth and throat. After a few seconds with my dick all the way inside, she started to bob her head quickly back and forth.

"Oh God, Kim!" I moaned. "Your mouth feels so good." You better slow down, though. You have me so turned on that I won't last much longer like this."

At that point, she pulled her face away from my crotch and slowly started to pump my cock with her hand. She looked up at me and said "That's good. We should be finishing up now anyway. Tammy or Troy may wake up and wonder where we are, so we need to get back upstairs. Besides, you just gave me the most incredible orgasm of my life with your tongue. Now it's my turn to make you feel that good. Plus I want to taste your cum."

She then went right back to deep throating my cock. Every time she pushed her face against me, I could feel her breath in my crotch and her chin on my balls. Kim then reached around me and grabbed me by my ass cheeks and violently pulled me into her mouth. Then she pushed me back out. She continued this until I got the hint -- She wanted me to fuck her mouth hard. By now I was so turned on that there was no thinking. I just started to jam my cock in and out of her mouth. I felt her moan around my dick and when I looked at her body I saw her furiously jamming her fingers in and out of her cunt in time with my fucking her mouth. This was too much to hold back any more.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I cried out

Around my dick I heard (and felt) her mumble "I'm gonna cum too"

I felt her moan and gasp one more time, and then the pressure let go. I felt my jizz fire its way up my shaft and out into her waiting mouth. As I exploded, I faintly was aware of her convulsing and shaking from her third orgasm of the night. My cum filled her mouth to overflowing before my orgasm finally started to die down. Kim reached down, took my balls into her hand and caressed them, as if to make sure that she got all the cum out of them. When she was satisfied there was no more cum, she milked my cock with her hand to get the last few drops onto her tongue.

We both climbed onto the couch and sat there for a few minutes to catch our breath. As she leaned her naked body against me, the reality of what we had just done started to hit me. I felt guilty, but at the same time, I had never felt so fulfilled in my life. I could tell that Kim was having the same kind of thoughts.

"I guess we should be getting back to bed before we get caught naked on the couch together." Kim said as she sat up.

For the first time since she sucked me off, I took a good look at her face. I could see a line where some of my cum had run down her chin and onto her neck and tits. She looked so sexy like that and I told her so.

She kind of blushed and said that "Troy doesn't like to see me with cum on my face." He thinks it's degrading. It excites me that you think I look sexy like this."

We both stood up and started gathering up our clothes. After we both had all of our stuff, I was standing behind Kim, so I put my arms around her and pulled her naked body close to me one more time. She snuggled her bare ass back against my slowing rising cock and moaned a little.

"We should go up now or else we are going to be here all night." She said softly.

I turned her around and said "You're right, but there is one thing that I need to do first."

With that I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her eyes went really wide and she froze up for a moment. After a few seconds, her mouth accepted my tongue and we kissed like long lost lovers. When we parted we were both breathing heavy again.

"Why did you freeze like that when I kissed you?" I asked

"Troy won't even think about kissing me after I have had my mouth on his cock. Even if he doesn't cum and we are just messing around, he won't kiss me until I have brushed my teeth." She answered. "You kissing me with your own cum still on my lips and face shocked me. Couldn't you taste yourself on my mouth? Didn't that bother you?"

"That didn't bother me at all." I replied. "I don't mind the taste of my own cum on your lips. Yes it might be a little bit kinky, but sometimes kinky is good."

"I agree, kinky can be good sometimes. You just surprised me a little, that's all." She said.

"Don't worry, I can be full of surprises when I want to be." I replied giggling.

"Who's worried? I can't wait to be 'surprised' by you the next time something like this happens." She said, smiling.

With that we went back upstairs to our respective spouses. As I went into the guest bedroom, I stopped and thought about the last thing she said. I smiled when I thought about the words she used -- "next time."

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I love fooling around with my friend's wife when the spouses are indisposed. The way she tastes, her skin against mine, her mouth around my cock, my fingers deep inside her dripping wet pussy, her sexymore...

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