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Your warm core pulses as we grind dancing to the music.

Your center melts as I lean in kissing you exploring your mouth with my tongue.

I pull you off the dance floor and into the back of my waiting limo as I lift you into a sensual straddling position.

I feel your body gyrate as I nibble your warm sweaty neck.

I lean in and whisper into your ear, "I love you so bad."

Finally we make it back to my mounting top retreat, where in the whiles of passion we just Leave our clothing in the foyer

In the master suite I push your nude body against the wall pinning you there kissing your Body, sucking your neck tasting your nipples and running my fingers through your vaginal Lips.

My muscles ripple across my washboard abs, as I pull you up against the bed start to work My way down your body, your neck teasing and tasting it, your breast, gently biting and Sucking them both, your sexy stomach, kissing and licking your belly button, until finally I reach your waist.

My face lunges between your legs as I kiss and suck, tease taste and bite your clit.

My tongue runs down between your vaginal lips licking underneath as I go, I reach your Core and my tongue pulses back and forth lunging in and out of your warm wet hole.

I nibble your vaginal lips and swirl my tongue into you.

My penis now throbs in anticipation, waiting longing, needing to be deep inside of your Body.

No longer able to resist my desires I stand up lift you against the wall once more and prop Core up just above my rock hard penis.

I drop you down onto my penis impaling you with the pleasure of my hard cock jolting deep Inside.

I rotate my hips thrusting round and round and in and out as your body locks on to me, wrapping your legs first then your hips and finally your vagina clamps down on my hard cock.

Now pounding, thrusting pulsing with each penetrating pass as I go deeper and harder than Any thing you have previously felt.

I begin to breath harder and harder with each pass.

My nuts are now soaked with your natural lubricant, as push grind and ride your warm wet Pussy.

You feel my penis pulsing deep inside as my heavy breathing turns into a masculine moan.

I grip your wrists locking them in a position just above your head as I grind ever deeper Into your center.

I whisper in your ear "my love I want you to be the mother of my children"

I wrap my arms around the back of your legs propping them back up while creating a perfect angle to thrust into you, now so deep and rough.

"I'm almost there!" I moan.

Cum explodes into your core stinging the inner walls of your body soaking and drenching you From the inside.

"God I love you!!!!" I exclaim

Now just gyrating my hips to ensure I get every drop of cum deep inside of you, I kiss you Passionately.

I then pull you to the bed where I fall fast asleep.

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