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Fun at Home


I came home from work, it had been a typical boring day at the office, it had become very mundane lately, The thing that always got me through the day, no matter how boring, was the thought of my beautiful wife, Lisa. She's stunning, 5'10", brunette, brown eyes, 35C-25-35, she's incredibly beautiful. I'm no slouch however, being 6'2" 180 pounds, I work out 3-4 times a week, and am quite muscular.

I walked in the door, ad went into the kitchen, where I found a note and a box. The note read "put this on and come upstairs" no signature. I opened the box and found a policeman's uniform. This gave me a bit more insight into what was going on. I used the downstairs bathroom to change, and went upstairs, the costume was quite realistic, it even had handcuffs, and a badge. I opened the door to the bedroom, and saw my wife, dressed in an incredibly short black leather skirt, and a leather top that allowed her cleavage to take full view. She also had black leather thigh-high boots and a short platinum blond wig. I was stunned, I couldn't manage to say anything. She turned around and looked at me, she had on thick make-up that made her look like a prostitute. Now the idea was clicking as to what was going on.

"Hi Mr. Officer, is there something I can help you with?" She asked, putting on an innocent face and pouting her full lips (She knows that look turns me on).

"Well Miss, I've been getting some complaints from your neighbors about noise, and people coming in and out at all hours of the night." I said, trying to sound official. "Also, there was a complaint of you running a bordello from this apartment, is that true?" I said looking her up and down.

"Well, that's not entirely true..." she trailed off, and walked towards me. "Although it's not entirely false either..." She was rubbing my chest, and then she reached up and kissed me. "If you can overlook that I can make it very worth your while,"" She said, with a devilish look in her eye.

She led me over to the bed and I sat down on the edge. She straddled my groin, so I pulled the handcuffs and cuffed her wrists together behind her back. Then I put her on her stomach on the bed, and undid my belt and pants, and unleashed my hard 8" cock from its cotton prison. I grabbed her hair, and positioned her head right in front of my cock.

"Come on whore, suck on my hard cock" I told my wife, as she gladly complied, putting my cock into her mouth, and moving it back and forth while licking it with her tongue. "Come on slut, deep throat it all." I could tell she was enjoying how I was talking to her, she was really sucking on my cock, I didn't last long, I quickly came straight down her throat. Lisa looked up thinking that I was done for the night, but I however, had other plans. I turned her around, bending her over the bed, leaving her ass pointed straight in the air. I smacked each ass cheek as Lisa moaned. I started sliding fingers into her asshole, opening it up. Lisa squirmed although half-heartedly (I know she was enjoying this too much for her to want to get away). I took another set of handcuffs, and put them around her ankles so she couldn't get away. "Stay right here, I've got something special for you" I said as I walked to the bedside table, found some lubricant (I refuse to advertise in my story so I won't say the brand name). I undid the cuffs on her ankles, and then I spread her legs as I had her bent over and began lubing up her asshole. I reached underneath her and could feel her pussy's wetness. I took off her soaked panties, and put them in her mouth as a gag. "I bet you like how your pussy tastes, don't you?" Of course she couldn't answer since I had just gagged her. I slowly began entering her asshole from behind, going inch by inch until I was all the way inside her. I began sliding in and out, thrusting in quickly so my balls would slap against her. She was moaning loudly, and after a few minutes my cock was throbbing and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I slapped Lisa's ass, and let my cock release into her asshole, and went in and out until my cock was empty. I pulled out and undid my wife's handcuffs and took out the gag.

"That was great," she said as she kissed me.

"It was your idea."

"Wait until you see what I have planned next," she responded with a smile.

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