Fun Flying

byMr. Lech©

Matt Damon tried to avoid ogling at the woman sitting right next to him on the flight out of Auckland. But it was becoming very difficult, especially when she kept brushing her elbow against him. In desperation, he pulled out a magazine and tried reading it. To his frustration, he found that he could not read past the first page without having his mind wander to the beautiful figure seated beside him. The woman was Lucy Lawless, and Matt Damon could not keep his eyes off her. He hadn't been able to do this since he had met her at the Auckland airport early yesterday morning. Within several hours, they would be arriving in Los Angeles to film some short sequences for the premier of Bernie Mac.

It had been Matt's agent that had teamed up with Lucy's to make this happen. Matt was so excited about the prospect of working with her that he had flown all the way to Auckland to meet her. This was definitely a thrilling prospect. Though he hadn't been a regular fan of the show Xena: Warrior Princess during its run, he had seen a few episodes and actually considered himself somewhat of a casual fan. Now, of course, that had all changed, as he had made up his mind to order every single episode on video! What had prompted this decision was his lustful infatuation with Lucy Lawless. He didn't think it would happen, having had his fair share of women in his time, but Lucy was something different. Nearly as tall as he was, she had beautiful blue eyes, a stunning face, spectacular cleavage, wonderful legs and...a fine ass. Though she wasn't as big in person as on screen, Matt thought she looked even prettier. And younger!

As taken as he was by her, he know, of course, that she was a married woman, and there was no way he could have that kind of a chance with her. He sighed. Oh well, Matt, leave it for the wet dreams. Now he was sounding like a kid again. Come on, Matt, he told himself, you've had plenty of girlfriends. You're Matt Damon, for crying out loud! But part of him just wanted to do something with her...something sordid...something unacceptable...and debauch. She was different than most girls he'd had, this beautiful Kiwi woman, and he just wanted to taste her, all of her... to get her in the sack. As he looked out the window and considered these thoughts, he felt a nudge against his elbow. He turned around. "Matt, you ready for this Bernie Mac gig? I can't wait to get started."

The luscious Kiwi voice stirred something deep in Matt. "Umm...yeah Lucy, I can't wait either," came his reply. As he spoke Lucy leant back in her seat to stretch her arms, and while doing so her large breasts jutted prominently against the pink fabric of shirt. Matt couldn't help but notice. He thought he could see the outline of her nipples. Neither could he help his growing erection. As Lucy's torso returned to its original position he could not, for the life of him, avert his eyes from her wonderful cleavage. What he did not know, however, was that Lucy had noticed this, and was secretly aching to become more intimate with him as well. She had had quite a sex life with her producer husband, as he was very interested in every part of her body, but she hadn't had sex in a while. She longed for the excitement of a hot sex session with this teen heartthrob. It would make her feel like a girl again. So she said to Matt, "I've noticed you've been staring at my breasts."

Omigod, Matt thought, omigod. Here it goes. She knows! Omigod, why couldn't I control myself? He swallowed. "Umm...I...?"
"It's okay," Lucy said. "Nothing to be ashamed of. I've had guys stare at my breasts. And become excited," she said. As she said this she looked toward the bulge in Matt's pants, and gave a little nod of her head. Matt was very embarrassed. Equally, however, he was puzzled at her tone. It sounded...inviting. He decided to find out whether he was imagining this or if he was really hearing what he thought he was hearing. "Uhhh, well's just that you're really beautiful, and I...haven't really had the time for any...girls lately."

No sooner had Matt spoke those words than a big smile spread across Lucy's mouth. "Well, Matt, I don't think we can establish anything permanent, but since this is such a long flight, maybe we could get to know each other better."

Matt couldn't believe his ears. "You get to know each other?" he stammered.

"Yes," she replied. "I mean really get to know each other. Like this," she said, and took his right hand and placed it firmly between her legs. Then she turned and looked him in the eye. Matt's jaw had dropped. "Would you like to get to know me better?" she whispered seductively. "How about we go somewhere private?"

Matt could hardly contain his excitement. "I..I wanna....if you don't mind, I'd love to get to know you better. But...where?"

Lucy soon answered his question. "I hear they've a large bathroom on board," she said, with a mischievous glean in her eyes. "What do you say, Matt?"

Matt's expression had changed from an unsure, astounded gaze to a look of animal excitement. "I say..I say let's get to know each other," he panted.

Lucy grinned. "I'm so glad you want to know me better." With that, she gave his hand a little squeeze and rose to her feet, saying in a funny voice, "Follow me."

Like a young couple, the two rushed into the rather large bathroom and locked the door, avoiding passengers' stares. They then looked at one another. Hungrily. Matt quickly took the initiative. As he faced Lucy, with the door to the actress's back, he leapt upon her, pressing her against the door. He planted a series of kisses on the Kiwi's lips. Lucy submitted willingly. "Mmmmmm," she said. "Ohhhhh," she moaned as Matt trailed down the kisses to her throat, then began to attack her breasts, which he had stared at so longingly. "Oh, yes," Lucy said as he began to kiss her there. Excitedly she began to pull off her pink golfing shirt, as Matt helped her, rabidly. Yes, she thought. Suddenly he began to pull off his own clothes, unbuckling his pants. Lucy was very aroused. She watched him remove his garments, then began to take off her pants. Quickly, she also proceeded to remove her shoes and socks.

She turned around to watch herself in the mirror as she started to remove her bra, knowing it would turn her on even further. As she did this she placed her foot up on the counter, resting it on the mirror. "That has got to be the sexiest foot I have ever seen," Matt said, taking a look at it. Lucy grinned. "You like?" she asked. Then she turned around and extended her bare foot towards Matt. "You can have," she said. Matt wasted no time as he hungrily took her foot in his hands and began sucking on her toes. "Oooooooo," Lucy began to purr. She loved how that felt. She rested her hands behind her on the counter to keep her balance. "Oh, yes," she said. "Ahhhhh..." she continued to moan as Matt continued to suck her toes. She watched the bulge grow larger beneath his underwear, excitedly. The bulge grew very large, erect. Mmmmmm, she thought, I would love to have that inside me!

Matt didn't stop until his hunger for her foot was satisfied, and her toes were dripping and covered with saliva. Next he looked her up and down, lustily, then ordered, "Take off your bra!"

"Sure thing, guy," Lucy said in her delicious Kiwi accent. She played along the role of the submissive, playful girlfriend to Matt's horny, hungry teen.

And then Lucy Lawless took off her bra. It was a stunning sight. Her full, proud breasts, nipples hard with desire and excitement, stared back at Matt. Matt took one look at those beautiful breasts and slammed Lucy back against the door as he took her breasts to his mouth, hungrily assaulting them as if they were melons. Lucy giggled a bit at first, then began to moan as Matt sucked her firm nipples. "Ooooooh, yes," she said. "Oooooo..." she tilted her head back and arched her back, giving Matt full access to her enlarged breasts. But Matt didn't stop there. He trailed down his kisses and his tongue to her abdomen. She was a bit fleshier than he had expected, but he kissed and licked her bare stomach all the same. He briefly stuck his tongue into her navel as Lucy arched her back deeply and moaned once more. "Ohhhhhhh!" she said.

Then he licked her lower abdomen, running his tongue close to the line of her silk panties. Matt stooped on his knees as his tongue painted her lower belly. "Ahhhhhh," Lucy moaned again, this time putting her hands around his head.

All of a sudden they heard a knock on the door. "Hurry up, please," a voice said. Damn! They would have to hurry. But Lucy was in no mood to stop. "Keep going," she murmured in a half moan. "Here," she said, and began to take off her panties.

She was surprised to find Matt fiddling with something in his bag, turned away from her. When he turned to face her, she saw what it was: a condom. "I don't want to get you pregnant, now do I?" he explained.

Lucy paused for a bit and was surprised, still in the throes of sexual anticipation and ecstasy. But she quickly remembered her marriage! "Yeah, good thinking," she said, and as Matt came closer she thought that she didn't want to take even the slightest chance with a pregnancy, so she turned her naked body around and asked, "How are you at bonking up the ass?" Matt took notice of her full, round, firm buttocks, as well as her mischievous, inviting grin.

She had offered him her ass. Matt took it, sliding the condom on his throbbing hard cock. This was going to be fun. First he produced an antiseptic lubricant out of his bag, then began to rub it around the corners of Lucy's offered ass. Soon he began to rub the solution inside her ass, entering her with his finger. Lucy moaned excitedly at this intrusion. But the best was yet to come. Finally he entered her ass with his throbbing hard cock, and Lucy gasped at the sudden entrance. She felt a bit like having a bowel movement, but as Matt slowly began to pump his large cock in and out of her lubricated ass, she began to pant and moan uncontrollably. Dear god, she thought, ohhhhhh god...

There was a pain as Matt thrust deeper, but soon the pleasure and the excitement overtook it as her heart beat wildly. Matt, for his part, was having the time of his life anally fucking the warrior princess! He gritted his teeth and groaned. His hands gripped the sides of Lucy's waist. Soon he was building to his climax as Lucy continued to moan very loudly. Just as the hot cum burst from his penis, Lucy screamed with her own orgasm. Her legs grew weak and wobbly and she nearly collapsed. "Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!" she screamed. "Oh god!" she let out. "Ahhhh..."

As they both finished their orgasms, Lucy became very aware of the hot semen that filled her ass.
It began to ooze out of her ass, especially as Matt withdrew his penis. He got a few paper towels and helped Lucy wipe the cum off her buttocks after tossing his condom into the trash. As they pulled their clothes back on and Lucy had finished wiping the cum that was still dripping out of her ass, Matt gave a sigh of relief. "THAT felt good," he began, pulling his underwear back on. "It was intense," Lucy agreed in her beautiful Kiwi accent.

"Thanks Lucy," Matt said as they started toward the door. Lucy turned and smiled to him. "Your welcome. I can't wait till next time."

Matt's jaw dropped in amazement.

"Maybe after the golf game," she explained, giving him a seductive look. They both had something to look forward to as they got off the plane that afternoon.

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