tagIncest/TabooFun for All the Family Ch. 03

Fun for All the Family Ch. 03



Jenna was sitting stark naked at the computer in the lounge when I got home from work on Monday evening. It didn't surprise me in the least to discover my daughter in the nude since we are a naturist family, amongst other things, but what did surprise me is that my wife Julie was not there.

"Hi, sweetheart," I said, walking up behind Jenna and wrapping my arms around her, fondling her tits and kissing her head, "where's mom?"

"Hi, dad," replied Jenna, smiling at me over her shoulder, "mom had to go out."

"Really?" I said, unable to disguise the surprise in my voice. "Where to?"

"She didn't say, dad," went on Jenna, grinning impishly and turning back to the computer where a large picture of a mature lady being fucked by a younger guy filled the entire screen, "she had a phone call and went."

"Hmm," I replied, "is there something you're not telling me, sweetheart?"

Jenna spun round expertly on the swivel chair so that her voluptuous tits were staring me in the face and my cock, which had already started hardening inside my pants as I'd walked through the door, was now well on the way to its full eight inches of another rock solid hard-on.

"Dad," Jenna said, in all seriousness, "I'm only practising what you're always preaching. Ask no questions and ..."

"Yes, OK," I giggled, "I get the message. Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll find out in time. Where d'you find that picture, sweetheart?" I asked, changing the subject abruptly.

Jenna swivelled round to the face the screen again, controlling the mouse with one hand and fingering her fanny with the other. "I found this great incest site today," Jenna said, "its full of moms and sons, dads and daughters, aunts and nephews, full family orgies like ours, even gay dads and sons, too. That'll please grand-dad," Jenna finished, laughing.

"Sure will, sweetheart," I said, as images of the great gay fucking I'd bestowed on my father the night before came vividly into my mind's eye,"and me, too, I'll have to have a look at it sometime. But right now, I need a shower."

"OK, dad," said Jenna, clicking the mouse and bringing up another picture of a group family orgy though whether the models were actually related or not was open to speculation. Still, the scene was extremely horny, a mature lady surrounded by a mature gentleman and two younger lads, obviously intended to give the impression of a parents and sons gangbang, the three men clustering round the woman in a semi-circle with their hard throbbing pricks in their hands directly in front of her face.

"Back in a mo," I said, walking over to the door, unbuttoning my shirt as I went, having already divested myself of my suit jacket and tie earlier.

"Yeah, don't be long, dad," replied Jenna, "you don't look right with your clothes on and my pussy really needs a good seeing to."

"I'll be as quick as I can, sweetheart," I replied, leaving my daughter to continue trawling the net until I was ready for her. I leapt up the stairs in leaps and bounds, entering the marital bedroom Julie and I have shared for the past twenty-three years, and quickly removed the rest of my clothes. As I pulled my shorts down, my fat rod sprang out as if on a spring. In a quarter of a century of daily sex, I have never ever had a problem getting erect, taking after my father Jack in that respect.

He and my mother Shirly had left that morning, having stayed over a night longer than they usually did since our latest full meeting of our family sex club the day before had been particularly exciting and rewarding. I'd fucked both my daughter and mother during the course of the day and then had gay fucked my father up the ass while the ladies watched. Julie had had her fair share of fun, too, I hasten to add, sucking both mine and her father-in-law's cocks and enjoying lots of incestuous lesbianism with her daughter and mother-in-law. Then, when it was nearly midnight, and before dad and I became too exhausted, we'd both double penetrated Julie with me in her cunt and dad in her ass while my mother and daughter locked themselves together in a passionate gay sixty-nine. It had been the perfect finale to a long enjoyable day of hardcore family sex and the amount of male spunk and female pussy juice flying about would have been enough to fill a pint pot.

On the way home from work that evening, I'd been looking forward to another hot threesome with my wife and daughter and as I climbed into the shower and luxuriated in the feel of the hot jets raining down on me, I grew more and more bemused as I tried to think where Julie could have gone. She wasn't a women's institute type or anything as daft as that, I could only think she had gone shopping but then why would Jenna be so mysterious about it?

Oh well, I thought, as I climbed out the shower and towelled myself down, my cock still standing out at an acute angle from the rest of my body, time will tell. I gave my chin a quick shave with the battery razor, dabbed on a small amount of aftershave, gasping at the momentary sting, and then hurried back down the stairs to Jenna who was still seated at the computer, looking at one pornographic picture after another. Computers, especially the porn sites, can become very addictive, almost like a drug, and I try to limit the amount of time I spend on them, as does the rest of the family, we don't want to end up complete computer nerds. How long Jenna had been sitting at the comp before I got home, however, I wouldn't like to say.

Jenna turned and smiled as she heard me re-enter the lounge, not batting an eyelid that her father was proudly sporting a full-on erection. Indeed, she would have been disappointed had I not been but, then, flaccidness is not something I have a problem with! With the speed of lightning, Jenna jumped up from the chair, hurried across to me and folded me into her arms, the pair of us gasping as my prick pressed up hard against her midriff and her tits squashed up against my chest. Within seconds, our tongues were in each other's mouths as we savored the thrill of another long hard incestuous snog ,,,


"You smell really nice, dad." Jenna said, as we broke the kiss and she got a whiff of my aftershave. "And," she added, lasciviously, drawing back from me and glancing down at my thick rod, "I think I ought to do something about this, don't you?", she finished, smiling her wondrous smile and reaching out to wrap her dainty hand around my prick.

"Oh yes, darling," I gasped, "please suck your daddy's cock."

Jenna smiled again and slipped southwards onto her knees and let her hand stray to my balls, cupping them as she surveyed, not for the first time, what she was about to put into her mouth.

"That is such a beautiful prick, dad," Jenna went on, as I peeled back my foreskin and blushed with pride, "gran was right when she said last night that they could have built the Channel Tunnel with it."

"Oh yeah!" I laughed, "that was funny. But don't keep me waiting, sweetheart, I really need a good blowjob after being stuck in that crummy office all day."

Jenna didn't say another word as she opened her mouth and quickly engulfed my cock, sliding the engorged membrane over her tongue until the pink bulbous knobhead came to rest at the back of her throat. In just four years as a member of our sex club, Jenna has perfected the technique of cocksucking and now has it off to a fine art as she once again demonstrated to me her expert skills.

"Mmm," Jenna managed to murmur as the taste of my pre-cum filled her mouth and she started to suck harder.

"Oh yeah, sweetheart," I said, placing my hands on my daughter's head, "that feels fucking incredible. You really know how to suck cock."

I rocked back and forth on my legs as Jenna pulled me closer to her by my bare ass cheeks. She kept her hands wrapped round my buns, fondling the large protuberant rumps as she continued to administer the blowjob, my balls pounding against her chin as they bubbled up with a fresh supply of spunk. If I had a pound for every cumshot I've produced in twenty-five years of daily sex, I'd be a multi-millionaire by now. I wish.

After five minutes, Jenna suddenly stopped sucking my cock and lay down on the carpet and beckoned me to join her. I knew exactly what she wanted and I lay down next to her in the sixty-nine position, letting my eyes feast again on the tremendous sight of her tight juicy pussy, already nice and moist and openly inviting me to stick my hot incestuous tongue up it. I have never understood how anybody in their right mind could possibly find the human body, when shorn of clothes, offensive, it is a thing of great beauty as well as a great gift and Jenna's is exceptional. OK, I know I'm biased because I'm her father but I would still find Jenna exceptionally beautiful even if we were not related. Her skin is still as soft and supple as a baby's, Jenna being one of those lucky girls who was never troubled by spots when a teenager, and her eyes have a Vivien Leigh like quality to them, especially when she flutters them at me under her long dark lashes with a come-hither look on her face.

As I started to run my tongue along the delectable groove of Jenna's delicious pussy, her mouth simultaneously engulfed my cock, carrying on sucking from where she'd left off earlier. We writhed and squirmed about on the floor as we sixty-nined to the full, happily sticking two fingers up at the taboo, before I rolled onto my back and Jenna climbed on top of me with her ass in the air, pointing in my direction. From sucking my prick, she went onto my balls while my tongue explored every inch of her pussy before working its way, as if of its own volition, up to the crack of Jenna's ass. I was so intoxicated by the sight and scent of Jenna's body, so lost in a world of lust and love, that I had almost forgotten my wife was not there ...


Half an hour later, Jenna was posting happily up and down on my cock, rubbing her gorgeous tits together as I fucked her again for the second time in less than twelve hours.

"Oh yeah, dad," Jenna screamed with each inch of cock that she took, "fuck me hard. I love you so much, dad."

"I love you lots and lots too, sweetheart," I replied, "you're the whole world to me."

Jenna's grunts became louder as her beautiful pussy tightened around my stiff pole. After ten minutes, Jenna spun round expertly without breaking the penetration, lifting her right leg over my head and facing towards me as I continued pumping. She leaned forward, smothering me with her tits and I lifted my head to suck each one in turn as if trying to decide which one was the tastiest.

We were still sucking and fucking like mad when we heard the key in the lock and I realised my wife must have returned from wherever she had mysteriously been. Jenna and I carried on fucking, since we are a 100% incest family, there was no need for us to stop now that Julie was home.

Julie walked into the room, dressed in a tight top that enhanced her boobs and a pair of shorts that showed off her ass to perfection. It had been a warm day and even though the evening shadows were now lengthening, still nice enough to wear such clothes as the day moved on into night. Julie looked just as sensational dressed as she did when naked and the thought of her joining us for a nice hot mom, dad and daughter threesome spurred me on to send my cock even deeper into Jenna's tight greasy quim.

Julie smiled, a smile that would melt a trillion hearts, and I just dissolved at that point, letting out a loud cry as I came my load in Jenna's cunt. Jenna gasped as she felt the hot sticky fluid flood her innards as she came herself in one fail swoop and we both rolled over onto the carpet to get our breaths back.

"Looks like I was just in time," said Julie, rubbing her pussy through her shorts, "I'm glad you managed to save yourselves cumming until I got home."

"Where you been, honey?" I asked, as I started to get my breath back.

"Ah, ah, ah," replied Julie, tapping the side of her nose. "Wait and see."

Jenna grinned at me as, mystified, I watched Julie walk back into the hall, her gorgeous ass fully accentuated by the tightness of her shorts. Then I heard her speak.

"Come on in, boys," Julie said with a laugh in her voice. "You missed them cumming but I'm sure it won't take them long to get going again, 'specially now you're here."

"What the hell ...?" I began, sitting up as two male figures, dressed in jeans and T-shirts, appeared in the doorway behind the returning Julie.

Then, as recognition dawned, I fell back on the carpet and laughed. "Oh, for fuck sake," I said, "what the hell are you doing here?"

Julie's brothers Mark and Paul grinned back at me and I noticed that they were already sporting formidable bulges in their pants.

"We wanted to surprise you, dad," said Jenna, "hi uncle Mark, hi uncle Paul," she went on, completely unembarrassed as she lay there naked, having just been fucked by her father.

"Hi Jenna," the brothers chorused together, "you look great," Mark added, his hand straying to his package and he began to fondle his prick through his pants, Paul doing the same a few seconds later.

I stood up and walked over to them, treating Jenna to a view of my ass, and slapped my brothers-in-law playfully round the shoulders. They and Julie were grinning from ear to ear as we exchanged greetings. The fact that they were still dressed and Jenna and I completely nude didn't faze my daughter nor I one little bit.

"Who's idea was this?" I asked, "how did you manage to get away from your wives?"

"They've gone on a girlies night out somewhere," answered Mark.

"Yeah," added Paul, "and the kids are old enough now to fend for themselves so ..."

"Since they can't get here that often these days," Julie interrupted, "they thought they'd make the most of tonight and phoned me to go and collect them since their wives have pinched the cars. I'm glad Jenna didn't give away the surprise."

"You little tease," I said, grinning and giving my daughter a playful little tweak of one of her nipples, "its a wonderful surprise, I'm really pleased to see you both again."

Indeed I was since Mark and Paul have been more like real brothers to me rather than my in-laws, ever since mom, dad and I had first come into contact with Julie and her family at the nudist club we'd both attended back in the early 1980s. We'd started having private naturist evenings together at each other's homes and it was during one of those naked get-togethers that it had all come out how Julie was having sex with her brothers - their parents had died some years earlier, alas - and mom, dad and I had confirmed what Julie, Mark and Paul had suspected, that we were engaged in incestuous carnal activity, too. Of course, after that, our get-togethers became veritable gangbangs and a year or two afterwards, Julie and I were married, Jenna being born a year after the wedding, making us the happy incest family we are today.

"How are Jack and Shirley?" asked Mark, referring to my parents, as Julie went into the kitchen to make some coffee. Ever the good housewife is Julie!

"They're fine, thanks," I replied, "its a pity you couldn't have been here the weekend, we had a great gangbang."

"Sorry, impossible," said Paul, "you know how things are."

Jenna was lying back on the carpet with her legs spread, impatiently waiting for the small chat to come to an end. Julie walked back into the lounge carrying the coffee pot, a jug of milk and several cups and saucers on her best silver service tray.

"Coffee, anyone?" she said and then, eyeing her brothers up and down, "why have you still got your clothes on?"

"Why have you, honey?" I asked.

"I can soon solve that," said Julie and began peeling off her clothes until she was completely naked. "Put your clothes anywhere, boys, the carpet's quite clean, I hoovered this morning."

Mark and Paul removed their clothes and threw them haphazardly onto the floor where they landed close to Jenna's discarded garments. Jenna got on her hands and knees and her uncle Mark hurried over to her, standing in front of his niece to have his hard cock sucked while her uncle Paul knelt down behind her and began to rim her asshole. Julie poured out several cups of coffee and I took a sip gratefully as did she, the others, however, had better things on their minds than coffee ...


JUlie and I watched as we smiled the smiles of two extremely proud parents. Our beautiful daughter was in her element as her uncles went to town on her and, having just cum a nice load inside her, I was content to sit back for awhile and let Mark and Paul get on with it. After all, it was months since their last visit and they were both hungry for some hardcore fun of the family kind.

"Fucking hell, you two's," said Mark, glancing over at Julie and I, "your girl has got to be one of the world's greatest cock suckers."

"She is, indeed," I replied, as Julie gagged on her uncle's prick, almost choking as he continued pumping in and out, "she's an expert at it now."

"Yeah," said Julie, "and she's very good when it comes to licking pussy, too."

Julie and I were locked in each other's arms on the sofa as we watched our horny relations in action. After ten minutes, Paul withdrew his tongue from Jenna's asshole and moved round, holding his cock aloft in his hand and Mark did likewise. Paul slid his cock into Jenna's mouth as Mark, abandoning his niece's ass since it had been thoroughgly rimmed by her uncle Paul, lay on his back and maneouvred himself between Jenna's legs to lick her pussy.

Julie and I smiled at each other as Julie wrapped her hand around my prick. "I know this is an incest family, darling," she said, "but I'm sure you won't object to a nice long legitimate cocksucking."

Even if I had wanted to object, which I can assure you I most definitely did not, I wasn't even given the chance to do as Jenna's head went down and her enthusiastic mouth enclosed itself over my manhood. Jenna inherited her cocksucking skills from Julie, and my mother Shirley as well, and Julie's expertise has remained completely undiminished through a quarter of a century of wonderful scintillating love-making.

Across the room, Jenna squealed as Mark's tongue pulled her trigger while Paul groaned as he felt himself ready to unleash a torrent of his thick sperm in his niece's mouth. Jenna was still blowjobbing me as if sucking was going out of fashion and, like Paul, I could feel my balls contract as I started to make up a fresh supply of sperm, even though it was only a short while ago that I had cum a very thick load in Jenna's cunt.

I stood up as Paul removed his cock from Jenna's mouth and moved over to stand next to me as Julie dropped to her knees with two rock solid pricks standing out proud and erect before her very eyes. Jenna was not disappoined that her uncle Paul had seemingly abandoned her, in our family there are no competitions and no feelings of jealousy, we go as and where we please and we all know that, one way or another, we shall all end up sexually satisfied before we go to bed.

Julie licks her lips as her husband and brother stand in front of her with their hard throbbing cocks pulsating in their hands. It has been a long time since she has seen her brothers and, as with Jenna, I am happy for Julie to transfer her attentions to Paul.

"Oh, that's it, sis," said Paul, having thoroughly enjoyed being blowjobbed by his niece and now just as delighted to be on the receiving end of his sister's administrations, "I've waited so long for this."

I stood back and masturbated as I watched my wife sucking my brother-in-law. Across the room, Mark and Jenna had got themselves into the sixty-nine position and were rolling around on the carpet as if taking part in a wrestling match ...

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