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Fun in the City


Just found this site a week or so ago. We like it!

In line with one of the ways we like to have fun, maybe a year or so ago we were in the Twin Cities for a weekend. We enjoy relaxing at the hotel, going out for a nice meal at one of the many nicer restaurants in the area, we change it up from time to time. After a bite to eat we will find a club or lounge to relax at and have a few drinks.

On one of the may occasions we did this, late in the afternoon we were taking our time getting ready for the evening. Our upper end hotel was in the heart of the downtown area, our room was on the 4th floor near the corner of the building, other buildings close and also a park type area that was very close across the intersection and had several dozens of people milling around, and many others seated at tables. There appeared to be a social function going on.

My wife was freshly showered, hair and make-up done and was ready to slip on her dress. She was wearing a demi-style black lace bra, g-string, garter, all starting with a foundation of her standing in 4 inch heels. I picked up my camera and began taking some pictures of her, which she tends to enjoy. She quickly made her way to the large window and onto the table directly in front of it. She posed facing me for a few minutes then turned to give me some great shots of her for the most part bare backside, the g-string didn't cover anything back there.

Her see-through lace bra and panty set looked great on her tiny, tanned body and now she was facing outside 3 inches from the huge window. She moved her hips from side to side arching her back and pushing her ass toward me which also meant she was pushing her chest out and her firm 36D tits were nearly spilling over the top of her bra for the pleasure of anyone in the buildings across the street and public outside on the street and sidewalk. The late afternoon sun was shining directly on our side of the building, like a spot light.

She was running her hands across her body, up and over her tits, down her thighs and back up over her barely covered pussy. My wife then let one bra strap then another drop off her shoulder.... she reached back and unhooked her bra, her bra dropped to her hands. There were people on the street and also at the gathering across the intersection that were surely seeing her, she held her right hand up with her bra dangling from her fingers....she let it drop to the table she was standing on.

She touched her full tits, nipples standing straight out loving the warmth of the sunlight and her touch. Her hands trailed down to her tiny g-string which she pushed down to show her bare pussy. She turned around and displayed her naked ass and pussy lips now parted and shiny with wetness in the afternoon sun. My cock was straining with hardness and oozing with lube.

My wife, satisfied with the opening show got down and proceeded to step back into the little g-string, she removed the garter and stepped into her dress, braless. Before long we headed out for the evening. We had a nice meal, we ate light and each enjoyed a drink. I had one, she had 2 glasses of wine.

It was getting dark when we left. We cruised casually around town, watching people that were out and about for the night. The sidewalks were full, people going everywhere and the streets full of traffic as well. A beautiful summer night. My wife (I will use the name Anne) began to get restless in her seat, she reclined her seat a bit, slid her g-string off and pulled a vibrating bullet from the glove compartment (we try to have one in reach most of the time) and started to use it on her already swollen pussy. Her wet lips easily flared open with a slight parting of her legs. I love to watch her get off.

She quickly had an orgasm as we are driving slowly on the main drag of this very busy area of the Twin Cities, traffic was for the most part stop and go with vehicles on each side of us.

Anne was eager to go after round two. She cranked up her bullet vibrator again, applying the buzzing bullet itself to the left side of her clit, she was breathing heavily and moaning. I lowered her window about half way down and we also had the sunroof open fully....she likes the feel of fresh air on her body. She pushed the straps off her shoulders and pushed her dress down a bit to let her awesome tits be free, her arms on either side of her tits pushing them up, nipples standing at attention, she focused on using the toy on her pussy. She let out a little squeal with several moans to follow. My cock was extremely hard and flowing with lube, I could feel it soaking my boxers.

We had just circled back on to the main drag, northbound, again traffic moving very slow and she was back working hard on her soaked and swollen pussy. I lowered her window a bit more, it was now about 2/3's of the way open. I reached over a few times and caressed her tits and also slid my fingers down to tease her clit a bit and then slid a couple fingers of my right hand inside her. Her juices are so great, just a hint of sweetness, just like a tiny hint of honey on something you really love. Mmmmm!

She was moaning, telling me she wanted to suck me, I said no.... as it was just way too busy all around us and police on every block controlling traffic and just keeping a watchful eye on things. About a block later, with 3 blocks to go before needing to making a turn Anne quickly unlatched her seat belt and hopped up on her knees and across the seat to me and slid her mouth down on my cock ( I had let it out of its confined quarters seconds earlier) She began going to town on my cock....slurping, sucking and moaning with need as she engulfed it with her hot mouth.

With my right hand I fondled her tits, I could feel her stiff nipples against my hand. Feeling her tits free from fabric feels so great! The upper part of her dress was now gathered at her waist. I reached to her ass which was covered by her dress, barely, but it was covered. I squeezed her ass cheek, she loves the feeling of this. She will push her hips away from me and toward the door, to enhance the tension of my squeezing her ass. I told her that traffic was hardly moving and I could see traffic coming up the right lane, right then we had no traffic on that side of our car, it was to the side of the car ahead of ours. She was moaning loudly and constantly while sucking on me .....and I am trying to keep an eye on what is going on around us.

I told her that her dress was just covering her ass and pussy, which I felt was a good thing at the moment given our extremely slow pace, traffic was crawling. The car on my left was just a tiny bit ahead of us so they couldn't really see what was going on in our car. I told her the window was about half down and I asked her if she wanted it put up or left where it was. Through her mouthful I heard her moan "down!". This was really risky but I dropped her window the rest of the way. Admittedly I was a bit nervous.... and horny as hell at the same time. I was trying to keep an eye on a lot here... I really didn't want to be in a fender bender or get arrested.

There was a group of about 7 or 8 people walking our direction on the sidewalk, which was just 1 lane to the right. I told her this, and also that there was traffic now approaching in the right lane. Anne is sucking, stroking my hard cock and moaning loudly. I am squeezing her ass cheek hard, sometimes pulling her pussy lip open with my fingers grip, a couple times my fingers would go right into her wet hole. Her soaking wet pussy lay wide open under the edge of the her dress as is her little ass hole fully exposed for viewing... but still, it is draped perfectly by her dress.

The people on the sidewalk and the cars coming up in the right lane are converging quickly, the sidewalk traffic is about even with the front of our car. I am ready to explode in her mouth, she is squealing like crazy and I am ready to move my hand to the switch to put her window up. I said that there are people on the sidewalk and a car is coming up beside us (which has to stop because of traffic in that lane) .....Anne quickly arched her back and pushed her little ass up further up for the open window, at the same time she reached back with her right hand and flipped the bottom of her dress off her ass and up to her waist, so now her whole dress is around her waist, she quickly moved her right knee over to the the dash, spreading her legs wide.... baring her naked and gaping wet pussy and her ass to the group on the sidewalk while she let out a muffled scream as I was shooting my load into her mouth, just then the car in the right lane pulled along side and stopped. I still had my right hand gripping her left ass cheek hard and holding her pussy wide open, giving the sidewalk group and the 4 people in the car a full view as well a look into her tight pink hole. She milked my cock dry and plopped back down in her seat smiling and satisfied. Wow! I was thinking... we made it through that! Wow again!

We slowly made our way back to hotel where she could hardly keep her dress on while walking through the large lobby, people were checking her out. We went to our room, took out a couple more toys and fucked for a while before drifting off to sleep. What a GREAT night!

The next morning we woke, she went to the workout room for a bit while, we went down for breakfast. We showered and were starting to get dressed and do some packing when I asked for a few more shots with the camera, she loves to pose for pictures. Well of course after a few shots she started to take off the bra and panties she had just put on...after all there is a whole new audience outside! She grabbed a bullet and buzzed herself to a quick orgasm while in the full view of the window.

I strip and go to her, Anne and I embrace while my cock goes right into her wet and ready pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck, I picked her up and reach around grabbing her ass and held her, we kiss. I step to the window with her bare ass spread wide with her legs around my waist. I have a ass cheek in each of my hands and I grip hard and pull on them while we pump onto each other. In the window for anyone to see is her pussy open wide and my cock pumping in and out with strong pumps.

After maybe a couple minutes with her spread ass and bald pussy bared to the public I set her down....quickly, she is back up and against the full window, she is nude and spread-eagle, arms outstretched, her firm tits and hard nipples straining against the glass. Anne's legs are spread and I step up to her open and waiting pussy, she has great pussy lips that lay open beautifully. I am pumping into her from behind, holding her small hips, sometimes reaching up to feel her nice firm D cup tits.

Of the maybe close to a hundred or so people outside, not to mention anyone that is in the building directly across from us..... someone has to see her naked body in the window and the obvious visual that she is fucking someone, hard. I glance out a couple times but prefer to stay focused on her tight, fit back, I can see the sides of her tits, her arms outstretched above her head against the wall of glass, her firm tits jiggling with each thrust of my cock and her sight of her very tight little ass cheeks. I watch my cock sliding in and out of her smoking hot pussy, almost pulling the head of my cock almost out and then right back in... right to the hilt. I can still hear the sound of our skin making slapping together and the sound of her very wet pussy as my cock slid within it. She is tight. Her lips lay open wide, all I see is wetness and pink. I grip her left ass cheek hard, she moaned heavy, I then gripped her hips tightly, feeling my orgasm starting....I started to cum, I pulled out and shot my load onto her back and ass. Whew! We were both spent.... and ready to go home with smiles on out faces! We cleaned up and had a very relaxing drive home. We talked some about what had we did, we liked it. Good memories!

True account, ...let us know what you think please! We have lots to tell. We have enjoyed showing her in different ways for several years... Lots of great stories if you want to hear them! Thank you!

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