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Fun on South Beach Ch. 10


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This story is purely a work of fiction. The inclusion of Jennifer Lopez in this story is PURELY a product of my imagination. Think of it this way: Have you ever see a picture of a beautiful woman and wondered "what if she ever got with another woman?" Welps, I wrote my 'what if' down on paper...so to speak.


As the sun rose over the Caribbean Sea and began to light the Puerto Rican sky, a tiny beam sliced through a gap in the curtains and struck the far wall of the luxurious bedroom. As time passed, the little beam slowly inched it's way down the wall until it finally hit the rumpled comforter on the bed. Ever so slowly it moved across the covers until it lit the cheek of the beautiful latin singer. The thin beam moved across the sleeping girl's cheek until it passed over her eyes. The glow was enough to waken the girl, but she did not move at all, she simply opened her eyes.

And when she did, she looked mere inches away from her own face into the lovely face of the still sleeping Angel Enriquez. A smile came to Jennifer's lips as she watched the beautiful model sleep. She felt a warmth within herself as she recalled the beautiful night the two girls had spent together. Her fingers moved to her lips remembering the soft kisses she had shared with Angel. The glow Jennifer felt within herself grew stronger as she stared at the darling girl.

Jennifer slowly moved her hand across the sheet and lifted a fingertip to softly touch Angel's lips. She traced around the sleeping girl's lips very slowly, reveling at the sweet, lovely girl she had shared a bed with. She watched as the soft eyelids fluttered, once, twice, and then opened. She watched as a smile slowly came to Angel's lips.

Jennifer let her hand move behind Angel's neck to gently pull Angel to her. Jennifer's lips parted slightly as she covered Angel's soft pink mouth and kissed the young model. Angel felt the warmth from Jennifer and responded to her kiss. She let her mouth open as she felt Jennifer's tongue pass between her lips. Angel drew herself closer to Jennifer as her hands went around the singer's back and the girls shared a soft, loving embrace.

The light slowly brightened the room as Angel and Jennifer kissed and held each other, their soft naked bodies melding together. Angel pushed Jennifer onto her back as she slid over her. She lifted her head as she smiled at the latin superstar.

"Last night was wonderful Jen," Angel whispered.

"Last night was one of the most beautiful nights I've ever had. I couldn't believe how you made me feel," JLo replied.

"You know, I could stay here in bed with you all day, but you know what?" Angel asked.

Before Jennifer could say anything, Angel answered her own question, "I'm starving!! Let's get some breakfast."

Jennifer laughed, " Dang girl, you get me all worked up and then you want to eat? I'm gonna get you for that!"

Angel jumped up from the bed and grabbed a robe off a chair as Jennifer followed her. The two girls bounded down the stairs as Jennifer pointed the way to the kitchen. Jennifer threw open the fridge as Angel hit the pantry. Between the two,they whipped up a platter of scrambled eggs spiced with tomatoes, sausage and green peppers. Angel had found a box of pancake mix in the pantry and a crepe pan on the overhead pan rack and within minutes had a steaming plate of crepes. She rinsed several handfuls of strawberries and wrapped several inside each crepe. Then they carried their feast out a back door to a table next to the huge outdoor pool.

Angel and Jennifer enjoyed themselves in the warm Puerto Rican sun as they nibbled off each other's plates and giggled like teenagers. After they were through, they curled up together on a double-sized chaise lounge. Angel was stretched out as Jennifer cuddled up close and laid her head on Angel's chest. Her hand snuck under Angel's robe and softly massaged Angel's stomach.

"Angel, I keep thinking about last night and how incredible it was. At first I thought it was because I was excited about the concert. But when I woke up this morning and I opened my eyes to see you lying there with me, I knew it was you that is making me feel this way."

"Can I ask you a question?" Jennifer continued.

"Sure, whatever you want," Angel replied as she stroked Jennifer's hair.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

A smile came to Angel's face as she thought of her sweet Emi who was probably on her way back to Miami by now. Although Angel had taken an instant liking to Jennifer and there was an electricity between them, it simply wasn't the same as how she felt about Emi. Suddenly, she came to realize something.

"Yeah, I guess I do."

Jennifer lifted her head to look at Angel.

"That's kind of a funny reply."

"I'm sorry. It's just that being here with you has made me realize just how close I am to someone back home."

Jennifer looked at her for a short time and then smiled as she understood what Angel meant. She put her head back down onto Angel's chest as her arms wrapped around Angel's waist and held her tightly.

"Can I ask another question?"

Angel brushed Jen's hair back and kissed her forehead.

"Sure baby. Anything."

"Tell me about your first time. I mean, with a woman."

Angel tilted Jennifer's head back so she could look into her eyes. The two girls were quiet for a moment as Angel thought about what Jennifer had asked.

"You don't have to..." Jennifer started to say, but Angel put a finger over Jen's lips to quiet her.

"It's okay. I'll tell you. It's just something that I have never shared with anyone before."

The girls were quiet for another moment before Angel guided Jennifer's head back down onto her chest. She sat quietly for several minutes as first she stroked Jen's hair, then the side of her face, and then wrapped her arms around Jennifer in a tight hug.

"I know that this was your first time and I'm glad it was very beautiful and I'm very happy that you kind of picked me to share it with you. My first time was very different. I wasn't looking for it. I wasn't expecting it. And I for sure didn't see it coming. I guess you could say that the experience changed me forever."

Angel paused, looking down at Jennifer as she held her tight.

"It was at one of my first modeling jobs. I was 19."


Angel was running late. She was supposed to be at the photographer at 9am and it was already 5 after. She looked at the business card again to check the street number and checked the buildings again. Finally, she spotted the number.

Damn, she thought, I hope my watch is fast and theirs is slow. She burst throught the door and hustled up to the receptionist.

"Hi, I'm Angel Enriquez, and I'm here for the Anticipation shoot," she said.

The receptionist was a cheerful Latin girl who quickly stood up and took Angel by the hand, leading her down a long hallway.

"Oh yes Miss Enriquez, we've been expecting you. It's going to be a delight to work with you."

The girl led her through a large double doorway into a photo studio. Angel quickly looked around and realized that the studio was equipped very professionally. A wide variety of lighting equipment was set up and ready for use. A long counter was to one side and had 7 different cameras laid out. An assistant behind the counter was checking the stock of film and getting ready to reload each camera as it was used. On the opposite wall, another counter was stocked with drinks and food. It was definitely a first class studio.

As Angel looked around, a woman walked up to her.

"Hello, you must be Angel. I am Joanne and I will be doing the shoot today," the woman said.

"Hi, yes I'm Angel. It's nice to meet you."

"Well Angel, I'd like to get started quickly if we can. There's a lot to do today, so why don't you go into wardrobe with our stylist Karen and get ready."

"Okay," she replied as another woman, who must be Karen, waved at her to follow.

The wardrobe turned out to be very simple. Karen helped her out of her own clothes and then took a hanger off the rack. The clothes Angel was to wear consisted of a white pair of t-back panties and a small white vest. The vest was just long enough to cover her breasts -- barely -- and only had one button to close it.

"Let's get your panties off then," Karen told her as she hooked her thumbs in Angel's waistband.

Angel thought it was a little odd that the woman was touching her so personally, but then again, maybe this is how the top studios work. She let the woman pull her panties down and she stepped out of them. The woman then reached to the center clasp of Angel's bra and released it. Angel held her arms out so the woman could pull the bra off of her. Angel was now totally nude in front of this woman she had just met.

"Oh Angel, you are very beautiful," Karen told her. "Before I forget, you must sign the release that confirms we can use the photographs for the ads and to also verify you are at least 21 years old. You know, some of the shots are going to be somewhat provocative."

Angel bit her tongue a bit. She had lied about her age because she really wanted this job. This job was going to launch her career and she was willing to do almost anything to get it. When this opportunity had come up, she had hidden -- or rather -- not divulged she was only 19. By signing these papers, she was going to be telling a lie. Still, she desperately wanted this job. Angel quickly signed the papers and handed them back to Karen who stuffed them in a folder.

Getting back to wardrobe, Karen picked up the T-back panties and held them down so Angel could step into them. The woman pulled them slowly up Angel's legs until the side bands passed over the teenager's hips. Karen took her time adjusting the straps and even ran her fingertips down between Angel's legs to smooth the material.

Angel almost jumped a little when she felt the woman's fingertips pass over her sex which was barely covered by the panties. The fingers were there just for a second but then moved away. Angel felt herself flush a little as she noticed the woman looking at her as if to check her reaction.

"Okay, the vest now," Karen said as she spun Angel around and held the vest for Angel to place her arms into.

The woman lifted the vest up and onto Angel's shoulder's as she reached around Angel on each side to position the vest for a good fit. She had brought her hands to Angel's shoulders and pressed down the front of the vest, running her hands over Angel's breasts as she did. Since Angel was pressed into the woman she couldn't move much and tried to stand still so the woman could finish. For some reason though, the woman wasn't satisfied with the front of the vest and kept pressing it down and then rubbing it upwards.

Angel felt something odd happening to her. The inside of the vest had some kind of lining that was a little coarse. As it pressed and rubbed over her breasts, it seemed to be making her nipples very sensitive. She could almost feel her nipples harden as the rough cloth rubbed over them.

Karen was still not satisfied with the vest and suddenly, her hands went up under the front of it to cup Angel's breasts. Angel couldn't help but to gasp at the handling of her breasts.

"Oh sorry," Karen said, "this vest is supposed to be made for your exact size, but it seems a little small. Your a 34-C right?"

"Um, yeah, that's right," Angel replied.

"Yeah, that's what I figure. I'm pretty good at judging just by touch."

But if the woman had already figured out Angel's size, for whatever reason, she didn't feel the need to pull her hands away from Angel's breasts. In fact, she even began to massage them a bit as she pulled Angel against her. The teen wasn't quite sure what was going on but since Karen was a very experienced professional and she was only a brand new model, she didn't say anything.

"Oh Angel, you are so beautiful and you have a fantastic body. You're going to have a wonderful career if you play your cards right," she said as she still worked her hands on Angel's breasts.

"Um, thanks. Should we be going into the studio now?" Angel asked.

The woman felt Angel's breasts for another moment and then pulled her hands from under the vest.

"Sure, they're probably ready for you now."

Karen moved to the door and opened it as she led Angel back to the studio. She handed the paper Angel had signed to the receptionist who then returned to the front desk. Joanne motioned for Angel to join her in front of the backdrop that was to be used for the shoot.

The backdrop was made up to portray a party in progress. There were balloons, confetti, and ribbons placed around an open spot in the center. Joanne directed Angel to ease herself into that open spot where she would be posing. Then, Joanne picked up her first camera and began taking some test shots to get Angel comfortable and to adjust the lighting. Once she had shot through her first two cameras, Joanne decided everything was ready and they began to shoot the real thing.

Karen had put some music that Angel had asked for on the sound system and she was getting into it very well. Angel was dancing around in her spot as she posed and flashed her incredible smile for the camera. She was absolutely radiant in her all white outfit which gleamed in contrast to her deeply tanned skin. She tossed her honey blonde hair from side to side as she spun and twirled. Joanne could see that this girl was definitely a star and quickly shot through six cameras. Her assistant was madly reloading trying to keep up with the speed that Joanne was shooting.

After Joanne had shot through 2 more cameras, she waved her hand to take a break.

"Okay everyone, let's take five," she said to the staff. Turning to Angel, she continued, "Angel, you are doing absolutely an amazing job. I have a sixth sense that tells me that the images are going to be fantastic."

Angel almost blushed.

"Thanks. Everyone has always told me I'm a natural in front of the camera."

Joanne stepped up to her and put an arm around her.

"Well, I'm just so happy we found you for this job."

Joanne turned her face to Angel and kissed her on the lips. A small kiss at first and then a harder one. In fact, Angel could feel Joanne's tongue pressing at her lips as it sought out the inside of Angel's mouth. As she was being kissed, Angel felt the older woman's arms going around her body. The woman pressed the slender teen into her as her tongue pushed into Angel's mouth. Angel was so startled by this that she didn't resist.

Then Joanne suddenly let her go and stepped away. She called out for Karen who ran up quickly. The two older women talked quietly for a moment as Angel found a chair to sit down.

What the heck just happened, she thought to herself. First Karen touches my breasts and now Joanne kisses me like that? Man, this is getting wild.

"Okay Angel. We're ready for you again. We're going to be shooting with a second model now," Joanne said.

Angel turned to look at the backdrop and she recognized a model that she'd seen in some magazines, magazines that were almost adult oriented. She wondered why this girl was hired for a perfume ad.

"Angel, this is Giselle. We're going to be shooting the 2 of you now."

Joanne directed Giselle to sit in a chair that had been added into the set and then had Angel sit on the floor between Giselle's legs. Giselle was sitting right at the front edge of the chair so that Angel's back was right against the V of Giselle's panties.

Joanne began shooting again as she directed Giselle to pose around Angel. She held Angel by the shoulders, then she lowered her head to press her cheek against Angel's, then she wrapped her arms around the girl's chest.

Suddenly Joanne held her hand up and stopped the shoot.

"You know, something about Angel's outfit is not working with Giselle in the frame now. Karen, let's do that thing we discussed."

Turning back to the models she continued.

"Angel, we've got an alternate outfit for you to wear. Since we're running a little late and since we're all big girls here, I'm going to ask that you do the wardrobe change right here on the set. No need to be shy. Okay?"

Angel shrugged her shoulders.

"Sure, thats not a problem."

Joanne then turned to the main part of the room where various assistants were standing to watch.

"Okay everyone, this is now a closed set. I want everyone out the door except for our lovely models, myself, and Karen."

Everyone immediately started for the door as Joanne had commanded. She stood to the side as the last person went out, then she closed and locked the door.

Karen had dashed off the set for a moment but returned quickly carrying a big wide roll of red ribbon and some scissors. She went straight up to Angel and began to help her remove her vest and her panties. She then had Angel hold her arms up as she cut a piece of ribbon and wrapped it around Angel's breasts. Then she cut another piece and wrapped it around the teenager's hips. Another piece was then added to this piece to make a sort of loin cloth.

Joanne then helped Angel back into position with Giselle. This time a small stool was added for her to sit on, bringing her body up higher in the frame. Joanne had her lean back against Giselle and lay her arms out to each side across the top of Giselle's thighs. Joanne then positioned the ribbons as she wanted them and added a bow to the ribbon around Angel's breasts.

"Okay, here's the deal. Angel, you've just been made into a present for Giselle. Giselle, I want you to enjoy your pretty package okay? Play with the ribbons, feel the wrapping, you get the idea."

Angel was a little uncomfortable with this new direction. After the kiss from Joanne and the wandering hands of Karen, Angel wasn't sure what was going on. She did know however that the attention had made her a little aroused. She was a little surprised that Joanne hadn't noticed it as she was positioning the ribbon that was between her legs.

As Joanne walked back to gather her camera, she paused and whispered to Karen.

"Our little girl is coming around. When I posed her a moment ago and fixed the ribbons, I could see that she's getting a little bit moist. I think Giselle will have no problem with her."

Karen nodded and smiled knowingly as Joanne grabbed the camera and began shooting. She barked out directions as she moved around the 2 nearly naked models.

"Ok Giselle, You're surprised to get a special gift. Your fingers touch it, move across it, stroke it. That's it"

Giselle let her hands move across Angel's flat stomach. She stroked the smooth, tanned skin as Angel couldn't help but look down to watch. Giselle's fingers would spread out and push down the girl's tummy to the edge of the ribbon. Then her fingers would curl up halfway so her fingernails would drag as she pulled her hands back up towards Angel's breasts. She repeated this over and over as Angel moved her hips slightly to this massage.

Angel just didn't understand.

Why am I feeling so hot she asked herself. God, I can feel myself getting wet. I'm not sure how much of this I can take from Giselle.

Angel tried to stay still, but Joanne could see through the lens as Angel's hips began to squirm.

"Good, very good Giselle," Joanne said. "It's a very pretty package isn't it? Yes it is. Play with the ribbons now. Touch them, pull at them. Yes, very good."

Giselle moved a hand up to between Angel's breasts as her other hand held the teenager's shoulder. Angel watched as the woman's hand lightly ran over the ribbon over her breasts. She moved it slowly from left and then right, her fingers just barely touching the ribbon. Angel felt it, but she could also see as her nipples hardened and pressed against the thin ribbon. Giselle saw it too and let her fingertips glide just around the edge of each nipple, teasing them to swell even more. Angel couldn't help it as a little moan quietly slipped from her.

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