tagIncest/TabooFun with Daddy

Fun with Daddy


This is the sequel to summer with Grandpa. If the stories go over well enough I may add more family members at a later time.


18 year old Suzanne stepped off the Greyhound bus and ran into her father's waiting arms. "God, I missed you." He said giving her a big hug.

She pressed her body tightly against her fathers, and inhaled his scent. Her pussy leaked when she felt his cock pressing against her.

She had always thought her father was a handsome man. He looked like her grandpa in a lot of ways. They were both 5'10" with medium builds. Where her grandfather's hair was coated with gray, her father's was still the same dark brown that graced her head.

Matthew's green eyes sparkled as he looked at his daughter. There was something different about her. He couldn't put his finger on it, but she was definitely not the same girl who had left at the beginning of the summer.

"So did you have a good summer?" he asked picking up her duffel bag as they walked towards his beat up pickup. Her mother was always complaining about how she wished he would trade it in for a newer model but Matthew loved his old truck.

Suzanne smiled, "oh yea, I had a great summer." She thought about how many times she had her grandfather's cock up her tight little pussy and felt it start to pulse with need.

When they were in the truck, she smiled at her dad. "Daddy, I've been thinking and you and mom are right. I think I'll go to school around here instead of going back east."

Matthew looked over at his daughter, while his eyes brightened with pleasure. "I'm glad honey. I have to admit I have missed you this summer." He cupped her face like he used to do when she was a kid, and then started the truck heading for home.

They were about halfway home when Matthew dropped the bombshell. Her aunt Helen was sick and her mother had gone to take care of her for a while so it would be just the two of them in the house. Suzanne was perfectly contrite about it and hoped her aunt got well soon, but inside she was bubbling over with joy. She had been racking her brain trying to figure out how to get her father to fuck her and here the opportunity had presented itself.

Matthew wasn't much of a cook and Suzanne admitted she was tired after her trip so they stopped at a McDonalds close to their house for dinner. Suzanne told her father about her summer, omitting the fact that her grandfather had screwed her brains out. Matthew was glad that his dad was doing well; he had to admit that he was worried about the old man living on the farm by himself.

When they got to the house, Suzanne went into take a shower while Matthew started a fire in the fireplace. It was starting to get chilly in the evenings and the fire usually kept the house plenty warm. His wife called while Suzanne was in the shower and he told her that yes he had picked her up and that she was fine. He loved her and would see her when she got home.

Matthew was sitting on the floor in front of the fire, just staring into the flames when Suzanne emerged from the bathroom. He didn't think anything of the fact that she was dressed in just a towel. She was always doing that.

"That fire feels good daddy." She said softly sitting down on the floor beside him and unwrapped the towel from around her long hair.

Suzanne had always been proud of her body, at 5'8" with a slender build, her 38C breasts pushed against the towel as she dried her hair. Her dark brown hair had grown out over the summer and now was down around her butt when she let it hang down her back.

Matthew smiled at her and ran his finger over her cheek before he went back to watching the fire.

Suzanne watched the fire for a minute trying to figure out what to do. With her grandfather it had been relatively easy. She had shown him her breasts in the truck on the way to the farm, and then ended up pulling his cock out of his jeans while he was driving. She smiled at the memory.

Her father was a different story though. Where they lived in the city, she couldn't do that on the way home. Now she was sitting next to him in just a towel and she was horny as hell.

She finished drying her hair and flipped it down over her back as she let the heat from the fire dry it. She looked over at her father, but he was watching the flames. Sighing inwardly, she got an idea. Moving up onto her knees, she let the towel fall from her body. "Daddy?"

"Hm...?" Matthew asked not looking at her.

Suzanne wanted to grab his head and make him look at her. Instead she whimpered like a little girl. "Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"

That got Matthew's attention. He turned his head to look at his daughter. "Of course I think..." he stopped talking as his eyes drifted over her naked body. His eyes rested on her shaved pussy before he slowly moved his eyes back up until they met her face. "Suzanne?" he asked.

She smiled coyly, "yes daddy?"

Matthew felt his cock rising in his jeans. His sex life with his wife hadn't been the greatest lately and here was a morsel ripe for the plucking. "Why are you naked?"

She giggled as she leaned forward and pressed her breasts against his arm. Matthew pulled back as if burned, but Suzanne just pressed herself against him again. "You noticed daddy."

Matthew swallowed hard as he tried not to look at his daughter's naked body. "Yes, honey, I noticed. Now I want you to go put some clothes on."

He gasped in surprise when she suddenly climbed onto his lap, pressing her breasts tightly against his chest. He lifted his eyes to hers as he felt her ground her pussy against his crotch. "I love you daddy." She said softly kissing him on the lips.

Matthew's cock hardened to its full 10 inches while she ground herself against him. He couldn't stop that but he knew he had to do something before this went too far. "Suzanne, what are you doing?" He asked pushing her back so her upper body was out at arms length from his.

Suzanne giggled again as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. She pressed against his arms, until he loosened his grip then pressed herself against him again. "I'm seducing you daddy." She rubbed her juicy pussy against his jeans as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Matthew groaned as he felt her through his jeans. "I figured out that much." He said huskily forcing himself to keep his eyes on hers. "Why?"

She smiled again, "because I love you daddy."

Matthew couldn't help it, he smiled to. "Well I love you to honey, but that doesn't mean it is right for you to do what you're doing."

She rubbed herself against him again as she lowered her hands down until she was able to grab his shirt. Matthew pressed against the material with his own hands but couldn't stop her from pulling it open or running her hands up over his hairy chest. "Yea, grandpa didn't want to at first, but in the end, he was a great lover." She said running her fingers up over his nipples.

Matthew's nipples had always been sensitive to a woman's touch and this time was no different. He moaned loudly as he closed his eyes when Suzanne suddenly pinched them lightly. It took a minute for her words to penetrate his lust filled brain. He looked at his daughter in shock. "You're grandfather fucked you?"

While he had been distracted, Suzanne started working at his jeans. Now she lifted her eyes back to his. "Oh yea, he fucked me many times. I loved grandpa's cock reaming my hot little snatch." She went back to opening his jeans and managed to get them open.

Matthew didn't believe in wearing underwear and gasped in surprise when Suzanne's hand touched his bare flesh. "Suzanne..." He exclaimed as he watched her pull him free.

Suzanne's eyes widened as his full ten inches came open to her view. "Oh daddy, you're bigger then grandpa." She ran her hands lovingly up and down over him.

Matthew moaned as she slowly stroked him. It had been a while since anyone willingly touched his cock and he had to admit that her hands felt good on him. "Honey, this isn't right." He tried again to convince her.

Suzanne ignored him and moved slowly off his lap. Before he could do more then stare at her, she lowered her head down and took his head into her mouth. "Suzanne...." He cried as pleasure shot through him. "No, don't do that...God, stop." He begged forcing himself not to thrust into her warm mouth as he pulled at her shoulders.

Suzanne held herself tightly where she was as she bobbed her head up and down over him. She felt his hands pulling at her but she was determined that she was going to get her father to fuck her.

When she wrapped her tongue over his tender flesh, she heard Matthew's cry of pleasure as he shot precum into her willing mouth. "Mmmmm..." She whimpered around him as she licked up his juice then dug around for more.

"Baby...Please, don't do this to me. This isn't right..." Matthew begged weakly as he continued to try to pull her off of him. He knew if she didn't stop soon that he was going to lose control.

Suzanne pulled her mouth off of him but didn't move her hands. "I'll tell you what I told grandpa. I don't care if it is right or wrong. I love you daddy. I want you..." then she lowered her mouth back down over him sucking deeply.

Matthew closed his eyes as pleasure coursed through him. He felt his control slipping and knew that he had to try one more time. "Suzanne, I'm your...Oh fuck." She had suddenly pushed his shaft into her eager throat and was massaging him with her muscles. Matthew felt his control snap. He grabbed her roughly throwing her stunned body onto her back on the floor.

Suzanne watched through stunned eyes as her father quickly shed his clothes until he was as naked as she was. She watched him fearfully for a minute, and then purred when he dropped his body down over hers and kissed her deeply.

She let her tongue duel with his as she returned his kiss with ones of her own. When she felt his hand searching between her legs, she spread them eagerly giving him complete access to her body.

"Oh god, you're so wet." Matthew groaned against her mouth as he slid two fingers into her eager hole. He forced them violently in and out of her and heard his daughter squeal in glee.

"Yes daddy, finger my hot pussy. Oh daddy, you're fingers feel so good."

Matthew pounded her pussy with his fingers as his mouth went to her breast. He nipped at the flesh and heard her moan. When she started rising her body against him, he knew he had to taste her. Her moved down her body, kissing each bit of flesh he came to until he had his face even with her hot snatch.

Suzanne purred as she watched him through half closed eyes. She lifted her hips against his plunging fingers then squealed when she felt his tongue touch her hot flesh. "Oh daddy, yes, eat my hot little snatch. It feels so good."

Matthew growled against her as he feasted on her pussy. His tongue was everywhere as he ruthlessly forced his fingers deep inside her. Suzanne was mewling and crying out as he pushed her furiously towards release. "Don't stop daddy, make me cum on your hot mouth." She begged pinching her nipples with her fingers as she lifted her hips towards him.

Matthew slid a third finger inside her as he wrapped his lips around her clit and bit gently down. Suzanne screamed in pleasure and pain as she coated his fingers with her juices. "Fuck, I'm cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg ddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyyy..." She humped her pussy furiously against his face as she rode the climax.

Matthew kept his fingers plunging deep inside her as he nibbled at her clit. When she started to cum back to Earth, he pulled his fingers from her body and quickly replaced them with his tongue. He drove it into her like a small cock and it wasn't long before she was once again humping violently against him.

"That's it daddy, tongue my pussy. Make me cum again." she panted as she wrapped her legs tightly around his head while she rode his mouth. When she came again, she pressed her body tightly against his face and heard his moan of joy.

Feeling her muscles tighten around his tongue, Matthew knew he had to be inside her. He pulled his tongue out of her forcefully then quickly moved back up over her until his cock was resting against her entrance.

Suzanne whimpered in dismay when his tongue left her then she purred as she felt his cock pressing against her. "I know what my little girl wants."

Suzanne smile up at him as she wrapped her legs and arms around him holding him tightly. "Oh yes, fuck me daddy, I have been dreaming of it all summer. I want you to shove your cock deep in my hot little pussy."

Matthew growled at her words, and then flicked his hips forward burying his 10 inches all the way into her body.

Suzanne grunted at the sudden invasion tightened her legs around his waist as he pulled back only to penetrate her once more.

Matthew wasn't gentle or tender. He was fast and ruthless in his taking of her pussy. He was horny and the fact that it was his daughter under him didn't matter. He needed her bad. "Oh fuck honey, you're pussy is so god damn tight." He pounded her hard and heard her squeal in delight.

"Daddy, yes, oh fuck me...I love your hot cock. It feels so good buried inside me. Make your little girl cum on your sweet cock daddy."

Matthew howled as he thrust wildly into her, her pussy was milking him and it felt so god damn good. "Baby girl, cum for daddy," He demanded dropping his head against her neck as he grasped her hips, pulling her forcefully against him as he slammed into her. "Cum all over my hot cock baby, show daddy how good I am making you feel."

Suzanne pummeled her body hard against his driving thrusts as he rode her to ecstasy. "I'm cumming daddy. I'm cummmmiinnnngggg all over you." She screamed as her body convulsed around him.

Matthew felt her body tighten around him and grunted as he thrust harder into her. He felt his own orgasm rising fast and knew he should pull out of her but she felt so good wrapped around him.

When the time came, he didn't get a chance. Suzanne slammed her body tightly against his as she came again and his balls erupted as he was buried to the hilt inside her. "Baby, I'm cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg..." He howled as he emptied himself.

Suzanne screamed as she went over the edge once more. She loved the feeling of her father emptying himself inside her.

The rest of the time her mother was away, she fucked and sucked her father. The day her mother came home though, it was as if the past week had never happened. He welcomed her mother with open arms and Suzanne realized she had gone back to just being daddies little girl.

She registered at the local college but she was bummed at not having her daddies cock anymore. Until about 6 months later when she heard that her uncle Tony was coming for a visit. Her pussy tingled at the thought.

The End

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I wish I could have been her

I always wanted to do something like this, I want a family where me my husband and my kids all fuck each other

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If only I had a daughter like her because my cocks as hard as a rock now

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