tagLoving WivesFun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 07

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 07


I came out of the bedroom after showering and receiving my usual morning blow-job.

Sue, Louise and my wife were sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee and talking. As I walked over, pecker dangling and balls swinging, Louise motioned me to come over. As I did, she reached and grabbing my cock pulled me closer. She got off her stool and fell to her knees taking my limp dick in her mouth and sucking very hard. Nothing happened as I was drained from my earlier action. When she realized my cock was dead, she stopped and let it go.

"Just my luck", she said. "I've been wanting to kiss that baby ever since I first saw it by your pool."

My wife laughed. "You're too late, I already had him."

Louise was still on her knees as she reached between my legs and grabbed the base of my scrotum. She was able to squeeze tight as my balls moved down the sack to accommodate her. Then without a warning, she gave a vicious tug. I screamed as the pain shot through my body and I almost fell.

"Sorry", she said " I just wanted to test your pain level."

"I'm not sure if it was the pain or the surprise that that got me, but it didn't hurt that much."

I noticed my penis grew noticeably as I took a seat at the counter. Louise also noticed, but just smiled.

My wife just shook her head, knowing from Sue's earlier story how Louise loved to inflict pain.

"I don't think you did any permanent damage, I see his penis is responding."

Maria came in and walked to the sink to wash a few dishes in the rack. I noticed Sue watching her, especially focusing on her cunt.

"Admiring your handiwork?" I asked.

Sue grinned, "One hairy pussy around here is enough."

Suddenly my wife looked at Sue and Louise and asked, "Tell me, how does it feel to eat a pussy?"

They looked at each other, neither replying until Louise said, "You never know until you try."

I hadn't heard my wife ever indicate she was interested in girls, thinking she was a true heterosexual. I feel women can easily be bi and men either straight or gay for the most part. Two women could pleasure each other and still enjoy sex with a man, unless they were true lesbians. I didn't say anything, just poured a cup of coffee.

Louise then said," The reason we came over so early is to invite you to a party at your house later today. We'll bring all the fixings so you have to do nothing. I feel you've done a lot of entertaining and now it's my turn."

I looked at my wife and we both nodded. "Ok. sounds good."

I noticed Elena was making herself scarce, probably afraid of Sue & Louise. They could come on rather strong at times.

Later, they entered through the patio carrying trays of food and several bottles of wine. It took them several trips before they finished. We spread the food out on the tables we had prepared and put the wine on ice.

We relaxed on the loungers talking small talk, my wife lying next to me holding my cock as usual.

"How come every time you get near him you go for his cock?" Louise asked.

"Just to remind him that it belongs to me."

"Only I have the right to grant permission for him to play around."

"Do you think he's recovered enough, so I can finish what I started this morning?"

"Go ahead and try." my wife said as she removed her hand and stood up.

Louise laid beside me, putting my now twitching member in her mouth. After a few licks and sucking it in as deep as she could, she rolled over and assumed the sixty-nine position. I looked at her sweet smelling pussy inches from my face and could see her clit had already emerged from it's cover. I grabbed it between my teeth and felt her shudder as I bit hard. It was my way of responding to her trick this morning.

She moaned, "Do that again."

I did, over and over admiring her high pain threshold until my face was suddenly filled with her juice as she came and came again. All this time she had kept a strong pressure on my cock and sure enough, it thickened and grew longer. I knew she was going to make me cum so I just relaxed and enjoyed the pleasurable feeling. Sue came over and grabbed my balls, squeezing rather hard I thought as I started pumping my sperm down Louise's throat. Louise came up for air and Sue backed off as my now limp dick flopped out of Louise's mouth. Sue grabbed it and licked it clean, so I guess I got a twofer.

My wife who had been watching intently groaned and said, "Now I guess he's done for the day."

I could see Elena watching through the kitchen bypass and knew she had seen everything. Good for her, I thought.

We started in on the food and wine, laughing and kidding around about our new found freedom and the day soon passed. We had finished the food, but Louise kept pouring wine and neither my wife's or my glass was left empty. I think we actually killed all the bottles by early evening. Both of us was feeling no pain as we mumbled excuses and made our way to our bedroom. No sex tonight as we tumbled into bed and passed out.

I woke the next morning feeling pretty good considering the past events. My wife stirred next to me and opened her eyes.

"Why do I feel so good?" she said reaching for my pecker.

Just then the door opened and Louise came in with Sue. She was carrying a large box which she placed on the floor next to our bed.

"Because I bought good wine." she said as she came over and stared at us.

"I want both of you to go to the John and relieve yourselves as I have a big day planned."

Not knowing what she meant we obediently followed her instructions and took care of our bladders.

As we entered the bedroom, she motioned us over to the bed and told us to lie down, one on either side. We had a special built, oversized bed made when we bought the house figuring we needed lots of room to play and relax. Louise grabbed my right leg and wrapped a rope around the ankle and then fastened it to the bed poster. She took my other leg and tied it to my wife's right leg . She then tied the wife's left leg to the other poster. Our legs were forced wide apart since the bed was so big and both our pubic areas open to the world. She did the same thing to our wrists and arms, fastening them to the head posters. We looked at each other wondering what was going to happen.

We soon found out as I felt Louise grab my exposed balls and pull them down as far as she could. She wrapped a leather belt around my scrotum at the junction with my body and pulled it tight. She tied a rope to the belt and carefully measuring dropped the other end over the foot of the bed. I yelped as I felt my sack being pulled down.

"Shut up." she said, "I only tied a ten pound weight to the rope. My ex-husband could handle twenty."

Actually after the initial shock, it started feeling good so I relaxed. Next she climbed on the bed and taking my very limp cock in hand pulled as much foreskin as she could to the front. When she had a thick amount she placed a clamp over the lump up close to the end of my plum. There was no pain as the skin was thick enough to offset the bite of the clamp. I figured Sue had the same result with her nipple teasing the other night. She then tied a cord to the clamp and placed a rod supported by two sets of legs over my lower body. She reached down to her box and pulled out a stainless steel weight which she tied to the cord and let it hang down from the rod. The result was immediate, my cock pulled up hard and fast by the weight and my loose skin stretched to the limit. No pain, but it felt strange.

"Relax." she said, "It's only ten pounds."

"Now, it's your turn." she said as she moved to my wife.

I watched her pull a dildo from her chest of goodies and gasped when I realize it had to be the one she used on Sue. She pushed it against my wife's pussy, but realized it would never fit, so she put it away and pulled out one about half the size. I watched as she applied a coating of KY jelly to my wife and then without further ado rammed in the dildo. The wife bucked as the still not inconsiderable prick reached it's limit. Then she settled down, thinking Louise was finished.

I had been moving my hips slowly up and down all this time as I discovered it caused the weight on the end of the rope to pull and release my sack from the up-down motion. It was a new sensation for me and honestly, felt really good. Louise suddenly became aware of what I was doing and going into her box pulled another weight and tied it to the rope.

"See what fifteen pounds does Lover"

She reached over to my wife's crotch and pulled the dildo back and forth until she was satisfied. She turned the switch and my wife's body actually lifted off the bed as the vibrator hit her G-spot.

"God," she screamed, "that feels good"

In a minute or less she had her first orgasm, then another and another. Remember she was multi-orgasmic. Soon she started crying out and begging Louise to stop the vibrator. Finally Louise relented and removed the dildo.

"Let that be a lesson to you, bitch."

"Sue told me what you two did to her and I arranged this little payback session. We're not through yet so relax for a minute."

I was lying there keeping quiet and feeling good. My balls felt fine and my foreskin could only benefit from the treatment.

Louise pulled a pump out of her box along with two small plastic tubes. She hooked the tubes to the pump with a harness and approached my wife.

"Your nipple are too small. you're a disgrace to womanhood, but I'll fix that right now."

She placed a tube over each breast and then started the pump. I saw my wife's nipples pulled up by the suction along with a portion of her areolas.

"Oh, that sort of tingles, but doesn't hurt."

"Well, we'll leave you for awhile, enjoy!" Louise said as she left the room with Sue.

"Are you alright? "I asked.

"Fine, how about you?"

"The same. Did you have any idea this was going to happen?"

"No, so let's take things one step at a time."

She always was pragmatic when things got rough.

Louise came back into the room, walked to the bed and said. "I forgot the most important thing."

She reached into the box, coming up with another small plastic tube and pump. Sitting on the bed, she reached for my wife's pussy and spread her lips apart. She was still moist from the earlier attention and smiled at Louise.

"What now?"

"Jeff told me you only have a small nub of a clit, so I intend to fix that with this."

She placed the little tube over my wife's clitoral hood, making sure it was snug. She placed the pump on the bed's edge and turned it on.

"Oh, it feels like my clit's being sucked." Louise turned the dial on the pump to increase the pressure of the vacuum as my wife twisted and squirmed next to me.

"That's oh so good." said my wife as she thanked Louise with her eyes.

I could see her little clit pulled up the tube as her hood opened to let it escape.

"It'll take close to a day for your nips and clit to get back to normal, but you can enjoy the feeling for a few hours."

She came over to me, reaching down into her box pulling out another weight,

"Ok tough guy, let's see what you think about this."

She added the weight to the others and now my sack was really pulled down, a small bit of pain, but not unbearable.

"Bully for you, my ex could handle twenty pounds but he only had an average scrotum to take the weight, You have a big advantage over that poor sucker."

"I used to tie a concrete block to his nuts and make him pull it around the house. Sixteen pounds of misery I called it."

I understood now why he had let her go, the sadistic bitch.

"Fuck you, Louise."

"Later" she said as she left the room.

By straining, I found I could raise my hips pulling the rope up and lifting the weights. When I lowered them the weights subsided and the net result eased the strain and felt good. Might as well make lemonade when you're stuck with a lemon.

My wife looked over. "I'm glad you're having fun, but I feel like I'm being pulled apart."

"Does it hurt?"

"Not really, just feels like three mouths sucking at the same time."

"It's the vacuum suction from the pumps." I replied.

About two hours later, the door opened and Sue entered with Maria and Elena. When they saw us spread out on the bed, their eyes opened wide as they stared at the tubes and weights attached to our bodies.

Louise came in and looked at her handiwork as she approached the bed. "Comfy?" she asked?

"This is getting sort of old don't you think? I said, as I pulled the weights up with my hips.

"Besides, if we hadn't done Sue like we did, you would probably never met her."

"I think we deserve a reward instead of this so called torture."

Louise laughed as she unhooked the weights from my rope and released the clamp on my penis. Then she undid the pumps and tubes on my wife's breasts and clit.

"How about the bindings on our legs and arms?"

"Not yet", she said as she put her various pieces of equipment in the big box by the bed.

"You're right, you do deserve a reward."

"Sue, take Maria and Elena in the fancy bathroom and give them a good scrubbing, especially their cunts."

"I know how fastidious your sister is and I don't want to offend her sensibilities."

My wife and I looked at each other, wondering what was coming.

A few minutes later, Sue shepherded the two maids back in the room and took them to the edge of the bed.

"Maria, I want you to sit over Senor's face, so your pussy is close to his mouth, but don't settle down until I tell you." Louise told her.

"No, I can't do that." Maria replied.

Louise reached down into her box and pulled out a long butcher knife. "If you don't, I'll cut off your tit."

Poor Maria just smiled at me and said, "Sorry Senor" as she climbed on the bed and positioned her cunt over my face.

"Your wife was wondering how it felt to eat a pussy so now she's going to find out."

Louise pulled Elena to the side of the bed and told her to assume the 69 position, waving the knife at her. Elena was terrified, having always been afraid of Louise, but she positioned herself cunt to wife's face and face to wife's cunt as instructed. Meanwhile, Maria's puss was only inches from my face and I could see how large her vagina was. I could smell the sweet scent of the special soap my wife kept by the tubs. Her husband's beercan sized cock had really forced her lips apart and there was a gap of about two inches between them. Years of fucking had really opened her up. Her clit was sticking out, (almost the size of Sue's) from her hood and I realized she was already aroused. I felt my penis quiver as her pussy began to salivate. My balls felt ok after Louise had released the weights so I figured no damage had been done. My foreskin was still bunched together over my plum and needed massaging.

I heard my wife gasp as Elena relaxed and let her pussy touch her face. I couldn't see her because Maria had the view blocked but could visualize the scene.

Louise said, "Go to it gang" as she pulled Sue down next to me and flipping her over assumed the good old sixty nine position. Before Sue dived into Louise's crotch, she reached over and grabbed my scrotum lovingly.

Maria lowered herself and I grabbed her clit with my lips, no sense in licking her labs as they were too far apart. Maria shuddered as I started to suck hard on her nub, nipping with my teeth. Sue kept squeezing my sack as she licked Louise and the double pleasure was getting to me. I hadn't had my usual morning blow job, so was primed and ready.

Suddenly, Maria lowered her body so her head was touching my half hard cock and took it in her mouth. Sue had moved her hand to my balls and was fondling them as she continued to work on Louise. What a feeling I thought as my penis stiffened and filled Maria's mouth.

Maria was now deep throating me as I sucked harder on her clit and kept giving it the occasional nip. She trembled and began to moan as her emotions took over. Her pussy began to flow and her juices flooded my face as she came and then again. Her mouth was incessant as she moved up and down my shaft. Pulling off my cock she grabbed it with her hand and started moving my foreskin to and fro over my plum. By now the skin had been restored and wasn't bunched like before. Sue could feel my balls rumbling as I started to cum and squeezed harder to help. When Maria felt the flow starting she quickly put her mouth back to my plum just as I pumped my juice down her throat and over her face. She kept on sucking til the last drop had been drained from my quivering nuts.

By this time both Sue and Louise had loud, bed shaking orgasms as I watched them collapse in each other's arms.

Maria got off the bed and left the room as I looked over to my wife. She had her face buried in Elena's crotch, so I couldn't make out her expression. From the groaning and moaning I knew it wasn't a bad one as Elena raised her head, looked over at me and smiled. Then, her eyes turned glassy as her orgasm started and she lowered her mouth to my wife' pussy. My wife bucked as she started to cum and cum again as Elena kissed and licked her sweet cunt. Elena reacted likewise as she had a tremendous orgasm. She leaned over and kissed me deeply and I could taste my wife's joy juice as she tongued me. I thanked her with my eyes as she pulled away and got off the bed.

"Well children, I guess that does it." Louise said as she came around to the foot of the bed and unloosed our bindings.

"I hope you all had fun." as she freed our hands.

Neither my wife nor I said a word as we rubbed our wrists, watching Sue and Louise gather the equipment and putting it in the box. They picked it up and left the room without further comment.

My wife told Elena to go to her room, as she rolled over next to me, taking my now limp dick in her hand and giving me a deep kiss. I could taste Elena's cum as she ran her tongue around my lips. I caught Elena smiling from the corner of my eye as she left the room, staring at us.

"Let's take a bath." I said as I stood up.

We went in the bathroom and I turned on the water in one of the tubs, adjusting the temperature to hot, our favorite. The tubs were special order, big enough to lie or sit side by side or feet to feet facing each other. We settled in side by side as the water flowed and the tub filled. When it had reached the right height, I turned the faucets off and we relaxed in each other's arms.

"Well. what did you think of that?" I said as I cupped her left breast.

"Louise is really weird." she replied.

I noticed her areolas were puffy and her small nipples were sticking out maybe a quarter of an inch when I gently rubbed her breast.

"Do they hurt?"

"No, just feel strange, like they've been sucked for hours."

"They have, those pumps suck like lips."

"When Elena was licking my puss. every time she hit the clit, I shook. It is so sensitive."

I leaned forward and asked her to spread her legs as I looked down. For the first time since I've known her, the clit was sticking out, not covered by the hood. I touched it gently and twisted it between my fingers.

"Oh, that feels so good, keep doing what you're doing."

I rubbed and caressed her nub as I felt her nearing a climax. I couldn't recall how long it had been since I got her off, just playing with her pussy with only my fingers. Usually it's my magic tongue that does the trick. She grabbed my cock as she had her first orgasm, sticking it in her mouth and feverishly kissing the plum. She had another orgasm as I pulled her clit. I had only used her nub to excite her but apparently it was enough as she started to cum again. When she relaxed I removed my hand and went back to holding her breast. My pecker didn't respond to her ministrations so she leaned back into my arms.

"I guess you're all peckered out."

I was afraid to ask about Elena so we rested quietly for a few minutes, enjoying the warm water and soaping each other down.

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