tagNovels and NovellasFurther Tales of Peggy Sanford Ch. 02

Further Tales of Peggy Sanford Ch. 02


Marcel had to go to work on Friday. He tried to be careful getting out of bed but Mathilda woke up. He kissed her and told her to go back to sleep. Just before he left he looked in on the sleeping ladies. The sheet had slipped off their naked bodies. Mathilda was spooning behind Peggy. She had an arm and a leg draped over Peggy. They looked so lovely and so fuckable that Marcel had a hard time forcing himself to leave for work home.

Peggy and Mathilda woke up a couple of hours later. They cleaned up, had a quick breakfast and got dressed. They headed to the market to buy food and wine for the party. They brought their purchases back to the apartment but went out again to have lunch at a sidewalk café so that they could people watch while they ate. One man in particular caught Peggy's eye. He was a tall, well built, very handsome black man who was jogging down the street. He reminded Peggy of Darrel, a consultant for Total Quality Management, a firm that her company had hired to review the claims process. One night Peggy had stayed late at the office to help him with the project. He insisted on taking Peggy to dinner for keeping her late. They had a lovely meal at nice restaurant and a wild fucking session at his hotel afterwards. The review lasted three weeks. Two or three times a week Peggy would go to his hotel and spend several hours fucking and sucking his huge black cock. She couldn't help but smile as she remembered how that big fat dick filled all her holes with so much pleasure. Mathilda watched as Peggy's eyes followed the black man.

"Peggy, do you know that man?" She asked.

"No, he just reminds me of someone I knew," Peggy replied.

"So, you have been with a black man?" Mathilda asked.

"Many," Peggy replied with a slight laugh.

"That is good, that you are not prejudiced. Some American are, I'm glad you are not," Mathilda said.

"Me too, I would have missed out on his big beautiful cock if I was," Peggy replied laughingly.

The man jogged out of sight and Peggy changed the subject.

"So tell me about the guests for tonight's party," Peggy inquired.

"Oh Peggy, let it be a surprise. I'm sure you'll love them. I know they'll love you," Mathilda replied with a naughty smile. "Now tell about all that big beautiful black cock you had." Mathilda said with a laugh.

Peggy told the story about Darrel and their times in his hotel while they finished their lunch. After lunch they headed back to the apartment to prepare for the party. They worked together straightening up the apartment, setting the table and preparing the food and wine. While they were working, Mathilda took a break to call her husband. She spoke to him in hushed tones in the bedroom while Peggy was in the kitchen. A couple of hours later everything was ready.

"The only thing left to do is move the couches and chairs against the walls and lay out the mats and cushions," Mathilda said. "Marcel will take care of that when he gets home."

Before Peggy could respond her cell phone rang. It was her husband. She excused herself and moved to another room to take the call. When Peggy returned, Mathilda noticed that something was troubling her.

"Peggy, what is the matter?" she asked.

"My husband won't be coming. He did so well in a tournament that he was invited to play with several professional players on Saturday. Oh well, it not like he hasn't run off and left me for golf before," Peggy replied.

"Oh Peggy, I am sorry if you are sad, but just think, now you can spend another night with Marcel and me," Mathilda said.

"Oh I couldn't, you two have been wonderful hosts but I can't take advantage of you anymore," Peggy said.

"Peggy, I insist and so will Marcel. Now that your husband is not here, we can do something exciting on Saturday," Mathilda said as she put an arm around Peggy.

"Are you sure, I don't want to intrude on your love life," Peggy said.

"Oh Peggy, you have improved on our love life. I insist. Call and cancel your hotel room. You will stay with us," Mathilda said as she put her other arm around Peggy, hugged her and added. "Come let us start getting ready for the party. Take a soak in the tub with me; I think you will enjoy it,"

Peggy and Mathilda went into the large master bathroom and filled the large soaking tub with hot water and bath oils. They pinned their hair up and stripped naked. Mathilda climbed in first and sat with her back against one end of the tub. She told Peggy to get in and sit with her back against her. Mathilda wrapped her arms and legs around Peggy and pulled her tight to her body. She placed tender kisses on Peggy's neck and shoulders. They sat cuddled together soaking and relaxing in the hot water for a long time. They were still in the tub, talking, kissing and caressing each other until they heard the front door open. Marcel had returned home.

Mathilda called out to let him know they were in the bathroom. He stopped at the door to the bathroom and took in the sight of the two sexy women in the tub.

"Bon jour my lovelies, you look so beautiful and sexy together. I wish I could join you," He said.

"Well come on, we'd love to have you join us," Peggy said as she held out a hand for Marcel.

"Oh, how I wish I could, but our guests will arrive soon," He said.

"Oh my god, Peggy, I was having such a good time with you I forgot about the time. Come, we need to get ready," Mathilda said as she stood up.

"And speaking of our guests, I spoke to Linh. She said yes and probably two. Unfortunately they cannot come until later," Marcel added.

Peggy looked at them inquisitively, but they didn't offer an explanation for their cryptic conversation. "Excellent my dear," Mathilda replied. "Oh, I have good news for you. Peggy will be staying with us for another day. Her husband is not coming," Mathilda said.

"That is if you don't mind," Peggy added.

"Mind, of course not, I am delighted," Marcel replied.

Peggy and Mathilda got out of the tub and dried off. They went to Mathilda's dressing room to lotion their bodies and fix their hair and makeup while Marcel took a shower. They were discussing what to wear when Marcel came into the room.

"You could go naked, I know I would love that," He said with a laugh.

"Men, is that all you think about," Mathilda replied as she walked over and hugged and kissed her husband.

"What can I say I love seeing both of you naked," He answered as he caressed his wife's beautiful buttocks with one hand and held out the other for Peggy.

Peggy walked over to him stepped into his arm. The three of them hugged and shared a passionate kiss. Their hands roamed all over each other's naked bodies, exciting each one of them. It was difficult but Marcel broke the kiss.

"It would be nice to get into bed with you two lovely ladies, but sadly we must stop and get ready for our guests," He said.

Reluctantly they broke apart and finished getting ready. Peggy and Mathilda decided to wear short light sundresses high heel sandals and nothing else. Why wear underwear when it was going to be removed so soon. Marcel just wore pants and a shirt. They had just finished dressing when the first guests arrived.

The first guests were an attractive couple, in their early thirties, Rene and his wife Aline. Rene was Marcel's best friend. He was very fit, about 6 feet tall, with brown hair and eyes. Aline was about 5'6" with dirty blonde hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. Her short skirt and tight shirt did nothing to hide her tone, well developed body. They greeted everyone with the usually French manner with kisses on both cheeks.

Marcel had just poured glasses of wine for everyone when the next guests arrived. They were an attractive interracial couple. Naeem was tall about 6'2" thin with a nice build. He was very dark skinned with black hair and eyes. Naeem was member of the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Senegal. His companion, Hannah was Swedish. She too was tall about 5'11" in flat sandals and thin but with a nice sized bust. In contrast to Naeem she was very light skinned with light blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.

The last two guests were Michelle and Louis, the two handsome men that Peggy and Mathilda had shared a lovely foursome with on Thursday afternoon. They all shared a light meal with plenty of fine wine and delightful conversation. In deference to Peggy most of the conversation was in English, but she did love hearing all the different accents of the guests. After dinner they all moved to the large living room for after dinner cocktails.

Peggy found herself sitting on a couch between Naeem and Hannah. As they talked, Peggy discovered that Naeem and Hannah were very touchy feely people; one of them always had a hand on her arm, shoulder or legs. Peggy did not object, in fact she was becoming aroused by their touch. She looked around the room and saw that the others had also formed small groups. Mathilda was sitting with Michelle and Louis, who each had a hand on her thighs as they took turns kissing her. Aline was standing sandwiched between her husband Rene and Marcel. Rene was behind his wife. The back of her dress was pulled up and her thong was down at her ankles. Rene's hands were caressing her ass. Marcel was in front of her. He was kissing her with his hands up the front of her shirt, fondling her breasts.

Peggy could feel her pussy start to get wet. She was excited by Naeem and Hannah's touches and all the erotic sights in the room. When she turned and looked into Hannah's eyes all could see was desire. She leaned her head toward Hannah and was met half way by a pair of soft sensual lips. They kissed and Hannah tenderly slipped her tongue into Peggy's mouth. They broke the kiss, looked into each other's eyes and smiled. Hannah turned Peggy's head toward Naeem and he took her head in his hands. He leaned in and kissed her, softly and gently at first, but soon with more passion. As Naeem was kissing Peggy, Hannah began stroking her hand up Peggy's thigh. She stopped when she brushed her hand on Peggy's warm wet pussy.

"Peggy, you are wet already, are you excited already?" she asked.

"Yes, I have been anticipating this all day," Peggy moaned.

"And you are not wearing panties. Are you a naughty girl? Hannah asked with a slight laugh. "Yes, it makes it easier to get naked," Peggy answered with a laugh of her own.

"Then we must get you naked," Naeem said with a deep laugh.

Peggy and Hannah stood up and face each other with Peggy's back to Naeem. Hannah helped Peggy pull her dress up and over her head. Peggy stood there naked in just her high heel sandals. The shoes accentuated the curve and shape of her buttocks. Naeem was impressed and he told her.

"Oh my god, Peggy, you have such a magnificent ass, a true work of art," he said as he reached out and caressed it.

"Naeem, her breasts are lovely too," Hannah said as she fondled Peggy's soft breasts.

She moved close to Peggy and kissed her as she continued fondling her breasts. Naeem stood up and moved close behind Peggy. He kissed the nape of her neck and shoulders as he continued caressing the cheeks of her ass. Peggy moaned as she stood naked between the attractive couple while they kissed and petted her body.

"Are you going to join me?" Peggy asked as she broke the kiss and reached up and slipped the thin straps of Hannah's dress off her shoulders.

Hannah shimmered and the dress easily slipped down off her thin body. It fell to the floor at her feet. All she was she was left wearing was a small red silk thong. Peggy rolled the thin bands of the thong down Hannah's thighs. It too fell to the floor at Hannah's feet. Hannah's pussy was shaved bare. Peggy rubbed her hand across it and her fingers came back wet. She licked her fingers, enjoying Hannah lovely nectar.

"It looks like you're wet too ...and tasty," Peggy said to Hannah.

She turned around and faced Naeem.

"Well what about you, Naeem? You're not gonna let us ladies be naked alone?" she asked as she fumbled with the belt of his trousers.

"No, of course not," He replied.

Naeem pulled off his shirt as Peggy opened his pants and pushed them to the floor. When she pushed his underwear to the ground his semi-hard cock popped out. She stroked her hand along its length and was delighted. She guessed Naeem was about eight or nine inches long, thick and uncut. Naeem held Peggy's head in his hands as he kissed her again. Hannah moved closer and sandwiched Peggy between herself and Naeem. The three of them stood in a group kissing, touching and caressing each other letting their passions and desires grow.

Peggy finally broke the circle and pushed Hannah back against the couch. Hannah fell back, sitting against one of the arms. She spread her long legs, resting her foot up on the top of the back of the couch. Peggy kicked off her sandals as she moved onto the couch and knelt between Hannah's legs. She put her head between Hannah's legs and began kissing and licking Hannah's thighs and crotch, moving closer and closer to her pussy. Peggy used the tip of her tongue to explore the lips of Hannah's pussy. Gently, and softly she slithered her tongue just inside the opening of Hannah's lips, from top to bottom, and back again. Hannah's juices began to flow and Peggy lapped up the succulent delicacy.

At the same time Naeem knelt on the couch behind Peggy. He pushed Peggy's legs up under her forcing her ass to rise up in the air. He leaned in and began kissing and licking Peggy's buttocks and thighs. She moaned out loud when Naeem's tongue first made contact with her pussy. Slowly he worked it towards her clit. As he sucked it into her mouth, she gasped, and held her breath. He continued sucking on her clit and Peggy began to squirm. She had been excited all day long thinking about this evening. Now, she was ready to cum. When Naeem used his fingers to massage her pussy, she lost it. Her body tensed up, she cried out, panting and moaning as he she came.

Naeem and Hannah held onto to Peggy as her orgasm passed. Once she recovered her senses, Peggy returned her attention to Hannah's pussy. Starting at the clit, she ran her tongue along the lips of Hannah's pussy until she reached the delicate taint between her pussy and asshole. She flicked her tongue across the taint several times. Hannah's breathing became labored, her body shivering in anticipation. Peggy worked her tongue around and into the rosebud opening of Hannah's anus. At the same time Peggy strummed her thumb across Hannah's clit, the combination of pleasures sent her over the edge. Hannah's body shuddered uncontrollably as her orgasm overtook her senses. She fell back on the arm of the couch panting and groaning.

Naeem had moved back and was sitting at the other end of the couch watching Peggy eat Hannah's ass and pussy. Peggy turned around and faced him. As she moved she looked around the room. Aline was kneeling with Marcel and Rene standing on either side of her. She was stroking both of their cocks while she took turns sucking the heads. Mathilda was kneeling on the other couch. Michelle was fucking her from behind as she sucked Louis's cock. Peggy reached out and ran her hand up and down Naeem's cock.

"I sorry Naeem, I hope you didn't feel left out while we had our orgasms?" Peggy asked Naeem.

"Not at all, I love watching women cum, especially two beautiful women like you and Hannah," He answered.

"Well, we loved cumming. Now it's your turn," Peggy replied.

Peggy pushed the foreskin on Naeem's cock down exposing the head. She lowered her head and began kissing and licking the sensitive nub. Hannah got up from her end of the couch and moved behind Peggy. She knelt down and caressed Peggy's ass and thighs. Peggy took her mouth off Naeem's cock and looked behind her.

"Hannah, come up here and help me suck Naeem's cock," Peggy said to Hannah.

"Peggy, I suck his cock every day. I am more interested in this," Hannah replied as she ran her tongue through the folds of Peggy's pussy.

Peggy moaned as Hannah's talented tongue spurred her desires. She went back to stroking and sucking Naeem's cock. A clear drop of precum leaked from the opening on the head of Naeem's cock. Peggy used her tongue to scoop up the tasty treat. Naeem moaned as Peggy dug the tip of her tongue into the opening. Peggy moved her mouth down the length of Naeem's cock. She kissed and licked the shaft as she moved down to his balls. She took his testicles into her mouth, first one, then the other, and then both. Naeem groaned as his testicles bounced around in Peggy's mouth. Peggy let his balls fall from her mouth as she kissed and licked her way back up his cock. When she reached the top she slipped about half of his cock into her mouth. Up and down she bobbed her head, taking more and more of the long pole in her mouth.

Hannah was still kneeling behind Peggy, kissing, licking and sucking her pussy. Mathilda had confided to her that Peggy enjoyed all manners of anal play. Hannah got up off the couch and went over to the table where Mathilda had placed some lube and various sex toys. At first she picked up a huge fat dildo but then she figured it could ruin Peggy's asshole if she started with something so big. Next she picked up a bottle of lube and a set of anal beads and went back to the couch. She wet the beads with some lube and placed the first bead against Peggy's anus. Peggy moaned onto Naeem's cock as she prepared for what was coming next. Hannah slipped the first bead into Peggy's anus. At first Peggy's ass muscles fought the anal intrusion, but as she willed herself to relax the toy slipped inside her. The second bead was easier to insert. Each bead after that easily slipped into Peggy's asshole. Soon she had six of the beads buried in her butt. Peggy's soft moans turned to loud groans when Hannah worked the last bead in and out of her ass. Peggy cried out when Hannah put her mouth back on her pussy and sucked on her clit. She gasped and came each time Hannah pulled a bead out of her ass. Her body quivered and shook as she experienced a string of powerful orgasms. She pushed her mouth off Naeem's cock and dropped her head on the couch as she gasped for breath. Hannah fell back on the end of the couch.

When Peggy's breathing returned to normal she sat back in the middle of the couch. Hannah moved over and they shared a passionate kiss.

"Peggy, go over to Naeem. He has a wonderful cock and is a good lover. I know he will please you," Hannah said once she broke the kiss.

"Yes Peggy, come on, I am dying to get my cock in you," Naeem added.

Peggy and Hannah both stood up. Naeem slid down on the couch until his ass was on the edge. He told Peggy to face away from him so he could enter her from behind. Peggy turned her back to Naeem and straddled his legs while Hannah dropped to her knees in front of Peggy. Naeem held Peggy's hips up as she started to squat down over his cock. Hannah reached between their legs. She grabbed Naeem's cock and rubbed the head against the lips of Peggy's pussy. Peggy moaned, the touch of his cock was pleasurable but she was eager to get fucked and she told them so.

"Come on, don't tease me. I need his cock in me now," she pleaded.

"Oh Peggy, Mathilda was right. You really do love to fuck," Hannah said.

Hannah lined the head of Naeem's cock up with the opening of Peggy's pussy. Naeem held Peggy's hips as she squatted down on his cock. The tip of his cock burrowed through the lips of her pussy as it entered her. She felt each inch, every bump and vein as she slid all the way down on that long pole. She held herself still for a second enjoying the feeling of his big cock filling her completely before she pushed herself up. About half of his cock slipped from her pussy. She squatted back down and he filled her again. Up and down she went, panting and moaning as she impaled herself over and over on his hard fat cock.

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