Futa's Are Real


I am writing this letter as my account of truth in the legend of Futa girls. Now I should write a little about me first. I am 26 now but when it started I was twenty-two. A college jock and loved women. I would go to all the parties and college bars and hang outs. I was good looking guy 6'3, 276lbs. I was pretty good at picking up females and if I wanted one, I would go home with one that night. Now that being said I actually wasn't looking for one and I was hanging out at a party with some friends and they all got with some girls and went home early with them. I was just about to leave with this amazing looking young lady came into the bar. I now know she was twenty-four at the time. She was about 5'9, the most beautiful jet black hair down to the middle of her back I had ever seen. Breasts were thick and big enough to show when pushed together they were bigger then her rib cage frame and she wore a tight shirt with my college logo on it to show she was a huge fan. She wore a skirt to her tight hips like if she stepped the wrong way she would pop its seams and slip right out.

Now I watched her come in with wide eyes as she looked around the bar and she caught tight eyes right on me and I think I even saw he smile like I was some meat in her sights. I should have run but me being me I thought this was going to be easy pickings. She walked right up to me put one hand on the bar stool and her other on my upper thigh. I swear her pinky gripped my crotch, and hopped into the seat next to me in a way she made her tits bounce on her tight4 pack tummy if it wasn't for the bra you would see her hit her own face with them.

She whispered hi stud I am sherle. I grinned and nodded and she ordered 5 shots each as the bar tender smiled like he knew something and I should have noticed something but I think the tender poured from different bottles. So we began talking and slowly shot after shot I became more and more drunk. I was fairly there and she asked me if I wanted to go home with her. I asked her if she wanted to show me her spirit and she smiled saying yeah I have a few new ideas' I want to try with you.

Before I knew it I was in her car and we were driving what seems like hours as I drifted off in her car. When I finally woke up I was laying on a bed. My eyes opened and it smelled so good in this room like lavender and vanilla. I knew I was in a woman's room. But then that sudden realization that my hands and feet were cuffed to the foot and headboard. I started shaking and the body next to me rose and it was her. She grinned down at me as her hair played over my chest and I became relaxed again. Whispering down at me "hi stud" she said. And again I was putty.

So you wanted to try new things huh? "She asked".

Nodding I smiled as she played her hands on my chest and I could see she was naked from the top up. Her breasts were huge round and so perfect. As she laid on my side and they hung so close to me. She nodded and leaned over I could almost see her ass as she leaned with her back away. Coming back after fuddling with some things in her nightstand. She pulled the covers down and for the first time I noticed I was naked. She grins and smiled well it's not the biggest around but I will enjoy this. She giggled and looked at my cock already hard. I was confuse as I stood eight inches and really was proud of my size.

I laid my head back as she rubbed a little lube on the tip of my cock not thinking about it and suddenly I felt a burning stretching pain as I felt a metal tube push into my cock hole. Shaking and just as I was about to shout out she shoved her nipple into my mouth. Almost biting down and sucking hard as she jerks my cock and helps the tube do halfway into my cock. Still jerking and not pushing anymore she whispers "all finished stud".

My eyes still wide and she is gently jerking my cock, grinning while shoving her tit into my mouth. Her tit almost as big as my face. Moaning as I try to please her she whispers and moans. "we are going to have to get back to that sucking later". Almost whimpering as she pulls the tit out of my mouth and pops her nipple from my lips and whispers.

Now for that new thing. She says pulling the covers away from her body. My eyes looking at the most perfect woman in my life. Her tits big and beautiful. Her hips round and so perfect to grip but waits. Suddenly my eyes see it. As she is on her knee's a cocks hanging between them. Not just a cock. The biggest thing I have ever seen on any human. The tip lying on the bed pointed out in front of her and the veins were huge and her nuts were like oranges in a grocery sack hanging halfway down to the bed. And just as I am about to say something she shoves her fingers into my mouth and grips my bottom jaw, nails in my tongue and she says to me.

If you scream I will shove that tube all the way into your cock. Making it so you can't get small and tying a string around it so tight it will grow purple, puss up, and fall off. She says while straddling my chest. My eyes wide as she grins and releases my jaw. And I speak pleading that this wasn't what I meant about new. Grinning as she lifts her cock and it falls on my chest with a thump. Grinning and playing the mushroom head over my face and mouth. Then she grins and shoves the meat into my mouth. Giggling and whispering down. Back to that sucking stud. Moaning as she slowly pushes the tip in and out of my mouth. Ever thought you would be a Futa's bitch stud?

Sucking and doing as I am told she leans over and pulls a long tube from the stand. Like a pocket pussy though much longer. She looks down and grins "this is your new pussy stud". She pulls her cock from my mouth as it's getting harder. And I suddenly relize I was sucking it without the thought of fear. Just sucking it for the shear whatever and moan as she pulls it out with a grin. Turning around and sitting back on my face she grins and tells me to eat her asspussy. My tongue darts into her perfect ass. Not thinking as I smell and fall into the scent of her sex and morning ass smell. As she is turned away from me and riding my tongue. I feel her slowly sliding the tube down my cock.

Her balls warm and fuzzy hanging on my neck like a blanket as she rides my face. Then wiping my face with her ass one last time, slipping off me. Ready for your fucking, my cute little brown nosing girl. As I look down and see the tube stands on my cock. My cock only inserted about one third the way in. she starts jerking her beast. Getting it hard as she stands and to my amaze she is even bigger. Like a third leg almost she stands over me. Pointing it down she grins and slowly inserts the tips of her cock into the other side of the tube. She whispers down as I am sitting there wordless at the size of her cock.

"I am going to cum in your pussy baby" she says.

"I am going to make your cock my new pussy baby" she says moaning.

She starts fucking the tube and all I can do is watch for fear now again about her cutting my cock off. She stands over me moaning and jerking the parts of her cock now swallowed by the tube. I can feel her cock jerking shots of prejizz on my tip and the heat its giving off. Then I feel it. Her cock suddenly pushing down so hard that I feel hers swallow the tip of mine. The feeling making me shake and moan as she fucks my cock in hers and her cock vanishes into the tube fully and half my cock is in hers. My eyes closing as I feel a pleasure never felt. Then I feel it and her moan turns to a grunt and almost yells. She lets loose a cum shot that I swear is so hot I feel it burn my cock tip and the pressure sending it into the tube. She holds down on me and unloads a jet of cum into my cock. I feel the heat flowing into me. Into my tummy. As I whine out and feel it stretching my bladder. My tight six pack slowly growing as I feel her cum filling my guts. Moaning and whining and I see her pleasure. Whispering down.

"God your pussy is so tight and feels so good to cum in baby" she says.

Shaking and moaning as I feel shot after shot flow into me. Watching her balls go from hanging to shivering up just a little bit. Whining with tears in my eyes from the pain of my bladder stretching. She stands and pulls her still half limp cock out of the tube stepping up the bed as her cock hands over my face. Feeling her few drops of cum pour out and fall down on my face she giggles.

"Now taste your good work girl" she says.

Smiling down and letting the cum in her huge shaft drip down and fall on my face. Opening my mouth and feeling the hot jizm just dripping into my mouth. Drop after drop and she smiles saying. "Hold that pose" she says. And with a grunt she begins to piss down on my face. The flow hot and she leans against the wall with one arm like this is normal. Just lets her huge member pee down on my face. Grinning down at me. Shaking my head back and forth as I feel like a fire hose spraying on my face. Like being pissed on by a horse. She finally slows and grins. Coughing and shaking spitting up cum and piss through my mouth and nose and hops off the bed and to my amaze I am still watching the huge cock bouncing around. She smiles as she notices me still watching it and grins waving. Going off to take a shower. Leaving me tide to the bed. Full of her cum, pissed on, and shamed as being her girl...

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