tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFuture Mother-in-Law is My Mistress Ch. 02

Future Mother-in-Law is My Mistress Ch. 02


I awoke the next day much the same as the day before, although maybe not as nervous. I sent Lindsey off to work and got showered. I went and got the panties out of my sock drawer. As I picked them up my penis started to get erect. I did my best to get them on dealing with my erection. I knew Nadine might think something was up if I didn't show up with a hardon so I figured it was best if I didn't masturbate yet. I walked across the house noticing how very little I was wearing.

I knocked on Nadine's door and she said to come in. She was wearing the same robe as yesterday and looked incredible. "I see you are enjoying the panties. Go ahead and get dressed and then you can take care of that problem." I put the maid's uniform on and took the panties off. My cock was relieved to have some breathing room again. I went into the bathroom to masturbate and noticed that I was followed by Nadine. I guess she is going to follow through on watching me this time.

I proceeded to masturbate and it was feeling incredible, especially with the added excitement of being watched. Nadine was watching very intently for a few feet away. As I got close to coming I made sure to aim towards the toilet. I came and cum spurted out with quite a bit of speed. I cleaned up my cock and flushed the toilet. I saw Nadine grinning and then she pointed to a spot on the counter. I saw that there was quite a big puddle from one of the spurts of cum on the counter. Now I realized part of why she was watching so intently. She was hoping that I would miss some so that she could make good on her threat from the day before. "Go ahead and lick it up, but make sure to not swallow." I bent down to lick up the cum. It took a few licks before I had it all in my mouth. "Show me what you have in your mouth." I opened my mouth to show her the good amount of cum that I had licked up. "Looks delicious. I guess you can go ahead and swallow." I swallowed it quickly to get it out of my mouth. It did not taste very good. "I'm pretty sure you did that on purpose. You're going to become quite the full service maid. Go ahead and put your panties back on and come back into the room."

I put the panties back on and joined her in the bedroom, still tasting the cum in my mouth. She handed me a pair of black fishnet stockings to put on. I sat down on the edge of the bed and rolled them up my legs. I attached them to the built in garter belt on the uniform. Next she handed me the new pair of shoes that she had bought for me. They were just like the pair of hers except these were at least a 4 inch heel. I hoped I would even be able to stand in them. I wobbled to my feet so that Nadine could inspect her purchases. "This looks much better. Although there is a bit too much hair showing through the stockings. Hmm, I'm afraid that the hair is just going to have to go." I must have looked a little shocked at this since she replied. "Well we can't very well have our maid looking so hairy. What would our future guests think?" I wondered what she meant by guests.

"I want you to go shave your legs, and while you are at it, why don't you go ahead and shave anything from the neck down. That will make things easier."

I said, "What about Lindsey? She's going to notice that I am shaved."

She looked at me, "That is not my problem. I guess you will have to think of something to tell her." I thought maybe I'll tell her I've started competitive swimming, or maybe that I just wanted to see how it felt, or hell even that I just got bored and things got out of hand. Things were spinning out of control anyway, and who knows maybe she will even like it. I went off to the bathroom to do as Nadine ordered.

Shaving took quite awhile as I wanted to make sure to not cut anything. That and I wasn't used to shaving anything other than my face. Eventually I managed to get everything shaved. My balls were definitely tricky to get smooth. It felt weird as I toweled off. Nadine came in just as I had finished drying off. She handed me some lotion and told me to put it on so that my skin wouldn't dry out. As I did I noticed that it was very girly smelling and knew that it would be one more thing to explain. She watched as I rubbed it all over me, noticing the new erection.

"I guess that one will need to be taken care of now too. Go ahead and take care of it before you get dressed." I proceeded to masturbate for the second time already today. As I was getting close to coming I started to aim towards the toilet. "There's no need for that. You can just shoot it into my hand." I knew where this was probably heading but I knew that I better do it. I came for the second time today but this time into Nadine's hand. There was a very large puddle of cum in her scooped hand. "Now since I know how much you enjoyed it earlier, get on your knees and get ready for a late breakfast."

I got on my knees in front of her and she brought her hand in front of my face. She told me to open up and as I did she poured the cum into my mouth. She told me to go ahead and swallow it since there would be other times for me to show her how much I enjoyed holding it in my mouth. "Now go ahead and lick the rest off of my hand." I licked her hand clean and she inspected it to make sure I didn't miss a drop. "Good job. You're becoming quite the cumslut. Now go ahead and get cleaned up and dressed and meet me in my bedroom with the paper."

I got dressed, grabbed the paper much the same as yesterday, and joined her in her bedroom. She said my look was almost complete for today. She went into her closet and came out with a wig. It was a short auburn bob cut wig. It looked very real. She put it on me and had me look in the mirror. "You could probably almost fool someone if they saw you. Maybe even Lindsey wouldn't recognize you." I did look quite different from what I had even looked like just this morning although I wouldn't want to push my look and have anyone else see me like this.

"Now one last thing before you can do your daily chores. I wasn't planning on doing this for a few at least a few more days, but since you're progressing very quickly into such a slutty maid I think now will do just fine. I picked this up at a sex shop a couple years ago but never got around to using it." She went over to her dresser and pulled a very realistic looking butt plug out. "It's supposed to be quite comfortable and able to stay in easily. It better not fall out since I'm only lubing it up once, so if it needs more lube your mouth will have to do." She had me pull my panties down and bend over. She proceeded to lube up my ass and the plug. "Just relax and it should slide in without any problem." The plug felt huge at first but then as it got in, it really did feel comfortable, and very enjoyable.

"Judging by your reaction I'm going to say you are enjoying that. I figured you would. Well pull up your panties before you have to relieve yourself for the third time today. Granted you would probably like that you little cumslut." I pulled up the panties and looked at the floor while starting to blush. I probably would like it I thought, since the humiliation of everything was starting to become extremely enjoyable to me. She held up what looked like a little remote. "This is a remote for the vibrator in the butt plug. It allows me to turn it on wirelessly." She turned it on and I felt a wave of pleasure go through my body. "And that was just on low. Now go ahead and do your chores."

I proceeded to go about my day and chores. I kept noticing the butt plug at first, but then other than it rubbing against my prostate and keeping me turned on, it just became second nature to me. Just as I was finishing scrubbing the kitchen I heard Nadine come up behind me while I was still down on the floor. "Close your eyes." I did as I was told and I felt her move in front of me. "Good maid. Now go ahead and open your mouth." I once again did as I was told. I felt something hard but still slightly soft entering my mouth. "Go ahead and open your eyes." As I did I saw Nadine and saw the realistic strapon that she was wearing. "Go ahead and suck it." I started to, doing the best job I could, trying to think of what I love Lindsey to do to me. Right after I started I felt the butt plug turn on. "You're doing quite well, maybe we'll have to have you try a real one sometime." I shook my head no. "We'll see. Alright that's enough for now. I think you should go ahead and finish up and get changed before Lindsey gets home." She turned the butt plug off and removed the strap on from my mouth and went back into her room.

I changed into my regular clothes, noticing how even they felt different now that I was hairless. I greeted Lindsey when she got home. She didn't notice all night long until we got into bed and she reached for my cock. "Why are you hairless?"

I told her "I thought I would see how it felt. It's supposed to enhance sex."

She looked at me after noticing my arms and legs, "But why are your legs and arms hairless too?"

I looked at her as she was touching my leg. "I guess I sort of got carried away. It feels pretty good though. Do you like it?"

She got on top of me and I slid inside of her, "I guess so, it does feel pretty good. The arms and legs are a bit of a shock though. I guess that explains why you smell like my lotion as well. I'll probably catch you wearing my panties next." Luckily her eyes were closed so she didn't notice the panicked look on my face until I realized she was joking. We both came and fell asleep as I wondered what might happen tomorrow.

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