tagIncest/TabooGabbing With Daddy Ch. 02

Gabbing With Daddy Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback on the original story. I resisted writing the sequel as I didn't want to ruin what had happened already between Baby Girl and Daddy. It is not required to read "Gabbing with Daddy" first but doing so will, I hope, make this story more fun to read. I hope you like it. I appreciate the public comments very much, keep them coming. If you wish to get a response on your comment please use the Email link to reach me as I only have text capabilities I cannot respond or leave public comments of my own.

Driving home from my college weekend the thoughts of all that had gone down flooded my brain. Signing up for classes on Friday had been the least of my excitement, although I was happy to be going to this very fine university and knew it would be fun. The real excitement had been with my daddy from our first kiss in the elevator to our goodbye in the hotel lobby when I made him blush by handing him the cum soaked panties he had taken off of me that first night. My pussy was dripping as I thought back over the last few months. My dad and I rarely had seen each other since my parent's divorce. We met having cyber sex by way of Email and then Instant Messaging then we figured out we were, in fact, father and daughter but that didn't stop us. Finally, we decided to get together for real when I went to my college weekend at a university half way between our cities. And, boy, did we ever have fun.

The long 300 mile drive home thinking of his wonderful eight inch cock only made me hornier and hornier When I got in the door I gave my mom the required hug and gave her about three sentences about the college and told her I needed to lay down for a couple of hours after the long drive. I raced for my room and threw down my luggage. After dropping my dress to the floor, which left me in just my bra, I reached for my dresser drawer and pulled out my large dildo.

Crashing down onto the bed with my legs spread far apart I wasted no time in shoving the entire fake prick deep into my cunt. As one hand pumped the dildo in and out the other was busy playing with my hard clit and teasing my boobs through the silky bra. I mumbled to myself, "Oh yes, daddy, fuck me, come fuck your baby girl."

Juices gushed from my pussy as I came quickly. Masturbation had never felt this good before. Pulling out the dildo I licked it clean pretending it was actually daddy's cream covering it. Then, knowing that I hadn't been fair to mom I put back on my dress and talked with her for awhile about the school telling her I decided to go there and that all of my paperwork was done.

Mom seemed happy with my decision as she had always thought it was the best school in the state. After grabbing a small snack I went back to my room and my computer. There waiting for me was an Instant Message from my dad. My nipples seemed to instantly harden and I felt stirring in my loins again.

Daddy: "Hey baby girl, thanks for the special weekend."

Baby Girl: "Thank you, too daddy I loved every minute of it."

Daddy: "I am still hornier than hell; you turn me on so much!"

Baby Girl" "Oh daddy, you make me so hot, I want you to fuck me again real soon."

Unfortunately, that is as close as we got to even having cyber sex that night as we were so worn out and had to get up in the morning. Hardly a day went by without chatting with dad. We didn't always get sexual but when we did it was fantastic. My daddy really knew how to turn me on.

It was easy to tell when he wanted to be naughty with me as he would ask me if I were alone. If mom was out or asleep I answered that I was. Amazingly we never got caught by my very snoopy mother.

One of our best sessions came in the middle of May after I got home from an early creepy date. The guy started making moves on me before we left my driveway. He totally gave me the creeps so I paid for my own dinner and made up an excuse to get home before he got out of hand. He didn't want to get to know me at all as all he wanted is a fuck; what an asshole.

Kicking off my shoes I logged onto the Instant Messenger. After telling dad the whole story he offered to beat the guy up for me and then laughed. Somehow this made me feel better. Then he told me to crawl onto his lap. He lightly caressed my thighs and back as I snuggled deeply into his shoulder.

Daddy: "Do you like sitting here on your naked daddy's lap?"

Baby Girl: "Oh yes I do. I think you like it, too as your big cock is poking me in the leg."

Daddy:"How about a great big kiss for daddy while I help my baby girl off with her dress and bra. Oh yes, kiss me again sweet baby."

Baby Girl: "Daddy, do you like my boobies?"

Daddy: "Oh yes they are the most gorgeous tits I have ever seen."

Baby Girl" Play with my boobies, please. Oh damn, that feels so good, I love how you kiss my titties. Squeeze them harder daddy; oh my little pussy is getting so wet." After going on about kissing my boobs for a few minutes daddy asked me to stand up. He buried his head in the silky crotch of my bikini panties. Slowly, he pulled them down revealing my hairy pussy. Sticking his finger into my twat he noticed how wet I was in there. I told him it was because he turned me on so much.

Daddy: "Does baby girl's cunt need a little spanking?"

Baby Girl: I hug my bush tight to your face and plead, "Oh yes Daddy, show your baby girl how naughty she has been."

Daddy: I pull out the riding crop saying, "Look at what I have! Now, how about laying down and spreading your legs far apart for me?"

Baby Girl" Oh yes daddy, I am ready for it, please spank your little girl?"

Daddy: SMACK, SMACK, SMACK SMACK SMACK, SMACK SMACK, SMACK SMACK, SMACK, striking your cunt lips and clit and I ask, "How is that?"

Baby Girl: "Thank you daddy, please give your slut girl some more, please daddy, harder daddy."


Baby Girl: "Oh daddy, that hurt so fucking good. Oh My God I don't believe it I came. Thank you sweet daddy."

Then daddy caressed his hands over my cunt, before taking me into a sixty-nine. It was so real I could almost feel his eight inch cock spilling its wondrous spunk down my throat. I even licked my lips to get the salty remains off of them. Before we were done that night he had me fuck him riding him like a cowgirl and then get on my knees while he rammed his hot poker up my tight asshole.

When we had finished I had to clean up the mess I had made of the chair I was sitting in, as well as, my clothing. We continued our interludes all Summer long. My mom had me just busy enough that I couldn't sneak off to visit my daddy lover. In the Fall things got even more frustrating as for the first several weeks of school we couldn't get together.

Between my freshman orientation crap and things that came up at his job we couldn't find a free weekend. Finally it was the first weekend in October and daddy would come and visit me. The whole week before he was to arrive I had a lot of trouble concentrating on my school work but managed some how to get through it.

On Wednesday evening my roommate, Lisa, noticed me at the computer and looked over my shoulder. There was no point in trying to hide what I was doing as the screen was filled of my nasty chat with my daddy. I could feel her move closer and closer behind me, but I just kept typing. With comments on the screen about getting together Friday evening Lisa drew the obvious conclusion, "That is actually your Father isn't it?"

At first, I tried to deny that this guy sucking my tits through the computer was my dad. But, Lisa knew she was right and I confessed that my dad and I had been having computer sex for several months, Younger guys don't know how to please a girl."

Lisa was really into what she was reading on the screen and placed her hands on my shoulders, "Don't stop. Please don't stop Show me how you and your daddy make love chatting. I bet you have a lot of fun together."

Daddy next had me suck his cock and I heard Lisa's breathing getting heavier. She let go of my shoulders for a minute. When she came back she was kneeling on the floor behind me nude with her chin nearly resting on my shoulder. Soon, I forgot all about her again as my dad was telling me how wonderful his cock felt in my throat. Sensing this Lisa took the opportunity to cup my breasts in her hands. A bit shocked I brushed her hands away. She put them right back and kissing my neck softly purred, "Make daddy cum and relax just let yourself go."

Taking Lisa's advice I turned my attention to daddy and told him to shoot his lovely spunk into my hungry mouth while returning my fingers to my cunt which was still covered by my panties as I had thrown my pants aside before Lisa had come in. I was furiously fingering myself while waiting for his reply when I felt my shirt come off over my head. Lisa's hands were all over my bra covered melons squeezing and rubbing as she kissed and licked up and down my neck and shoulder and moaned, "Oh fuck, your tits fill up this bra so fucking well. They feel so good and are so spongy. Titties in bras really turn me on."

Turning my head to face her and looking deep into her lustful blue eyes and turned on by what she was doing as well as my dad I cooed, "You can come around front and kiss them, if you would like."

Instantly, there she was standing beside me. I had never admired a woman's body before, at least not like this. She was absolutely gorgeous having fire red hair and standing around five feet five inches tall weighing maybe 140 pounds with large cantaloupes for boobs and a very nice rounded ass and cunt that equaled mine for hairiness. She just smiled at me and kneeled on a pillow beside my chair.

We exchanged another soulful kiss then I raised my arm so she could reach my orbs with her mouth. She kissed all over my boobs through my bra as I typed back to daddy telling him I really needed him to eat my pussy. As Lisa removed my bra and assaulting my naked boobs she saw me send the message. After sucking and licking my boobs she looks up to see daddy's reply. Of course, daddy obliges me and tells me to lay down and then he dives in. Lisa simply asks, "Can I please do it? Let me eat you, please?"

Putting my legs close together and grabbing the sides of the chair I lift my ass off of it as Lisa lightly runs her fingers over my silky lap. She snags her fingers into the sides and glides the panties right off of me as I settle back into the chair. Spreading my legs I turn to the side to give Lisa full access.

Meanwhile, daddy is telling me how he would be licking up and down the sides of my labia and working on my clit with his tongue. Lisa sees this and expertly licks and sucks my trembling pussy. I swear I can feel daddy down there as Lisa continues to eat me out; licking and sucking as if possessed.

Daddy writes that he can't take it any more and has to fuck me. Suddenly Lisa jumps up and runs over to her dresser and pulls out a strap-on dildo. It looks to be about the same size as daddy's big cock as she puts it on. As daddy tells me that he is rubbing the head against my hot button of a clit Lisa directs me to stand up and then get on my knees in front of the keyboard. I urge daddy to stick his prick in my hot little hole. Just as the message from daddy appears saying that he has buried his pecker deep into my cunt Lisa shoves the dildo all of the way in. Lisa pounds it hard in and out of me roaring, "Daddy's baby girl is getting the shit fucked out of her, isn't she?"

"Oh god yes, please don't stop."

"Don't tell me tell daddy." Hardly able to breathe I write a message to daddy begging for more and harder and I tell him to let it all hang out. Daddy gets my drift and begins spanking my ass and pussy as he rams in and out.

His spanking seems more real than ever before as Lisa seeing what he is doing starts in whipping the hell out of my ass. She has a little more difficulty smacking my cunt as she has a bit of trouble reaching around and getting any force with her blows. But before you know it she manages to turn my skin in front pink as she gives me a beautiful red ass.

My twat gushes my honey all down my thighs as I have a tremendous climax while daddy boasts he has shot a load deep inside of my tight cunt. Writing to daddy I say, "Oh daddy, thank you, dear daddy, thank you for fucking and spanking your naughty little girl."

Lisa pulls her rod out of me and sits back down beside me. She lightly caresses my boobs. Meanwhile, daddy tells me that it is late and he needs to get to sleep. We sign off of the Instant Messenger ready for bed. But, Lisa isn't finished with me quite yet. We end up spending the night together in her skinny little bed.

That night with Lisa was fine and I enjoyed it when she had me eat her cunt halfway through the night. But, all in all, I would spend the same time with a man, especially my daddy. There is just something about a man's rock hard cock that can't be beat. I will always be grateful to Lisa for being my surrogate daddy that evening.

Friday evening finally came around. I wasn't even this excited the first time we got together. We were to meet at my dorm room. Then I would give daddy a quick tour of campus as we walked to dinner at a nice restaurant nearby. Daddy showed up right on time at 5:00. We kissed passionately as two people in lust would do burying our tongues deep into each other's throats as our pelvises ground together in a erotic dance.

As we are kissing Lisa walks in. Daddy blushes and stands there as he does not know what to say. Lisa just smiles broadly. I introduce them and we walk out the door for dinner.

Walking around campus we have to play it cool. It is hard for me to remember that even though daddy lusts my body he is still my daddy and really wants to see the campus and enjoy a little time visiting with his little girl. So, I play the good little girl and show him everything.

We have a very nice platonic dinner talking about family, his job and my schoolwork. He is treating me like a queen and won't let me leave the restaurant without having dessert. After I order the cheesecake I whisper to him that he is the only dessert that I want. He laughs and tells me that there will be plenty of time for that.

Taking his arm we head back to my dorm. About halfway there we run into Professor Haskins, my biology professor. After introductions he tells me that he just left a message on my voice mail. There is a problem with an assignment I did and my grade might be in trouble. We arrange to meet at 3:00 the next day after he insists that I shouldn't wait any longer.

Daddy asks me what the problem is while we walk away from Dr. Haskins. I tell him, honestly, that I didn't have any idea. I thought I was doing ok in the class. Still confused, I apologize over and over again to daddy for ruining our sex weekend. He shrugs it off telling me that school is more important.

We get back to the dorm to pick up my overnight bag and get the car just as the very last hint of sunlight has left the sky. As I insert the key in the door I hear the TV is on. Dad and I are both shocked to see Lisa laying on the little love seat nude except for her pink panties.

She is watching a porno flick where an older slightly gray haired guy is humping a school girl. Lisa is busily fingering her clit under the panties. As if it is the most natural thing in the world she casually says hello to both of us. I walk over to her to whisper in her ear for her to get her clothes on or at least cover up.

She suddenly turns her head and kisses me briefly on the lips. A feeling of doom comes over me as I think Lisa is up to something. Sure enough she demands, "Hey there big daddy and baby girl you can't keep all of the fun to yourselves. You can give just 15 or 20 minutes to Lustful Lisa. I need big daddy's cock in my cunny right now and baby girl needs to sit that foxy ass and cunt on my face or I'll tell Lisa's mommy."

The next couple of minutes were confusing. Daddy got the low down on how Lisa caught us chatting and what she did while we chatted on Wednesday. His face turned red in anger at the same time his cock grew in his trousers. We decided we had no choice but to do as Lisa asked. Daddy and I threw off our clothes as Lisa moved to her bed.

Dad and I embraced then I fell to my knees and took his shaft into my mouth. After all, Lisa wasn't going to feel his cock before I did. As Lisa watched I sucked his prick all of the way into my mouth. Knowing I would have the rest of the night I gave his ass a swat sending him in Lisa's direction.

Lisa requested a little taste of cock so dad obliged and Lisa licked him like a lollipop before sending him to the end of her bed where her legs hung off of the edge. As daddy pulled off her underwear I caressed her tits and gave her a small romantic kiss. Dad surprised me when he went down on Lisa's pussy licking and nibbling on it as she bucked against his face.

While I climbed up to straddle Lisa's face I realized how much dad loved the taste of cunt juice. So, I smiled and decided not to say anything about him giving Lisa and himself an extra treat. Slamming my crotch against Lisa's face I grabbed her tits hard and twisted. She let out a moan and tongue fucked my ass and cunt wildly.

Looking toward my roommate's cunt I saw daddy getting his weapon in hand with a broad smile on his determined face. The bed shook as he plunged deep into her cavity. Thrust after thrust he plunged in each seemed harder than the last. Lisa's whole body was shaking from his assault. Her mouth worked overtime on my moist juicy underside.

It was fascinating to watch his cock go in and out of someone else's twat. We leaned in toward each other, and as he grabbed my titties he gave me a long deep passionate kiss while I felt and frigged Lisa's hard little clit.

My cum flooded Lisa's face as I came in buckets while daddy's face turned almost purple as he grunted so hard as he came in her hole. Lisa spasmed underneath me, cumming over and over and over again. Happy with what we did for Lisa, dad and I got off of her and out of her and got dressed while she lay there recovering from, what she would later admit, was the best fuck of her life.

Dad let me drive his Mustang convertible the short distance to the hotel. All the way he teased me with his hands. Realizing that there were now people on the street who might know me he kept his play to my lap and pulled away when another vehicle might be able to catch a glimpse of what he was doing.

His hands busily caressed my skirt, the crotch of my undies, and even fingered a little underneath my drawers. His movements seemed to be random as I didn't know where his hand would be next. He just smiled a coy little smile at me. When we came to a red light I reached over and gave his manhood a stifling squeeze.

As I got close to the hotel he said, "If baby girl is good I have got some real special things I want to do with you this weekend."

"Like what daddy," I wanted to know.

"Some of it will be a surprise but, if you think what I did with Lisa was hot just wait. Just wait, until I fuck you wilder than we have ever done before and in every hole and nook and cranny of your hot little body. And yes, my sweet little slut you will kiss every inch of me as I will kiss every inch of you. You will not forget this weekend for as long as you live."

Dad checked in while I went to the gift shop and bought some chocolate and soda pop. We stood in the elevator lobby like two strangers. The damn elevator seemed to take forever. Lady luck wasn't with us as we had three other people on the elevator with us all the way up.

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