Game Night


"I think I'm the only girl here, and I don't think you would like to kiss each other." Kelly replied as she took a sip of wine from her glass. Johnnie had one of his hands around her waist and the other on her stomach lightly.

"I think just having a laugh and listening to music will do man." Davey agreed with Lee and Kelly nodded as she looked around the room, still with one arm around Johnnie's neck. Glancing at the man she was sitting on, she had never noticed before how attractive he actually was. She had always seen him as Gerrie's friend. Now she was beginning to see why so many girls found him so hot.

"Alright, I've got one. Do you remember the time that you..." Lee began, and so did the conversation. Soon, the whole room was filled with laughter, banter and stories while music played in the background.

Kelly joined in the conversation every now and then, not drinking much of the wine she still had in the glass, however after about ten minutes she looked back to Johnnie and suddenly noticed that his hand, while still on her stomach, was now underneath her top.

Still feeling that tingling fire inside her stomach, Kelly smiled playfully at him as the others talked, and she spoke quietly.

"Naughty boy," She chided playfully, "You really should keep your hands to yourself"

Johnnie simply grinned, probably at the fact that she hadn't told him not to -- though at that moment she didn't realise that she hadn't - and Kelly smiled at him a moment longer before turning back to the conversation.

The talking and laughing continued for a little while longer, and this time Kelly joined in a little more, even taking her arm from around Johnnie to sit on his lap facing forwards so she could better join in. However before long his arms were around her waist once more and he gently pulled her back to lean against him. However, as the conversation continued, and a few moments had passed, Gerrie's friend spoke from behind her.

"You dance really well Kel." He whispered softly into Kelly's ear as his hands gently held her stomach.

Feeling a shiver run down her spine at the sensation, Kelly smiled and felt her heart beat faster; the fire in her stomach now seeming to burn inside her pussy.

"Thanks." Was all she managed to get out, and that a little breathlessly.

She could feel Johnnie's smile as he once more let one of his hands move underneath her top, still not moving any further up than her stomach however.

"I'd like to see you dance again." He whispered softly into her ear again. Everything else in the room seemed not to exist to Kelly at that moment, though she was sure everyone was still talking.

"Gerrie's your friend, and my boyfriend. I don't think he'd like me to dance for you again." She replied, her voice a little more breathless as Johnnie's hand that was still on top of her clothes moved slowly upward to just below her large breasts.

"I know, hot isn't it." He replied softly, sounding completely unconcerned as he moved his face behind her and let himself breathe hotly on the back of her neck.

Another surge ran down Kelly's spine and she let a deep breath escape her mouth, just short of a moan of delight. Her eyes wanted to drift shut, her heart pounded within her chest, her breathing quickened.

"You're so hot Kelly." Her boyfriend's friend whispered to her before his lips touched the back of her neck, sending a jolt of fire-hot electricity straight down her back and deep into her blazing pussy. "I love your big tits." He added as he gently kissed round onto the side of her neck. "I can't wait to have your lips around my cock, sucking it." Another kiss and his words deepened Kelly's breathing. Any thought of her boyfriend was long out of her head as the hand that Johnnie had beneath her top slowly moved its way down to open the button on her jeans. Lost in lust and his words, Kelly didn't move to stop him.

"I've always wanted to get my big dick in you." Johnnie whispered hotly, gently kissing her neck once more as he slowly began to run the zipper down on her jeans. "I was always waiting for the right moment, to know when you'd be willing. I knew you would be. You're too hot to be satisfied with just Gerrie's cock."

Her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped carefully so no one noticed, Johnnie now began to slowly move his hand down, beneath her black-lace panties towards her needy pussy as he once more kissed her neck, this time close to her bare shoulders.

"You're gonna scream for my cock in you when I'm fucking you Kelly." He continued and Kelly didn't think that she could be any more horny, until Johnnie said his next words. "I'm going to fuck you Kelly, really fuck you. This is going to happen. I don't care if your boyfriend is my friend, I'm going to fuck you baby...push my dick in you...right now, in your and Gerrie's house."

As his lips touched her shoulder, his words ending, his fingers sank deep into her pussy and Kelly let out a deep, hot breath.

Now completely lost to her lustful feelings, Kelly turned her face towards Johnnie's and opened her mouth. As his lips came to hers, she let out a breathy-moan that was muffled as his tongue slid into her mouth and they began kissing passionately.

"Ohmmmmph" She moaned erotically into Gerrie's friend's mouth as his fingers played with her pussy and his other hand now reached up to squeeze her large breast roughly on top of her red top.

And then suddenly...

"Whoa! Look's like Johnnie's found something fun to do!" Kelly heard Ian exclaim as her tongue danced with Johnnie's and her eyes squeezed shut. Fuck his fingers were sending her higher and higher!

Some part of her expected someone, perhaps Lee, to stop what was going on, however as she continued to kiss Johnnie hot and deeply, everyone seemed to simply watch silently. After a moment of kissing her passionately, playing with her pussy and squeezing her breast, Johnnie broke the kiss and pushed her forward until she stood up.

Kelly felt her face flushed, her eyes glazing with lust, her heart pounding in her chest as she watched Johnnie pull her jeans down. As if in a dream or a daze, she stepped out of them and handed him her glass of wine, which he placed on the table beside him before reaching up to pull her panties off.

Standing in front of five of her boyfriend's friends, naked from the waist down, Kelly watched intently as Johnnie undid his jeans and quickly pulled both them and his boxers to his ankles before once more sitting on the couch as he had been before.

Kelly's eyes widened as her eyes fixed on Johnnie's dick. It was bigger than Gerrie's by about an inch, which would make it about eight inches, and it was a little thicker than her boyfriend's also.

It was strange, as it was only at that moment that Kelly Henderson realised that what Johnnie had said was actually going to happen...and so, although she was still in a daze, she spoke...

"I don't have sex without a condom, Johnnie, not even with Gerrie." She said breathily, her eyes fixed on Johnnie's beautifully hard cock. She could feel her pussy burning, she was more horny than she ever had been, and as the words left her mouth, Kelly realised that 'she' was actually going to do this. She was actually going to have sex with her boyfriend's friend, and not just have sex, but have sex in front of four other of her boyfriend's friends. Strangely enough, the realisation only made her horniness blaze hotter within her.

"That's alright, I won't cum inside you." Gerrie's 'friend' replied simply as he placed his hands on her waist and gently pulled her down towards his lap.

Whatever willpower Kelly had had was now gone. The fire within her loins was too strong for her to resist now and so she moved her hand underneath herself to take hold of Johnnie's thick dick without any protest.

The moment her hand touched his hard cock, a shiver shot through Kelly and another heavy breath escaped her lips. This was so hot. She had never had sex with her boyfriend without a condom before, and now she was going to let his friend fuck her bareback in front of four more of his friends. The only other thought beyond the thick dick beneath her and her own need for it to be in her, was that it was Gerrie's own fault for being an idiot. None of this would have happened if he had been here. Now his girlfriend was going to get fucked by his friend's hard cock, and from the burning desire within her, Kelly knew she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

"Man, I can't believe you're going to fuck her. She's so hot." Ian exclaimed as his, as were the others, eyes were fixed intently on the scene before them; their friend's girlfriend lowering herself onto one of her boyfriend's friend's dicks, in their lounge, while her boyfriend, their friend, wasn't here.

Wondering where her boyfriend was and if he would be back soon, Kelly slowly moved herself closer to Johnnie's hard shaft. The moment his big naked dick touched Kelly's pussy, the stunning brunette girlfriend of three years shuddered in pleasure. Biting her lower lip, she continued to slowly lower herself down on his dick, feeling the head slowly push inside her before it gently slid in, and every other inch slowly, slickly and oh so tightly slid deeper into her as she slowly lowered herself down, feeling Johnnie's dick stretching her pussy like no dick had done before.

"Oohmm fuck you're so big." She sighed in a deep breath as she sunk the last few inches down her boyfriend's friend's length until finally she sat on his lap, impaled with his unprotected dick buried deep within her. "I can't believe we're doing this."

Johnnie's hands found her waist once more. Even facing away from him, Kelly could feel his smug grin at having her impaled fully on his naked dick...and who could really blame him.

"Well we are baby." Johnny said with a mixture of triumph and self-assured arrogance. Kelly had heard he could get in any girl he focused on...even her it seemed. "Now be a good girlfriend and show me how you ride Gerrie's dick."

"Mmmm" Kelly moaned breathily and hornily, a dirty smile spreading on her beautiful face at that before she slowly began to lift herself almost all the way off Johnnie's dick, before once more lowering herself painfully slowly back down. "Ohh ummmm" She breathed as her body gently began to tingle as that thick, hard...oh so unprotected...cock began to desperately slowly slide in and out of her tight, gripping pussy.

As she slowly began to rise up and down his ragingly hard pole, her boyfriend's friend leaned back revelling in the feel of her tight, hot pussy squeezing his dick as she slowly pushed herself up and down. As waves of increasing pleasure began to pulse through every inch of her sexy body, Kelly turned to look with lust-glazed eyes at the other four guys who were watching her cheat on her boyfriend with his friend...whatever it was, whether it was how Gerrie had acted and how angry she had gotten, or just how unexpected yet incredibly hot this illicit sex was, the whole situation brought a wicked smile to her gorgeous her features.

"Oh, mmmmm, I can't believe...oh...that you're all watching me fuck...ohmmm..fuck Gerrie's friend. Ohhh." Kelly moaned as she began to breathe heavier, slowly picking up her pace as she shifted her lust-filled gaze between them all. "Ummm. I bet you all planned this, get your dicks into me...oh, fuck, so good baby. Ummm yes."

Even though she knew the thought wasn't true, the fantasy of it still spurred her on to even more horniness. And so, with ever increasing fervour, Kelly began to bounce faster on Johnnie's lap, relishing in the solid feel as his dick slammed harder and harder, and oh so deeper than Gerrie, into her tight pussy, as she moved up and down his rock hard length. It felt so hot to have a naked dick buried within her, and one that didn't belong to her boyfriend too. The thought made the stunning girlfriend's toes curl into the carpet as she continued to ram Johnnie's dick into her hot pussy, riding his solid cock as she watched the others watching her with growing lust.

Her big tits now began to bounce lustfully within their confines as she continued slamming herself up and down harder and faster onto her boyfriend's friend's rock-solid dick.

"Oh Johnnie! Ummmm fuck Johnnie! Ohmm, fuck, you're dick is so fucking big baby!" Kelly groaned as she continued to ride his cock hard. "OH! Ummmmm! It feels so incredible inside me! Ohmm fuck I love your big dick! Ummm, yes, ohmmm shove it into me baby! Make your friend's girl bounce on your hard cock baby! Oh fuck yeah!"

Gerrie's friend needed no more prompting and so quickly responded by eagerly pulling her down hard by her waist while at the same time thrusting up from the couch, burying his solidly hard dick into Kelly deeper and harder than her boyfriend ever had...over, and over, and over again!

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Kelly groaned loudly, her full, round tits shaking ruthlessly as her boyfriend's friend continued to literally slam her down onto his ragingly impaling rod forcefully. Fuck but it felt so good! "MMMmm! Ohhhh!"

"That's it baby, oh Johnnie ohhhhfuuuckkkyees ohhhmmm, fuck Johnnie, ohhmmm fuck me hard! Oh, shit...yeessss, fuck! Oh fuck me!" Kelly continued to groan lustfully as the man who wasn't her boyfriend slammed his big cock into her repeatedly, stuffing her full to bursting and intense, cheating pleasure. "Ohh, Gerrie's never....oh yeah....uh...oh, Gerrie's never had...his dick in this...oh, and you're fucking his girl....oh ummmm, like he never has....oh yeah! Ummmm! Fuck!, and she loves it more than his!! OHH YES!"

Johnnie groaned loudly at that, before he focused more on intently stuffing her, his own friend's girlfriend, with his big dick hard.

"Oh yeah Kel, I'm gonna fuck you like Gerrie never has..fuck" He grunted in a half-growl as he pulled her down forcefully onto his dick, bringing a loud grunt from Gerrie's girlfriend as she was suddenly, and roughly, stuffed full of hard dick. "Tell me what you want Kelly...oh fuck, tell me how much you want it baby!"

As she rode up and down that pussy-stretching cock, moaning and panting incessantly, Kelly's big tits quickly began bouncing hard in her bra and beneath her tight red top. One of the straps had fallen from her shoulder and the luscious breasts within jolted and shook in time with every deep thrust into her cock-hungry pussy. The other guys stared intently as they watched their friend's hard dick pump swiftly in and out of their other friend's girlfriend, the friend who was not there and was the only one to not know what was going on.

Each of them watched Kelly's large tits bounce around beneath her top hungrily, avidly watching almost without blinking as the erotic scene continued to Johnnie continued to fill her hard and fast with his eight-inch dick and Kelly continued to ride his hard cock like it was all that mattered.

"Ohhhhhh! Stuff me full of your dick baby, ungghhh fuck! Fuck! Ohhh fuck! Yes, ummm shove that fat cock into me Johnnie and fuck me! Oh yes FUCK ME! Ummm...fuck...oh my fucking....oh..oh...oh yeah....yes....oh!" Kelly groaned lewdly, her hair swinging as she continued to ride Johnnie like the slut she now was. "Oh it feels so good. Soooo much better than Gerrie.....oh fuck me baby....ummmm yeah, fuck me..."

Johnnie grinned in triumph once more as he reached up to cup Kelly's large tits over her tight red top. His hands squeezed hard into the soft, but dick-hardeningly firm, flesh and bounced along as Kelly rode his dick hard. Squeezing them mercilessly, like only Gerrie should -- and relishing in the pliable feel of her big breasts mashing in his groping fingers -- Johnnie pulled Kelly back to him, his lips swiftly meeting hers.

As their lips touched, Kelly opened her mouth and her boyfriend's friends watched as Johnnie's tongue shot into her mouth while hers snaked along his into his, and she moaned oh so deeply and hot. Their lips mashed together lustfully, smacking wetly as Johnnie continued to squeeze her big tits hard while she rode his dick eagerly.

"Mmmmmmmphh! Mmmmmmpphhh! MMmmmmphhh!" Kelly moaned into Johnnie's mouth as she continued to fuck him on the couch. It didn't take long before he was kissing her more than she was kissing him as with that jackhammering big cock pounding her, the hot feel of him groping her like it was all he had ever wanted to do, and the knowledge that here she was, riding her own boyfriend's friend's unprotected cock -- cheating on Gerrie! -- while all of his friends watched and he was out, angry and oblivious to what she was doing, all she could concentrate on was the feel of that hot, stretching dick buried within her.

Reaching back over their heads, Kelly arched her back, pressing her luscious tits into Johnnie's hands as she grabbed the back of the couch, letting Johnnie stuff her full of his dick like she was his girlfriend and not his friend's as he repeatedly slammed home without mercy.

All the one-time faithful girlfriend could think of was how good this felt, how hard Johnnie's cock was, and how much better it felt than when she had sex with Gerrie. Little did the hot and horny girlfriend know, that her night had just begun...

Johnnie couldn't believe how hot and tight Kelly's pussy felt, nor how horny his friend's girl actually was. It hadn't taken much to get his dick buried inside her, she musn't be getting what she needed from Gerrie. Although more likely it was the drink, the dancing and Gerrie's behaviour that had this once unachievable girl impaled on his rock-hard dick, but had been far quicker, and far easier than Johnnie would have imagined. Kelly must be hot to fuck anyone! He had known many girls who had been angry at their boyfriends, fiancées, husbands, and so on. Once they were angry, they would usually do anything to get back at them, especially if a charming good looking guy had shown up and charmed them just right. He'd have to remember to thank Gerrie next time he saw him for being such an asshole. There would have been no way to get his dick into Kelly if he hadn't been.

Fuck, and her tits felt so soft but so fucking firm too! They were easily the best tits he had grabbed and squeezed in a long time, and damn she was a horny slut, she just seemed to love his cock, the way she bounce up and down it like it was all that mattered to her in the world, how she fucking moaned, groaned and shuddered! Fuck! Maybe she'd even come back for more after all this was over. Gerrie was his friend, but there would be no way he'd turn up the chance to fuck his girlfriend if she wanted it again. It was nature after all.

As he sat there relishing in the feel of her tight, hot pussy squeezing and sliding up and down his hard, solidly-thick eight-inch pole, watching her hair bounce and feeling her incredible tits mould in his hands and fingers as he squeezed and pressed them firmly together, Johnnie still couldn't believe that he had Kelly Henderson riding his dick, and the fact she was fucking him without a condom...something she wouldn't even let Gerrie do...that was just too fucking hot. With every deep thrust into her tight hole he could feel his balls starting to tighten as his friend's hot girlfriend continued to ride him like she was possessed. If she didn't before, she certainly craved his cock now.

"Oh fucking hell Johnnie, uhhh, your dick is so fucking good...oh baby yes, umm, uhhh fuck, I wish you'd got your big dick in me sooner, uhhnnmmm, uhhhohh.....oh fuck...oh, it's so fuck me good good." She groaned as she leant her head back after breaking the kiss, panting hard as she squeezed her eyes shut momentarily in intense pleasure.

Johnnie continued to maul her big tits over her top, using them to pull her closer to him as he shoved his dick swiftly up and hard with each downward thrust she made, driving his solid, unprotected cock deep into her wanton pussy. He was going to get close soon. He had said he wouldn't cum inside her, and he wouldn't, despite how hard that was not to do right then, but then, he had something else in mind, something that would make this a memory that he, and Kelly, would never, ever forget.

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