Game People Play


She was moving faster now, breathing harder, gasping for breath, wonderment in her face as she finally felt her womanhood stirring and coming to life within her. He felt the preliminary shivers as her orgasm started to gather force, and those sudden vibrations were enough to trigger his ejaculation, sending hot seed spurting deep within her, with the molten splashing liquid in turn finally firing of her orgasm, causing her to scream out her coming.

They relaxed, worn out by the emotion of the moment, and just lay there.

Then he felt her rising and moving away.

He relaxed for a few more moments and the reached up and removed the blindfold and looked to see who had been his partner.

"Not fair." he cried.

While he had been enjoying himself, the other two girls had very thoughtfully stripped, so that all four girls were naked. He knew it wasn't Denise, as she had been first up, but it could have been any of the others. All four were flushed and looked excited, and there was no way of telling which he'd fucked unless he grabbed them and felt inside them. He'd give them that one. Still, he and Denise would be able to work out their partners when the final two girls were lined up to be deflowered.

Brian had a suggestion. Now that game 3 was about to start and past participants would know who their partners were then why not have Carl and Denise try to guess who their partners had been. If they guessed wrong there would be a penalty and the person who did fuck you gets to name it.

Carl was dubious, but agreed. He didn't trust whoever had balled him as far as he could throw her, but he was willing to play along. With Carl agreeing, Denise sighed and said she'd go along with it too.

Carl offered to go first, looking over at the girls, considering how her body had felt against him. He knew it wasn't Denise, so one down. Sandi had smaller breasts than the other two. Very nice breasts and superbly shaped and they would probably taste just fine, but still smaller than Michelle and Suzy. Two down. Whoever was riding him had also sucked on his cock for a while. When she bent over him all he felt was that mouth and sharp little teeth teasing him. Suzy had long hair, so if it had been her he should have felt her hair brushing against his stomach. It had to be Michelle.

"Michelle," he stated confidently, and winked at her. Michelle blushed and nodded.

Denise groaned. This was so unfair. OK. Scrub Carl as he bonked Michelle.

What did she remember. Clutching his hair as he licked her. Very short hair. Not Paul, then. Andy or Brian. Her eyes flicked between them. How to tell? How to tell? Andy was just smiling and watching her. Brian on the other hand was looking smug and pleased with himself.

"Brian," She stated confidently.

"So sorry, Denise, but I haven't had that pleasure yet. Over to you, Andy."

Denise blushed and looked over at Andy. He had always been a terrible tease. What would he do now. Andy was openly grinning now. "A penalty," he mused. "I have to provide a penalty for this lovely, young lady. A penalty for this lovely, young, NAKED lady. I assume that anything too nasty will be vetoed by the others?" he queried?

"You assume correctly," said Brian. "You announce it and we'll vote. You have to have at least two of each sex to approve, but Denise can't vote."

"Then I want to put her across my knee and spank her," Andy said. "She should remember who screws her after all, and I feel insulted that she didn't recognise my cock when it was that deep inside her."

"But I've never even seen your cock before," Denise protested.

"Yes, you have. You wandered into my bedroom one day when your parents were visiting and caught me changing. You pointed at my penis and asked me what that silly thing was."

"That was fifteen years ago. I was only four" wailed Denise.

"A poor excuse," sighed Andy. "Can we have a vote?"

"Not too hard, I trust," murmured Carl.

"No. Just a friendly spanking. It'll sting but won't leave any marks apart from an initial red flush."

"Show of hands?" asked Andy. "Ah, unanimous. Bad luck, Denise. One spanking coming up."

"This is so unfair," wailed Denise. "The others won't be risking a spanking."

"Actually, they will," drawled Carl. "In the next game Sandi and Suzy will both be blindfolded, and they will have to make their guesses as well, which could be interesting. If they both guess the same person, one of them is guaranteed a spanking, but which one?"

"Sandi, can you grab me a kitchen chair to sit on for the spank?" asked Andy.

"What, now?"

"Yes. Why not. No need to put it off."

The chair was produced in short order and Andy took his seat. Denise approached, slowly, and bent over reluctantly as directed, face down, bum up, and legs slightly parted.

"Why do I have to part my legs?" she'd queried.

"Because I'm the spanker and you have to do as I say," came the firm reply. "You can always cry off if you think it's getting too much for you, and I promise I'll stop."

The spanking began with a firm smack, enough to sting but not really hurt. Denise squeaked and wriggled, but Andy held her firmly, continuing to deliver some firm spanks to her pretty bottom.

Then Andy changed the way he was slapping down, changing the angle in which his hand came across Denise's bottom so that instead of just smacking her bottom his long fingers slipped down between her legs and flicked firmly across her moist pussy. Denise gasped with surprise, and gasped again when a second slap landed in the same place, ending a jolt through her genitals. She shuddered, and felt the slaps continue, stinging and tingling against her pussy as well as her bottom. She felt heat and tension rising as Andy continued to spank her.

"Andy," she quavered, "what are you doing?"

"Spanking you. Can't you feel it?" he responded with a laugh. "Why? Do you want it to stop?"

"No," she squealed. "No need to stop. I can take it."

"I thought as much," Andy murmured, as his hand continued to lay firm strokes along both bottom and pussy. His other hand left her back where he'd initially been holding her in place and moved down and around, finding and fondling her breasts. Andy picked up the tempo slightly and listened to Denise start to gasp in time with the spanks, finally coming down with one last smack that missed her bottom but fell full across her vagina, triggering the orgasm that had been building.

"Ok," Andy said after Denise had calmed down a little, helping her back to her feet. "Spanking completed. Let's get on with the games."

The other girls just stood there, staring stunned at Andy and the flushed and glowing Denise.

Michelle was the first to speak. "Gee, Sandi, Suzy. If you're real unlucky you may finish up with a similar spanking. Do you want me to change places with you if that happens?"

"Ah, that won't be necessary, Michelle. If we're up for a spanking we'll just have to suffer through it. Carl, what do we do in this last game?"

"The last game is real easy. Suzy and Sandi will be blindfolded, and Paul and Brian are going to have their wicked way with them. The first girl to have an orgasm is the loser. You have to try to delay the fatal moment for as long as possible. And just to stir you up a little, half way through your right royal shagging you'll be asked to nominate who your partner is, with the spanking waiting at the end of the fuck if you get the name wrong. But we won't tell you if you're right or wrong until the end. Of course, as noted before, if you both call the same name one of you is guaranteed a spank. Good luck with that."

Sandi and Suzy stood patiently while the blindfolds were attached. Then Paul and Brian approached and the fun began.

Paul didn't hesitate. He gently took Sandi, led her over to one of the armchairs and bent her face down over one of the arms. Then he slowly started massaging her pussy. Both girls were already excited from the activity that they had been watching and both were wet and ready. Sandi squirmed as Paul's hand slowly rubbed her, spreading her lips, with his fingers darting in and out, slowly increasing the tension that has started before he even touched her. Then Paul released his erection, placed it between her legs and let it just rest there against her pussy. While she squirmed against it, aghast at the size of it, Paul reached around and started massaging her breasts, kneading and pinching the nipples, spreading the tension from her vagina up through her boobs so that she felt that even one more touch would be enough to make her come apart. Sandi squirmed, her vaginal lips pushing out, trying to get the satisfaction that her body craved. And Paul kept lightly touching her, keeping her hovering in suspense, teasing, teasing with the promise of fulfilment to come and desperately craved. Sandi was now moaning in frustration while Paul was quietly laughing and touching. Oh, so lightly touching.

Sandi was cursing to herself. When she found out who was tantalising her she was going to kill him. With sex if she had to. She forced herself to be quiet and tried to listen to what was happening to Suzy.

Suzy was faring no better. Brian had taken her and laid her down on the rug. (Michelle pointed out that she and Carl had had sex lying down on the rug, but the objection was overruled. She'd been on top, riding Carl. Suzy was on the bottom and was going to be hammered into the rug so hard she'd probably get wool burns.) Brian's technique was markedly different from Pauls. He didn't waste time with a lot of preliminary teasing. He laid down next to Suzy and placed both her hands on his cock. Suzy gulped. Her hands were both on different ends of his cock and they weren't touching. "Let me see." Her mind frantically buzzed. "My hands are about two and a half inches wide and they're not touching. I ease my hand down by at least a hands length and they touch, but just barely. That means he's about eight inches. I can handle that, but it also feels awfully thick. I just know he's going to split me in half." Brian then pulled himself out of Suzy's grasp, moved her legs apart, parted her lips and started in with no preliminaries. He could see she was wet and ready, excited from the previous activity. He moved quickly into her, ignoring her startled gasp, advancing swiftly until his cock was resting against her hymen. Then he started pumping in and out with short strokes, agitating her but not doing enough to bring her the satisfaction she craved. Suzy writhed and twisted, trying to get enough purchase so that she could arch upwards and force Brian through her hymen and deep into her where that incredible itch was developing.

Sandi realised from the groans and mutterings coming from Suzy that she was being teased and tantalised in much the same way that she was suffering. Paul had shifted his attention back to her pussy and was moving her lips apart. She felt his knob press against her flesh and then start advancing. She just knew that he would start off by doing little thrusts, so as not to break her hymen and have her finish too soon. She was astounded and gave a short scream of pain when, instead of taking his time, Paul, once lined up, had simply bulled all the way in, ignoring her vulnerable cherry as though it wasn't there. The sudden shock brought her crashing back down from the edge of ecstasy where she'd been hovering, and she realised that that was his whole idea. Now he'd have to slowly bring her up to that peak and hold her there again for as long as possible. "Yes!" she realised. "I'm no longer a virgin."

Paul started moving slowly within her, dragging her slowly back up to the plateau she had just so suddenly vacated. Then he stopped moving. She felt a tap on her shoulder and a voice was asking her something. "What the hell? I'm up to my tonsils with a giant cock exploring my inside and someone wants to talk to me? Are they insane?"

"Sandi," the voice was saying. "Who is it? Who's bonking you?"

"Who? I know that that one. It's either Paul or Brian. But which one. I can't tell." "Oh, god! It's Paul." she yelled. "It's Paul."

"It might be," said the laughing voice. "I'll leave you to your fucking. Have fun."

She felt Paul, at least she hoped it was Paul, starting to resume his long slow strokes, slowly catching her up on the wings of angels and lifting her towards the sky. At the same time she was frantically trying to hear what Suzy said when asked who was ploughing her fertile fields.

Suzy was twisting and trying to persuade her tormentor to stop stuffing around and do the job he was supposed to do. She also was startled when it slowly sank into her that someone was trying to ask her something.

"What? Go away you idiot. Can't you see what's going on."

"Yes I can, Suzy," said Denise, "but you can't. Who is the gentleman on top of you trying to drill your bottom through the floorboard?"

"He's not trying to drill me. He's barely within me and the swine won't put the rest in."

"Yes, I can see that. Another good six fat inches are loitering about outside your pussy, sweetheart. You tell me who you think it is and I'll tell him to continue."

"Who it is? Oh, that's right. That silly guessing game. Why should I care who it is when he won't go all the fucking way in?" Guess. I have to guess. "It's Paul!" she shrieked. "Now tell him to put his damn cock in where it belongs."

"Oh, dear. One of you is wrong and one of you is getting a spanking later. How nice. I must make sure I get a good view. OK, my friend. Stop stuffing around, ram that weapon home and start ravishing Suzy the way she desires."

Brian laughed, and with one faster stroke he finally penetrated Suzy fully, with Suzy, in her relief at finally having that cock deep within, barely noticing that she had lost her virginity to this rampaging monster. Brian started a series of long deep strokes, keeping Suzy hovering on the edge, both of them enjoying the sensations and not wanting them to finish.

Sandi felt her contractions beginning, signalling an oncoming orgasm and an end to this sweet torture. She didn't want it to stop but she frantically wanted that orgasm that was coming. It was hers. She had earned it. By god she had earned it. Time stood still for her and her whole being was that throbbing that raced through her, causing her to clutch her muscles around that sweetly invasive cock, feeling it empty it's goodies deep within her as both of them were finally carried away with their orgasms.

Brian was still sufficiently aware of his surroundings to notice that Sandi and Paul were collapsing against the chair, obviously spent. Time to finish stirring up Suzy. He started to increase the speed and power of his strokes, agitating Suzy and driving her quickly to an orgasm, but even when she screamed her pleasure he didn't stop. Now it was his turn. He was generating massive strokes now, drawing almost fully out of her cunt and then slamming back in, hard and fast.

Suzy came down from her orgasm and realised that instead of it being over, things were just warming up. She had no chance to relax, feeling those new but old sensations beginning again as his cock slammed repeatedly into her. "This is what they mean when they say you get nailed." The thought idly crossed Suzy's dazed mind. "They just didn't tell me that they use a jackhammer to do the nailing." She gasped, as the felt the first stirrings of a second orgasm coming, and she just knew that this one, although it was coming a lot faster, was going to be richer and deeper than her first. Then she was swept away into limbo, lost forever in a state of feeling, dimly hearing her ravishers triumphant grunt and feeling his seed flooding deep within her.

Feelings died away, and slowly the world came back into focus again. The two couples separated and started to pay attention. The girls took of their blindfolds and looked at the boys.

Sandi was the first to speak. "Wow. Mission accomplished, We're no longer virgins. And I guessed Paul. Was I right or wrong?"

Carl laughed. "You were right. Unfortunately, Suzy also guessed Paul, which means that Brian is allowed to spank her. Although that pounding he gave her pussy at the end could almost count for a spanking in its own right."

Brian grinned. "How about we all take a shower, get dressed and break for lunch. We can resume with a new set of games after lunch. The piece de resistance will be a nice spanking for Suzy before the games begin."

Sandi was startled. "But we've all lost our virginity now. You don't have to screw us again."

"Of course we do," said Andy. "It wouldn't be gentlemanly to leave without us trying out each of you and giving you our best shot."

"Each of us? What do you mean by each of us? Are you all intending to have sex with each of us in turn?" asked Michelle, incredulously. "That wasn't really the deal we made. Just losing our virginity should be enough."

"Shut up, Michelle," hissed Suzy. "If they want to be gentlemen and fuck each of us in turn the least we can do is submit like ladies."

"But each of us? That means we each get fucked four times. And that spanking gave Denise an extra orgasm. You saw it. And you're next for a spanking remember, and they're bound to invent reason to spank me and Sandi."

"I can handle a spanking and an extra orgasm if I must," sighed Suzy. "Are you afraid you can't handle any more screwing right now? You can opt out and just watch if you like."

"Opt out? Are you crazy? I can handle what has already happened another three times with pleasure." Michelle giggled. "Actually, with a whole lot of pleasure. I was just worried in case the boys couldn't handle it."

"I wouldn't worry about the boys," said Denice. "They're actually pacing themselves. They each had one good fuck this morning, and they'll make sure they each get another good one this afternoon. Then we'll break for dinner and relax for the evening and I'm sure we'll all sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is another day, with time for a morning fuck and an afternoon fuck. That will give them their four fucks and it will give us our four fucks and hopeful more than 4 orgasms each."

"I'll go along with that," said Sandi, "but we need to see if we can come up with games for tomorrow. The boys are controlling everything today. Tomorrow we get more of a say."

To be Continued

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